CPHS junior Colt Savage scores 1,000th career point at Broken Arrow

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School added another member to its 1000-point club Tuesday night at Broken Arrow High School, as junior Colt Savage scored a game-high 24 points in a close 63-57 loss to the eighth-ranked Tigers. 

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The 6'3" uncommitted guard has led his team in sixteen of the nineteen games he's played this season, and is currently averaging 22.42 points-per-game. Not only is he the leading scorer for Sand Springs, he's the leading scorer for the entire Frontier Valley Conference by a 1.2 margin over Sapulpa's Keenan Balance. 

Savage is the elder son of fourth-year Head Coach Eric Savage, previously of Tulsa Memorial. Coach Savage coached the Chargers to three State Championships in twelve seasons and holds a career record of 348-144. Clearly basketball runs in Colt's DNA. 

Colt was the number-two scorer on the team as a freshman, averaging 10.29 points-per-game with a season-best 18 points against the Wichita Defenders. He led his team in six games that year and finished with 247 points. He was second on the team again last year, averaging 14.46 points with a season-best 25 against Nathan Hale. He led the team eight times and finished with 347 points as the Sandites celebrated their first winning season in sixteen years. 

As impressive as those first two years were, he has already dwarfed those performances and is at 426 points, bringing his career total to 1020. He set a new career-high of 34 points against Bixby, then scored 30 against Owasso. He is also averaging 6.6 rebounds per game and has recorded two double-doubles this year.

As a sophomore, Colt was named to the Ardmore Invitational All-Tournament Team, and he was named to the Interstate Classic All-Tournament team the past two years. 

The last Sand Springs player to cross the 1,000 mark was Sydney Pennington, who did so last year as a junior. 

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Oklahoma Wrestling: Week Eleven High School 6A Individual and Team Rankings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


  1. Riley Weir (Sand Springs sophomore) 
  2. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw freshman)
  3. Braden Fowler (Yukon senior)
  4. Garrett Steidley (Edmond Memorial freshman)
  5. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow freshman)
  6. Brandon Blose (Sapulpa senior) 
  7. Nate Becker (Edmond North freshman) 
  8. Austin Hall (Southmoore senior) 
  9. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore)
  10. Yoshi Orikasha (Norman North freshman) Previously unranked

Not much changed at 106 after the shake-up last week. Gabe Johnson took first place at the Big 4+4. No. 10 Jacob Zimmer was knocked out of the rankings by Norman North freshman Yoshi Orikasha with a 14-6 major decision. 


  1. Colt Newton (Choctaw sophomore)
  2. TJ Long (Union sophomore)
  3. Tanner Ward (Sand Springs senior)
  4. Johnathan Warford (Sapulpa junior)
  5. Andrew Police (Broken Arrow freshman)
  6. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore)
  7. Will Pham (Deer Creek freshman) 
  8. Joe Lupton (Mustang junior) 
  9. Yves Worou (Norman North)
  10. Noah Hanscom (Yukon)

No change at 113.


  1. Paxton Rosen (Edmond North senior)
  2. Canon Randall (Westmoore senior)
  3. Tyler Lawley (Broken Arrow senior)
  4. Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs senior)
  5. Caron Watson (Union junior)
  6. Cameron Picklo (Mustang sophomore)
  7. Blake Gonzalez (Broken Arrow)
  8. Laif Jones (Bartlesville sophomore)
  9. Jacob Swenson (Ponca City junior)
  10. Chase Slatton (Jenks senior)

No change at 120. Jacob Swenson placed second at the Big 4+4.


  1. Drew Wilson (Midwest City senior)
  2. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City sophomore) Previously #4
  3. Blake Sargent (Sand Springs junior) Previously #5
  4. Wyatt Johnson (Owasso senior) Previously #8
  5. Brandon Bright (Edmond North senior) Previously #6
  6. Trent Higginbotham (Edmond North junior) Previously #7
  7. Alaisa Rubio (U.S. Grant) Previously #9
  8. Logan Herrell (Enid sophomore) Previously #10
  9. DaQuan Carbajal (Moore junior) Previously unranked
  10. Irwin Portillo (Sand Springs sophomore) Previously unranked

No. 2 Connor Holman and No. 3 Tanner Cole both moved up to 132 for the Big 4+4. DaQuan Carbajal moved into the rankings by virtue of a fifth place finish at Blanchard earlier this season, while Irwin Portillo took the bottom spot thanks to a fifth place finish at the Sapulpa Invitational. Spencer Schickram won the 4+4 and teched Wyatt Johnson 15-0. Johnson placed second and actually defeated Schickram 5-3 in pool play, but fell in the bracket finals. 


  1. Daton Fix (Sand Springs senior) 
  2. Connor Holman (Choctaw junior) Previously #2 in 126
  3. Tanner Cole (Deer Creek senior) Previously #3 in 126
  4. Dylan Schickram (Ponca City junior) Previously #3
  5. Drake Vannoy (Edmond North freshman) Previously #4
  6. Sam Avant (Norman North senior) Previously #5
  7. TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow senior) Previously #6
  8. Easton Hudson (Bixby senior) Previously #2
  9. Jacob Blumenthal (Westmoore senior) Previously #7
  10. Trey Edwards (Mustang) Previously #9

132 just became one of the most stacked weights in the State with the addition of Connor Holman and Tanner Cole. Holman placed first at the Big 4+4, majoring Dylan Schickram 11-3 and Tanner Cole 15-6. Cole placed second and majored Schickram 7-2. TaJuan Daniels picked up a big 7-2 dual victory over No. 2 Easton Hudson. No. 10 Tyler Roberts was knocked out of the rankings by the new additions. No. 8 Baylor Smith moved up to 138 at the 4+4.


  1. Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon senior)
  2. Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs senior)
  3. Tyler Dieringer (Stillwater senior)
  4. Kruz Simons (Edmond North sophomore)
  5. Josh Suter (Norman senior)
  6. Elijah Barnett (Booker T. Washington) Previously unranked
  7. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow freshman) Previously #6
  8. Cody Mathis (Sand Springs junior) Previously #7
  9. Baylor Smith (Owasso junior) Previously #8 in 132
  10. Dawson Hunt (Ponca City senior) Previously #8

Tyler Dieringer took first place at the Big 4+4, pinning Baylor Smith in 2:18 and topping Blake Muse 5-4. Elijah Barnett pulled off a big upset at Districts, pinning Bryce Mattioda in 1:07. Baylor Smith moved up from 132 and took second at the 4+4, defeating Dawson Hunt 3-1. Hunt placed fifth. No. 9 Austin Daniels and No. 10 Connor Simpson were bumped out by the new additions. No. 8 Blake Muse cut from 145, but came in last and didn't make the 138 rankings.


  1. Kendon Lee (Stillwater senior)
  2. Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs senior)
  3. Ryan Swanson (Westmoore junior)
  4. Seth Graves (Edmond Memorial senior)
  5. Zane Taylor (Yukon)
  6. Brandon Conrad (Owasso senior)
  7. Shamar Duncan (Putnam City senior)
  8. Killian McGrew (Jenks freshman) Previously #9
  9. Noah Austin (Edmond North senior) Previously #10
  10. Micah Lugafet (Deer Creek) Previously unranked

Kendon Lee took first at the Big 4+4 and defeated Brandon Conrad 9-5. Conrad placed second and majored Micah Lugafet 17-6. Lugafet majored No. 10 Cameron Traylor 14-0 at the Ram Duals and placed seventh at the 4+4. No. 8 Blake Muse cut to 138 at the 4+4.


  1. Payton Scott (Sand Springs junior)
  2. Baywiin Hollingshead (Yukon) 
  3. Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial freshman)
  4. Robert "RJ" Walker (Midwest City senior) 
  5. Ezequiel "Zeke" Rubio (Ponca City junior) Previously #7
  6. Jeff Speer (Choctaw junior) Previously #5
  7. Zach Johnson (Westmoore sophomore) Previously #6
  8. Jermain Harring (Union) 
  9. Brady Mattioda (Broken Arrow junior) 
  10. Jacob Swafford (Edmond North)

Zeke Rubio took first place at the Big 4+4 and pinned Jeff Speer in 4:40. Speer placed second. 


  1. Jaryn Curry (Choctaw junior)
  2. Chase Vincent (Yukon senior)
  3. Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow junior)
  4. Connor Wilcoxen (Stillwater senior)
  5. Joseph Messer (Norman North senior)
  6. Cooper Meadows (Mustang senior)
  7. Nolan Miller (Owasso junior)
  8. Chase Kelvington (Jenks) Previously unranked
  9. Noah Almy (Sand Springs) Previously #8
  10. Grayson White (Ponca City junior) Previously #9

Jaryn Curry placed first at the 4+4 and pinned Grayson White in 3:21. Connor Wilcoxen placed fourth and topped Nolan Miller 5-2. Miller placed fifth and edged out White 6-5. White finished in seventh. Chase Kelvington moved into the rankings by pinning Noah Almy in 1:10 in a dual.


  1. Zane Basma (Sand Springs senior) Previously #2
  2. Zane Coleman (Choctaw sophomore) Previously #3
  3. Christian Bahl (Stillwater senior) Previously #1
  4. Payden Brown (Putnam City senior) Previously #5
  5. Tyren Robb (Norman) Previously unranked
  6. Gage McBride (Mustang senior) 
  7. Sam Hensley (Edmond Memorial junior)
  8. Joe Speno (Edmond Santa Fe senior)
  9. Kaleb Mertz (Owasso junior)
  10. Lane Newlin (Ponca City) 

Zane Coleman took first place at the Big 4+4 by teching Lane Newlin 15-0 and defeating Christian Bahl 4-2. Bahl placed second and pinned Newlin in 4:54. Newlin placed third. Tyren Robb made his ranked debut by pinning Gage McBride at Districts. No. 4 Jace Brownlee moved up to 182 at the 4+4.


  1. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow)
  2. Easton Rendleman (Choctaw junior)
  3. Justin "JD" Johnson (Owasso junior) Previously #4
  4. Jace Brownlee (Stillwater senior) Previously #4 in 170
  5. Shane Flandermeyer (Westmoore junior) Previously #3
  6. Dakota Carnes (Sapulpa senior) Previously #5
  7. Noah Hooks (Edmond North junior) Previously #6
  8. Declan O'Brien (Deer Creek) Previously #7
  9. Jaylen Childs (Putnam North) Previously #8
  10. Joe Curtis (Bixby sophomore) Previously #9

Easton Rendleman won the Big 4+4, defeating Jace Brownlee 5-3 and JD Johnson 3-2. Johnson topped Brownlee 5-2 for second place and Brownlee took third. No. 10 DJ Booner was knocked out by the addition of Brownlee.


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow sophomore) 
  2. Blake Minnick (Edmond North sophomore)
  3. Jesse Wetherington (Norman North)
  4. Rafe Johnson (Deer Creek freshman)
  5. Gary Dockery (Choctaw junior)
  6. Fisher Jones (Putnam City)
  7. Arin Copas (Mustang senior)
  8. Colin Foster (Yukon)
  9. Riley Corona (Westmoore senior)
  10. Luke Bratcher (Sand Springs sophomore)

No change at 195. Gary Dockery placed fourth at the Big 4+4.


