Christian Forbes goes undefeated with Cadet Dual Team


Charles Page High School sophomore Christian Forbes recently competed with the Oklahoma Cadet Dual team in Spokane, Washington. The Sandite went undefeated at 100 pounds, helping his state to a 15th place finish in Greco-Roman and an eighth-place finish in Freestyle.

In Freestyle Forbes defeated Montana State Champion Teegan Vasquez 9-4, Southern Plains Champion Sam Ewing 10-0, Iowa State Champion Ryder Block 20-17, and California State Champion Tyler Riley 10-0.

In Greco he defeated Texas State Champion Alec Robeson 13-2, and Utah State Champion Kaden Ercanbrack 12-2.

23 states sent 27 teams to the Freestyle tournament while 22 states sent 26 teams to compete in Greco. The top two were the same in both styles. Minnesota defeated Illinois 40-34 in Freestyle and 40-33 in Greco.

The Gopher State has made the finals three years running in Freestyle, but this was their first crown since 2010. They’ve won three out of the last four Greco tournaments. Oklahoma’s last Cadet Freestyle title came in 2008. They have yet to win in Greco Roman.

Oklahoma Freestyle Results
Oklahoma 66-7 Montana
Oklahoma 37-35 Missouri
Iowa 40-33 Oklahoma
California 51-25 Oklahoma
Illinois 48-27 Oklahoma
Georgia 47-28 Oklahoma
New Jersey 54-25 Oklahoma

Oklahoma Greco-Roman Results
Oklahoma 55-19 Texas
Illinois 66-10 Oklahoma
Oklahoma 47-29 Utah
Oklahoma 42-36 Kansas
California 47-28 Oklahoma
Indiana 45-30 Oklahoma
Michigan 45-32 Oklahoma
Minnesota 43-33 Oklahoma
Oklahoma 41-39 Wisconsin

Oklahoma Schoolboys place 2nd in Freestyle Nationals, 3rd in Greco-Roman, girls 7th


A handful of wrestlers with Sand Springs ties competed on the Oklahoma Schoolboy Wrestling teams recently in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Oklahoma had enough quality athletes to send two full rosters to the USA Wrestling National Dual Tournament.

The Oklahoma Blue team made it to the Freestyle finals for the first time since 2006, falling 39-33 to Pennsylvania. Oklahoma Red placed 14th out of 39 teams from 29 states.

Oklahoma Red took third place in Greco-Roman action while Oklahoma Blue placed eighth, marking the first time both teams have qualified for the Gold/Silver Pool. 28 states sent 38 teams to the tournament.

Mason Harris went 7-1 in the heavyweight slot for the Oklahoma Blue Freestyle team with one pin, two technical falls, three decisions, and one forfeit. He defeated Minnesota State Champion Elias Ruiz 10-0, Washington State Champion Daniel Matagi 10-0, and Pennsylvania State Champion Dominick Curci 5-0. Harris was 2-5 for the Red Greco team, beating Wisconsin State Champion Griffin Empey 12-4.

Keystone Kids Grady Mittasch, Cameron White, and Abraham Flores competed on the Oklahoma Red Freestyle team and the Blue Greco team.

Mittasch went 4-1 at 87 pounds in Freestyle with three tech falls and a decision. He defeated Utah State Champion Brayden Robison 10-0, and Indiana State Champion Jake Hockaday 20-9. Mittasch was 2-3 in Greco. He pinned Hockaday and defeated Kansas State Champion Dillon Cooper 14-3.

White went 5-4 at 114 and 119 pounds in Freestyle with a pin, a tech fall, a decision, and a forfeit. He defeated Wisconsin State Champion Royce Nilo 8-6, Florida State Champion Kamdon Harrison 12-7, and pinned Virginia State Champion Elijah Blevins. White was 3-5 in Greco. He defeated New York State Champion Andrew Caudill and pinned Texas State Champion Jimmy Benne.

Flores went 5-4 at 125 pounds in Freestyle with three tech falls and two decisions. He defeated Virginia State Champion Macon Ayers 14-4, Utah State Champion Hixon Canto 12-4, and Kansas State Champion Jaime Villanueva 18-6. Flores was 4-5 in Greco and pinned Colorado State Champion Carson Hawkins.

Pennsylvania has historically been a powerhouse at the Schoolboy level, but has dropped off in recent years. This was their first finals appearance in Freestyle since 2014 and in Greco since 2015. They won their fifth Freestyle title in nine finals appearances, and their sixth Greco title in nine appearances. This was their third time to sweep both styles in the same year.

Tulsa hosted the inaugural Schoolgirl Freestyle Duals and seven states competed. Wisconsin went 6-0 for the title. Oklahoma went 1-5 for 7th place in a tournament with lots of parity and circular losses. They tied Runner-Up Illinois 26-26 and only lost on criteria, then beat 5th Place finisher Minnesota 35-21.

Oklahoma Freestyle Results
OK Blue 69-9 Minnesota Blue
OK Blue 75-7 Missouri Blue
OK Blue 62-16 Indiana Gold
OK Blue 59-19 Washington
OK Blue 65-12 Illinois
OK Blue 44-34 Ohio
OK Blue 50-31 California
Pennsylvania Blue 39-33 OK Blue

Wisconsin 51-29 OK Red
OK Red 63-21 Georgia Red
OK Red 44-35 Virginia
OK Red 53-27 Utah
Wisconsin 49-27 OK Red
Florida 46-28 OK Red
Indiana Gold 46-35 OK Red
OK Red 49-33 Kansas Gold
Pennsylvania Red 41-37 OK Red

Oklahoma Girls FS Results
Wisconsin 46-7 Oklahoma
Illinois 26-26 Oklahoma
Oklahoma 35-21 Minnesota
Indiana 33-25 Oklahoma
Texas 31-16 Oklahoma
Pennsylvania 37-21 Oklahoma

Oklahoma Greco Results
OK Red 70-11 Tennessee
OK Red 57-23 New Jersey Red
OK Red 61-23 Wisconsin
OK Red 62-20 OK Blue
OK Red 59-23 Ohio
Pennsylvania Blue 52-29 OK Red
OK Red 44-38 Washington

Colorado Red 49-30 OK Blue
OK Blue 71-11 Texas
OK Blue 56-25 Kansas Gold
OK Blue 53-27 New York
OK Blue 47-31 Maryland
OK Red 62-20 OK Blue
Pennsylvania Blue 61-16 OK Blue
Ohio 46-28 OK Blue
Indiana Gold 50-34 OK Blue

Sand Springs wrestling club places second at OKUSA State Championship

Every great high school wrestling team depends on a solid feeder program to recruit kids, teach them the fundamentals, and keep them practiced and prepared for the day they’re old enough to try and crack the varsity lineup.

There are approximately ninety clubs registered with Oklahoma USA Wrestling. These clubs not only serve as the backbone for the 151 high school teams in the state, but they also develop the All-Americans, World Team members, and Olympians of the future.

For four months a year students participate in Folkstyle, the purely American style that high schools and colleges compete in. The rest of the year is dedicated to Freestyle and Greco-Roman, the two Olympic styles that the international community wrestles.

Sand Springs has had raging success in recent years with their Team Big wrestling club. The Sandites have crowned State, National, Pan-American, and World Champions in multiple age groups. They are frequently among the top-scoring teams in Oklahoma competitions.

In 2019 Team Big decided to rebrand under its original name from the 1980s – the Keystone Kids. The club features two former NCAA All-American coaches in Jarrod Patterson and TeDon Fleischman, as well as Chris Forbes, Kyle Waag, and a large community of volunteers with extensive wrestling experience.

The Keystone Kids placed second overall at the OKUSA Freestyle/Greco State Tournament last month with 348.5 team points, right behind Broken Arrow’s J4 Wrestling Club with 356. They placed first in Bantam Greco-Roman.

Christian Forbes, Grady Mittasch, Mason Harris, and Carter Young won Freestyle State titles, while Elijah Pagonis, Matthew Moore, and Abraham Flores won Greco-Roman titles. Gavin Wallace was the only Keystone Kid to win State in both styles, outscoring his opponents 58-0.

The next competition opportunity for the Keystone Kids is the Southern Plains Regional tournament coming up this weekend in Mulvane, Kansas.

Team State Champions
Junior Greco – J4 – 49.0
Junior Freestyle - Tiger Wrestling Club – 148.0
Cadet Greco – Matrix Grappling – 89.5
Cadet Freestyle – Threestyle Wrestling – 142.0
Schoolboy Greco – Cowboy Wrestling Club – 53.5
Schoolboy Freestyle – Cowboy Wrestling Club – 91.5
Novice Greco – Team Tulsa WC – 46.0
Novice Freestyle – Team Tulsa WC – 72.5
Intermediate Greco – Prodigy – 63.0
Intermediate Freestyle – Prodigy – 75.7
Bantam Greco – Keystone Kids – 24.0
Bantam Freestyle – Moore Lions – 42.5

Keystone Kids Season Results

C. Zayden Anderson
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 49lbs – 3rd

Mason Denison
- National Team Qualifier Intermediate FS 71lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Intermediate FS 71lbs – 2nd

Nash Denison
- National Team Qualifier Bantam FS 49lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 49lbs – 2nd
- Catoosa Bantam FS 53lbs – 3rd

Bryce Fisher
- Regional Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st

Abraham Flores
- State Schoolboy FS 130lbs – 4th
- State Schoolboy GR 130lbs – 1st
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 136lbs – 1st
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 130lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 125lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 125lbs – 2nd

Adrian Flores
- State Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 3rd
- Regional Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 3rd
- Regional Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 2nd
- Bixby Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 1st
- Bixby Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 1st

Christian Forbes
- State Cadet FS 106lbs – 1st

Kaden Glass
- State Cadet FS 182lbs – 2nd

Mason Harris
- State Schoolboy FS 250lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier FS 250lbs – 1st

Parker Ingram
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 59lbs – 4th

Chris Kirby
- Sand Springs Junior FS 170lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Junior GR 170lbs – 4th

Colton Lambert
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 43lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Bantam GR 45th – 3rd

Christian McCutcheon
- State Junior FS 170lbs – 2nd
- State Junior GR 170lbs – 4th
- Regional Junior FS 170lbs – 1st
- Regional Junior GR 170lbs – 1st

Grady Mittasch
- State Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy GR 87lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 90lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Schoolboy GR 90lbs – 2nd

Samuel Moore
- State Intermediate GR 63lbs – 3rd
- Owasso Intermediate FS 67lbs – 4th
- Owasso Intermediate GR 67lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 63lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 67lbs – 1st

Matthew Moore
- State Novice FS 78lbs – 2nd
- State Novice GR 78lbs – 1st
- Owasso Novice FS 78lbs – 4th
- Owasso Novice GR 78lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Novice FS 78lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Novice GR 78lbs – 1st

Jesse Moore
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 106lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 106lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 106lbs – 1st

Elijah Pagonis
- State Bantam FS 53lbs – 2nd
- State Bantam GR 53lbs – 1st

Jayden Pait
- Catoosa Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 2nd

Kai Shultz
- National Team Qualifier Cadet GR 113lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 120lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Cadet GR 120lbs – 2nd
- Catoosa Cadet FS 126lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet GR 132lbs – 1st

Hudson Sheppard
- State Novice FS 108lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Novice FS 108lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Novice GR 108lbs – 2nd

Tradis Sheppard
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 145lbs – 4th

Jaxon Trotter
- Bixby Schoolboy FS 110lbs – 1st
- Bixby Schoolboy GR 110lbs – 1st

Scout Trotter
- Regional Schoolboy FS 110lbs – 5th
- Regional Schoolboy GR 110lbs – 4th

Karson Waag
- State Bantam FS 43lbs –3rd
- State Bantam GR 43lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Bantam FS – 1st
- Sand Springs Bantam GR – 2nd

Gavin Wallace
- State Intermediate FS 71lbs – 1st
- State Intermediate GR 71lbs – 1st
- Regional Intermediate FS 77 lbs – 1st
- Regional Intermediate GR 71lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 71lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 77lbs – 1st
- Catoosa Intermediate FS 67lbs – 1st
- Catoosa Intermediate GR 67lbs – 3rd
- Bixby Intermediate FS 67lbs – 1st
- Bixby Intermediate GR 67lbs – 1st

Cameron White
- State Schoolboy FS 114lbs – 3rd
- State Schoolboy GR 114 lbs – 2nd
- Regional Schoolboy FS 119lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy GR 119lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 114lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 114lbs – 2nd

Ethan White
- State Cadet FS 145lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet FS 152lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet GR 152lbs – 4th

Brendon Wiseley
- Sand Springs Junior FS 126lbs – 2nd

Shane Wolf
- State Cadet FS 100lbs – 5th
- Regional Cadet FS 106lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 106lbs – 4th

Corbin Wooley
- Regional Intermediate GR 71lbs – 4th
- Owasso Intermediate FS 82lbs – 3rd
- Owasso Intermediate GR 84lbs – 3rd
- National Team Qualifier Intermediate FS 71lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 71lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 77lbs – 3rd

Carter Young
- State Junior FS 132lbs – 1st

Tournament Schedule
6/5 - Pan-American Junior Championships, Guatemala City, Guatemala
6/7 - Southern Plains Regional Championship, Mulvane, KS
6/8 - Final X Senior World Team Trials, Piscatway, NJ
6/11 - USAW 16U National Duals, Spokane, WA
6/12 - USAW 14U National Duals, Indianapolis, IN
6/15 - Final X Senior World Team Trials, Lincoln, NE
6/18 - USAW Junior National Duals, Tulsa, OK
6/20 - USAW 14U Girls National Duals, Tulsa, OK
6/27 - USAW Kids Nationals, Wisconsin Dells, WI
6/28 - Pan-American Cadet Championships, Morelia, Mexico
7/12 - USAW Junior National Championships, Fargo, ND
7/29 - Cadet World Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria
7/29 - AAU Girls Junior Olympic Games, Greensboro, NC
8/12 - Junior World Championships, Tallinn, Estonia
9/14 - Senior World Championships, Astana, Kazakhstan

Frontier Valley Conference Men's Basketball Standings: Week Eleven

Kyle Keener scored 13 in a game against Jenks this week. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

Kyle Keener scored 13 in a game against Jenks this week. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 boys' basketball season is far from over, but the Frontier Valley Conference is nearing the end of its competition as only three teams remain with a shot at the title. It's been an exciting year thus far with lots of parity and circular losses, living up to the FVC's reputation as one of the most competitive conferences in the state.

