CPHS Softball: Taff pitches no-hitter, Usher hits walkoff homer in 10-0 shutout of Ponca City


Charles Page High School junior Aliyah Taff (7-4, 11-10) pitched a no-hitter Tuesday afternoon against Ponca City (6-16, 1-8), helping her team to a 10-0 district victory. Taff was only one walk away from a perfect game, and struck out five batters in the Sandites’ first no-hitter since 2016.

Sand Springs (14-7, 6-1) picked up their eighth-straight win and fifth shutout of the season with seven hits, four walks, no errors, and five stolen bases. Of the team’s seven hits, five were for extra bases, including three doubles, a triple from Felicity Horn, and Sabrina Usher’s tenth home run of the season.

Taff and Makenna Skaggs both walked and scored on an error in the bottom of the second, then Taff hit a double in the third to bring in Usher.

Things really fell apart for the Wildcats in the fifth inning. Madison Lee reached third on an error and stole home to score. Jolee McNally walked, stole second, and scored on a double from Usher, then Usher stole home. Horn doubled in Skaggs and scored on an error for the 8-0 lead.

Finally, in the bottom of the sixth, Lee hit a single and came in on Usher’s walkoff home run for the run-rule win.

Sand Springs softball will return to action with a crucial district road game Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. when they take on Owasso (11-5, 5-0), the defending District and Regional Champions. Ponca will host Stillwater (7-10) in a non-district meeting Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
5-0 Owasso (11-5)
7-1 Jenks (12-4)
6-1 Sand Springs (14-7)
4-6 Muskogee (4-8)
2-3 Shawnee (7-15)
1-8 Ponca City (6-16)
1-8 Sapulpa (4-13)

District 6A-3 Schedule
9.12 Sand Springs @ Owasso.
9.12 Muskogee @ Shawnee.
9.12 Sapulpa @ Bixby.
9.14 Owasso @ Shawnee (Double Header).
9.17 Sand Springs @ Muskogee.
9.17 Sapulpa @ Jenks.

CPHS Softball: Mid-season statistics

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team is 13-7 overall and 5-1 in district action four weeks into the season.

The team holds a .363 batting average, .534 slugging average, .419 on-base percentage, 2.14 earned run average, and 1.25 WHIP. They average 7 runs, 9 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, 1 sacrifice, 1 steal, 1 error, and 1 double play per game. The pitching crew averages 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, and 1 walk per game.

The Lady Sandites will play Ponca City (6-14, 1-6) in district action Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at home.

Batting Average
.611 Usher
.500 Lee
.414 Taff
.375 Horn
.349 McNally
.315 Skaggs
.281 Jones
.269 Bechtold
.256 Hawkins
.240 Tanner
.227 Jordan

Slugging Average
1.35 Usher
.643 Lee
.571 Horn
.552 Taff
.481 Skaggs
.423 Bechtold
.372 McNally
.313 Jones
.282 Hawkins
.260 Tanner
.227 Jordan

On-Base Percentage
.691 Usher
.549 Lee
.470 Horn
.406 Skaggs
.382 Taff
.358 McNally
.333 Hawkins
.320 Jordan
.293 Jones
.288 Tanner
.269 Bechtold

27 Lee
24 Usher
17 Horn
11 McNally
10 Skaggs
10 Tanner
9 Hawkins
9 Jones
8 Taff
4 Jordan
4 Bechtold
2 Crawford
2 Hammock
2 Burks
1 Pearson

Runs Batted In
35 Usher
13 Horn
13 Lee
12 McNally
10 Skaggs
7 Taff
7 Bechtold
6 Tanner
5 Hawkins
5 Jones
3 Crawford
2 Pearson
1 Hammock

33 Usher
28 Lee
21 Horn
17 Skaggs
15 McNally
12 Taff
12 Tanner
10 Hawkins
9 Jones
7 Bechtold
5 Jordan
3 Crawford
1 Pearson