  1. Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs senior)
  2. Skyler Haynes (Broken Arrow senior)
  3. Mason Lancaster (Putnam City junior)
  4. Jon Martinez (Westmoore senior)
  5. Austin Fry (Ponca City senior)
  6. Caulin Poole (Chcotaw junior)
  7. Cody Adams (Bixby senior)
  8. Yousef Aliya (Union senior) 
  9. Gage Fain (Sand Springs junior)
  10. Parsa Lessani (Edmond North)

No change at 220. Austin Fry won the Big 4+4 and topped Caulin Poole 3-1. Pool placed third. 


  1. Brey Walker (Southmoore junior) 
  2. Gage Johnson (Norman North senior)
  3. Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow senior)
  4. Zach Austin (Choctaw senior) 
  5. Elwood Tomlin (Union senior)
  6. Ryan Tilbury (Midwest City senior)
  7. Malik McGee (U.S. Grant)
  8. Blake Russell (Mustang senior)
  9. Brett Bridges (Ponca City)
  10. Trey Cossey (Mustang senior) Previously unranked

Zach Austin placed third at the Big 4+4 and Brett Bridges took fourth. No. 10 Griff Stanley cut to 220 at the 4+4 and Trey Cossey took his spot. 

OSSAA Team Tournament Rankings Week 11

  1. Sand Springs (15 first-place votes)
  2. Choctaw (7 first-place votes)
  3. Broken Arrow (2 first-place votes)
  4. Edmond North
  5. Yukon
  6. Ponca City
  7. Stillwater
  8. Westmoore
  9. Union
  10. Edmond Memorial
  11. Mustang
  12. Norman
  13. Sapulpa
  14. Deer Creek
  15. Norman North

OSSAA Dual Team Rankings Week 11

  1. Sand Springs (17-0, 15 first-place votes)
  2. Choctaw (8-0, 10 first-place votes)
  3. Broken Arrow (7-2)
  4. Edmond North (10-0)
  5. Yukon (7-2)
  6. Ponca City (9-2)
  7. Norman (15-2)
  8. Stillwater (8-3)




OSSAA Team Tournament Rankings Accumulative Final Five Weeks

  1. Sand Springs (1486)
  2. Choctaw (1432)
  3. Broken Arrow (1320)
  4. Edmond North (1240)
  5. Yukon (1071)
  6. Ponca City (876)
  7. Union (787)
  8. Stillwater (777)
  9. Westmoore (769)
  10. Mustang (628)
  11. Edmond Memorial (607)
  12. Norman (399)
  13. Norman North (371)
  14. Deer Creek (252)
  15. Sapulpa (220)

OSSAA Dual Team Rankings Accumulative
Final Five Weeks

  1. Sand Springs (1344 points)
  2. Choctaw (1334)
  3. Broken Arrow (1154)
  4. Edmond North (1086)
  5. Yukon (941)
  6. Ponca City (759)
  7. Union (675)
  8. Westmoore (641)
  9. Mustang (493)
  10. Stillwater (483)
  11. Norman (428)
  12. Edmond Memorial (388)
  13. Claremore (307)
  14. Jenks (195)
  15. Sapulpa (184)

Sandite Pride Tournament Rankings

  1. Sand Springs (94)
  2. Choctaw (79)
  3. Broken Arrow (75)
  4. Edmond North (50)
  5. Yukon (46)
  6. Stillwater (40)
  7. Westmoore (38)
  8. Ponca City (35)
  9. Norman North (31)
  10. Owasso (28)
  11. Union (27)
  12. Edmond Memorial (26)
    Mustang (26)
  13. Putnam City (24)
  14. Deer Creek (23)
  15. Midwest City (22)
  16. Sapulpa (17)
  17. Southmoore (13)
  18. Norman (12)
  19. Bartlesville (10)
  20. U.S. Grant (8)
    Bixby (8)
  21. Jenks (7)
  22. Booker T. Washington (5)
  23. Enid (3)
    Edmond Santa Fe (3)
  24. Moore (2)
    Putnam City North (2)
  25. Putnam City West (0)
    Muskogee (0)
    Lawton (0)
    Capitol Hill (0)

Editor's Note: If you think a certain wrestler should be ranked higher, send in results. We can only rank based on the results we are given. 

Seven Sand Springs seniors sign letters of intent to play college sports

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Seven Sand Springs High School students signed letters-of-intent Wednesday morning in the Ed Dubie Field House, bringing the grand total of college-bound athletes from the Class of 2017 to fourteen.

Sand Springs has two softball players, two cross-country runners, two baseball players, one basketball player, three football players, one volleyball player, and two soccer players all headed to the next level.

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Oklahoma Girls High School Basketball: Week Eleven Rankings and Predictions

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

A Titan has fallen as No. 9 Owasso toppled No. 3 Sand Springs in the Lady Sandites' first loss of the season. It wasn't much of a dip for the Sandites, however, as they were without one of their biggest threats, and their 14-1 record is still the fourth-best in the division. Edmond Santa Fe is now the only team remaining in Class 6A with an undefeated overall record. Choctaw, Deer Creek, and Putnam City West are all still undefeated within the class, but have losses to teams from other divisions.

No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (Last week No. 1)

Edmond Santa Fe (17-0) picked up 26 first-place votes after picking up a pair of ranked wins last week. They topped No. 11 Norman (12-5) 58-51 and No. 17 Edmond North (9-7) 56-43. The Wolves hold the No. 7 offense, No. 3 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at Stillwater (4-13), then will travel to to No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Friday.

The picks:
ESF 58 Stillwater 40
ESF 52 Mustang 44

No. 2 Choctaw (2)

Choctaw (15-1) pulled in five first-place votes after picking up three-straight 30-point victories. They defeated No. 12 Midwest City (12-7) 55-25, Lawton (4-9) 71-34, and Putnam City North (2-15) 61-19. The Yellowjackets hold the No. 1 offense, No. 1 defense, and No. 1 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only loss this season was 52-45 to 4A No. 1 Fort Gibson (17-0). They will return to action Tuesday at Eisenhower (3-11), then will host 5A No. 17 Bishop McGuinness (9-7) Saturday. 

The picks: 
Choctaw 70 Ike 37
Choctaw 67 McG 38

No. 3 Deer Creek (4)

Deer Creek (15-1) played only one game last week and hammered Southmoore (3-15) 79-48. The Antlers hold the No. 6 offense, No. 8 defense, and No. 6 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only loss this season was 40-24 to 5A No. 1 Collinsville (16-1). They will return to action Tuesday when they host Moore (8-9), then they'll travel to No. 8 Edmond Memorial (12-5) Friday. 

The picks: 
DC 53 Moore 44
DC 51 EDM 44

No. 4 Sand Springs (3)

Sand Springs (14-1) failed to secure a first-place vote for the first time in six weeks after a surprising 61-57 upset to No. 9 Owasso (12-5). They were without 6'1" Ohio State volleyball-committed center and her 10.6 points per game were sorely missed. Oklahoma State softball-commit Sydney Pennington led her team with 22, while sophomores Isabella Regalado and Destiny Johnson each added 11. Earlier in the week they defeated No. 13 Union (9-8) 78-58, led by Johnson and Holly Kersgieter with 17 apiece. 

The Sandites hold the No. 3 offense, No. 4 defense, and No. 2 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at Jenks (5-11), then will host 5A No. 16 Bishop Kelley (6-9) on Friday. 

The picks:
CPHS 59 Jenks 42
CPHS 63 BK 39

No. 5 Putnam City West (5)

Putnam City West (15-2) played only one game last week and prevailed 53-22 over Putnam City North (2-15). The Patriots hold the No. 2 offense, No. 13 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only losses are 47-51 to Campbell County, Wyoming and 59-49 to 3A No. 3 Holland Hall (17-1). They will host Putnam City (8-10) Tuesday and 5A No. 13 Del City (7-12) Friday. 

The picks:
PCW 63 Putnam 50
PCW 60 DC 48

No. 6 Booker T. Washington (6)

Booker T. Washington (15-4) ravaged Daniel Webster (2-16) last week 86-20. The Hornets hold the No. 5 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 3 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host Edison Prep (7-9) Friday.

The pick: BTW 65 Edison 38.

No. 7 Owasso (9)

Owasso (12-5) had the biggest win of the week when they topped undefeated No. 3 Sand Springs (14-1) 61-57. Terryn Milton led all scorers with 29 points, aided by Mya Bhinhar and Sierra Williams with 11 each and Leiloni Culley with 10. The two teams will not meet again this season, meaning the Lady Rams can secure the Frontier Valley Conference title if they win out. They also topped No. 14 Broken Arrow (10-7) 48-41.

The Rams hold the No. 18 offense, No. 19 defense, and No. 19 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 19 Sapulpa (7-9) on Tuesday and will host Muskogee (6-9) Friday. 

The picks: 
Owasso 50 Sapulpa 47
Owasso 49 Muskogee 48

No. 8 Edmond Memorial (10)

Edmond Memorial (12-5) picked up a solid 53-44 upset of No. 7 Norman North (9-5) last week and moved up a few spots in the rankings. The Bulldogs hold the No. 10 defense and No. 18 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 11 Norman (12-5) Tuesday and will host No. 3 Deer Creek (15-1) Friday. 

The pick: Norman 47 EDM 44

No. 9 Norman North (7)

Norman North (9-5) suffered a 53-44 upset to No. 10 Edmond Memorial (12-5) last week. They will travel to unranked Southmoore (3-15) Tuesday, No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Thursday, and No. 11 Norman (12-5) Friday. The Timberwolves hold the No. 10 offense, No. 12 defense, and No. 9 margin of victory in Class 6A.

The picks:
Norman North 53 Southmoore 41
Norman North 49 Mustang 47
Norman 49 Norman North 48

No. 10 Westmoore (8)

Westmoore (13-5) had a five-game winning streak come to an end last week, 62-34 at the hands of No. 15 Mustang (10-6). The Jags hold the No. 4 offense, No. 16 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in Class 6A. They'll will look to get back into the win column Tuesday when they host No. 17 Edmond North (9-7). They will also travel to No. 18 Yukon (11-5) Friday.

The picks: 
Westmoore 53 EDN 49
Westmoore 53 Yukon 48

No. 11 Norman (11)

Norman (12-5) split wins last week, falling 58-51 to No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0), but topped No. 19 Moore (8-9) 50-37. The Tigers hold the No. 12 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 10 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host No. 8 Edmond Memorial (12-5) and No. 9 Norman North (9-5) Friday.

No. 12 Mustang (15)

Mustang (10-6) is coming off a big week, hammering No. 19 Moore (8-9) 61-44 and upsetting No. 8 Westmoore (13-5) 62-34. The Broncos hold the No. 15 offense, No. 16 defense, and No. 15 margin of victory in Class  6A. They will travel to No. 19 Yukon (11-5) Tuesday, and will host No. 9 Norman North (9-5) Thursday and No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0) Friday.

The pick: Yukon 47 Mustang 46.