No. 1 Union (19-0 overall, 10-0 conference) is the clear favorite to win it all this season. The Redskins are the only undefeated team left in 6A, and one of only three undefeated teams in the state. In the past week they've defeated Sapulpa 79-61, Bixby 64-54, and Bartlesville 53-41. Mo Garcia scored 23  against the Chieftains, Ethan Chargois scored 23 against the Spartans, and the two scored 13 apiece against the Bruins.

The Redskins hold the No. 2 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 1 margin of victory in the conference. All they need to do is win three out of four of their final games to clinch the title. They've already defeated Jenks 66-40, Broken Arrow 60-56, Bishop Kelley 65-42, and Owasso 62-39 thus far this season. 

No. 10 Broken Arrow (14-5, 8-2) has the closest shot of snatching the title from Union, but to do so they'll need to win out, and they'll need Union to lose three games. Or, if Union loses to Broken Arrow and one other team, the Tigers can win on point-differential if they top the Redskins by five points or more.

The Tigers are on a four-game win streak after topping Owasso 53-46, Muskogee 50-47, Bartlesville 49-48, and Bixby 65-46. Tony Hall scored 16 against the Rams, while Caleb Huffman led in the three games after that with 23 against the Roughers, 16 against the Bruins, and 14 against the Spartans.

Broken Arrow holds the No. 6 offense, No. 1 defense, and No. 2 margin of victory in the conference. Of their four remaining opponents, they've already defeated Sand Springs 55-54 and Bishop Kelley 44-41, but they fell 60-56 to Union and 59-57 to Sapulpa. 

No. 12 Sapulpa (12-4, 7-2) also has an outside shot at the title, and possibly a better shot than Broken Arrow. They're on a two-game winning streak, beating Owasso 77-73 and Jenks 54-52, after falling 79-61 to Union. Keenan Balance posted 28 against Union and Julian Smith did the same to Owasso.

With five games left, they're in the same boat as the Tigers. They need to win out, and they need Union to drop three. They currently hold the No. 1 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 6 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Bishop Kelley 60-50, and Broken Arrow 59-57. Their early season matchup at Bartlesville was rescheduled, so they'll finish the season with back-to-back games against the Bruins. They'll also need to avenge their 58-50 loss to Muskogee.

No. 8 Muskogee (12-5, 6-4) has fallen on hard times with three-straight losses and is officially out of the title picture. Something has happened to Muskogee's mojo and they've fallen 50-47 to Broken Arrow, who they had previously beaten, 56-52 to Bishop Kelley, and 74-64 to Owasso, who they had previously beaten. TyReece Berry posted 20 against the Tigers and 19 against the Comets, then Clarence Parks scored 21 against the Rams.

The Roughers still hold the No. 3 offense, No. 7 defense, and No. 3 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents, they've already beaten Bixby 65-63, Sapulpa 58-50, and Jenks 85-59. 

No. 17 Bartlesville (9-9, 4-5) picked up a a 56-45 win over Jenks last week, but fell 49-48 to Broken Arrow and 53-41 to Union this week. Barron Tanner led in all three games with 23, 17, and 25 points, respectively. 

The Bruins hold the No. 9 offense, No. 4 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents they've already defeated Owasso 47-42, and Sand Springs 53-39 and 63-53. They'll need to avenge a 76-68 overtime loss to Bixby, and they'll finish with back-to-back games against Sapulpa, who they have yet to face this season. 

No. 15 Owasso (11-8, 4-6) split wins this past week, falling 77-73 to Sapulpa, but upsetting Muskogee 74-64. Jake Thompson posted 26 against the Chieftains, while Courtre Alexander led with 25 against the Roughers.

The Rams hold the No. 4 offense, No. 6 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Jenks 66-52, but they'll need payback wins against the other three. They fell 47-42 to Bartlesville, 59-57 to Bishop Kelley, and 62-39 to Union.

Sand Springs (9-10, 3-7) has picked up back-to-back conference wins for the first time this season, topping Jenks 51-44 and Bishop Kelley 46-43. Colt Savage led in both games with 19 against the Trojans and 21 against the Comets. 

The Sandites hold the No. 5 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Bixby 76-61, but they'll need payback wins against Bartlesville and Broken Arrow. The Tigers trumped the Sandites 55-54, and the Bruins won 53-39 and 63-53.

Bixby (8-11, 3-7) is riding back-to-back losses after falling 64-54 to Union and 65-46 to Broken Arrow. Joey Homan scored 19 against the Redskins, while Will Fiser posted 20 against the Tigers.

The Spartans hold the No. 8 offense, No. 8 defense, and No. 9 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Jenks 49-36 and Bartlesville 76-68, but they'll need payback wins against Muskogee and Sand Springs. The Roughers won 65-63 and the Sandites prevailed 76-71. 

5A No. 17 Bishop Kelley (7-11, 3-7) picked up a huge 56-52 upset of Muskogee, but fell 46-43 to Sand Springs. Alex Woodruff led in both games with 18 against the Roughers and 11 against the Sandites.

The Comets hold the No. 10 offense, No. 3 defense, and No. 8 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Owasso 59-57, but they fell 60-50 to Sapulpa, 65-42 to Union, and 44-41 to Broken Arrow.

Jenks (3-13, 1-9) has had an off year, but still has the bones to finish on a strong note. This past week they fell 51-44 to Sand Springs and 54-52 to Sapulpa. Ananias Carson posted 12 against the Sandites.

The Trojans hold the No. 7 offense, No. 10 defense, and No. 10 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've fallen 66-40 to Union, 49-36 to Bixby, 66-52 to Owasso, and 85-59 to Muskogee. 

Remaining Conference Schedule

2/6 Muskogee @ Bixby
2/7 Sand Springs @ Broken Arrow
2/7 Bartlesville @ Owasso
2/7 Bishop Kelley @ Sapulpa
2/7 Jenks @ Union
2/10 Union @ Broken Arrow
2/10 Bartlesville @ Sand Springs
2/10 Jenks @ Bixby
2/10 Owasso @ Bishop Kelley
2/10 Sapulpa @ Muskogee
2/14 Sapulpa @ Broken Arrow
2/14 Bixby @ Bartlesville
2/14 Union @ Bishop Kelley
2/14 Owasso @ Jenks
2/17 Bishop Kelley @ Broken Arrow
2/17 Bartlesville @ Sapulpa
2/17 Sand Springs @ Bixby
2/17 Jenks @ Muskogee
2/17 Union @ Owasso
2/20 Sapulpa @ Bartlesville

Conference Strength:

  1. Central Oklahoma (48)
  2. Green Country (47.66)
  3. Big Ten (47.6)
  4. Frontier Valley (45.7)
  5. All-City (30.09)

FVC Leading Scorers

  1. Colt Savage (Sand Springs) 22.5
  2. Keenan Balance (Sapulpa) 21.3
  3. Ethan Chargois (Union) 18.8
  4. Brooks Haddock (Muskogee) 18.4
  5. Julian Smith (Sapulpa) 18.1
  6. TyReece Berry (Muskogee) 17.4
  7. Caleb Huffman (Broken Arrow) 16.9
  8. Josh Proctor (Owasso) 16.4
  9. Kyle Keener (Sand Springs) 15.8
  10. Barron Tanner (Bartlesville) 15.2


Oklahoma Girls High School Basketball: Week Eleven Rankings and Predictions

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

A Titan has fallen as No. 9 Owasso toppled No. 3 Sand Springs in the Lady Sandites' first loss of the season. It wasn't much of a dip for the Sandites, however, as they were without one of their biggest threats, and their 14-1 record is still the fourth-best in the division. Edmond Santa Fe is now the only team remaining in Class 6A with an undefeated overall record. Choctaw, Deer Creek, and Putnam City West are all still undefeated within the class, but have losses to teams from other divisions.

No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (Last week No. 1)

Edmond Santa Fe (17-0) picked up 26 first-place votes after picking up a pair of ranked wins last week. They topped No. 11 Norman (12-5) 58-51 and No. 17 Edmond North (9-7) 56-43. The Wolves hold the No. 7 offense, No. 3 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at Stillwater (4-13), then will travel to to No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Friday.

The picks:
ESF 58 Stillwater 40
ESF 52 Mustang 44

No. 2 Choctaw (2)

Choctaw (15-1) pulled in five first-place votes after picking up three-straight 30-point victories. They defeated No. 12 Midwest City (12-7) 55-25, Lawton (4-9) 71-34, and Putnam City North (2-15) 61-19. The Yellowjackets hold the No. 1 offense, No. 1 defense, and No. 1 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only loss this season was 52-45 to 4A No. 1 Fort Gibson (17-0). They will return to action Tuesday at Eisenhower (3-11), then will host 5A No. 17 Bishop McGuinness (9-7) Saturday. 

The picks: 
Choctaw 70 Ike 37
Choctaw 67 McG 38

No. 3 Deer Creek (4)

Deer Creek (15-1) played only one game last week and hammered Southmoore (3-15) 79-48. The Antlers hold the No. 6 offense, No. 8 defense, and No. 6 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only loss this season was 40-24 to 5A No. 1 Collinsville (16-1). They will return to action Tuesday when they host Moore (8-9), then they'll travel to No. 8 Edmond Memorial (12-5) Friday. 

The picks: 
DC 53 Moore 44
DC 51 EDM 44

No. 4 Sand Springs (3)

Sand Springs (14-1) failed to secure a first-place vote for the first time in six weeks after a surprising 61-57 upset to No. 9 Owasso (12-5). They were without 6'1" Ohio State volleyball-committed center and her 10.6 points per game were sorely missed. Oklahoma State softball-commit Sydney Pennington led her team with 22, while sophomores Isabella Regalado and Destiny Johnson each added 11. Earlier in the week they defeated No. 13 Union (9-8) 78-58, led by Johnson and Holly Kersgieter with 17 apiece. 

The Sandites hold the No. 3 offense, No. 4 defense, and No. 2 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at Jenks (5-11), then will host 5A No. 16 Bishop Kelley (6-9) on Friday. 

The picks:
CPHS 59 Jenks 42
CPHS 63 BK 39

No. 5 Putnam City West (5)

Putnam City West (15-2) played only one game last week and prevailed 53-22 over Putnam City North (2-15). The Patriots hold the No. 2 offense, No. 13 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in Class 6A. Their only losses are 47-51 to Campbell County, Wyoming and 59-49 to 3A No. 3 Holland Hall (17-1). They will host Putnam City (8-10) Tuesday and 5A No. 13 Del City (7-12) Friday. 

The picks:
PCW 63 Putnam 50
PCW 60 DC 48

No. 6 Booker T. Washington (6)

Booker T. Washington (15-4) ravaged Daniel Webster (2-16) last week 86-20. The Hornets hold the No. 5 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 3 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host Edison Prep (7-9) Friday.

The pick: BTW 65 Edison 38.

No. 7 Owasso (9)

Owasso (12-5) had the biggest win of the week when they topped undefeated No. 3 Sand Springs (14-1) 61-57. Terryn Milton led all scorers with 29 points, aided by Mya Bhinhar and Sierra Williams with 11 each and Leiloni Culley with 10. The two teams will not meet again this season, meaning the Lady Rams can secure the Frontier Valley Conference title if they win out. They also topped No. 14 Broken Arrow (10-7) 48-41.

The Rams hold the No. 18 offense, No. 19 defense, and No. 19 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 19 Sapulpa (7-9) on Tuesday and will host Muskogee (6-9) Friday. 

The picks: 
Owasso 50 Sapulpa 47
Owasso 49 Muskogee 48

No. 8 Edmond Memorial (10)

Edmond Memorial (12-5) picked up a solid 53-44 upset of No. 7 Norman North (9-5) last week and moved up a few spots in the rankings. The Bulldogs hold the No. 10 defense and No. 18 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 11 Norman (12-5) Tuesday and will host No. 3 Deer Creek (15-1) Friday. 