24 Lee
15 Usher
14 Horn
14 McNally
12 Skaggs
11 Tanner
9 Hawkins
8 Taff
8 Jones
5 Bechtold
5 Jordan
1 Crawford
1 Pearson

5 Usher
4 Taff
4 Horn
3 Skaggs
2 Crawford
1 Lee
1 McNally
1 Tanner
1 Hawkins
1 Bechtold
1 Jones

4 Usher
2 Horn
2 Lee

Home Runs
9 Usher
2 Skaggs
1 Horn
1 Lee
1 Bechtold

Grand Slams
1 Bechtold

6 Jones
6 McNally
5 Hawkins
4 Taff
4 Lee
4 Tanner
1 Crawford
1 Skaggs

Stolen Bases
7 Lee
5 Horn
4 Usher
3 McNally
2 Skaggs
2 Hawkins
2 Jordan
1 Jones
1 Tanner

Doubles Plays
5 Tanner
4 Lee
3 Jordan
2 Usher
1 Bechtold
1 Horn
1 Skaggs
1 Jones

Win-Loss Record
6-4 Taff
4-1 Bechtold
3-2 Crawford

Earned Run Average
0.67 Taff
2.16 Bechtold
6.06 Crawford

Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched
1.07 Bechtold
1.08 Taff
1.99 Crawford

27 Taff
18 Crawford
17 Bechtold
1 Rector

CPHS Softball: Sandites win Choctaw Tournament, beat State Champs 5-1

Photo courtesy Of Becky Tanner.

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (13-7) went undefeated at the Choctaw/Carl Albert tournament this weekend, beating four quality teams to win the tournament title. The Sandites topped Tuttle 5-1, Stillwater 12-2, Choctaw 6-5, and Chickasha 7-3.

The pool play style tournament featured twelve teams playing four or five games apiece with no bracket. In the event of two undefeated teams, the Champion would be decided by run differential, but that tie-breaker wasn’t needed as Sand Springs was the only squad with a perfect weekend.

In the first game of the tournament Sand Springs defeated the defending 4A State Champions from Tuttle (18-2), snapping a sixteen-game win streak by the Tigers. Mackenzie Bechtold (3-1, 7-1) got the win in the circle with two strikeouts, five hits, and no walks. Madi Hicks took the loss with nine hits, two walks, and two strikeouts.

Tuttle was first on the board after Madi Surber hit a single, took third on an error, and came home on a sacrifice fly. That would be their only run of the game, however. The Sandites took the lead in the bottom of the third with two walks and three hits. Aliyah Taff batted in Madison Lee with a single and Jolee McNally scored on an error. McNally brought in Rachel Jones on a sacrifice fly in the fourth and on a single in the sixth, and Jones singled in Avery Tanner.

The Sandites’ next game only lasted four innings as they run-ruled Stillwater (5-10) with eleven hits and seven Pioneer errors. Aliyah Taff (5-4, 9-10) only gave up two hits and one walk with four strikeouts.

Lee, Sabrina Usher, Taff, Horn, and Jones had two runs apiece, and Bechtold and Tanner scored one each. Lee led the offense with three hits and two RBI. Sand Springs took a 7-0 lead in the first inning, added a run in both the second and third, then drove in three more in the fourth for the 12-0 lead before letting the Pioneers on the board.

On Saturday the girls edged out Choctaw (10-6) in a game that saw almost identical performances from the two teams. Both had three errors and two walks, but Choctaw actually outhit the Sandites 7 to 5. The two teams have had a heated rivalry in recent years since the Yellowjackets beat the Sandites 4-3 in the 2015 State Championship game.

Both teams put up three runs apiece in the second inning. Horn and Jones scored on RBI singles from Hawkins and Tanner, and Hawkins scored on an error. The Yellowjackets tied it immediately with three hits, a walk, and an error.

Bechtold got the start at pitcher and threw through the tie before being relieved by Taff in the third inning. Choctaw took the lead on an error but Usher secured the victory with a three-run homer in the fourth.

Taff got the win with two hits and one walk in three innings. Bechtold tossed five hits, one walk, and one strikeout in two innings. Emma Jackson took the loss with five hits, three walks, and three strikeouts.

In the final game of the tournament the Sandites took an early lead and never trailed against Chickasha (13-5) despite committing two errors and giving up five walks.

Usher batted in McNally in the first inning, Lee brought in Tanner in the second, then Usher hit a three-run homer to score Lee and Jaden Jordan. Lee batted in Tanner again in the fourth, then stole home for the final Sandite run.