No. 13 Midwest City (12)

Midwest City (12-7) got hammered 55-25 by No. 2 Choctaw (15-1) last Tuesday, but rebounded with a 59-25 beating of Enid (6-12) and a 65-52 victory over 5A No. 14 Del City (7-12). The Lady Bombers hold the No. 20 offense, No. 11 defense, and No. 16 margin of victory in Class 6A. They should have a fairly easy week to get back in the win column Tuesday evening at Lawton (4-9). 

The pick: MWC 60 Lawton 40

No. 14 Broken Arrow (14)

Broken Arrow (10-7) split wins last week, falling 48-41 to No. 9 Owasso (12-5), but topping Muskogee (6-9) 49-39. Jalise Smallwood scored 19 in the loss to Owasso and 18 against Muskogee. The Tigers hold the No. 7 defense and No. 2 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 15 Bartlesville (9-7) on Tuesday and Bixby (6-11) Friday. 

The picks: 
BA 46 Bartlesville 44
BA 44 Bixby 41

No. 15 Bartlesville (16)

Bartlesville (9-7) split wins last week, falling 53-52 to unranked Muskogee (6-9), but topped Jenks (5-11) 56-44. Three Lady Bruins doubled against Jenks. Erin Shoemaker led with 15, followed by Avery Allen and Jena Williams with 13 apiece. Bartlesville holds the No. 19 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 12 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host No. 14 Broken Arrow (10-7) Tuesday and No. 16 Union (9-8) Friday.

The pick: Bartlesville 48 Union 45

No. 16 Union (13)

Union (9-8) took a hit last week, falling 78-58 to No. 3 Sand Springs (14-1) and 55-45 to No. 19 Sapulpa (7-9). The Redskins hold the No. 14 offense and No. 17 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host Bixby (6-11) Tuesday and will travel to No. 15 Bartlesville (9-7) Friday.

The pick: Union 50 Bixby 45

No. 17 Edmond North (17)

Edmond North (9-7) played only one game last week and put up a valiant effort but fell 56-43 to No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0). The Huskies hold the No. 13 offense, No. 14 defense, and No. 11 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at No. 10 Westmoore (13-5), then will host Stillwater (4-13) Friday.

The pick: EDN 51 Stillwater 42.

No. 18 Yukon (18)

Yukon (11-5) had an easy enough time last week, rolling to a 49-33 victory over Stillwater (4-13). This week they'll host No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Tuesday and No. 10 Westmoore (13-5) Friday. The Millerettes hold the No. 16 offense, No. 15 defense, and No. 14 margin of victory in Class 6A.

No. 19 Sapulpa (20)

Sapulpa (7-9) has been struggling with consistency this season and dropped a 41-32 upset to unranked Bixby (6-11), but got back on track with a 55-45 victory upset No. 13 Union (9-8). They will host No. 7 Owasso (12-5) Tuesday.

No. 20 Moore (19)

Moore (8-9) had a rough time last week, falling 61-44 to No. 15 Mustang (10-6) and 50-37 to No. 11 Norman (12-5). The Lionesses hold the No. 20 defense in Class 6A and will return to action Tuesday at No. 3 Deer Creek (15-1) before hosting Southmoore (3-15) Friday. 

The pick: Moore 49 Southmoore 43. 

Conference Strength

  1. Central Oklahoma (50)
  2. Frontier Valley Conference (39)
  3. Big Ten (37.5)
  4. Green Country (26.5)
  5. All-City (10.45)

Colt Savage scores 30 as No. 20 Sandites fall 80-77 to No. 16 Owasso

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

No. 20 Sand Springs (7-10) visited No. 16 Owasso (10-7) Friday night in a Frontier Valley Conference showcase, and junior Colt Savage scored 30 points for the second time this season. Owasso got the win, however, 80-77. 

Owasso 80 CPHS 77

1Q All 13-13
2Q Owasso 26-19
3Q Sand Springs 20-18
4Q Sand Springs 25-23

Free Throws:
CPHS 18-of-25
Owasso 21-of-32
CPHS 19-of-32
Owasso 25-of-28
CPHS 7-of-15
Owasso 3-of-10
Fouls: CPHS 24, Owasso 21.

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Colt Savage 30, Keener 14, Cale Savage 11, Garbey 8, Price 7, Smith 4, Taber 2, Durkee 1. (Owasso) Proctor 29, Pomeroy 14, Alexander 13, Peterson 8, Killion 6, Thompson 6, VanCuren 2, Mason 2,. 

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 2, Keener 1, Durkee 1, Smith 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 9, Keener 1, Cale Savage 1.
Assists: Taber 6, Garbey 1.
Steals: Taber 3, Keener 2, Colt Savage 1, Durkee 1.
Blocks: Keener 7.
Fouls: Taber 5, Price 5, Garbey 4, Keener 3, Colt Savage 3, Cale Savage 2, Durkee 1, Wash 1.

The two teams were perfectly matched in the first quarter. Kyle Keener drew first blood, followed by a layup from Courtre Alexander. Cale Savage was next to find the bucket, then Alexander made another layup and sank his foul shot. Josh Proctor snagged a steal and dunk and the Rams may have briefly thought they would pull away, but Sand Springs had other plans.

Cole Durkee hit a free throw, Keener hit three more, then Colt Savage nailed a three to make it 11-7.

Garrett Killion nailed a two, Jaxon VanCuren snagged a steal and sent it to Proctor for a dunk, then Seth Pomeroy laid up for the lead. Keener had the final word of the period, however, and tied things at 13-13.

Owasso came out jacked in the second period and hammered Sand Springs in the first half of the quarter. The Rams scored eleven straight points, capped by back-to-back transition layups from Killion, before Cale Savage hit a three to put Sand Springs back in the game. Owasso went right back to it though, with three-straight baskets for a 30-16 lead.

The Sandites found their feet from there, however, and worked their way closer and finished with four-straight free throws to end the half down 39-32.

Sand Springs won the third quarter 20-17, setting things up for one of the most intense fourth quarters of the season. Both teams lead four times in the quarter and the game was tied six times. Owasso came out on top, however, with six free throw in the final minute to take the lead and finish 80-77, despite a last second layup from Colt Savage.

Sand Springs will return to action next Tuesday at Jenks (3-10), then will host 5A No. 15 Bishop Kelley (6-8) next Friday. Owasso will travel to No. 13 Sapulpa (10-3) next Tuesday and will host No. 7 Muskogee (12-2) next Friday.

No. 1 Union fends off late rally by No. 20 Sand Springs, Colt Savage scores 20

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 20 ranked Charles Page High School boys basketball team (7-9 overall, 1-6 conference) hosted No. 1 Union (16-0, 7-0) Tuesday night at the Ed Dubie Field-House and gave the undefeated Redskins a run for their money.

Union 75 CPHS 63

1Q Union 22-10
2Q Union 16-12
3Q CPHS 20-12
4Q Union 25-21

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Colt Savage 20, Keener 18, Cale Savage 11, Garbey 10, Taber 4. (Union) Chargois 22, Rodriguez 17, Jamerson 14, Garcia 12, McQuarters 4, Flood 4, Johnson 2. 

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Keener 8, Garbey 1, Colt Savage 1, Taber 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 1, Wash 3, Taber 1, Keener 1, Durkee 1, Golightly 1, Price 1. 
Steals: Taber 2, Keener 1.
Assists: Colt Savage 3, Taber 2, Garbey 1.
Blocks: Keener 3.
Fouls: Taber 4, Garbey 3, Colt Savage 2, Cale Savage 2, Price 2, Golightly 1, Keener 1.

The Sandites never led, but hung right behind their foes for half of the first quarter. Jacob Garbey and Kyle Keener posted the first points of the game for Sand Springs. Union led 11-5 after a pair of free throws from Mo Garcia and a field goal from McQuarters, but Colt Savage went three-for-three from the charity stripe to pull it back in close.

Then Union lit it up. Adrian Rodriguez scored eight points in the final minutes and Ethan Chargois got in on the action with a field goal. Keener hit a layup to end the period, but the Sandites trailed 22-10.

Keener started off the second quarter with another layup, but Union went right back to work with three baskets from Flood and a two from Jamerson. Sophomore Cale Savage cut into the lead with a pair of threes, but the Redskins furthered the divide to 38-22 by half time.

Chargois came out of the break pumped and hit back-to-back layups, but then Sand Springs decided to play one of their best quarters of the season. Colt Savage sank a three, Keener hit a layup and a pair of free throws, then Savage added yet another three to cut it to 42-32. Chargois got on the board once again after a Union timeout, but then Sand Springs went right back to work with goals from Keener, Colt Savage, and Josh Taber to make it 44-38. Rodriguez sank a two-pointer and a bonus shot, but Keener got the last goal of the quarter and entered the fourth period 50-42. 

The Sandites outscored the Redskins 20-13 on field goals in the fourth quarter, but the Redskins made the most of their free throw opportunities and scored 12 points from the charity stripe to retain their lead. Overall, Union was 21-of-28 on free throws for the evening, which may very well be what won them the game.

Chargois led all scorers with 22 points, followed closely by Colt Savage with 20, Keener with 18, and Rodriguez with 17. 

The Redskins will travel to No. 13 Sapulpa (9-3) Friday, while the Sandites will travel to No. 16 Owasso (10-6). Owasso prevailed over the Sandites 58-56 this past weekend at the Coffeyville Interstate Classic. 

Frontier Valley Conference Men's Basketball Standings, Week Nine

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 season is well under way and the Frontier Valley Conference is as competitive as ever. Eight out of ten FVC teams are ranked within their divisions and the Union Redskins are currently the undefeated unanimous pick as the No. 1 team in the state. They are also the only remaining team undefeated in conference play. The FVC is currently ranked third out of the five 6A conferences in overall strength.

No. 1 Union (12-0, 6-0) holds the best defense in the whole state, allowing only 48 points per game, on average. They have the third-ranked offense in the conference and win by an average of 15.8 points. In the last two weeks they have topped Bishop Kelley 65-42, Owasso 62-39, and Muskogee 78-42. SMU-commit Ethan Chargois scored 22 against both Kelley and Muskogee, but sat out Owasso with a hand injury. In that game Mo Garcia stepped up to lead the team with 20 points. 

No. 9 Muskogee (8-2, 5-1) holds the second-best offense in the conference and the fourth-highest margin of victory. In the last two weeks they have topped Sand Springs 47-42 and Jenks 85-59, but were just hammered 78-42 by Union in what was expected to be a somewhat close match. Brooks Haddock has been the consistent top dog this season and posted 27 against Jenks, but could only muster a team-best 12 against the Redskins. Tyreece Berry has been back in action since the new year and led the team with 18 against Sand Springs. 

No. 13 Sapulpa (7-2, 4-1) has the top-rated offense in the conference, averaging more than 68 points per game. Both of their conference games this year have been close ones, 59-57 over Broken Arrow and 72-68 over Sand Springs. Keenan Balance led the Chieftains to a come-from-behind victory over their archrivals from Sand Springs with 23 points, closely followed by Keenan Balance with 21. Balance also posted a team-best 20 points against Broken Arrow.