The pick: Norman 47 EDM 44

No. 9 Norman North (7)

Norman North (9-5) suffered a 53-44 upset to No. 10 Edmond Memorial (12-5) last week. They will travel to unranked Southmoore (3-15) Tuesday, No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Thursday, and No. 11 Norman (12-5) Friday. The Timberwolves hold the No. 10 offense, No. 12 defense, and No. 9 margin of victory in Class 6A.

The picks:
Norman North 53 Southmoore 41
Norman North 49 Mustang 47
Norman 49 Norman North 48

No. 10 Westmoore (8)

Westmoore (13-5) had a five-game winning streak come to an end last week, 62-34 at the hands of No. 15 Mustang (10-6). The Jags hold the No. 4 offense, No. 16 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in Class 6A. They'll will look to get back into the win column Tuesday when they host No. 17 Edmond North (9-7). They will also travel to No. 18 Yukon (11-5) Friday.

The picks: 
Westmoore 53 EDN 49
Westmoore 53 Yukon 48

No. 11 Norman (11)

Norman (12-5) split wins last week, falling 58-51 to No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0), but topped No. 19 Moore (8-9) 50-37. The Tigers hold the No. 12 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 10 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host No. 8 Edmond Memorial (12-5) and No. 9 Norman North (9-5) Friday.

No. 12 Mustang (15)

Mustang (10-6) is coming off a big week, hammering No. 19 Moore (8-9) 61-44 and upsetting No. 8 Westmoore (13-5) 62-34. The Broncos hold the No. 15 offense, No. 16 defense, and No. 15 margin of victory in Class  6A. They will travel to No. 19 Yukon (11-5) Tuesday, and will host No. 9 Norman North (9-5) Thursday and No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0) Friday.

The pick: Yukon 47 Mustang 46.

No. 13 Midwest City (12)

Midwest City (12-7) got hammered 55-25 by No. 2 Choctaw (15-1) last Tuesday, but rebounded with a 59-25 beating of Enid (6-12) and a 65-52 victory over 5A No. 14 Del City (7-12). The Lady Bombers hold the No. 20 offense, No. 11 defense, and No. 16 margin of victory in Class 6A. They should have a fairly easy week to get back in the win column Tuesday evening at Lawton (4-9). 

The pick: MWC 60 Lawton 40

No. 14 Broken Arrow (14)

Broken Arrow (10-7) split wins last week, falling 48-41 to No. 9 Owasso (12-5), but topping Muskogee (6-9) 49-39. Jalise Smallwood scored 19 in the loss to Owasso and 18 against Muskogee. The Tigers hold the No. 7 defense and No. 2 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will travel to No. 15 Bartlesville (9-7) on Tuesday and Bixby (6-11) Friday. 

The picks: 
BA 46 Bartlesville 44
BA 44 Bixby 41

No. 15 Bartlesville (16)

Bartlesville (9-7) split wins last week, falling 53-52 to unranked Muskogee (6-9), but topped Jenks (5-11) 56-44. Three Lady Bruins doubled against Jenks. Erin Shoemaker led with 15, followed by Avery Allen and Jena Williams with 13 apiece. Bartlesville holds the No. 19 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 12 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host No. 14 Broken Arrow (10-7) Tuesday and No. 16 Union (9-8) Friday.

The pick: Bartlesville 48 Union 45

No. 16 Union (13)

Union (9-8) took a hit last week, falling 78-58 to No. 3 Sand Springs (14-1) and 55-45 to No. 19 Sapulpa (7-9). The Redskins hold the No. 14 offense and No. 17 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will host Bixby (6-11) Tuesday and will travel to No. 15 Bartlesville (9-7) Friday.

The pick: Union 50 Bixby 45

No. 17 Edmond North (17)

Edmond North (9-7) played only one game last week and put up a valiant effort but fell 56-43 to No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe (17-0). The Huskies hold the No. 13 offense, No. 14 defense, and No. 11 margin of victory in Class 6A. They will return to action Tuesday at No. 10 Westmoore (13-5), then will host Stillwater (4-13) Friday.

The pick: EDN 51 Stillwater 42.

No. 18 Yukon (18)

Yukon (11-5) had an easy enough time last week, rolling to a 49-33 victory over Stillwater (4-13). This week they'll host No. 12 Mustang (10-6) Tuesday and No. 10 Westmoore (13-5) Friday. The Millerettes hold the No. 16 offense, No. 15 defense, and No. 14 margin of victory in Class 6A.

No. 19 Sapulpa (20)

Sapulpa (7-9) has been struggling with consistency this season and dropped a 41-32 upset to unranked Bixby (6-11), but got back on track with a 55-45 victory upset No. 13 Union (9-8). They will host No. 7 Owasso (12-5) Tuesday.

No. 20 Moore (19)

Moore (8-9) had a rough time last week, falling 61-44 to No. 15 Mustang (10-6) and 50-37 to No. 11 Norman (12-5). The Lionesses hold the No. 20 defense in Class 6A and will return to action Tuesday at No. 3 Deer Creek (15-1) before hosting Southmoore (3-15) Friday. 

The pick: Moore 49 Southmoore 43. 

Conference Strength

  1. Central Oklahoma (50)
  2. Frontier Valley Conference (39)
  3. Big Ten (37.5)
  4. Green Country (26.5)
  5. All-City (10.45)

Oklahoma Wrestling: Week Eight High School 6A Individual Rankings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


  1. Garrett Steidley (Edmond Memorial Freshman)
  2. TJ Long (Union Sophomore) Previously #3 in 113
  3. Riley Weir (Sand Springs Sophomore) Previously #2
  4. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw Freshman) Previously #3
  5. Braden Fowler (Yukon Senior) Previously #4
  6. Johnathan Warford (Sapulpa Junior) Previously #5 in 113
  7. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow Freshman) Previously #5 
  8. Nate Becker (Edmond North Freshman) Previously #6
  9. Austin Hall (Southmoore Senior) Previously #7
  10. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville Sophomore) Previously #8

Union Sophomore TJ Long has been steadily building his resume all season, taking first place at the Union Takedown Tournament and fourth at Perry, but made national attention this past weekend with an upset of nationally ranked No. 9 Nico Incontrera of Blair Academy to win the Geary Invitational. Johnathan Warford also made the cut from 113 to win the Larry Wilkey Invitational and defeated Corwin Strachan 6-4 in sudden victory. Jacob Zimmer dropped out of the rankings due to the addition of Long and Warford, while Austin Hisey moved up to 113.


  1. Colt Newton (Choctaw Sophomore)
  2. Caron Watson (Union Junior) Previously #9 in 120
  3. Tanner Ward (Sand Springs Senior) Previously #2
  4. Andrew Police (Broken Arrow Freshman)
  5. Brandon Blose (Sapulpa Senior) Previously #7 in 120
  6. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville Sophomore)
  7. Will Pham (Deer Creek Freshman) 
  8. Joe Lupton (Mustang Junior) 
  9. Noah Hanscom (Yukon) 
  10. Dominic Derr (Westmoore)

Colt Newton came in second at Geary, pinning Caron Watson in 3:32. Watson, who cut from 120, scored a 12-8 upset over Tanner Ward and took sixth place. Brandon Blose won the Larry Wilkey Invitational and defeated Brayden Strachan 3-0. Strachan came in second and pinned Austin Hisey in 5:18. Hisey's fourth place finish wasn't quite impressive enough to jump over anyone in the rankings.


  1. Paxton Rosen (Edmond North Senior) 
  2. Canon Randall (Westmoore Senior)
  3. Tyler Lawley (Broken Arrow Senior)
  4. Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs Senior)
  5. Cameron Picklo (Mustang Sophomore) Previously #8
  6. Andy Schlaepfer (Choctaw Junior) Previously unranked
  7. Blake Gonzalez (Broken Arrow) Previously #9 in 126
  8. Trent Higginbotham (Edmond North Junior) Previously #10
  9. Laif Jones (Bartlesville Sophomore) Previously unranked
  10. Jacob Swenson (Ponca City Junior) Previously #8 in 126

Michael Ritchey came in third at Geary with a 7-0 defeat of Andy Schlaepfer. Blake Gonzalez and Schlaepfer split wins at Geary with Schlaepfer taking fourth and Gonzalez placing fifth. Schlaepfer also beat Gonzalez 4-2 in a dual last week. Laif Jones has been hovering just outside the rankings for weeks now, taking third at the Union Takedown Tournament, first at the Brad Constantine Open, and sixth at the Mid America Nationals. He finally broke through with a first place finish at the Larry Wilkey Invitational, defeating Chase Slatton 5-1 and Jacob Swenson 6-4. Jones and Swenson actually split wins, but Swenson came in second. Despite being a State Qualifier, Slatton just slipped out of the rankings after losses to both Jones and Swenson this season and a third place finish. 


  1. Drew Wilson (Midwest City Senior)
  2. Connor Holman (Choctaw Junior) 
  3. Tanner Cole (Deer Creek Senior) 
  4. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City Sophomore) Previously #5 in 120
  5. Blake Sargent (Sand Springs Junior) Previously #4
  6. Brandon Bright (Edmond North Senior) Previously #5
  7. Wyatt Johnson (Owasso Senior) Previosuly #6
  8. Alaisa Rubio (US Grant) Previously #10
  9. Michael Harjo (Sapulpa Sophomore) Previously unranked
  10. Logan Herrell (Enid Sophomore) Previously unranked

Drew Wilson came in fourth at Geary, defeating Connor Holman 2-1. Holman took fifth after defeating Blake Sargent 7-5. Spencer Schickram moved up from 120 to win the Jenks tournament and defeated Wyatt Johnson 4-2. Schickram leapfrogs over Sargent by virtue of a 10-7 dual win a few weeks ago. Johnson took third at Jenks, Michael Harjo took fifth, and Logan Herrell placed sixth after getting pinned by Harjo. 


  1. Daton Fix (Sand Springs Senior)
  2. Dylan Schickram (Ponca City Junior)
  3. Drake Vannoy (Edmond North Freshman)
  4. Sam Avant (Norman North Senior) Previously #8 in 138
  5. TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow Senior) Previously #4
  6. Jacob Blumenthal (Westmoore Senior)
  7. Baylor Smith (Owasso Junior) Previously #9 in 138
  8. Easton Hudson (Bixby Senior) Previously #7 in 126
  9. Trey Edwards (Mustang) Previously #7
  10. Broc Bailey (Yukon Junior) Previously #9

Daton Fix won his second Geary Invitational with a decision over a nationally ranked opponent. Dylan Schickram won the Jenks tournament after pinning both Baylor Smith and Easton Hudson. Sam Avant cut from 138 and took third at Geary, pinning TaJuan Daniels in 5:13, who took fourth. Smith came in third at Jenks and Hudson placed sixth. Ashad Rufia dropped out of the rankings due to the newcomers.


  1. Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon Junior) 
  2. Kruz Simons (Edmond North Sophomore) 
  3. Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs Senior)
  4. Tyler Dieringer (Stillwater Senior) Previously #5
  5. Seth Graves (Edmond Memorial Senior) Previously #6
  6. Josh Suter (Norman Senior) Previously #7
  7. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow Freshman) Previously #8
  8. Cody Mathis (Sand Springs Junior) Previously #10 in 152
  9. Dawson Hunt (Ponca City Senior) Previously #8
  10. Austin Daniels (Jenks) Previously unranked

Cody Mathis has been filling in for Jack Karstetter, who is recovering from a minor injury, and has been knocking off solid wrestlers left and right. He dropped from 152 to take sixth at Geary, and leaped over Dawson Hunt in the rankings thanks to an 11-9 dual victory. Hunt won the Jenks tournament and defeated Austin Daniels 6-1 and Chasen Umholtz 7-2. Umholtz dropped out of the rankings after failing to place at Jenks, where he was upset by Hunt and unranked Jesse Gomez.


  1. Kendon Lee (Stillwater Senior)
  2. Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs Senior)
  3. Ryan Swanson (Westmoore Junior) Previously #4
  4. Brandon Conrad (Owasso Senior) Previously #5
  5. Baywiin Hollingshead (Yukon) Previously #6
  6. Blake Muse (Choctaw Sophomore) Previously #7
  7. Noah Austin (Edmond North Senior) Previously #8
  8. Shamar Duncan (Putnam City Senior) Previously #9
  9. Jermain Harring (Union) Previously #9 in 152
  10. Brady Mattioda (Broken Arrow Junior)

Kendon Lee defeated Bratcher 4-2 in a dual. Bratcher came in third at Geary with three ranked wins. He pinned Brady Mattioda in 4:39, majored Blake Muse 10-0, and pinned Jermain Harring in 2:38. Harring cut from 152 and came in fourth at Geary with a 7-3 victory over Mattioda. Brandon Conrad won the Jenks tournament. 