The Fighting Chicks got on the board in the top of the fifth after a wild pitch sailed into the dugout, giving Analise Eaton time to steal three bases and score. Allyson Arthur scored on a catcher’s error and Alli Bordwine came in on a single from Valerie Ingraham for the final run of the game.

Freshman Nataley Crawford (3-2) got the win with two hits and four walks in four innings. Raegan Rector (0-0, 0-1) made her season debut midway through the fifth with one hit, one walk, and one strikeout.

Sand Springs softball will return to action Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. with a district home game against Ponca City (6-14, 1-6). The Sandites are 5-1 in district action, tied for second place.

Game Results
Sand Springs 12-2 Stillwater
Sand Springs 6-5 Choctaw
Sand Springs 5-1 Tuttle
Sand Springs 7-3 Chickasha
Mustang 3-1 Washington
Mustang 3-1 Carl Albert
Mustang 8-0 Norman
Newcastle 9-1 Mustang
Newcastle 4-3 Carl Albert
Newcastle 12-3 Cache
Washington 3-2 Newcastle
Washington 10-3 Shawnee
Washington 3-1 Cache
Tuttle 4-3 Choctaw
Tuttle 7-4 Shawnee
Tuttle 3-2 Stillwater
Carl Albert 11-6 Norman
Carl Albert 15-0 Cache
Chickasha 5-4 Shawnee
Chickasha 5-3 Stillwater
Choctaw 5-4 Chickasha
Choctaw 8-6 Norman
Cache 4-1 Norman
Shawnee 5-3 Stillwater
Stillwater 5-4 Washington

Tournament Record (Run Differential, Runs Allowed)
4-0 Sand Springs (19, 11)
3-1 Newcastle (17, 10)
3-1 Mustang (4, 11)
3-1 Tuttle (1, 14)
3-2 Washington (7, 14)
2-2 Carl Albert (17, 13)
2-2 Choctaw (1, 20)
2-2 Chickasha (-2, 19)
1-3 Shawnee (-9, 25
1-3 Cache (-24, 31)
1-4 Stillwater (-14, 29)
0-4 Norman (-18, 31)

CPHS Softball: Mackenzie Bechtold shuts out Sapulpa 10-0, strikes out seven


Charles Page High School senior Mackenzie Bechtold (3-1, 7-1) pitched her second shutout of the season Thursday afternoon at the Sandite Softball Complex, helping her team to a 10-0 district win over their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (4-12, 1-7). She threw seven strikeouts, no walks, and four hits in the five-inning run-rule win.

Rogers State University-commit Sabrina Usher led the team offensively with a triple and a home run for three runs and five RBI.

The Chieftains got off to a rough start right out of the gate, giving up three walks and two errors in the top of the first for a 3-0 deficit. Madison Lee, Jolee McNally, and Usher all scored. Usher batted in Bechtold and Lee with her second-inning triple, then came in on an error to make it 6-0.

Makenna Skaggs hit an RBI single in the fourth to score McNally, then Usher scored the final three runs with a homer over the center field fence.

Sand Springs (9-7, 5-1) is currently third in district standings. They will compete this weekend at a tough Choctaw Tournament. Sapulpa will host Jenks Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
4-0 Owasso (10-5)
5-1 Jenks (10-4)
5-1 Sand Springs (9-7)
4-5 Muskogee (4-7)
2-3 Shawnee (6-11)
1-5 Ponca City (6-11)
1-7 Sapulpa (4-12)

Upcoming 6A-3 Games
9.9 Ponca City @ Jenks.
9.10 Jenks @ Sapulpa.
9.10 Ponca City @ Sand Springs.
9.10 Owasso @ Muskogee.
9.12 Sand Springs @ Owasso.
9.12 Muskogee @ Shawnee.

Choctaw Tournament Schedule
Friday 3:00 p.m. CPHS vs. Tuttle (15-1)
Friday 6:20 p.m. CPHS vs. Stillwater (4-6)
Saturday 10:00 a.m. CPHS vs. Choctaw (7-4)
Saturday 11:40 a.m. CPHS vs. Chickasha (11-3)

Choctaw High School
14300 Northeast 10th Street
Choctaw, OK 73020

CPHS Softball: Sandites beat Shawnee 7-1 in district action, Usher hits home run

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (8-7, 4-1) got back to a winning record Thursday evening in Shawnee with a 7-1 district victory over the Wolves (6-9, 2-2). Sabrina Usher hit her sixth home run of the season and scored three runs. 