No. 11 Broken Arrow (8-4, 4-2) holds the second-best offense in the conference, third in the state, allowing only 49.1 points per game for the third-best margin of victory in the FVC. The Tigers have had a tough start to 2017, falling 59-57 to Sapulpa and only topping Jenks 46-38 in a game that saw the entire starting line benched by a frustrated head coach. Make no mistake, the powerhouse program is still a solid contender for the conference title if they can over come Muskogee next week. 

No. 19 Bartlesville (6-5, 3-2) is middle of the pack both offensively and defensively, but has still managed to come out on top more often than not. The Bruins fell 76-68 to Bixby in triple overtime last week and had their game against Sapulpa canceled due to weather, but got back in the win column Tuesday with a 64-57 victory over Bishop Kelley. Barron Tanner has been the top dog in both of the last two games, scoring 23 against Bixby and 28 against Kelley. 

5A No. 14 Bishop Kelley (4-6, 2-4) has done a good job keeping up with the 6A public school competitors, but dropped both of their last two conference games. The Comets hold the fourth-best defense in the FVC, but fell 65-42 to Union and 64-57 to Bartlesville. Ryan Gendron posted 18 against Bartlesville, closely followed by Alex Woodruff with 17. 

No. 16 Owasso (7-5, 2-4) got off to a rough start with four straight losses to start the season, but have been making a solid comeback since the new year. After topping 5A No. 6 East Central (8-5) and No. 8 Booker T. Washington (9-3) to sweep the Skiatook Invitational, the Rams returned to conference play with a bang. They defeated Jenks 66-52 and Bixby 62-50, but fell 62-39 to Union. Jake Thompson posted 10 against both Jenks and Union, with 15 against Bixby. Josh Proctor led the team with 16 against Jenks and 13 against Bixby. Courtre led against Bixby with 17 and also had 12 against Jenks. 

Bixby (5-7, 2-4) won a 76-68 triple-overtime shootout with Bartlesville, but fell 76-71 to Sand Springs and 62-50 to Owasso. Will Fiser scored 17 against Bartlesville, 22 against Sand Springs, and 11 against Owasso. 

No. 18 Sand Springs (6-6, 1-5) notched their first conference win with a 76-71 performance against Bixby, but fell 47-42 to Muskogee and 72-68 to Sapulpa after leading for most of the game. The Sandites have the fourth-best offense and third-best defense in the conference. Colt Savage posted 20 against Muskogee and Sapulpa and 34 against Bixby. Jacob Garbey had 21 against Bixby and Kyle Keener had 21 against Sapulpa. 

Jenks (1-9, 0-6) is still looking for their first conference win, despite a 21-point performance from Cole Surrett against Owasso and a 17-point performance from Eli Harris against Broken Arrow. The Trojans fell 66-52 to Owasso, 85-59 to Muskogee, and 46-38 to Broken Arrow. 

Conference Strength:

  1. Big Ten (51.5)
  2. Central Oklahoma (48)
  3. Frontier Valley (45.4)
  4. Green Country (43.1)
  5. All-City 32.09

FVC Leading Scorers (points-per-game)

  1. Colt Savage (Sand Springs) 21.2
  2. Brooks Haddock (Muskogee) 20.7
  3. Keenan Balance (Sapulpa) 19.9
  4. Eli Harris (Jenks) 19.7
  5. Caleb Huffman (Broken Arrow) 18.9
  6. Julian Smith (Sapulpa) 17.1
  7. Ethan Chargois (Union) 17.1
  8. Kyle Keener (Sand Springs) 16.6
  9. TyReece Berry (Muskogee) 16.3
  10. Josh Proctor (Owasso) 15.8

January conference schedule:
1/24 Union @ Sand Springs
1/24 Bartlesville @ Muskogee
1/24 Broken Arrow @ Owasso
1/24 Bixby @ Sapulpa
1/24 Bishop Kelley @ Jenks
1/27 Sapulpa @ Union
1/27 Muskogee @ Broken Arrow
1/27 Sand Springs @ Owasso
1/27 Jenks @ Bartlesville
1/27 Bishop Kelley @ Bixby
1/31 Bixby @ Union
1/31 Muskogee @ Bishop Kelley
1/31 Broken Arrow @ Bartlesville
1/31 Owasso @ Sapulpa
1/31 Sand Springs @ Jenks

No. 13 Sapulpa overcomes No. 18 Sand Springs 72-68; Kyle Keener scores 21

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Sapulpa 72 CPHS 68

1Q Sapulpa 13-10
2Q Sand Springs 18-14
3Q Sand Springs 23-18
4Q Sapulpa 27-17

Fouls: Sand Springs 18, Sapulpa 13.
Free Throws: Sand Springs 16-of-20. Sapulpa 13-of-24.
Field Goals: Sand Springs 24-of-46. Sapulpa 22-of-41.
Three-pointers: Sand Springs 4-of-11. Sapulpa 10-of-20. 

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Keener 21, Colt Savage 21, Garbey 8, Cale Savage 6, Taber 4, Durkee 4, Golightly 3, Wash 2. (Sapulpa) Smith 23, Balance 21, Phipps 17, Hoggatt 11, Combs 2, Williams 2. 

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Golightly 3, Cale Savage 2, Colt Savage 1, Durkee 1, Wash 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 11, Keener 6, Durkee 3, Wash 2, Cale Savage 1, Taber 1.
Steals: Keener 1.
Assists: Cale Savage 2, Wash 2, Taber 1, Keener 1.
Blocks: Keener 3, Durkee 1.
Fouls: Keener 4, Garbey 4, Wash 3, Colt Savage 2, Cale Savage 2, Durkee 1, Taber 1, Golightly 1.

The Sandites won half of the game, but they couldn't win the whole thing. Entering the fourth quarter with a 51-45 lead over their archrivals, the No. 18 ranked Charles Page High School boys basketball team (6-6) was outscored 27-17 and had victory wrestled from their grip. 

No. 13 Sapulpa (7-2) was deadly from three-point range throughout the night, and it was a series of threes in the fourth period that gave them the momentum to reclaim their lead. The Chieftains shot 50% from three-point range and 54% on field goals overall, and it was that killer accuracy that allowed them to overcome the fifth-ranked defense in Class 6A.

The game was heavily contested throughout and never slowed down for a second. The scoring snowballed as the night went on with more points being scored in each period than the one before it. 

Jacob Garbey came out with a layup on the first possession to draw first blood for the Sandites and Kyle Keener sank a free throw to make it 3-0, but Keenan Balance sank back-to-back twos to claim the first Sapulpa lead. Colt Savage tied it up on a free throw and Keener made his first field goal of the night to reclaim the advantage, but Julian Smith sank a deep three immediately after. Caleb Wash subbed in for the Sandites and scored on his first possession of the game, but Balance and Trey Phipps hit back-to-back threes to make it 13-8. Josh Taber ended the period off with a two-pointer.

The Sandites won the second quarter handily, thanks to twelve points from Keener, four from Colt Savage, and two from Cole Durkee to take a 28-27 lead into the half. The Sandites played their best period in the third, outscoring Sapulpa 23-18. Once again Garbey started off the half, and once again Sapulpa battled right back and the two teams exchanged leads.

Sand Springs took its final lead of the night with a two point basket from Colt Savage, followed by a steal and dunk from Keener to make it 43-39. Colt Savage and Peyton Golightly added three more apiece to make it 49-39, their highest lead of the evening. Smith added yet another three pointer, followed by a two from Durkee. The Sandites ended the period up 51-45, but Sapulpa finished on a strong note as Phipps went three-for-three from the charity stripe in the final second. 

Sand Springs staved off their opponents till midway through the final stanza, but Phipps and Hunter Hoggatt hit back-to-back threes to cut things to 60-59 and Smith hit a two for the lead. Garbey went one-for-two from the charity stripe to tie it back up, but Smith took the lead once again, and this time for good. Hoggatt made another three and the Sandites resorted to desperation fouls to try and win it. Smith sank five free throws in the final minute and a last second three-pointer from Cale Savage wasn't enough to overcome the deficit. 

Smith led all scorers with 23 points, followed by Keener and Balance with 21 each and Colt Savage with 20. Phipps wasn't far behind with 17 and Hoggatt had 11. Keener's 21 marked his fourth game this season leading the Sandites, and was just two points short of breaking the career-high he set a month ago against the OKC Storm. The University of Central Oklahoma committed senior is averaging just under 17 points per game this season. Colt Savage also picked up 12 rebounds for his first double-double of the season.

The Sandites will look to reclaim their winning record this weekend at the Interstate Classic in Coffeyville, Kansas and to build some momentum before taking on undefeated No. 1 Union (12-0) next Tuesday at home. Sapulpa will compete at the Shawnee Invitational this weekend before hosting unranked Bixby (5-6) next Tuesday. 

Payton Scott rushes for 3 touchdowns and 197 yards in 35-7 victory over Sapulpa

Photos: Morgan Miller

Photos: Morgan Miller

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No.6 Charles Page High School varsity football team (2-2, 1-0) secured their first district win of the season with a dominating 35-7 victory over the No. 14 Sapulpa Chieftains (0-4, 0-1) Friday night, taking a 35-0 lead in the third quarter before their rivals got on the board.

This was the 90th year of Highway 97 Rivalry and the Sandites won their third-straight installment to bring the record to 41-45-5 with the Chieftains still leading overall. The two teams, which are separated by only a few miles of Highway 97, have met consecutively since 1930 and have hated each other ever since. 

There's been a lot of bad blood over the decades and in past years fights were notorious and security was always heavier at the Sapulpa game than any other game of the year. Even this year saw an unsportsmanlike penalty on Sapulpa for an out-of-bounds shove. The week preceding the game is known as "Sapulpa Hate Week" in Sand Springs, and both schools take their rivalry trash talk to twitter where it can get pretty heated. 

This year, however, the two teams were able to come together in solidarity to honor a Sandite who passed away shortly before the game. Swift Myers, who graduated in May of this year, was battling his seventh bout with cancer when it took his life Friday evening. His wife, Abbi Myers, tweeted that "Swift made it clear to us before he left that when he died, he didn't want people saying he lost his battle. He beat the shit out of cancer."

After seven long bouts with the condition, Myers is finally at peace in Heaven, and for this year, the two football teams put aside their rivalry and met in the field after the game to honor and remember him. Swift's classmate America Higgins tweeted "I honestly I can't even consider Sapulpa a rival after their support they showed tonight." Even before the game, Sapulpa students were hanging banners throughout the school bearing the #SWIFTSTRONG motto, and brought those banners to the game as well. Wrestling National Champion Daton Fix posted that "Heaven gained an amazing person tonight. One of the toughest guys I will ever know. A fighter and a winner. #SwiftStrong forever."

The game itself was a dominating performance by the Sandites, who rushed for over 300 yards and held the Chieftains to a mere 12 first downs and forced six turnovers. Hunter Greathouse led the Sandites in passing with 5 completions for 76 yards and a touchdown, while Payton Scott led the ground game for both teams with 29 carries for 197 yards and 3 touchdowns. Dalton Morgan also played a significant factor on the ground with 11 carries for 100 yards. Sophomore Hayden Cramer led the defense with six solo tackles, followed by Tyler Delozier with five tackles and an interception.