  1. Payton Scott (Sand Springs Junior)
  2. Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial Freshman)
  3. Robert "RJ" Walker (Midwest City Senior)
  4. Connor Wilcoxen (Stillwater Senior)
  5. Jeff Speer (Choctaw Junior)
  6. Zach Johnson (Westmoore Sophomore)
  7. Ezequiel "Zeke" Rubio (Ponca City Senior)
  8. Jacob Swafford (Edmond North)
  9. Trey Painter (Westmoore Senior) Previously #6 in 160
  10. Hunter Skaggs (Sapulpa) Previously unranked

Payton Scott won the Geary Championship and pinned Zeke Rubio for the second time this season in a dual. RJ Walker came in fourth at Geary. Rubio won the Jenks tournament. Trey Painter cut from 160 for Geary but failed to place. Hunter Skaggs came in fifth at Jenks.


  1. Jaryn Curry (Choctaw Junior)
  2. Chase Vincent (Yukon Senior) Previously #3
  3. Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow Junior) Previously #4
  4. Joseph Messer (Norman North Senior) Previously #2
  5. Cooper Meadows (Mustang Senior) Previously #6
  6. Nano Martinez (Edmond Santa Fe) Previously #7
  7. Nolan Miller (Owasso Junior) Previously unranked
  8. Noah Almy (Sand Springs Sophomore) Previously unranked
  9. Grayson White (Ponca City Junior) Previously unranked) 
  10. Trey Odam (Union Junior) Previously #10 in 170

Jaryn Curry won the Geary Championship with a 3-2 overtime victory over Caleb Wise and also teched Joseph Messer 25-10 in a dual. Wise came in second at Geary after defeating Messer 4-3, and Messer took third. Nolan Miller popped into the rankings after defeating Grayson White 6-2 and coming in second at Jenks. Noah Almy didn't place at Geary, but he defeated State Qualifier Connor Wilcoxen 3-2 and Grayson White 4-3 in duals. White came in third at Jenks and pinned Austin Manley in 4:41. Manley dropped out of the rankings after taking fifth at Jenks. Trey Odam cut from 170 for his tournament but failed to place. 


  1. Christian Bahl (Stillwater Senior)
  2. Zane Basma (Sand Springs Senior)
  3. Zane Coleman (Choctaw Sophomore) 
  4. Jace Brownlee (Stillwater Senior) 
  5. Payden Brown (Putnam City Senior)
  6. Sam Hensley (Edmond Memorial Junior) 
  7. Gage McBride (Mustang Senior) 
  8. Joe Speno (Edmond Santa Fe Senior) 
  9. Kaleb Mertz (Owasso Junior) 
  10. Lane Newlin (Ponca City) Previously #10 in 160

Lane Newlin moved up from 160 for Jenks and took second place.


  1. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow) Previously #9
  2. Easton Rendleman (Choctaw Junior) Previously #1
  3. Shane Flandermeyer (Westmoore Junior) Previously #2
  4. Justin "JD" Johnson (Owasso Junior) Previously #3
  5. Dakota Carnes (Sapulpa Senior) Previously #3 in 195
  6. Noah Hooks (Edmond North Junior) Previously #4
  7. Declan O'Brien (Deer Creek) Previously #5
  8. Jaylen Childs (Putnam North) Previously #6
  9. Joe Curtis (Bixby Sophomore) Previously #7
  10. Max Guyer (Bixby) Previously unranked

Gavin Potter surged to the top of the rankings with a 1-0 victory over Easton Rendleman for the Geary Championship. He also pinned Gary Dockery in 2:11 in a dual. Shane Flandermeyer came in third at Geary. JD Johnson won the Jenks Invitational, defeated Dakota Carnes 2-1 in overtime, and also pinned Carnes and Abram Arechiga. Carnes cut from 195 and took second. Max Guyer pinned Arechiga in 5:41 for fifth at Jenks to knock Arechiga out of the rankings.


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow Sophomore)
  2. Blake Minnick (Edmond North Sophomore) Previously #4
  3. Jesse Wetherington (Norman North) Previously #5
  4. Rafe Johnson (Deer Creek Freshman) Previously #9
  5. Gary Dockery (Choctaw Junior) Previously #10
  6. Bradyn Pressnall (Ponca City Senior) Previously #8
  7. Fisher Jones (Putnam City) Previously unranked
  8. Arin Copas (Mustang Senior) Previously #6
  9. Colin Foster (Yukon) Previously #7
  10. Riley Corona (Westmoore Senior) Previously unranked

Zach Marcheselli won the Geary Championship. Jesse Wetherington and Gary Dockery split wins at Geary, but Wetherington got the last word in for fifth while Dockery took sixth. Bradyn Pressnall came in third at Jenks. Fisher Jones made his ranked debut after pinning Arin Copas in a dual. Carnes cut to 182 for Jenks and Cody Adams moved up to 220. Riley Corona moved into the open spot by virtue of a second place finish at the Westmoore Open earlier this season.


  1. Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs Senior)
  2. Mason Lancaster (Putnam City Junior)
  3. Jon Martinez (Westmoore Senior)
  4. Cody Adams (Bixby Junior) Previously #2 in 195
  5. Austin Fry (Ponca City Senior) Previously #4
  6. Caulin Poole (Choctaw Junior) Previously #5
  7. Keland Bearpaw (Sapulpa Junior) Previously #6
  8. Yousef Aliyah (Union Senior) Previously #7
  9. Julian Flores (Broken Arrow Junior) Previously #8
  10. Beltazar Reyes (U.S. Grant) Previously #9

Delvin Jordan came in second at Geary, falling to a nationally ranked wrestler. Cody Adams moved up from 195 and won the Jenks Invitational with a 4-0 victory over Austin Fry. Fry came in fourth, beating Keland Bearpaw 3-1 in sudden victory. John Bolton was bumped out of the rankings by Adams's arrival. 


  1. Brey Walker (Southmoore Junior)
  2. Gage Johnson (Norman North Senior) Previously #3
  3. Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow Senior) Previously #2
  4. Zach Austin (Choctaw Senior) 
  5. Elwood Tomlin (Union Senior) 
  6. Ryan Tilbury (Midwest City Senior) 
  7. Malik McGee (U.S. Grant) 
  8. Trey Cossey (Mustang Senior)
  9. Zane Bailey (Edmond North)
  10. Gage Fain (Sand Springs Junior) 

Gage Johnson won the Geary Championship with a pair of ranked wins. He defeated Zach Austin 7-1 and Trenton Lieurance 5-1 in overtime. Lieurance defeated Austin 5-0, Eldwood Tomlin 1-0, and pinned Gage Fain in 0:42 to take second place. Austin came in third and pinned Tomlin in 2:17. Tomlin placed fourth and defeated Ryan Tilbury 3-2. 









Frontier Valley Conference Womens' Basketball Standings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 womens' basketball season is under way and the Frontier Valley Conference is as competitive as ever with seven out of ten teams being ranked in their divisions. Three of the FVC girls teams are in the top-ten of 6A and the Lady Sandites are leading the way with an undefeated record. 

The FVC is currently ranked second out of the five 6A conferences in strength of schedule, but with several cross-conference match-ups approaching in the next few weeks, they could slip ahead to first place. 

No. 3 Sand Springs (6-0, 3-0) is the only undefeated team remaining in the conference and they're one of only four teams to receive a first-place vote in the 6A rankings. The Lady Sandites have the best offense, best defense, and highest margin of victory in the conference. In addition to winning the Bishop Kelley Tournament, they also defeated Bartlesville 51-34, Bishop Kelley 71-36, and Broken Arrow 66-45. Five different players have led in scoring this season and three are averaging in double digits, led by Sydney Pennington with 13.5 points per game. They return to action after the new year when they compete at the Muskogee Bedouin Shrine Tournament.

No. 9 Bartlesville (3-3, 2-1) holds the No. 6 offense, No. 3 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in the conference. They lost their season opener 51-34 to Sand Springs, but beat Owasso 52-39 and Union 42-33. Owasso got payback, however, with a non-conference 39-33 win at the Bixby Tournament. Jena Williams has led in scoring for the last five games and is averaging 12.8 points. The Lady Bruins return to action after the new year when they play No. 18 Mustang (3-2) at the Skiatook Tournament.

No. 8 Owasso (4-2, 2-1) holds the No. 7 offense, No. 4 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in the conference. They lost their season opener 52-39 to Bartlesville, but defeated Muskogee 49-39 and Bishop Kelley 48-32. They also got payback on the Lady Bruins with a 39-33 non-conference win at the Bixby Tournament. The Lady Rams have two players averaging in the double digits, with Terryn Milton leading the team with 13.3 points per game. They will return to action on the 28th at the prestigious Tournament of Champions with a first round game against 3A No. 1 Adair (6-0). 

No. 14 Union (4-2, 2-1) holds the No. 4 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 2 margin of victory in the conference. They lost their season opener 42-33 to Bartlesville, but have won their last four games, including a 61-34 victory at Jenks and a 41-36 win over Broken Arrow. The Lady Redskins are led by Taylor Malham with 13.7 points per game. They will return to action after the new year when they take on unranked Putnam City North (3-4) in the first round of the Putnam City Invitational.

No. 15 Sapulpa (2-1, 2-1) holds the No. 2 offense, No. 8 defense, and No. 3 margin of victory in the conference. They defeated Jenks 56-45 and Muskogee 53-51, but fell 51-44 to Bishop Kelley. They are led by freshman Ray Osborn with 12.7 points per game and will return to action at the Sapulpa Holiday Classic when they take on No. 12 Midwest City (5-2) in the first round.

No. 16 Broken Arrow (2-2, 2-2) holds the No. 9 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 8 margin of victory in the conference. They defeated Bishop Kelley 43-37 and Bixby 36-31, but fell 66-45 to Sand Springs and 41-36 to Union. They are led by Jalise Smallwood with 17.8 points per game and will return to action in the first round of the Sapulpa Holiday Classic when they take on undefeated No. 6 Booker T. Washington (6-0).

Muskogee (2-4, 1-2) holds the No. 3 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 6 margin of victory in the conference. They defeated Bixby 51-40, but fell 49-39 to Owasso and 53-51 to Sapulpa. They are led by Trena Mims with 21.4 points per game. They will return to action at the Bedouin Shrine Classic when they take on 3A unranked Okmulgee (2-2).

Jenks (2-4, 1-2) holds the No. 5 offense, No. 10 defense, and No. 10 margin of victory in the conference. They lost their season opener 56-45 to Sapulpa, then fell 61-34 to Union before registering a 57-49 win over Bixby. The Lady Trojans are led by Makenley Church with 9.7 points per game and will return to action at the Bedouin Shrine Classic against Ponca City (4-2). 

5A No. 15 Bishop Kelley (3-4, 1-3) holds the No. 10 offense, No. 7 defense, and No. 9 margin of victory in the conference. They lost their first two games 43-37 to Broken Arrow and 71-36 to Sand Springs, then won three-straight including a 51-44 victory over Sapulpa before falling 48-32 to Owasso. The Lady Comets are led by Macy Craig with 9.7 points per game and will return to action after the new year when they travel to Union. 

Bixby (2-4, 0-3) holds the No. 8 offense, No. 6 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in the conference. They have yet to secure a conference win this season after falling 36-31 to Broken Arrow, 51-40 to Muskogee, and 57-49 to Jenks. The Lady Spartans are led by Maddie Bittle with 17 points per game.

Conference Strength:

  1. Central Oklahoma (50)
  2. Frontier Valley (45.5)
  3. Big Ten (38.7)
  4. Green Country (26.5)
  5. All-City (9.4)

FVC Leading Scorers (points-per-game)

  1. Trena Mims (Muskogee) 21.4
  2. Jalise Smallwood (Broken Arrow) 17.8
  3. Maddie Bittle (Bixby) 17.0
  4. Taylor Malham (Union) 13.7
  5. Sydney Pennington (Sand Springs) 13.5
  6. Terryn Milton (Owasso) 13.3
  7. Jena Williams (Bartlesville) 12.8
  8. Ray Osborn (Sapulpa) 12.7
  9. Hailey Morrison (Sapulpa) 12.0
  10. Sadie Moyer (Union) 11.0

Editor's Note: We are currently missing individual scoring results for several games. Please forward results to


  • 12/6 Muskogee vs Owasso
  • 12/8 Muskogee vs NOAH
  • 12/8 Jenks vs Edmond Santa Fe
  • 12/8 Union vs Anadarko
  • 12/9 Union vs Putnam North
  • 12/9 Muskogee vs Tahlequah
  • 12/9 Jenks vs Edmond North
  • 12/10 Union vs Edmond North
  • 12/10 Jenks vs Putnam North
  • 12/10 Muskogee vs Yukon
  • 12/13 Bixby vs Muskogee

Frontier Valley Conference Mens' Basketball standings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 High School basketball season is well under way, and is shaping up to be a good one for the Frontier Valley Conference. Seven out of ten FVC teams are ranked within their divisions. Union and Muskogee currently lead the pack with each being undefeated both within the conference and overall. 

The FVC is currently fourth out of the five 6A conferences in strength of schedule, but the season is still young and they could easily move up a few spots as the season progresses. 

No. 3 Union (3-0, 3-0) holds the best defense in the conference, allowing only 47 points-per-game on average. They have the fourth-best offense and the second-best margin of victory. They started their season with a 50-46 victory over Bartlesville, smoked Jenks 66-40, then topped Broken Arrow 60-56. 6'7" Southern Methodist University committed senior Ethan Chargois leads the Redskins with 15 points per game, including a season-high 23 against Jenks.