The Sandites only outhit their hosts 7-4 but benefited from four errors and five walks. Aliyah Taff (4-4, 8-10) got the win in the circle with no walks, no earned runs,  and four strikeouts. 

Felicity Horn scored the first run of the evening on an error in the second inning thanks to an overthrown pickoff attempt by the catcher. Madison Lee reached on an error in the third inning and scored on Usher’s home run for the 3-0 lead. Horn and Makenna Skaggs both hit doubles, but Skaggs was caught advancing to home on Horn’s hit to end the inning. 

Usher was hit by pitch in the fifth and came in on a sacrifice hit from Skaggs. Taff hit a 2RBI single in the sixth to score Lee and Rachel Jones, then Usher scored the final run on an error to make it 7-0.

Shawnee averted the shutout in the bottom of the sixth when Oklahoma State University-commit Tatum Sparks reached on an error and scored on a sacrifice from Carly Torbett. 

Anneca Anderson got the loss for the Wolves with four hits, four walks, and five strikeouts in four innings. Stormee Reed also saw action, tossing three hits and two walks in three innings. 

Sand Springs will return to action Thursday at 5:00 p.m. with a district road game against their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (4-9, 1-4). Shawnee will host Jenks (7-4, 2-1) Tuesday.

District 6A-3 Standings
4-0 Owasso (10-4)
4-1 Sand Springs (8-7)
2-1 Jenks (7-4)
2-2 Shawnee (6-9)
2-3 Muskogee (2-5)
1-4 Ponca City (4-9)
1-4 Sapulpa (4-9)

Upcoming 6A-3 Games
9.3 Jenks @ Shawnee.
9.3 Sapulpa @ Muskogee.
9.5 Sand Springs @ Sapulpa.
9.5 Muskogee @ Jenks.
9.9 Ponca City @ Jenks.
9.10 Owasso @ Muskogee.
9.10 Ponca City @ Sand Springs.
9.10 Jenks @ Sapulpa.

CPHS Softball: Sandites top Muskogee 7-2, Usher hits two triples


Rogers State University-committed senior Sabrina Usher was the bread and butter for the Sandite offense Tuesday afternoon, hitting two triples and a single to score one run and two RBI in a 7-2 win over Muskogee (2-5, 2-3). The Charles Page High School softball team (7-7, 3-1) got back to a .500 record and reclaimed the second-place spot in district standings with the win.

Sand Springs had zero difficulty in getting on base with fourteen hits, one walk, and three reaches on error. They stranded nine runners, however. Senior pitcher Mackenzie Bechtold (2-1, 6-1) got the win in the circle, throwing four hits, two strikeouts, and no walks with only one earned run.

Madison Lee scored on an RBI-single from Makenna Skaggs in the first inning but a pop fly to second base stranded loaded bases for the Sandites. Lee batted in Jaden Jordan with a single in the second inning, then Aliyah Taff scored on an error. Lee and Jolee McNally made it 5-0 on Usher’s first triple of the evening.

The visiting Roughers got on the board in the third thanks to errors at short and second, and a pair of singles. Hannah Cawthon and Isyss Patton scored on a 2RBI single from Karsyn York to avert the shutout.

Sand Springs loaded the bases again in the bottom of the third with two singles and an error. Hawkins managed to score on a fly out from McNally, but Mya Gaulden made the double play to third to end the inning.

Usher’s second triple was fruitless after three quick infield flies left her stranded, but she singled in the sixth and scored the final run on a hit from Avery Tanner.

Meadow Million took the loss for the Roughers with fourteen hits, no strikeouts, and one walk.

The Sandites will play a district game in Shawnee (6-8, 2-1) Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Muskogee will travel to Fenton, Missouri for the Rockwood Summit Tournament Friday and Saturday.