Sandite Flag Crew members are painted with the Flash symbol, which has been adopted by #SWIFTSTRONG supporters.

Sandite Flag Crew members are painted with the Flash symbol, which has been adopted by #SWIFTSTRONG supporters.

Sapulpa quarterback Cameron Elder completed 8 of 13 passes for 53 yards and 1 interception. The ground game was fairly split between Elder and Dayton Vann with 59 yards each, but led by Marcus Henderson with 67 yards on 8 carries. Trevin Inks and Stanley White had four tackles each, and B.J. Dansby had the lone tackle-for-loss for the Chieftains.

Sapulpa got the ball to start but was held to fourth-and-two and had to punt less than two minutes into the game. The Sandites got on the board midway through the first quarter with a two-yard run from Scott to cap off a methodical 13-play, 72-yard drive. Kasey Bales kicked the extra point for a 7-0 lead. 

Sapulpa's next drive ate up the rest of the first quarter and two minutes of the second as they drove 51 yards to the Sandites' 29 before a tackle for loss by Jerry Lyons and fumbled snap forced them back to fourth and nineteen and they had to punt. Less than three minutes later, Scott pushed in yet another touchdown on a one-yard run to make it 14-0.

The Chieftains had yet another drive end without a first down after a third-and-seven pass was nearly picked off by Cody Motes, but was dropped. The punt gave Sand Springs the field at their 36 and they needed only five plays to score. Scott picked up a first down on a ten-yard run, and an offsides penalty put the Sandites at the Sapulpa 49. Greathouse pitched the ball to Scott, who reversed it back to Greathouse for a 46-yard pass to Bales who was barely stopped by Aaron Sechrist at the three-yard-line. Two plays later, Greathouse punched in the touchdown on a 1-yard sneak to make it 21-0 after the Bales kick.

Dansby got a huge kickoff return to the Sandite 38, and a 37-yard run from Henderson put the Chieftains at first-and-goal from the one-yard line. An illegal procedure on the Chieftains, followed by a sack from Gage Fain pushed Sapulpa back to the 7, and Tyler Delozier picked off a pass from Elder and returned it to the 47 before being forced out by Inks. 

Sapulpa nearly got the ball back as Greathouse nearly threw an interception in the endzone, but intended-receiver Kasey Bales managed to swat the ball away from the Chieftain defender. A few plays later, Greathouse connected from eleven yards out to Mack Thompson for the score. With 29 seconds left in the half, Bales sent in the point-after to make it 28-0.

The Sandites were only two minutes into the second half when they scored once more on a five-yard run from Scott to make it 35-0.

Sapulpa finally got on the scoreboard on the corresponding drive. Henderson picked up a fifteen-yard run, Elder connected with Dansby for thirteen yards, then went 36 yards on a keeper to score. Bobby Schmidt sent in the extra point to make it 35-7 where the score would remain for the duration.

The Sandites put together a big drive on their next possession, starting at their 15. Scott found a first down in a twelve-yard run, then Bales snagged a lateral and ran it eleven yards. A facemask penalty put the Sandites at the Sapulpa 42, and a run by Morgan took them to the 35. A handoff to Scott should have been a loss of two, but the running back was bolstered by offensive lineman Lincoln Adams who pushed it into a three yard gain and a first down.

Morgan picked up nine yards on a run and Bales hauled in a screen to put the Sandites at the 16. Morgan ran another seven yards while carrying four Sapulpa defenders before he went down, and Scott went five more for the first down at the four-yard line. Sapulpa brought the drive to an end, however, with an endzone interception by Sechrest who ran it all the way back to the Sandite 46 before being ran down by Cameron Lierly. 

The two teams exchanged possessions from there and with five minutes left, the Sandite backups went in to play. Sophomore Caden Pennington took over at quarterback, but didn't get to make any plays. Sophomore running back Garrett McCallie picked up 14 yards on 4 carries before Sapulpa put a stop to the drive and took over possession shortly before time expired.

The Chieftains are still looking for a win this season and will host No. 2 Booker T Washington (3-2, 1-0) next Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Sandites will look to improve to a winning record as they host 6A-I Yukon (0-4) in a non-district home game Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Lady Sandite Softball takes second in district after 5-2 loss to Yukon

Photo: Scott Emigh

Photo: Scott Emigh

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

For the second year in a row, the Yukon Millers (23-5, 13-1) spoiled the Sandites' run at a District Championship. The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (20-6, 11-3) hosted Yukon Thursday evening with an 11-2 district record to the Millers' 12-1. The Lady Sandites had already defeated the Millers on their home turf earlier this season, so a win at home to tie their records would have given the Sandites their first and only district title since 2012.

Last year the Sandites came into their final district game against Yukon undefeated at 13-0, having beaten the Millers 4-3 earlier in the season. That time Yukon was 12-1 and defeated the Sandites 4-0. The two teams split the district title, but Yukon claimed the number one seed on run differential. 

Sand Springs drew first blood in the 5-2 loss with a single from junior Madelyn Blair to score Makenna Skaggs in the bottom of the third. Skaggs was running courtesy for sophomore pitcher Jacie Taber who doubled. Freshman Sabrina Usher hit a single to follow and advanced Blair to third, but the two were left stranded to end the inning 1-0.

In the top of the fifth, Mady Taylor was hit by pitch for a free base, and advanced to second on an error that allowed Jewell Lee to reach first. Taylor tied the game up as Rylee Uhr reached on an error, and Lee scored soon after on a single from Aleyah Holman. Cheyenne Factor was hit by pitch to load the bases, and all three runners scored on a double from Breley Webb. The Sandites gave up a double to Hannah Franklin and walked Janie Abrams to reload the bases, but pulled out the inning with a double play from Kimi Presnell at second to Blair at first.

The Sandite freshmen stepped up in the bottom of the sixth as Usher hit a double and scored on a double from Felicity Horn, but that would be the last run of the game. Senior Rachel Blair also hit a single in the inning, but was put out on a fielder's choice to bring the visitors in to bat. The Millers didn't land any hits in the seventh, but didn't need to. Madelyn Blair singled in the bottom of the inning, but was left stranded to end the game 5-2. 

Taber (8-4) got the loss on the mound with four walks and four hits against two strikeouts and zero earned runs. Webb picked up the win with one strikeout, two earned runs, nine hits, and two walks. 

After coming in second in the district, the Sandites will get to host their own Regional tournament beginning October 6th. Though official brackets won't be released by the OSSAA until the 28th, current district standings would have the girls playing Claremore (10-18) in the preliminary round. The tournament is double elimination, so the girls will play either or both Stillwater (19-12) and Sapulpa (7-18). Those pairings aren't final, however, as some teams still have district games left to play. Ponca City (16-14) still has three district games left and could surpass Sapulpa in the standings which would send either Ponca themselves, or Norman (13-7) to Sand Springs.

The girls will get plenty of practice in before Regionals, however, as they travel to the Northeastern State University Tournament in Tahlequah Friday and Saturday. They will take on Muskogee (7-12)  at 2:00 p.m. and Moore (20-4) at 4:45 p.m. Friday. On Saturday they will play Jay (14-13) at 2:15 p.m. and Muldrow (13-13) at 3:45 p.m., followed by bracket play. 

Lady Sandite Softball defeats Bixby 13-1 and will play District Championship Thursday

Photo: Scott Emigh

Photo: Scott Emigh

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (20-5, 11-2) played a district double-header against the Bixby Lady Spartans (15-13, 10-4) Tuesday at home and split the games. After winning the first game 13-1, the Sandites couldn't bring in a run in the second game and lost 1-0. Fortunately, they only needed one win to stay alive in the race for a district title. 

The Sandites jumped on the Spartans quick and early as Oklahoma State commit Sydney Pennington drew a walk in the top of the first, reached third on a sacrifice from Jessica Collins, and scored after tagging up on a fly out by Elizabeth Luttrell. Soon after, Cameron Clemons singled to score Collins and Makenna Skaggs for the 3-0 advantage. Felicity Horn scored on a failed fielder's choice, and Sabrina Usher reached on an error to score Clemons and Kimi Presnell to cap off the inning 6-0 after being put out at second.

Sophomore Jacie Taber doubled in the top of the second inning to score Pennington, then came home with Skaggs on a single from Horn. She batted in another pair of runs in the top of the third, scoring Pennington and Usher on a single for the 11-0 lead.

Usher hit a double to start off the fifth inning and scored on a home run from Pennington, her ninth this season.

The Spartans hit their first run of the game in the bottom of the fifth, a double from Adrianna Forbus, to score Mia Gates. It would be their only run of the game, however, and the Sandites won it 13-1 after a five-inning run-rule.

Junior pitcher Madelyn Blair (8-2) picked up her sixth straight win on the mound with only one hit and two walks against four strikeouts and one run. She also hit two singles in the game.

The second leg of the double-header was an anomaly as the Sandites were shutout for only the third time this season, despite landing five base-hits and putting ten runners on base over the course of the game. 

In the first inning, Horn reached on an error and was joined by Pennington, who walked. Both were left stranded.

The Spartans scored their first and only run of the game in the top of the second with a home run from Meredith Iden. Bixby loaded the bases from there as Forbus was hit by the pitch, Brooklyn Lemon hit a single, and Kyndal Pirtle walked to load the bases. Sophomore pitcher Jacie Taber was able to save the inning, however, striking out Teri Pogue swinging. 

Presnell was stranded on a single in the bottom of the second. Sarah Tyree was stranded after a triple in the top of the third. Blair and Taber both singled in the bottom of the fourth, but Blair was caught in a double play and Taber was stranded. Horn reached on error once again in the bottom of the fifth, and Pennington walked in the sixth.

The Sandites threatened again in the bottom of the seventh. After Clemons grounded out and Jensen Arnold struck out looking, Usher drew a walk and Horn singled. Collins was next to the plate and also singled, but Usher was caught advancing on the play and the game was brought to an end.

Taber (8-3) pitched a career-best eleven strikeouts while giving up only four hits and two walks. She averages less than one run per game with five shutouts this season. This is her third double-digit strikeout game this season.

The Sandites' 11-2 district record is surpassed only by Yukon at 12-1. However, the Sandites and Millers will play the final district match for both teams Thursday at 4:00 p.m. at the Sandite Softball Complex. Sand Springs has already defeated Yukon once this season, 9-1 at the Miller's home turf. If the girls can pull off the repeat, they will match the Millers' record and win the district on head-to-head results. 

Kyle Keener commits to University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School senior Kyle Keener is the third Sandite of his class to announce his college commitment. Keener will be playing for the NCAA Division Two University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos.

The 6'6" center has been a crucial component in the turnaround program at Sand Springs, averaging 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game last season. He held a 62% field goal percentage and 77% free throw percentage over the season and posted two double-doubles with a career-high 22 points against Tulsa NOAH. He led his team in scoring four different times.

The Bronchos compete in the NCAA Division Two Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association conference. They finished last season with a 16-14 overall record, 11-11 in conference, and 10-5 at home. They went 1-1 in last season's MIAA post-season tournament, defeating the University of Central Missouri 94-74, but falling 67-61 to Fort Hays State. The Bronchos are lead by second-year head coach Tom Hankins who spent the prior 18 years at the Division One level. He was an assistant coach for 15 years at Oral Roberts University and 3 years at Southern Illinois Carbondale. 