No. 11 Muskogee (6-0, 3-0) leads the conference in offense, averaging 69 points per game, and is seventh in defense, allowing 56 for the best margin of victory in the FVC. They edged out Owasso 65-64 in overtime during their season opener, topped Bixby 65-63, and beat Sapulpa 58-50. 6'2" junior Brooks Haddock has led the team in the last five games, averaging 20.3 points. TyReece Berry scored 25 in the season opener but has been out of commission since then. Berry is expected to return after the new year, setting up the Roughers for one of the top offenses in the division.

No. 10 Broken Arrow (5-2, 3-1) holds the No. 5 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in the conference. They edged out Bishop Kelley 44-41, topped Bixby 53-35, and came from behind to beat Sand Springs 55-54. In their last game they narrowly fell 60-56 to the Redskins. 6'2" point guard Caleb Huffman has led the Tigers in six out of seven games this season with an average score of 21. 

No. 13 Sapulpa (4-2, 2-1) holds the No. 2 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in the conference. They topped Jenks 78-70 in the highest-scoring conference game of the year, then beat Bishop Kelley 60-50 before falling 58-50 to Muskogee. Three Chieftains are averaging in double digits, led by Keenan Ballance with 19 points per game.

No. 17 Bartlesville (3-3, 2-1) is ninth in offense, fifth in defense, and sixth in margin of victory. They topped Sand Springs 53-39 and Owasso 47-42 before falling 50-46 to Union. Four different players have led the team and two are averaging in the double. AJ Archambo leads the team with 13 points per game.

5A No. 16 Bishop Kelley (4-3, 2-2) is eighth in the conference in offense, fifth in defense, and seventh in margin of victory. They lost their season opener 44-41 to Broken Arrow, defeated Sand Springs 45-42, fell 60-50 to Sapulpa, and edged out Owasso 59-57. Three Comets have led the team in scoring and two are averaging double digits. Ryan Gendron leads the team with 15 points per game.

No. 18 Bixby (3-3, 1-2) is seventh in offense, sixth in defense, and eighth in margin of victory. They defeated Jenks 49-36, but fell 53-35 to Broken Arrow and 65-63 to Muskogee. The Spartans are led by Joey Homan with 16 points per game.

Sand Springs (3-3, 0-3) is third in offense, second in defense, and third in margin of victory. They have yet to secure a conference win, falling 53-39 to Bartlesville, 45-42 to Bishop Kelley, and 55-54 to Broken Arrow. They led the Tigers though the entire fourth before a late turnover gave BA the win. Junior Colt Savage has led his team in five of six games this season and averages 21 points per game.

Owasso (0-3, 0-3) is sixth in offense, eighth in defense, and is still looking for their first win this season. They fell 47-42 to Bartlesville, 65-64 to Muskogee, and 59-57 to Bishop Kelley. They're led by Josh Proctor with 17 points per game, including 27 against Muskogee. 

Jenks (0-7, 0-3) is ninth in offense, tenth in defense, and is still looking for a win. They fell 78-70 to Sapulpa, 66-40 to Union, and 49-36 to Bixby. 

Conference Strength:

  1. Central Oklahoma (51)
  2. Big Ten (49.7)
  3. Green Country (48)
  4. Frontier Valley (40.8)
  5. All-City (32.5)

FVC Leading Scorers (points-per-game):

  1. TyReece Berry (Muskogee) 25.0
  2. Caleb Huffman (Broken Arrow) 21.1
  3. Colt Savage (Sand Springs) 21.0
  4. Brooks Haddock (Muskogee) 20.3
  5. Keenan Ballance (Sapulpa) 19.6
  6. Josh Proctor (Owasso) 17.7
  7. Julian Smith (Sapulpa) 17.0
  8. Joey Homan (Bixby) 16.3
  9. Ryan Gendron (Bishop Kelley) 15.9
  10. Kyle Keener (Sand Springs) 15.5

Editor's Note: We are currently missing individual scoring results for several games. Please forward results to


  • 12/6 Jenks vs Sapulpa
  • 12/8 Jenks vs Edmond North
  • 12/9 Jenks vs Edmond Memorial
  • 12/9 Muskogee vs Enid
  • 12/10 Jenks vs Casady
  • 12/10 Bixby vs East Central
  • 12/13 Jenks vs Union
  • 12/16 Bixby vs Jenks

Oklahoma Girls High School Basketball: Week Four Rankings and Predictions

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The third week of Oklahoma High School basketball left seven girls teams undefeated in Class 6A and one of them will fall Tuesday night in Sand Springs. The marquee matchup of the week, the 5-0 Sandites will host the 2-0 Broken Arrow Tigers in a top-ten matchup at Ed Dubie Field House. Last week we picked fourteen games and were 13-1, with 85% accuracy this season.

No. 1 Choctaw (Last week No. 1)

The Yellowjackets (6-0) pulled in 26 first-place votes this week after beating their last week's opponents by an average score of 63-26 for a first-place finish at the Harrah Tournament. After topping unranked Lawton (2-1) 68-31 last Tuesday, they steamrolled the Harrah JV team 71-1 in the tournament quarterfinals. Bailey Golden scored 18 points in a 71-37 win over Putnam City (2-3) and the Yellowjackets prevailed 43-29 over 4A No. 3 Harrah (5-1) in the finals. The Yellowjackets have the No. 2 offense, No. 1 defense, and No. 2 margin-of-victory in Class 6A.

This week they will take on 5A No. 19 Lawton Eisenhower (1-4) Thursday before taking a hiatus before the Tournament of Champions. 

The pick: Choctaw 69 Ike 42.

No. 2 Edmond Santa Fe (2)

The Wolves (6-0) snagged three first-place votes after winning the Edmond Open by an average score of 62-33. They topped unranked Southmoore (0-4) 65-39 Tuesday, then dominated unranked Jenks (1-3) 74-39 in the tournament quarterfinals. In the semis they won 58-31 over No. 16 Edmond Memorial (3-3), then topped 4A No. 6 Anadarko (3-1) 53-29 to win the tournament. Santa Fe has the No. 6 offense, No. 6 defense, and No. 5 margin-of-victory in 6A.

They will take on No. 11 Norman North (3-1) on Friday.

The pick: ESF 52 Norman North 44.

No. 3 (tied) Putnam City West (3)

Putnam West (3-0) received two first-place votes this week after handling unranked Putnam City (2-3) 67-42 last week. The Patriots will take on 5A No. 15 Bishop McGuinness (2-0) on the road Tuesday, then will head to the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas on Friday. West has the No. 1 offense and No. 3 defense in 6A, averaging 77 points per game for the largest margin-of-victory in the State. 

The pick: PCW 66 McGuinness 43.

No. 3 (tied) Sand Springs (5)

The Lady Sandites (5-0) hammered 5A No. 14 Bishop Kelley (2-3) 71-36 last Tuesday, then came back Thursday to win the Bishop Kelley Tournament by an average score of 61-27. They topped unranked Cascia Hall (0-4) 60-15, 5A No. 4 Shawnee (3-2) 60-28, and No. 13 Norman North (3-1) 62-38. Sydney Pennington was named Tournament MVP after scoring 20 against Norman North, and Holly Kersgieter made the All-Tournament team after scoring 12 against Shawnee and averaging four steals per game. 

Sand Springs has the No. 5 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 3 margin-of-victory in 6A. They will host No. 10 Broken Arrow (2-0) Tuesday in their final game of 2016.

The pick: CPHS 63 BA 43.

No. 5 Deer Creek (4)

The Antlers (5-1) won three and lost one last week at the Bixby Tournament, falling 40-24 in a low scoring matchup with 5A No. 2 Collinsville (6-0). They defeated No. 6 Westmoore (5-1) 67-50, Glendale, Missouri 63-43, and No. 8 Bartlesville (3-3) 54-49. Sydney Manning averaged 14 points a game over the tournament, while Dakota Vann and Maddie Rehl averaged 10.

The Antlers will return to action Thursday at No. 16 Edmond North (3-2) in their final game of 2016.

The pick: Deer Creek 49, Ed North 47.

No. 6 Westmoore (6)

The Jaguars (5-1) swept the Durant Lion Classic, defeating the Durant JV team 75-15, Rogers Heritage 65-39, and Springdale 69-49. Jessi Murcer averaged more than 25 points per game, including a 32 score in the Championship round. 

Westmoore has the No. 2 offense and No. 6 margin of victory in 6A. The Jags will take on No. 20 Moore (3-3) on Thursday to conclude the year. 

The pick: Westmoore 52 Moore 43.

No. 7 Booker T. Washington (9)

The Hornets (4-0) have been devastating their 5A conference foes this season and most recently took down unranked Nathan Hale (0-4) 81-9. They have the No. 3 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in 6A. They return to action Tuesday at No. 18 Memorial (3-5).

The pick: BTW 67 Memorial 39.

No. 8 Owasso (10)

Owasso (3-2) went 2-1 at this weekend's Bixby Tournament, defeating unranked Stillwater (1-5) 55-46 and No. 8 Bartlesville (3-3) 39-33 before falling 52-30 to 5A No. 2 Collinsville (6-0). Terryn Milton doubled in two of the games for an average score of 12 and Leiloni Culley scored 19 against Stillwater for an average of 10 over the tournament. 

The Rams will finish out the year Friday at 5A No. 17 Bishop Kelley (4-3).

The pick: Owasso 45 BK 41.

No. 9 Bartlesville (8)

The Lady Bruins (3-3) Had some tough opponents at the Bixby Tournament this weekend and fell 39-33 to No. 10 Owasso (3-2) and 54-49 to No. 4 Deer Creek (5-1) after defeating unranked Ponca City (2-2) 51-36 in the first round. Jenna Williams doubled in all three games for an average of 16 points. 

Bartlesville has the No. 12 defense in Class 6A. They'll return to action next year at the Skiatook Tournament.

No. 10 Broken Arrow (11)

The Lady Tigers (2-0) won their second game of the season last week 36-31 over unranked Bixby (2-2) and Jalise Smallwood led her team with 15 points. Broken Arrow has the No. 4 defense in 6A in points allowed. They will return to action Tuesday at No. 3 Sand Springs (5-0), then will travel to No. 18 Union (2-2).

The pick: BA 43 Union 40. 

No. 11 Norman North (13)

Norman North (3-1) got off to a great start last week, winning their first three games by significant margins before falling 62-38 to No. 3 Sand Springs (5-0) in the Bishop Kelley Invitational finals. They topped unranked Stillwater (1-5) 63-34 at home, then beat 5A unranked Edison (0-2) 66-31 and 5A No. 3 Claremore (3-2) 59-47 at Kelley. Kenna Sturgell averaged 11 points per game at the Invitational and Lilith Brewster added 10. 

The Timberwolves hold the No. 8 offense and No. 9 margin of victory and will return to action Thursday at No. 2 Edmond Santa Fe (6-0), then play No. 16 Edmond North (3-2). 

The pick NN 49 EDN 48.

No. 12 Norman (18)

Norman (5-1) picked up four wins this past week, edging out No. 15 Yukon (3-2) 54-53, then sweeping the Duncan Southern Oklahoma Invitational. They topped 5A unranked Nathan Hale (0-4) 62-11 and Duncan (3-4) 64-36 before edging out 4A No. 5 Ada (4-1) 55-53 in the finals. 

The Tigers have the No. 7 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in 6A. They return to action on the 27th at the Ardmore Tournament.

No. 13 Edmond Memorial (16)

Edmond Memorial (3-3) made a big statement this past weekend at the Edmond Open after topping No. 12 Edmond North (3-2) 44-43 and No. 7 Midwest City (3-2) 68-51. They topped No. 19 Mustang (3-2) 47-42 earlier in the week, and fell 58-31 to No. 2 Edmond Santa Fe (6-0) in the second round of the tournament. The Lady Bulldogs will return to action Friday when they host No. 17 Yukon (3-2) in their final game of 2016.

No. 14 Midwest City (7)

The Bombers (3-2) took a big loss this past weekend at the Edmond Open, falling 68-51 to No. 16 Edmond Memorial (3-3). They topped unranked Putnam North (1-5) 49-31 before falling 66-54 to 4A No. 6 Anadarko (3-1). Putnam North will get a rematch when they host the Bombers Tuesday. Midwest City will then play 5A No. 15 Bishop McGuinness (2-0) Friday. 

The picks:
MWC 53 PCN 39.
MWC 52 McG 48.

No. 15 Sapulpa (14)

The Lady Chieftains (1-0) started their season at unranked Jenks (1-3) and rolled to a 56-45 win. Three Sapulpans doubled in the game and rolled to victory with a 16-9 third quarter after leading 28-26 at the half. Sapulpa will return to action Tuesday against 5A No. 17 Bishop Kelley (2-3), then will play unranked Muskogee (1-3) on Friday. 

The picks: 
Sapulpa 50 Kelley 40.
Sapulpa 52 Muskogee 48.

No. 16 Edmond North (12)

Edmond North (3-2) handled unranked Moore (3-3) 53-44 last Tuesday, then went 1-2 at the Edmond Open. They fell 44-43 to No. 16 Edmond Memorial (3-3), dominated unranked Jenks (1-3) 70-41, then dropped a 49-45 loss to No. 20 Union (2-2). They will return to action Friday when they host No. 5 Deer Creek (5-1), then will travel to No. 11 Norman North (3-1) on Saturday.

No. 17 Yukon (15) 

The Millerettes (3-2) started last week with a 54-53 loss to No. 18 Norman (5-1), then traveled to the Edmond Open where they went 2-1. They topped the Green Country Defenders 50-33 and No. 17 Muskogee (1-3) 63-49, but fell 36-30 to 3A No. 2 Sequoyah (5-0). They return to action Friday when they travel to No. 13 Edmond Memorial (3-3).

The pick: Yukon 48 EDM 44.

No. 18 Union (20)

Union (2-2) started their season off with a 42-33 loss to No. 8 Bartlesville (3-3), then went 2-1 at the Edmond Open. They fell 42-38 to 4A No. 6 Anadarko (3-1), but defeated Putnam North (2-3) 54-49 and No. 12 Edmond North (3-2) 49-45. The Redskins will return to action Tuesday against unranked Jenks (1-3), then host No. 10 Broken Arrow (2-0) on Friday. 

The pick: Union 52 Jenks 44.

No. 19 Mustang (19)

Mustang (3-2) dropped their first game of the week to No. 16 Edmond Memorial (3-3), but bounced back with three-straight wins to sweep the Plainview Tournament. They topped OKC Storm 60-41, 4A No. 4 Broken Bow (5-1) 45-24, and 4A No. 17 Muldrow (3-2) 47-41. The Broncos will return to action after the new year when they compete at the Skiatook Tournament.

No. 20 Moore (unranked)

Moore (3-3) started last week with their third-straight loss, falling 53-44 to No. 12 Edmond North (3-2), then won three-straight at the Altus Bulldog Classic. They topped Lawton JV 50-45, 5A No. 17 Eisenhower (1-4) 41-29, and 5A No. 15 Altus (3-2) 36-21. They'll return to action Friday against No. 6 Westmoore (5-1) in their final game of the year.

Lady Sandite Softball takes second in district after 5-2 loss to Yukon

Photo: Scott Emigh

Photo: Scott Emigh

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

For the second year in a row, the Yukon Millers (23-5, 13-1) spoiled the Sandites' run at a District Championship. The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (20-6, 11-3) hosted Yukon Thursday evening with an 11-2 district record to the Millers' 12-1. The Lady Sandites had already defeated the Millers on their home turf earlier this season, so a win at home to tie their records would have given the Sandites their first and only district title since 2012.

Last year the Sandites came into their final district game against Yukon undefeated at 13-0, having beaten the Millers 4-3 earlier in the season. That time Yukon was 12-1 and defeated the Sandites 4-0. The two teams split the district title, but Yukon claimed the number one seed on run differential. 

Sand Springs drew first blood in the 5-2 loss with a single from junior Madelyn Blair to score Makenna Skaggs in the bottom of the third. Skaggs was running courtesy for sophomore pitcher Jacie Taber who doubled. Freshman Sabrina Usher hit a single to follow and advanced Blair to third, but the two were left stranded to end the inning 1-0.

In the top of the fifth, Mady Taylor was hit by pitch for a free base, and advanced to second on an error that allowed Jewell Lee to reach first. Taylor tied the game up as Rylee Uhr reached on an error, and Lee scored soon after on a single from Aleyah Holman. Cheyenne Factor was hit by pitch to load the bases, and all three runners scored on a double from Breley Webb. The Sandites gave up a double to Hannah Franklin and walked Janie Abrams to reload the bases, but pulled out the inning with a double play from Kimi Presnell at second to Blair at first.

The Sandite freshmen stepped up in the bottom of the sixth as Usher hit a double and scored on a double from Felicity Horn, but that would be the last run of the game. Senior Rachel Blair also hit a single in the inning, but was put out on a fielder's choice to bring the visitors in to bat. The Millers didn't land any hits in the seventh, but didn't need to. Madelyn Blair singled in the bottom of the inning, but was left stranded to end the game 5-2. 

Taber (8-4) got the loss on the mound with four walks and four hits against two strikeouts and zero earned runs. Webb picked up the win with one strikeout, two earned runs, nine hits, and two walks. 

After coming in second in the district, the Sandites will get to host their own Regional tournament beginning October 6th. Though official brackets won't be released by the OSSAA until the 28th, current district standings would have the girls playing Claremore (10-18) in the preliminary round. The tournament is double elimination, so the girls will play either or both Stillwater (19-12) and Sapulpa (7-18). Those pairings aren't final, however, as some teams still have district games left to play. Ponca City (16-14) still has three district games left and could surpass Sapulpa in the standings which would send either Ponca themselves, or Norman (13-7) to Sand Springs.

The girls will get plenty of practice in before Regionals, however, as they travel to the Northeastern State University Tournament in Tahlequah Friday and Saturday. They will take on Muskogee (7-12)  at 2:00 p.m. and Moore (20-4) at 4:45 p.m. Friday. On Saturday they will play Jay (14-13) at 2:15 p.m. and Muldrow (13-13) at 3:45 p.m., followed by bracket play. 

Choctaw stuns Sandites in come-from-behind 45-41 shootout

Photo: Morgan Miller

Photo: Morgan Miller

By: Virgil Noah, Staff Writer

The No. 2 Charles Page High School Varsity Football team (0-2) came into their non-district contest with the No. 9 Choctaw Yellowjackets (2-0) looking to get things going offensively after only managing to score 21 points in their season opening loss to Pulaski Academy. They succeeded, scoring 41 points in the game but it would not be enough as the team fell 45-41 to the Yellowjackets. 

The contest was a back and forth battle all game, with the Sandites threatening to pull away multiple times, but the Jackets kept clawing their way back into it.  

The teams traded possessions until near the end of the first period when Payton Scott, who was the game's workhorse for the visitors, capped an 8 play, 66 yard drive with a 6 yard touchdown run. Kasey Bales tacked on the extra point and the Sandites lead 7-0. On the ensuing Choctaw possession Senior quarterback Dylan Weaver threw a pass into the waiting arms of defensive back Cody Motes who scampered 36 yards up the sideline for the pick 6 and the lead was 14-0. 

Choctaw got on the board with a touchdown pass from Weaver, and the Sandites answered on the first play of the second quarter on a touchdown pass from Dalton Morgan to Bales.  

Another touchdown toss from Weaver, and a rushing touchdown by running back JD Kolb tied the game at 21. Second-year quarterback Hunter Greathouse scored on a quarterback sneak with 0:33 left in the first half but Bales's PAT was blocked. On the last play of the first half, Jacket kicker Liam Jones made a 32 yard field goal and the game went to intermission with the home team trailing 27-24.  

Scott found pay dirt again in the third, this time from 23 yards out to extend the Page lead to 10 points, but Kolb cut it back to 3 quickly with a run of his own. The Sandite offense faced a fourth and 15 deep in Choctaw territory, and elected to go for the conversion. It proved to be a smart decision as Greathouse connected with Caleb Wash for a 25 yard touchdown and increased the lead to 41-31. Kolb ran 21 yards for his fourth touchdown of the game just 30 seconds later and put the pressure back on Sand Springs. 

Choctaw snagged an interception on the ensuing Sandite drive, but Jerry Lyons forced a fumble and got the Sandites the ball back in Yellowjacket territory with under four minutes remaining.  

With 1:16 remaining Choctaw stuffed a fourth down run by Scott to give their offense one more attempt at scoring, and they made the most of it. On fourth and 5, Weaver completed a pass to Kolb who broke a tackle short of the first down marker, and turned on the jets up the sideline for a 78 yard touchdown, his fifth of the game.  

Down four points with just 0:49 seconds left, Greathouse lead the offense back on the field. With 0:10 left he completed a pass to Wash for 45 yards down to the Choctaw 13-yard-line. Greathouse attempted two throws to the end zone, the first broken up, and the second just past the fingertips of Bales and the game ended.

Scott lead the way for Sand Springs, carrying the ball 39 times for 239 yards and two scores. Greathouse passed 14-29-251-1 for one touchdown, and also scored a touchdown rushing. Bales lead the way receiving with 5 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown. Delvin Jordan took a beating, going down twice, but rejoining each time to lead the Sandite defense in tackles.

Charles Page will host their first game of the season Friday at 7:00 p.m., in a non-district match-up with Putnam City West  (2-0). Choctaw will take on Putnam North (0-2) in a non-district battle Friday at 7:00 in Putnam City. 

Sand Springs Football heads to Little Rock for season-opener against Pulaski Academy

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in- Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity football team is headed to Little Rock, Arkansas for their season opener against the Pulaski Academy Bruins.  

Both teams are 2015 State Finalists, but not much else is similar between the two teams.  

While the Sandites were the sleeper team in last year's playoffs, the Bruins were the top dog from the very beginning of the season. Pulaski has won back-to-back State Titles. 

The Sandites started last season hot, crushing Tulsa Hale 61-8 and breezing through Enid 33-7. Despite the dominating performances, they found themselves down 0-2 after forfeiting the games due to playing an ineligible transfer student. A third game, against Guthrie, was cancelled due to lightning with the Sandites leading 18-7 shortly before the half. 

From there they took on a highly touted Bartlesville team and lost 24-7. The boys didn't officially get in the win column till week four when they trounced Claremore 27-7 on homecoming. They then beat Highway 97 rival Sapulpa 44-10 and Ponca City 44-27. 

After picking up their fourth straight win 34-10 against Muskogee, they lost in a close 17-14 to the top-ranked Booker T Washington Hornets in a knock-down drag-out downpour. The game was a loss, but it showed that the Sandites could hold pace with anyone in the State. The next week they dominated the defending State Champions from Bixby in a 20-0 shutout.  

The first round of the playoffs went more like the game against Hale than anything, and nearly every eligible player got to see action in the 49-14 quarterfinal win. The semifinals saw a rematch with BTW and this time it was Sand Springs who got the 30-23 edge and prevailed to their first State Finals game since they won it all in 1966. A rematch with Bixby saw a much different opponent. While the Spartans' energy had pilfered out earlier in the season, they reignited their flame in the playoffs and massacred Lawton 36-6 and Bartlesville 67-21. Sand Springs had some big plays that at times made them look like they could win it, but ultimately the defending Champs reclaimed their title 38-28. 

Since Oklahoma split their top class into two sixteen-team divisions in 2014, the newly formed 6A-II has been in a power struggle with each school looking to establish itself as a regular contender. With the powerhouse programs of Jenks, Broken Arrow, Union, and Owasso removed from their schedules, the smaller 6A schools are still trying to find their place in the new hierarchy. 

Pulaski Academy is a whole different beast from anything the Sandites encountered last year, and is most comparable to the Guthrie team that Sand Springs faced in 2014. The Bruins are on a 27-game winning streak and haven't lost since their season opener in 2014. Pulaski isn't in the top bracket of Arkansas schools. They play a weaker 5A division in a state that goes all the way to 7A. The small private school has an enrollment of 1380 from preschool through high school and is dwarfed by Sand Springs which enrolled 1700 high school students this year. 

But what they lack in depth, they make up for in talent. The Bruins aren't just ranked top of their class, they come in at sixth in the whole state. MaxPreps, a computer-generated ranking site lists the Sandites at 701 in the nation against the Bruins' 326. Both the Tulsa World and the Oklahoman rank Sand Springs at fourth in 6A-II. 

Both teams boast impressive stats. The Sandites are known for having the best defense in the State, but Pulaski is described as machine-like in their offense. 

Both teams have impressive quarterbacks. Sand Springs senior Hunter Greathouse played his first season in the position last year and was 99 of 185 for 1767 yards and 18 touchdowns on a team that favored the run game. Meanwhile the Bruins are devastating from the air behind the arm of junior Layne Hatcher who finished last season with 4,667 and 55 touchdowns.

The Sandites took a big loss at running back in Southwestern College freshman Lane Lettich who led in almost every game for the last two years. Lettich was a powerhouse who would bulldoze through the lines and drag defenders four or five yards every time. Junior Payton Scott will take the starting position now, already well seasoned after seeing significant playing time since making varsity as a freshman. Scott finished with 900 yards and 9 touchdowns on 117 carries last season. The 5'6" 165 pound wrestler is like a mouse when it comes to finding holes in the defense, scurrying through any opening and exploding for first downs. Averaging eight yards per carry, he doesn't have an okay run. He either gets shut down immediately or goes the distance. Almost every game last season saw a 30-yard carry from Scott as the juggernaut will often break multiple tackles from defenders twice his size once he's allowed to build momentum.

Pulaski isn't hurting in the run department either in the elusive Jaren Watkins. Watkins and Scott are very similar physically and the senior finished last year with 2,067 yards and 24 touchdowns on 166 carries. 

Both teams are reloading at wide-receiver. Both of their starting backs are capable of catching, but neither did much of it last year. The Sandites lost Trace Fleischman to Northeastern Oklahoma and are looking to all-purpose Kasey Bales and Josh Taber. The Bruins will look to junior Tra Johnson who only received 23 passes last year. 