Other Class of 2017 college commits include: Sydney Pennington (Oklahoma State softball) and Jake Terry (Oklahoma baseball).

Gloria Mutiri commits to Ohio State University for volleyball

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School senior Gloria Mutiri is the first Sandite of the Class of 2018 to officially declare her college intentions. The 6'2" left handed outside hitter announced her commitment to NCAA Division One Ohio State University this past weekend.

Mutiri has been the leading scorer all three years at Sand Springs, which is remarkable considering she only began playing volleyball in the eighth grade. In her time as team captain she has helped guide the ladies to their first winning season in years and has also been a major factor as a two-year starter on the girls' basketball team. 

She has been named Sandite of the Week twice in the last year, once for volleyball and once for basketball. She averages more than 4 kills and 3 digs per set this season and has recorded 55 solo blocks and 41 aces. Her season-best is 31 kills against Tulsa NOAH, though she also scored 30 against Bixby and 29 against Union in 5-set shootouts. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes are currently ranked seventeenth in the nation with a 10-2 ranking, having lost 3-2 to No. 13 BYU and unranked Missouri State. They finished last season 25-10 overall, 12-8 in the Big Ten, and 11-3 at home. Head Coach Geoff Carlston is in his ninth season at the Buckeye program and has gone 171-104 in his career there. Their last season came to a close at the NCAA Regional Semifinal with a 3-2 loss to Wisconsin.

Edit: This article previously identified Mutiri as a senior in the Class of 2017, which was incorrect.


Walden wins sixth-straight Cross Country meet, Sandites perform well at Holland Hall

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams are continuing to impress, finishing among the top teams at the 31st Annual Holland Hall invitational, which attracted some of the top teams in the State.

Three-time State Champion Cheyenne Walden finished in first place in the first 5K of the year for her sixth-straight win with a time of 18:12.1. She had a 0:39.4 lead on her closest competitor, Shay Stayton of Bartlesville, and a 1:13.2 lead on Elysia Burgos of Deer Creek in third place, both of whom were top-twenty State placers last year.

Senior Alexis Davis placed 14th with a time of 21:44.3 and junior Tiqvah Soap took 20th with a time of 22:09.7. The Varsity Girls finished fourth of twelve teams.

Landin Green led the Varsity Boys with a 18:22.5 time for 30th place, followed closely by Aden Baughman in 34th place with a 18:26.5 time. The team finished eighth of sixteen teams.

JV Girls took fourth of ten teams, led by Chezney Kelley in 22nd place with a time of 26:05.7. JV Boys took fifth of ten teams, led by Jaelyn Jackson in sixteenth place with a time of 19:46.0. 

The Junior High teams ran a short 1600 meter track and Kalea Fleming took second place for the girls with a time of 5:36.9, less than a second behind the first place runner. The girls placed seventh of ten teams. The boys only had two runners and were unable to place. KJ Clark took 77th place in 6:43.1.

The Sandites will return to action next Saturday in Stillwater at the Oklahoma State University Cross Country course. Varsity girls will begin at 10:10 a.m. and boys will run at 10:40 a.m. JV girls will take the field at 11:10 a.m. and the boys will follow at 11:40 a.m. The junior high season will conclude October 11th at the Frontier Valley Conference meet.

Click HERE to see photos from the event.

Photo: Virgil Noah

Photo: Virgil Noah

Varsity Girls 5K

18:12.1 Cheyenne Walden 1st Place
21:44.3 Alexis Davis 14th Place
22:09.7 Tiqvah Soap 20th Place
24:19.4 Elizabeth Watts 39th Place
25:14.1 Stephanie Genn 53rd Place
25:31.1 Nia Byrd 61st Place

Varsity Boys 5K

18:22.5 Landin Green 30th Place
18:26.5 Aden Baughman 34th Place
18:57.8 Jacob Garbey 46th Place
19:09.0 Nelson Yazzie 51st Place
19:13.4 Jaden Weiser 52nd Place
19:24.7 Kaegan Murray 56th Place

JV Girls 5K

26:05.7 Chezney Kelley 22nd Place
27:23.4 Kaitlyn Walden 37th Place
28:04.2 Madelynn Adams 41st Place
28:55.9 Madison Englestead 53rd Place
29:36.5 Lily Reed 58th Place
34:05.3 McKenzie Cypert 106th Place
37:21.6 Hope Pollard 119th Place

JV Boys 5K

19:46.0 Jaelyn Jackson 16th Place
20:35.5 Phillip Elleman 31st Place
20:36.5 Nathan Mcknight 34th Place
20:38.3 Elijah Titone 36th Place
20:38.7 Cooper Lynch 37th Place
21:19.8 Austin McCaskey 47th Place
21:34.6 Danny Murray 55th Place
22:53.8 Charlie Everett 86th Place
24:15.8 Russell McCaskey 113th Place

Junior High Girls 1600

5:36.9 Kalea Fleming 2nd Place
6:48.2 Kaylee Hall 20th Place
7:22.9 Mackenzie Burkes 45th Place
8:13.5 Kaitlynn Converse 73rd Place
8:34.3 Sidney Cross 85th Place
8:47.8 Hailee Scott 89th Place
9:22.9 Emma Hamby 104th Place
9:26.4 Katy Lee 105th Place

Junior High Boys 1600

6:43.1 KJ Clark 77th Place
6:55.8 Caleb James 95th Place

Sandite defense overcomes Patriot surge for 29-24 victory at home

Photo: Morgan Miller

Photo: Morgan Miller

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


1Q 6:07 Gooch 23 yard pass to Robinson. Castillo PAT. 7-0 PCW.
2Q 11:51 Greathouse 9 yard run. Bales PAT. 7-7.
2Q 2:41 Greathouse 1 yard run. Bales PAT. 14-7 SS.
2Q 2:39. Greathouse 26 yard pass to Morgan. Bales PAT. 21-7 SS.
2Q 0:05 28 yard field goal by Castillo. 21-10 SS.
3Q 5:42 Scott 1 yard run. PAT missed. 27-10 SS.
3Q 5:33 Safety. 29-10 SS.
4Q 10:21 Gooch 5 yard pass to Potts. Castillo PAT. 29-17 SS.
4Q 2:20 Gooch 14 yard pass to Robinson. Castillo PAT. 29-24 SS.

The No.6 ranked Charles Page High School varsity football team (1-2) scored their first win of the season in their home-opener against No. 11 Putnam City West (2-1), dealing the Patriots their first loss of the season. The Sandites were the favorite to win, but penalties and turnovers made the game far closer than it should have been. 

The Sandites received the opening kickoff and started the game with some fireworks as senior quarterback Hunter Greathouse received a double reverse and fired a pass downfield to junior tight-end Dash Fleischman for a 26 yard gain. The rest of the drive fell flat, however, and the Sandites turned the ball over after a failed fourth and 8 pass attempt at the Patriots' 34. 

The Patriots were simple and methodical in their first drive, taking four minutes to drive 66 yards to be the first team on the scoreboard. Putnam quarterback Trey Gooch connected with Nick Robinson from 23 yards out and Pablo Castillo sent in the point-after to take the 7-0 lead.

The Sandites' second drive also fell short due to penalties and solid Patriot defense. Payton Scott picked up a pair of first downs on the ground and landed the home team at the Patriot 14 thanks to a big run with a facemask penalty tacked on the end. From there, everything went in the visitors' favor. Greathouse dropped the snap for a loss of five, and Scott took a tackle-for-loss on the corresponding play. It looked like Scott might get a shot at the endzone on the next handoff, but the play was blown dead due to a holding penalty on the Sandites. A third-and-nineteen pass attempt was broken up in the endzone by Arich Ansley, and on fourth-down, Greathouse was sacked at the 32 by Jordan Ealy.

The Patriots didn't keep the ball for long, however, turning it back over just a minute later and this time the Sandites hit pay-dirt. 

In the last minute of the first quarter, the Sandites drove their way down to the Patriot nine-yard-line for fourth-and-one. In the opening play of the second quarter, the offense piled behind Greathouse on a keeper to try and get the down, and ended up going all nine yards to the endzone for a touchdown. Kasey Bales sent in the point-after and the game was tied up.

Once again the Patriots failed to find traction and punted without a first-down. The Sandites ate up the clock on their corresponding 90-yard drive, and ultimately took the lead. The first play was a fifteen-yard screen to Caleb Wash. Greathouse added another first-down with a 30-yard pass to Bales, Scott picked one up on the ground, and Greathouse hit Bales again for 12. A run from Scott with a facemask at the end put the Sandites in the red zone at the 15-yard line. Greathouse hit Bales at the 1-yard line and scored on a sneak to take the 14-7 lead after Bales's PAT.

The next Sandite drive needed only two plays. Cade Looman sent the kickoff into the back of O'Neal Cotton and Brett Freeman was there to recover it for the Sandites at the Patriot 26. A repeat of the opening play of the game found Greathouse connecting with Dalton Morgan for the touchdown and a 21-7 lead.

The Patriots mustered up a solid drive, aided by some Sandite penalties, and marched to the 11-yard line before settling for a 28-yard field goal by Castillo.

The Sandites tried to score on a deep pass with less than a second remaining, but it was intercepted by T'Mahjai Scales who was tackled by the intended receiver, Bales, to end the half 21-10.

Freeman made yet another great play in the second half, picking off a pass to give the Sandites the ball at the Patriot 16. After being pushed back to a fourth-and-fourteen attempt, Greathouse connected to Mack Thompson at the 2-yard-line and Payton Scott punched it in a few plays later. Bales' PAT missed, but the Sandites led 27-10.

The Sandites scored yet again less than 10 seconds later. Looman's kick pinned the Patriots in at their 19, Delvin Jordan tackled Ealy for a loss of 3, and an unsportsmanlike penalty pushed the visitors back to their 8. A high snap over the quarterback's head traveled all the way into the endzone for a safety, and the Sandites took the ball once again.

From there it was the Patriots' game. The Sandites drove all the way to the visitors' 24 before Greathouse's pass was intercepted. The Patriots retained the ball into the fourth quarter and soon scored on a 5-yard pass to Chris Potts to cut the lead to 29-17.

 The Sandites' next drive was another turnover on downs after a pair of passes were broken up to give Putnam the field at their 32. Putnam marched downfield in yet another successful drive to score on a fourteen-yard pass to Robinson for a touchdown. Castillo's PAT sailed true and cut the deficit to 29-24. 

The Sandites held on to the ball for the remaining two minutes and picked up a first down run the clock out and secure the victory. 

Greathouse finished the evening 10-24-2-172 with one touchdown passing and was 6-(-7) with two touchdowns rushing. The Sandites split receiving duty fairly equally between five players, but Bales led with four receptions for 59 yards. Scott led the ground game with 37 carries for 147 yards and one touchdown. Jordan, Tre Finch, and Gage Fain led the defense with 5 unassisted tackles each, and Freeman was the star of the show with two tackles, an interception, and a fumble recovery.