Senior defensive back Hayden Henry leads the Bruin defense and is the brother of San Diego Charger Hunter Henry. Henry led in tackles with 89 last season. Sand Springs lost a lot of talent, graduating seven of their top eleven tacklers. The Sandites will rebuild around senior linebacker Delvin Jordan who registered 87 tackles last season, including 15 for losses totaling 64 yards. He also recovered four fumbles and scored the first safety in years for the Sandites. Gage Fain, Nathan Simonton, Danny Ropp, and Kris Edwards will anchor the defensive line. DB Treyce Tolbert also brings some experience to the game with a pair of fumble recoveries and interceptions last season. 

The offensive line is a particularly strong point for the Sandites. The O-line committed less than two fouls per game last season and despite losing a few good players, also returns a lot of talent. Lincoln Adams spent most of the summer traveling to football camps across the country and was named to the Vype-Tulsa All-Metro First Team. Ropp will play both sides of the ball and is joined on the line by Michael Carper, Cameron Lierly, Kobe Chen, Michael Karper, Myron Krotzer, and Caleb Mallory.

Dustin Kinard enters his tenth year as the Sandites' head coach and has successfully taken the program from ten-straight years without a winning record to four-straight years of playoff berths and the program's first playoff wins since 1997. With a 48-49 record since assuming the position, Kinard looks to gain a winning record this season. 

Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. and the Sandites will begin their effort to achieve the dream that they so nearly reached in 2015. This is the fiftieth season since the Sandites won the Class 2A State Championship over Ada in 1966, and the perfect time to remind everybody that they wish they were a Sandite.

Lady Sandite Volleyball knocks off No. 10 Union in beautiful upset

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 10 ranked Union Redskins (5-5) probably expected little competition from the No. 17 Sand Springs Lady Sandites (13-9). Union’s only losses before their journey to Sand Springs were to top-ten teams. Unfortunately for them, the Sandites’ ranking is misleading.

The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team had recently gone 2-4 at the Broken Arrow Invitational, but that record doesn’t show that they were one of only two teams there to win even a single set against No. 2 Norman North (12-2). It also doesn’t show that six of the ten games they lost were by five points or less.   

The Redskins got off to a fast start on the Sandites in the first set before giving up three points on errors. Madison Burris and Gloria Mutiri combined on a block to tie things up at 4-4 and Mutiri scored a kill for the lead.

Union went on a five-point run from there, but the Sandites won eight-straight rallies to reclaim the advantage. Mutiri and Holly Kersgieter each scored several kills off Burris and Lee Leslie, and Madison Ward scored the first ace of the game.

The Sandites were up 16-11 when Union went on another streak. Kendall Cotter scored a pair of aces, Gabbie Inman and Paris Hornor both registered kills, and the Redskins took the 19-16 lead before freshman Devree Youngblood broke the streak with a spike off Burris. Union continued to outscore Sand Springs till a 24-19 score looked like they had it all wrapped up.

The Sandites had other plans.

Mutiri scored off Kenzie Bradshaw, Kylie Taylor served an ace, Ashley Barrows gave up a point on an error, and MaKenzie Ward set up Mutiri to narrow the score to 24-23. Barrows scored a kill to win the set for Union, but the Sandites had shown they were here to play.

The second set was far closer and neither team allowed the other to go on a run this time. The longest scoring-streak either team managed was four rallies. The game was tied up six different times, but the Sandites led six different times and only allowed the Redskins to lead once.

Union tied things up at 15-15 with a kill from Chloe Click, then took the lead on a pair of errors. They held the advantage for only five rallies before giving it up on an error at 18-18 and never recovered. Mutiri took the lead at 20-19 off a set from MaKenzie Ward, Kersgieter served an ace, then scored again after a Union time out. The final minutes were back-and-forth on scoring, but Sand Springs never relinquished the lead and ultimately won 25-23 on a kill from Mutiri.

The third game belonged explosively to the Sandites. After giving up the first three rallies to Union on errors, the Sandites tied things up at 4-4 and took the lead with back-to-back aces from Burris. Union never tied it and never even got close to leading again.

The Sandites scored seven aces in the third game: two from Burris, two from Kersgieter, two from Kendall Wise, and one from Mutiri. The host team had doubled down on their visitors 22-10 midway through the game. The Redskins tried to rally, but they were too far in the deficit and Sand Springs won 25-17.

The visitors found their feet in the fourth game and led for most of it. Sand Springs battled heavy in the last minutes and got within a few points, but Union prevailed 25-22 to force a fifth set.

The final game started off a tad rocky for the Sandites with some communication errors and campfires, but after tying it up at 5-5 with a kill from Mutiri, the Sandites took the lead and never looked back. Kersgieter scored the go-ahead point, Mutiri and Leslie combined on a block, Hornor committed an error, Mutiri added another kill, and Mutiri and Leslie combined on yet another block for the 10-5 lead.

The next five points were decided by errors and the Redskins closed the gap to 12-9 with a tipped ball from Inman. Kersgieter almost saved a shanked dig that went OB, but the ball caught the antenna for the point. Morgan Livingston hit an ace, and the Redskins threatened at 12-11.

Union got into the net on the next rally and Wise served an ace to make it 14-11. A four-touch call gave Union a point, but MaKenzie Ward set up Youngblood for the game-winner.

Mutiri led the Sandites in scoring with twenty-nine kills, five blocks, and two aces, followed by Kersgieter with a season-best fourteen kills, two assists, and four aces. Youngblood was next in on the action with a season-best ten kills, and Wise also scored a season-best with five kills and four aces. Burris had her best night of the season with nineteen assists, followed by MaKenzie Ward with eighteen.

The Lady Sandites will get a full week off after playing twenty matches in twenty-one days. They’ll return to action next Tuesday in an away match at Owasso. Owasso is ranked fifth in 6A with a 4-0 record. Freshmen begin play at 4:00 p.m., Junior Varsity is at 5:00 p.m. and Varsity is at 6:00 p.m.

Lady Sandites dominate Moore Lions 3-1 in Broken Arrow Tournament

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief
Photo: Morgan Miller

After dropping the first two matches of the Broken Arrow Volleyball Tournament Friday morning, the Charles Page High School Lady Sandites (11-7) got back in the win column with a 3-1 victory over the Moore Lions (1-11). 

The Sandites took a quick 3-0 lead on errors before Bri Maxwell scored the first kill of the game. Gloria Mutiri scored the first Sandite kill on an assist from MaKenzie Ward for the 6-2 advantage and soon followed it up with an ace. A pair of kills from Kaylee Walker helped Moore close the gap to 8-7 before the Sandites pulled back ahead with a pair of aces from Ward. 

The Sandites gave up three straight errors soon after and Walker and Ashley Vap blocked an attack from Madison Burris to tie it up at 11-11. The teams battled back and forth from there with the Lions taking a brief lead on an ace from Walker before Burris got payback with a solo block of her own. Mutiri scored a kill on a set from Ward, then combined with Burris for another block. Lee Leslie added a kill, Moore committed a fault, and Devree Youngblood served an ace for the 19-14 advantage. Moore closed the gap once more to 21-20 before Sand Springs went on a run with Ward scoring a kill and setting up attacks for Holly Kersgieter and Leslie for the 25-20 win.

In the second set it was Moore who took an early advantage, surging to a 12-5 lead before a service error broke their momentum. Madison Ward scored a kill and the Lions committed a series of faults to cut their lead to 14-12 before going on another run to make it 18-12. Mutiri came to the rescue soon after with four straight aces and Kersgieter added a kill to tie it up at 21-21. Moore picked up two points on errors, but Kersgieter scored another kill and MaKenzie Ward hit a pair of aces en route to a 25-23 Sandite victory.

The third set was a shootout in the beginning before communication problems tied up the Sandites and a series of campfires and errors gave Moore the 14-8 lead. Kersgieter scored back-to-back aces to make it 17-13, but the Lions wouldn't slow down and Maxwell scored three straight kills to win it 25-15.

The fourth game looked like it would belong wholly to the Lions after they started 5-0 with kills from Maxwell, Bri Prescott, and two aces from Walker. A service error from Walker got the Sandites on the board and Burris scored an ace of her own. Mutiri and Leslie combined to block Maxwell and a Lion error cut the lead to 5-4.

Sand Springs tied it up at 7-7 with a kill from Mutiri, and the girls took the lead as Mutiri served four straight aces. Prescott broke it up with a kill, but Kersgieter took a turn hitting and scored a pair of kills. Youngblood capped off a series of errors with an ace to push the advantage to 19-10 and MaKenzie Ward and Mutiri added some late kills for the 25-12 win.

Mutiri led in the scoring with 23 kills and nine aces, followed by MaKenzie Ward with eight kills, four aces, and a team-high eleven assists. Kersgieter also had eight kills and two aces. Leslie and Youngblood scored three kills apiece and Madison Ward scored two. 

The Lady Sandites placed third in their pool with a 1-2 record after dropping matches to the Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschools (3-2) and No. 3 Norman North (10-2). The girls will play in the Silver bracket tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. against No. 20 Bartlesville (2-7). If they lose their first match they'll play for seventh place at noon. If they win, they'll play for fifth place at 1:30 p.m.

Lady Sandites fall 3-1 despite valiant effort against #3 Norman North

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 18 ranked Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (10-8) met their match in the No. 3 Norman North Timberwolves (10-2) Friday afternoon at the Broken Arrow Tournament. It took the Sandites two games to find their rhythm against one of the most aggressive teams they’ve met this season.

Norman North utterly dominated the first two sets 25-7 and 25-8. Sand Springs managed to tie the first game 2-2 with a block combo from Gloria Mutiri and Lee Leslie, but the Timberwolves ran away with the next six rallies before Mutiri found a set from Mackenzie Ward for the kill. Norman grabbed five more points from there, gave up one on an error, then stole four more for a 17-4 lead. The Sandites only scored three more points, all of which came from errors.

In the second set the Timberwolves exploded to 9-1 before Leslie set up Holly Kersgieter for the kill. Leslie scored a kill off Ward, then combined on a block with Mutiri at 14-4. Mutiri added an ace and Kenzie Bradshaw scored a kill, but the Timberwolves coasted safely along for the win.

The Lady Sandites found their footing in the third game and doubled down on the Timberwolves for an early 8-4 lead thanks to kills from Mutiri and a block from Kenzie Bradshaw. Norman battled back with kills from Hallie Hembree, Lexi Thompson, and Maggie Davis, then tied things up at 9-9 as Davis and Lauren Kersey blocked a Mutiri spike. 

The teams fought back and forth for the lead and eventually Norman pulled away as far as 18-13 with a kill from Hembree, but the Sandites got back within a point thanks to a Bradshaw kill, Mutiri block, and Lee ace. Thompson found Abbey Woodrow's set for a kill, but Mutiri scored three straight with a kill and two solo blocks, capped off by a Baylee Mudd ace for the 21-19 lead. Ward set up Mutiri for back-to-back kills to solidify the win at 25-20.

The fourth set started with promise as neither team posted a three-point lead till halfway through the game. After Ward set up Kersgieter for a kill to tie it at 8-8, Norman went on a run with six straight rallies before handing the ball over on a serve error. The Sandites were unable to capitalize on the side-out and the Timberwolves went back to piling on the kills for a 25-12 victory. 

Mutiri led the Sandites with nine kills and seven total blocks, including three solo. Bradshaw and Kersgieter each added three, and Leslie, Madison Burris, and Mudd each scored two.

Sandite Volleyball heads to Coweta Championship with 8-straight wins


By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Lady Sandites are 8-0 are headed to the Championship round of the Coweta Volleyball Tournament after winning eight straight games.  

The Charles Page High School varsity squad (9-3) has won sixteen of eighteen games and only needs two more to claim their first tournament championship since before the Coach Green era.

Heritage Hall fell 2-0 with sets of 25-20 and 25-19. Catoosa fell 2-1 with sets of 25-18, 23-25, and 15-9. Coweta fell 2-1 with sets of 25-13, 16-25, and 25-10. Edison fell 2-0 with sets of 25-12 and 25-14. Tahlequah fell 2-0 with sets of 28-26 and 26-24. Claremore fell 2-0 in pool play with sets of 25-10 and 25-12, then fell in the semi-finals with sets of 25-16 and 25-19.

Tahlequah was the closest competition the Sandites had faced yet and both sets went into extra points.

Freshman Devree Youngblood drew first blood with a block for the Sandites, but the Tigers scored three straight kills for the lead. Gloria Mutiri hit back to back kills off MaKenzie Ward but gave the points back on errors. The neck and neck continued before the Tigers began to pull away for a 24-17 advantage.

Sand Springs wasn’t deterred and went on a seven-straight streak thanks to kills from Mutiri and Kersgieter. Tahlequah scored a kill on a corner shot but Lee Leslie retaliated to tie things up at 25. Mutiri scored a pair of shots off Ward and clinched the win with a block.

The second game was equally close despite early leads from Sand Springs. The Sandites went on a run to start with Leslie scoring on the opening rally, Mutiri hitting a shot off Madison Burris’s setup, and Kersgieter hitting an ace. Ward got in a kill of her own and Kersgieter nailed yet another ace for the 5-0 advantage.

Tahlequah earned an error but Sand Springs stole the next four rallies and led 9-1 after a block from Mutiri. Mutiri scored three straight kills on setups from MaKenzie Ward, Leslie added an ace, and Mutiri scored a block off Tahlequah player’s face to make it 15-4.

The Tigers went on a run from there and got close to tying things up with an ace at 21-20 and succeeded in a tie at 24-24 with an ace. Mutiri scored the twenty-fifth point and an error from Tahlequah netted the win.

In the last round of pool play the Sandites took a quick 5-0 lead over Claremore. Kersgieter aced the opening serve and Youngblood followed it up with a kill. A Lady Zebra error handed Kersgieter the ball for another ace and once again Youngblood found MaKenzie Ward’s setup for the score.

Kersgieter’s next serve fell short, but so did the corresponding Claremore service and this time it was Youngblood’s turn to ace. Baylee Mudd got in on the ace action, Kylie Taylor and Makenna Cypert both scored kills and the Zebras piled on the errors till the Sandites prevailed 25-10.

In game two Claremore won the opening rally, but Sand Springs won the next six behind hard hits from Mutiri, Kersgieter, and aces from Taylor, Mudd, and Kersgeiter. A long mess of errors catapulted the Sandites to a 25-12 win.

The Lady Zebras earned a rematch in the bracket semifinals, however, and battled far closer on the next two games.

Claremore started off to a 4-0 lead before Youngblood got the Sandites on the board, and the Zebras didn’t forfeit their advantage till MaKenzie Ward set up Kersgieter and Mutiri for back-to-back kills and a 16-15 lead. From there things finally turned in the Sandites’ favor as the girls won ten straight rallies and won 25-16.

The second game saw the Zebras battling just as hard early on and stepping up their defense with several impressive blocks on Mutiri’s hard-hitting spikes. Claremore led by as much as 8-4 before Sand Springs surged to the lead. Youngblood served up back-to-back aces and Mutiri scored back-to-back kills, one via six-pack, and one on a tipped ball to make it 20-14.

The Zebras staged a rally attempt and closed in to 23-19, but Youngblood and Mutiri notched the final two kills for the victory.

Sand Springs will next play at 5:00 p.m.

Lady Sandite Softball wins six-straight shutouts, run-rules Muskogee 11-0

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Sydney Pennington is batting over .500 this season and scored three runs against Muskogee.

Charles Page High School junior Madelyn Blair (3-2) got it done on the mound Friday evening for the Lady Sandites (11-3, 4-0) pitching five strikeouts over four innings and only giving up two hits in an 11-0 run-rule shutout over the Muskogee Lady Roughers (3-3). Oklahoma State University-commit Sydney Pennington was the leading batter for the evening with three runs and three RBI, including a home run.

The Lady Sandites didn't waste any time in getting on base with a single from Jessica Collins. Pennington reached on an error and Sabrina Usher scored Collins with a single. Kimi Presnell singled in Pennington, but was left stranded with Usher.

Elexis Watson and Amber Purdin each drew walks over the next two innings but the Roughers failed to bring them home. Makenna Skaggs hit a single for the Sandites but was left stranded in the top of the second. 

Sand Springs blew the game wide open in the top of the third as Pennington hit a lead-off double to center field and scored on a double by Usher. Presnell reached on an error that allowed Usher to score. Jacie Taber singled and scored on a 2RBI single from Cameron Clemons. Skaggs and Collins both hit singles with Collins scoring Clemons, then Pennington rounded out the batting order for a 3RBI homer for the 10-0 advantage. Madelyn Blair hit a single but was left stranded.

Watson and Brookelyn Gilmore both singled in the bottom of the third but were left on base. 

Jensen Arnold made her season-debut behind the plate in the top of the fourth and doubled, then scored on a single from Rachel Blair to make it 11-0. Madelyn Blair retired the side in order in the bottom of the inning and the Sandites secured the victory via run-rule.

Jacie Taber has pitched double digit strikeouts in each of her last two games.

In the second game of the Rogers State Festival in Claremore, sophomore Jacie Taber (5-1) continued to prove herself as an outstanding pitcher and led her team to a 3-0 victory over Pryor (7-4).

Thursday evening Taber pitched ten strikeouts in a 10-0 shutout of Sapulpa. Friday evening she pitched ten strikeouts over Pryor with only two hits in the five inning game. University of Oklahoma-commit Olivia Rains also fared well on the mound for Pryor with six strikeouts and only one hit.

Pryor was the first to threaten as Hunter Gilstrap drew a walk and Rains reached on error in the bottom of the first. Taber struck out MKayla Hillman and Payton White to strand the two runners.

In the top of the second Presnell drew a walk, Taber reached on error, and both nabbed an extra base on a passed ball before being stranded. Pryor's Maeme Ward was walked and stranded in the bottom of the inning. Gilstrap and Olivia Cummings were both walked in the bottom of the third and Rains hit a single, but Taber struck out White and Kennedy Cramer to save the inning. 

Madelyn Blair reached on a dropped third strike in the top of the fourth and Halee Nichols reached on an error in the bottom of the inning. Both were stranded. 

Sand Springs finally got on the scoreboard in the top of the fifth thanks to a series of errors from the Pryor defense. Rachel Blair reached on error, Skaggs walked, and Collins reached on an error that scored Blair. Pennington singled to score Skaggs and Madelyn Blair reached on an error to score Collins for the 3-0 advantage. 

The Tigers tried to rally with a single from Gilstrap, a walk from White, and a reach on error from Cummings, but Rains and Hillman were struck out and Cramer grounded out to first to end the inning and the game. 

The Lady Sandites will return to action Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at Jenks (4-7). 

Taber and Pennington pitch like pros in double-header shutouts of Sapulpa

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

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The fast-pitch softball edition of the Highway 97 Rivalry went to Charles Page High School (9-3, 4-0) Thursday evening at the Sandite Softball Complex. The Sandites won back-to-back games against the Sapulpa Chieftains (1-9, 0-4); both by shutout, one by run-rule.

Senior Oklahoma State University-commit Sydney Pennington (3-0) pitched a no-hitter in game one and sophomore Jacie Taber (4-1) struck out a career-best ten batters in game two and only gave up one hit.

The first game was a slow starter, but finished on a high note for the Sandites. Felicity Horn scored on an error in the bottom of the first, but the home team didn't find home plate again till the bottom of the fifth when Madelyn Blair singled to score Jessica Collins. Blair advanced to score on a throw. Freshman Sabrina Usher added a double, but was left stranded after stealing third. 

In the bottom of the sixth Sapulpa changed pitchers from Jessica Hobbs to Taylor Acree. Hobbs finished with four hits, two earned runs, and five walks over five innings. 

The pitching change did little to stem the Sandite tide as Cameron Clemons singled, Rachel Blair reached on a failed fielder's choice, and Horn was walked to load the bases. Collins grounded out to score Clemons, and Pennington doubled to score Blair and Horn. 

Acree finished with two hits, three earned runs, and one walk over one inning. Pennington had no hits, three strikeouts, and four walks over seven innings. 

Sapulpa put two on base in the first inning of game two. Pitcher Ally Zanca reached on a dropped third strike and Hobbs was walked, but the Sandites pulled out of it and piled on runs in the bottom of the inning.

Horn doubled, Collins singled, and both scored on a passed ball with Pennington at bat. Madelyn Blair was walked and Usher doubled. Kimi Presnell scored Blair on a single and Taber scored Usher and Presnell on a single for the 5-0 advantage.

Taber struck out two in the top of the second and one in the third. Horn was left stranded after a single in the second, and Sapulpa stranded two in the third. Kali Husman smacked a double for the lone Chieftain hit of the evening and Acree was hit by pitch.

Sand Springs added two more runs in the bottom of the third. Usher reached on error, Presnell reached on a fielder's choice that outed Madelyn Blair, and Taber singled to load the bases. Clemons hit a double to bring in Usher and Presnell, but was stranded.

Taber added two more strikeouts to her resume in the fourth inning and Pennington and Madelyn Blair both singled but were left on base. Taber struck out the side in order in the top of the fifth and Sandites came home to win it on run rule.

Taber doubled, Rachel Blair singled, and Makenna Skaggs scored Taber with a single. Collins reached on a failed fielder's choice that allowed Blair to score, and Skaggs scored after tagging up on a flyout by Madelyn Blair to end the game 10-0. 

Taber finished with ten strikeouts, one hit, and only one walk over five innings. Zanca pitched thirteen hits, one strikeout, and two walks over four and a half innings. 

The Lady Sandites return to action Friday at the Rogers State Festival in Claremore. They will play the Muskogee Roughers (3-1) at 7:00 p.m. and Pryor (7-3) at 8:30 p.m.

Sapulpa will take a break till the 27th when they will play Checotah (5-6) and Mustang (9-2) at the Stillwater OSU Festival.

Lady Sandite Volleyball heads to Coweta Tournament this weekend



By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (2-3) will compete in their first tournament this weekend. The Lady Sandites will travel to Coweta High School Friday morning for an eight team competition beginning at 9:00 a.m.

The Sandites started the season with back-to-back wins over opponents who dominated them in years past. The Muskogee Roughers (1-2) fell 3-1 to the Sandites in the season opener and next to go down were the Catoosa Indians (1-2). The Lady Indians were Regional Champions last year, but fell in straight sets to Sand Springs.

The ladies gave the defending 5A State Champions from Bishop Kelley a run for their money before falling 3-2 Monday night. Tuesday they were defeated 3-0 by the 6A State Runners-Up from Jenks (7-2) and Thursday they fell in sets of 22-25, 16-25, and 21-25 to Ponca City (5-4).

The girls will look to get back in the win column Friday when they take on yet another State Finalist in 5A Heritage Hall (0-4). At 11:00 a.m. Catoosa will get a rematch, at 1:00 p.m. the Sandites will play Coweta (1-1), and at 3:00 p.m. they will take on the Edison Eagles (2-3). 

On Saturday the Sandites will return to action with a 10:00 a.m. match against East Central (4-3) followed immediately by an 11:00 a.m. match against Tahlequah (0-0) and a 1:00 p.m. match against Claremore (2-2).

After pool play concludes, all eight teams will compete in the bracket competition. There will be two brackets, each beginning at 3:00 p.m. The second round will be played at 4:00 p.m. and the championship match will be played at 5:00 p.m. Each match will be decided by the best two out of three sets with the first two sets capped at 30 points and the third set played to 15 points with no cap. 

Sandite Volleyball falls 3-2 to Bishop Kelley, Mutiri scores 29 kills

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (2-1) got off to a great start against the Bishop Kelley JV Red, winning two sets before the host team rallied for the win. 

Bishop Kelley is last year's 5A State Championship team, and boasts a record seventeen State Titles, including thirty consecutive Regional Championships. The last two years that Sand Springs played the Bishop Kelley JV, they were defeated 3-0. Last year the Sandites never scored more than 20 points in a set, and in 2014 they only managed to break 10 points in a single set against the annual powerhouse.

The Lady Sandite program is clearly in an impressive turnaround under Head Coach Janna Green's third year at the helm. The last two years they opened to back-to-back losses. This year they won their first two matches over teams they lost to last year and gave Bishop Kelley a run for their money.

The Lady Sandites won the first set in a back-and-forth thriller, 25-22. The game was tied seven different times and every time Sand Springs worked up a decent lead, the Comets would rally to tie things up. Kelley took an early 5-3 lead before junior standout Gloria Mutiri scored six kills in eight rallies for a 10-6 advantage. The Comets tied it back up at 11-11 but Sand Springs regained the lead and held it till the Comets scored a six-pack on Makenna Cypert to tie it at 19-19. Freshman Madison Burris was crucial in the final rallies, setting up Mutiri for a kill to make it 23-21, then assisting on a block on the next rally. 

Sand Springs got off to a great start in the second game, winning the first six rallies via Bishop Kelley errors, and capped it off with an ace from Mutiri for the 7-0 lead. The Sandites held the lead for the entire set, despite a five-straight streak from the Comets bringing it to a close 17-12, and ultimately won 25-16.

The Comets pulled a complete about-face in the third game, taking a 5-0 lead. Mutiri scored six kills in the set and sophomore Holly Kersgieter added three more, but the Comets prevailed 25-14. 

Game four was hotly contested and saw the two teams tied up eight separate times. Freshman Devree Youngblood started things off with an ace, Kersgieter and Mutiri combined on a block, and the Sandites led 4-2 before the Comets scored their first kill. Bishop Kelley scored again on free ball with no hands on deck from the Sandites to tie it at 4-4. The Lady Sandites picked up two more points on errors and Mutiri added an ace for the 7-4 advantage.

Sand Springs worked up a 17-12 advantage thanks to a pair of blocks from Mutiri and a kill from Kylie Taylor, but the Comets battled back to a close 17-16. Mutiri and MaKenzie Ward combined on a block to try and build some cushion, but Kelley won the next three rallies for the lead. Ultimately the Comets won 25-23.

Sand Springs never led in the final set and Bishop Kelley won 15-9.

Mutiri led in scoring for the match with a season-best 29 kills, including five solo blocks, four block assists, and two aces. Kersgieter added twelve kills with four block assists. MaKenzie Ward registered the most assists with fifteen, followed by Burris with five. 

Next up for the Sandites is a Tuesday evening Home match against Jenks (5-2) at 6:00 p.m.

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