Gooch led the opposition with a 16-25-1-131 passing record and 14 carries for 72 yards. He was in on all three touchdowns of the evening. 

The Sandites will play their first district game at home next Friday when they take on their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa. The Chieftains are ranked fourteenth in Class 6A-II with an 0-3 record after dropping this weekend's game 35-7 to 5A No.8 Bishop Kelley (2-1).

The Patriots will kick off district play at No. 10 Enid Friday (1-2) who just dropped a 44-14 loss to 5A No.7 Bishop McGuinness (2-1).

Lady Sandite Softball shaping up for another District Championship battle with Yukon

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (19-4) is the number one team in the district, but the season isn't over yet. The Lady Sandites rode a tidal wave of success in recent weeks, winning fourteen-straight games by an average score of 7-1 before falling 1-0 to Jenks (11-10) on Tuesday. They wasted no time in rebounding from the defeat, however, with a pair of dominating district wins over Enid (6-17) Thursday evening.

The Lady Sandites hold a 10-1 district record that was unblemished before the game with Jenks. After that loss they are now tied in district wins with Yukon (20-4) whom they have already defeated 9-1 earlier this season. Because the Sandites hold the head-to-head advantage with Yukon, they're still number one. The Millers still have time to change that, however. The two teams will get a rematch in Sand Springs next Thursday. 

What happens if Yukon wins? Assuming Yukon wins their district double-header against Enid Monday, which they should, the Millers would claim the district title with a 13-1 record, and the Sandites would come in runners-up with a 12-2 record, assuming they defeat Bixby in back-to-back games Monday and Tuesday.

But don't count Bixby out either. With a 9-3 district record, technically they're still in it. If Bixby beats Sand Springs, the Spartans will take the number two seed. If the Sandites and Pacers both top Yukon and Bixby tops Sand Springs, then Bixby takes the district and the Sandites come in runners-up. It's unlikely to work out in the Spartans' favor, but the history books are filled with unlikely outcomes in sports. Remember last year when Sand Springs football lost to both Booker T and Bartlesville, but still ended up in the State Championship?

Ignoring the Spartan sleepers, the district championship game will most likely be played next Thursday, and it wouldn't be the first time the Millers have spoiled it for the Sandites. Last season the Sandites were undefeated in the district after a 7-6 victory over the previously undefeated Millers at home. Then they had to travel to Yukon, and the Millers won 4-0 with the home-field advantage. 

What's different this year is that the Sandites already beat Yukon at Yukon, and it wasn't even close. They've also managed to somehow have a slightly better season, in spite of the fact that last season was already incredible. They win by one more point than last year. They've had two fewer losses, and they've stepped up their defense by a landslide. While they lost big hitters in Jessica Schuler (NSU) and Kennedy "Goose" Salyers (SWOSU), they've made up for the mild dip in offense by allowing far fewer points. This time last year they had won five shutouts. This year they've won ten. 

The girls don't need to win their district, though it would certainly be nice. But if they can beat Bixby to finish in the top two, then they'll get to host their Regional bracket, which can often give a team a huge advantage. The Spartans' three district losses were an 11-2 upset to Sapulpa and a devastating double-header at Yukon which they lost by a combined 29-3. Theoretically, the Sandites should win, but nothing is ever set in stone.

No matter which way things go, the next three games will all be crucial and will make for some grade-A softball that you don't want to miss. Monday's game at Bixby begins at 5:00 p.m., as does Tuesday's home game against Bixby. The Thursday home game against Yukon will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Mid-Season Player Stats

Madelyn Blair has hit 22 singles, 15 doubles, 7 triples, 2 sacrifices, and 22 RBI on 70 at-bats for a .314 batting average, .414 slugging average, and .377 OBP. She has scored 9 runs this season and had a hand in 3 double plays. At the mound she holds a 7-2 record and 1.53 ERA over 45.66 innings pitched. She has struck out 34 batters, given up 35 hits, 6 walks, and has hit 10 players with the pitch. She has only allowed 11 runs and 10 earned runs.

Jessica Collins has hit 18 singles, 3 doubles, 9 sacrifices, and 13 RBI on 66 at-bats for a .318 batting average, .333 slugging average, and .444 OBP. She has scored 27 runs and stolen 5 bases this season. 

Jacie Taber has hit 13 singles, 5 doubles, 1 home run, 4 sacrifices, and 13 RBI on 66 at-bats for a .288 batting average, .394 slugging average, and .338 OBP. She has scored 12 runs and stolen 2 bases this season. At the mound she holds an 8-2 record and 0.89 ERA over 63 innings pitched. She has struck out 53 batters, given up 34 hits, 18 walks, and has hit 12 players with the pitch. She has allowed only 9 runs and 8 earned runs. 

Sydney Pennington has hit 17 singles, 10 doubles, 8 home runs, and 27 RBI on 64 at-bats for a .547 batting average, 1.078 slugging average, and .642 OBP. She has scored 28 runs, stolen 2 bases, and been in on 3 double plays. At the mound she holds a 4-0 record and 1.15 ERA over 30.33 innings pitched. She has struck out 18 batters, given up 17 hits, 12 walks, and has hit 2 players with the pitch. She has allowed only 6 runs and 5 earned runs. 

Kimi Presnell has hit 12 singles, 2 doubles, 2 sacrifices, and 11 RBI on 63 at-bats for a .222 batting average, .254 slugging average, and .319 OBP. She has scored 11 runs this season, stolen 9 bases, and been in on 4 double plays. 

Sabrina Usher has hit 9 singles, 7 doubles, 1 home run, 2 sacrifices, and 14 RBI on 59 at-bats for a .288 batting average, .475 slugging average, and .333 OBP. She has scored 11 runs and stolen 1 base this season.

Felicity Horn has hit 9 singles, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 4 sacrifices, and 6 RBI on 56 at-bats for a .250 batting average, .357 slugging average, and .432 OBP. She has scored 19 runs this season and has stolen 1 base. 

Rachel Blair has hit 8 singles, 1 double, 3 sacrifices, and 3 RBI on 53 at-bats for a .170 batting average, .189 slugging average, and .267 OBP. She has scored 8 runs this season.

Cameron Clemons has hit 11 singles, 5 doubles, 5 sacrifices, and 11 RBI on 52-at bats for a .308 batting average, .385 slugging average, and .400 OBP. She has scored 11 runs this season, stolen 1 base, and had a hand in 1 double play. 

Elizabeth Luttrell has hit 6 singles, 3 doubles, and 5 RBI on 16 at-bats for a .563 batting average, .750 slugging average, and .588 OBP. She has scored 7 runs this season.

Makenna Skaggs has hit 4 singles and 2 RBI on 12 at-bats for a .333 batting average, .333 slugging average, and .467 OBP. She has scored 12 runs this season.

Jensen Arnold has hit 1 single, 3 doubles, 1 triple, and 3 RBI on 8 at-bats for a .625 batting average, 1.25 slugging average, and .625 OBP. She has scored 4 runs this season.

Rachel Jones has a 0.00 batting average on 4 at-bats this season. She has been in on 1 double play.

Lady Sandite Softball beats Enid by combined 34-1 in district double header

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (19-4, 10-1) jumped on their opponents hard and early in a Thursday afternoon double-header at Enid (6-17, 0-11). The Pacers managed only one hit in the first game and almost every Lady Sandite there scored a run.

The Sandites piled on six runs in the first inning alone. Freshman Felicity Horn hit a leadoff triple and scored on a wild pitch. Jacie Taber singled to score Sydney Pennington, Kimi Presnell singled to score Madelyn Blair, and Cameron Clemons capped the inning off with a three-run double to score Elizabeth Luttrell, Taber, and Presnell.

Taber (8-2) went to the mound in game one and her first three pitches were all strikes, setting the tone for yet another powerful performance from the impressive sophomore.

Pennington hit a home run to start off the second inning and Madelyn Blair scored on a groundout by Taber. Presnell reached on a fielder's choice to score Luttrell, and Clemons singled to bring in Presnell for the 10-0 advantage.

Pennington tacked on two more runs in the top of the third, scoring Makenna Skaggs on a double before coming in on a single from Luttrell.

In the top of the fourth, freshman Sabrina Usher singled and scored on an error. 

Located in the Springs Village shopping center, next to Papa Pat's BBQ.

The top of the fifth was another explosive inning as Blair singled and scored on an error. Taber brought in Luttrell on a single and Jensen Arnold doubled to score Taber. Usher grounded out to score Presnell, Skaggs grounded out to score Arnold, and the Sandites had an 18-0 lead.

Despite putting two on base in the bottom of the inning, the Pacers were unable to score and the game ended by run-rule.

Game two was equally devastating for the home team. It took the Sandites till the second inning to get on the scoreboard, but they made it up for it with ten runs.

Luttrell doubled to start the inning and came in on a two-run homer by Taber. Clemons reached on an error to score Presnell and from there the girls went on a streak of doubles. Collins doubled to score Clemons, Pennington doubled to score Collins and Makenna Skaggs, and Madelyn Blair doubled to score Pennington. Luttrell doubled to score Usher, who ran courtesy for Blair. Taber reached on an error to bring in Luttrell, and Clemons wrapped things up with a double to score Taber.

Pennington smacked a two-run double in the bottom of the third to score Horn and Collins.

Enid finally got on the board in the top of the fourth with a single by Ruth Ramirez to score Haylee Schwandt, but it would be the lone run of the evening for the Pacers.

In the bottom of the inning, the Sandites piled on the offense as Presnell doubled and scored on a single from Horn. Pennington singled to score Horn, Blair doubled to score Collins and Pennington, and the Sandites led 16-1.

The Pacers failed to get on base in the top of the fifth and the Sandites secured the win. 

Madelyn Blair (6-2) got the win on the mound with only four hits against three strikeouts.

The Sandites were previously on a fourteen-game win-streak before having their Senior Night spoiled by Jenks (11-10, 7-6) on Tuesday. Collins and Taber were the only girls to land hits in the 1-0 loss. Taber got the loss in that game despite giving up only four hits against three strikeouts and zero earned runs.

The Lady Sandites will return to action next Monday when they travel to Bixby (14-10, 9-3) for a district makeup game. They will then host the Lady Spartans Tuesday night.


Choctaw stuns Sandites in come-from-behind 45-41 shootout

Photo: Morgan Miller

Photo: Morgan Miller

By: Virgil Noah, Staff Writer

The No. 2 Charles Page High School Varsity Football team (0-2) came into their non-district contest with the No. 9 Choctaw Yellowjackets (2-0) looking to get things going offensively after only managing to score 21 points in their season opening loss to Pulaski Academy. They succeeded, scoring 41 points in the game but it would not be enough as the team fell 45-41 to the Yellowjackets. 

The contest was a back and forth battle all game, with the Sandites threatening to pull away multiple times, but the Jackets kept clawing their way back into it.  

The teams traded possessions until near the end of the first period when Payton Scott, who was the game's workhorse for the visitors, capped an 8 play, 66 yard drive with a 6 yard touchdown run. Kasey Bales tacked on the extra point and the Sandites lead 7-0. On the ensuing Choctaw possession Senior quarterback Dylan Weaver threw a pass into the waiting arms of defensive back Cody Motes who scampered 36 yards up the sideline for the pick 6 and the lead was 14-0. 

Choctaw got on the board with a touchdown pass from Weaver, and the Sandites answered on the first play of the second quarter on a touchdown pass from Dalton Morgan to Bales.  

Another touchdown toss from Weaver, and a rushing touchdown by running back JD Kolb tied the game at 21. Second-year quarterback Hunter Greathouse scored on a quarterback sneak with 0:33 left in the first half but Bales's PAT was blocked. On the last play of the first half, Jacket kicker Liam Jones made a 32 yard field goal and the game went to intermission with the home team trailing 27-24.  

Scott found pay dirt again in the third, this time from 23 yards out to extend the Page lead to 10 points, but Kolb cut it back to 3 quickly with a run of his own. The Sandite offense faced a fourth and 15 deep in Choctaw territory, and elected to go for the conversion. It proved to be a smart decision as Greathouse connected with Caleb Wash for a 25 yard touchdown and increased the lead to 41-31. Kolb ran 21 yards for his fourth touchdown of the game just 30 seconds later and put the pressure back on Sand Springs. 

Choctaw snagged an interception on the ensuing Sandite drive, but Jerry Lyons forced a fumble and got the Sandites the ball back in Yellowjacket territory with under four minutes remaining.  

With 1:16 remaining Choctaw stuffed a fourth down run by Scott to give their offense one more attempt at scoring, and they made the most of it. On fourth and 5, Weaver completed a pass to Kolb who broke a tackle short of the first down marker, and turned on the jets up the sideline for a 78 yard touchdown, his fifth of the game.  

Down four points with just 0:49 seconds left, Greathouse lead the offense back on the field. With 0:10 left he completed a pass to Wash for 45 yards down to the Choctaw 13-yard-line. Greathouse attempted two throws to the end zone, the first broken up, and the second just past the fingertips of Bales and the game ended.

Scott lead the way for Sand Springs, carrying the ball 39 times for 239 yards and two scores. Greathouse passed 14-29-251-1 for one touchdown, and also scored a touchdown rushing. Bales lead the way receiving with 5 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown. Delvin Jordan took a beating, going down twice, but rejoining each time to lead the Sandite defense in tackles.

Charles Page will host their first game of the season Friday at 7:00 p.m., in a non-district match-up with Putnam City West  (2-0). Choctaw will take on Putnam North (0-2) in a non-district battle Friday at 7:00 in Putnam City. 

Sydney Pennington hits 3 homeruns in double-header victories over Ponca; Sandites win 14th straight

By: Virgil Noah, Staff Writer

The runs came early and they came often in the Charles Page High School Varsity Softball team's (17-3, 8-0) district doubleheader against Ponca City (14-10, 2-5). The Lady Sandites won both games handily with a 10-0 five-inning run-rule victory in the first leg, and a 15-3 win in the second match-up which went the full seven innings.

Felicity Horn got scoring underway for the day when she singled and later scored on an error in the first inning of game one.

Ponca City loaded the bases in the second, but Madelyn Blair (6-2) forced Kylie Hopkins into a two-out popup which got the Lady Sandites out of the inning without allowing any runs. Jacie Taber hit an RBI double to left center which scored Cameron Clemons in the second inning.

Oklahoma State University commit Sydney Pennington hit the first of three home runs on the night in the home half of the third inning. Freshman Sabrina Usher hit an RBI double allowing Madelyn Blair to score, and scored a run on an errant throw to push the lead to 5-0.  Sand Springs scored the final five runs in the fourth inning on to put the game away, with Pennington, Usher, Madelyn Blair, and Clemons each adding an RBI to their totals.

Madelyn Blair picked up the win on the mound for the Lady Sandites, pitching five shutout innings, allowing just 6 hits. 

Game two saw Sand Springs getting off to an even quicker start, when Pennington sent a towering fly ball over the center field fence for a three-run-homer. Clemons scored on an error and Kimi Presnell picked up an RBI single in the third inning and lead 5-0 when Ponca City finally got on the board in their half of the third. Camenda Osborn doubled in a run to cut the lead to 5-1 and gave the Lady Cats some life. 

The Lady Sandites substituted Elizabeth "Lyz" Luttrell into the game and she quickly added an RBI single to make the score 6-1, and Taber added an RBI on a sacrifice fly to make the lead 7-1. The Lady Cats added another pair of runs to their score on RBI doubles by Osborn and pitcher Kelci Hasenfratz.

With the score 7-3 the Charles Page offense went back to work and didn't look back scoring the final 8 runs of the contest. Pennington led the way in game two with four RBI, Luttrell added three, Jensen Arnold and Presnell each had two. 

Pennington (5-0) picked up the win on the mound pitching all seven innings, surrendering three runs on seven hits and striking out four batters.

The Lady Sandite offense was hot all night, scoring at least one run in eleven of twelve innings played. The pair of victories pushed the Sand Springs win streak to fourteen games, including a 9-1 triumph over former district No. 1 Yukon. Sand Springs is the only undefeated team remaining in District 6A-3. 

The Lady Sandites will return to action Friday at 1:20 p.m. when they play 3A Perry (10-17) on field #9 at Bentley Park in the Bixby Tournament.

Lady Sandite Softball mid-season update: stats and preview of Bixby Tournament

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (15-3, 6-0) is riding a twelve-game winning streak and just put a big win in the books with a 9-1 defeat of former district No. 1 Yukon. The Lady Sandites have proven they have the skillset necessary to make another State Championship run, but the season is far from over. Every team knows that once you reach the number one spot, you paint a target on your back and all eyes are on you.

After graduating two All-State players and six starting seniors last year, the Lady Sandites were in need of some fresh talent to bolster the ranks led by Sydney Pennington, Jessica Collins, and Rachel Blair. They found that talent in freshmen Felicity Horn and Sabrina Usher. Jacie Taber and Madelyn Blair have also been crucial in filling the void left by Kennedy “Goose” Salyers at the mound.

The Lady Sandites had a lukewarm start to the season as they were still adjusting to the new team dynamic. They split their first two games at the Claremore Festival, winning the opener 13-0 over Mannford, but dropping game two 5-0 to Coweta.

By the end of the Broken Arrow Tournament they had found their rhythm 

They dropped a close 2-1 game to Owasso, defeated the defending State Champions from Choctaw 4-1, and took down Putnam City North 3-1. Durant dealt the girls a 6-2 loss, but that was the last time this season anyone has beaten the Lady Sandites.

The girls won their next two games to place fifth of sixteen teams in the tournament, and haven’t lost a game since. They won six-straight shutouts and dethroned Yukon to become the only undefeated team remaining in District 6A-3.

The girls have the opportunity to pick up two more district wins tonight at home when they take on the Ponca City Wild Cats (14-8, 2-3) at 5:00 p.m.. The two teams only have a couple of mutual opponents. Ponca was run-ruled twice by Yukon, and fell 9-2 to Jenks, who the Sandites defeated 10-2.

From there, the girls will travel to the Bixby Spartan Tournament this Friday. They will play 3A Perry (10-17) at 1:20 p.m. on field #9 at Bentley Park. The teams only have one mutual opponent this far. The Maroons fell 8-1 to Mannford a few weeks ago. They also lost 12-0 to Ponca City.

The Sandites will take on the host team at 3:00 p.m. Friday on field #9. The Spartans (8-10, 7-3) are third in district and haven’t played Sand Springs yet, but they lost two games to Yukon and one to Sapulpa.

On Saturday Sand Springs will play 4A Cushing (11-8) at 10:00 a.m. on Field #11 and 5A Skiatook (7-9) at 1:20 p.m. on field #9.

Also in the tournament is Edmond Memorial (6-10), 5A Collinsville (20-2), Glenpool (10-8), Inola (8-11), and Sapulpa (4-13). Collinsville is the biggest threat in the tournament. The defending 5A State Champions are undefeated in their district and have only given up two losses this season. Southmoore defeated them 9-0 and Carl Albert won a close one 1-0. Both Southmoore and Carl Albert were State Semi-Finalists in their divisions last year.

The first round of bracket games will be played at 3:00 p.m. Saturday and the finals and consolation finals will be played at 4:40 p.m.

Sydney Pennington has played all 18 games and is .490 batting, .863 slugging, and has a .574 OBP with 14 singles, 6 doubles, 4 homeruns, 1 stolen base, 18 runs, and 14 RBI on 51 at-bats. She is 3-0 from the mound this year and holds a 0.60 ERA and .900 WHIP. She’s given up only 3 runs and 11 hits against 14 strikeouts and pitches 61% strikes.

Jessica Collins has played all 18 games and is .327 batting, .346 slugging, and has a .426 OBP with 16 singles, 1 double, 6 sacrifices, 3 stolen bases, 20 runs, and 10 RBI on 52 at-bats.

Sabrina Usher has played all 18 games and is .300 batting, .500 slugging, and has a .340 OBP with 8 singles, 6 doubles, 1 home run, 1 sacrifice, 1 stole base, 8 runs, and 11 RBI on 50 at-bats.

Cameron Clemons has played all 18 games and is .273 batting, .318 slugging, and has a .360 OBP with 9 singles, 3 doubles, 3 sacrifices, 1 stolen base, 9 runs, and 4 RBI on 44 at-bats.

Madelyn Blair has played all 18 games and is .259 batting, .352 slugging, and has a .344 OBP with 9 singles, 5 doubles, 2 sacrifices, and 6 runs on 54 at-bats. She is 5-2 from the mound this season and holds a 1.77 ERA and 1.038 WHIP. She has given up only 10 runs and 25 hits against 31 strikeouts and pitches 71% strikes.  

Jacie Taber has played all 18 games and is .226 batting, .283 slugging, and has a .268 OBP with 9 singles, 3 doubles, 3 sacrifices, 2 stolen bases, 6 runs, and 6 RBI on 53 at-bats. She is 7-1 from the mound this season and holds a 1.10 ERA and 1.059 WHIP. She has given up only 8 runs and 29 hits against 48 strikeouts and pitches 69% strikes.

Kimi Presnell has played all 18 games and is .170 batting, .170 slugging, and has a .278 OBP with 8 singles, 8 doubles, 2 sacrifices, 7 stolen bases, 6 runs, and 3 RBI on 47 at-bats.

Rachel Blair has played 17 games and is .182 batting, .182 slugging, and has a .280 OBP with 8 singles, 3 sacrifices, 8 runs, and 3 RBI on 44 at-bats.

Felicity Horn has played 16 games and is .244 batting, .341 slugging, and has a .456 OBP with 6 singles, 4 doubles, 4 sacrifices, 1 stolen base, 13 runs, and 5 RBI on 41 at-bats.

Makenna Skaggs has played 5 games and is .429 batting, .429 slugging, and has a .500 OBP with 3 singles, 5 runs, and 1 RBI on 7 at-bats.

Elizabeth Luttrell has played 3 games and is .200 batting, .200 slugging, and has a .333 OBP with 1 single on 5 at-bats.

Jensen Arnold has played 1 game and is 1.000 batting, 2.000 slugging, and has a 1.000 OBP with 1 double and 1 run on 1 at-bat.