District 6A-3 Standings
4-0 Owasso (10-4)
3-1 Sand Springs (7-7)
2-1 Jenks (7-4)
2-1 Shawnee (6-8)
2-3 Muskogee (2-5)
1-4 Sapulpa (4-8)
1-5 Ponca City (4-10)

District 6A-3 Schedule
8.29 Sand Springs @ Shawnee.
9.3 Sapulpa @ Muskogee.
9.3 Jenks @ Shawnee.
9.5 Owasso @ Union.
9.5 Sand Springs @ Sapulpa.
9.5 Muskogee @ Jenks.

CPHS Softball: Sandites fall 9-6 to Jenks in district action

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (6-7, 2-1) dropped its first district game Monday evening, falling 9-6 to Jenks (7-3, 2-0). The teams were fairly evenly matched throughout the game, but a three-run homer in the third inning was more than the Sandites could overcome.

Jenks was first on the board with three singles and an error for a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the second, but Sand Springs quickly responded. Aliyah Taff doubled, Madison Lee singled, and Jolee McNally walked to load the bases. Sabrina Usher hit a two-run single, Felicity Horn had a two-run double, and Drew Hawkins hit an RBI single for the 5-3 advantage.

The Trojans got back out front with a three-run homer. Taff doubled again and scored the Sandites’ final run on a catcher’s error in the fourth. Both teams stranded runners in the fifth, and Sand Springs stranded loaded bases in the sixth.

Jenks also loaded the side in the sixth and would have stranded them all were it not for an error in right field that allowed all three runners to score and seal the victory.

Taff (3-4, 7-10) went three-for-three at the plate, but got the loss on the mound with ten hits, three earned runs, one strikeout, and two walks.

Sandite Softball will return to action Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in a district home game against Muskogee (2-4, 2-2). The Trojans will meet the only other undefeated district team in Owasso (9-4, 3-0) Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
3-0 Owasso (9-4)
2-0 Jenks (7-3)
2-1 Sand Springs (6-7)
2-1 Shawnee (6-8)
2-2 Muskogee (2-4)
1-3 Sapulpa (4-7)
0-5 Ponca City (3-10)

CPHS Softball: Mackenzie Bechtold hits grand slam in 12-1 win over Claremore

Charles Page High School senior Mackenzie Bechtold didn’t have a single hit under her belt coming into the Sandites’ Thursday morning matchup with Claremore (7-4). She had an impressive slow-pitch season this spring, but in varsity fast-pitch she was 0-for-13 at the plate in her career. She blew that mark wide open.

Sand Springs (6-6) run-ruled the Zebras 12-1 in the first game of the Rogers State University Festival at the Diamond Sports Complex, and Bechtold scored two runs and five RBI in the melee, going three-for-three at the plate with a single, a double, and a grand slam.

Sabrina Usher hit the first home run of the day, scoring Aliyah Taff for a 2-0 lead in the first inning. Usher, a senior, is committed to playing for Rogers State next season. Jadyn Muns scored the Zebras’ lone run in the bottom of the first, reaching on a double, and scoring on a ground ball from Emily Rogers.

The Sandites did the rest of their damage in the second inning. Bechtold hit an RBI single to score Drew Hawkins, then the Zebras got into a bases loaded situation and began hemorrhaging runs. Makenna Skaggs and Avery Tanner hit RBI singles, Bechtold scored on a passed ball, and Taff and Skaggs scored were walked in.

With an 8-1 lead, Bechtold scored the final runs of the game with a home run over the left field fence to bring in Felicity Horn, Tanner, and Hawkins.

The rest of the game was fairly uneventful. Claremore stranded singles from Paiten Reavis and Muns in the third, and from Terran Schomick and Abbey Hagen in the fourth. The game ended after fourth innings due to mercy rule.

Taff (3-3, 7-9) got the win on the mound, throwing five hits, two strikeouts, and zero walks. Alyssa Poorboy got the loss for Claremore with ten hits, three walks, and no strikeouts.

In the second game of the festival the Sandites fell 9-3 to Coweta (7-6), giving up all nine runs in the first two innings. Freshman Nataley Crawford (2-2) got the loss on the mound, throwing eight hits, two strikeouts, and one walk before being relieved.

Bechtold (1-1, 5-1) took over midway through the second with an 8-0 deficit and loaded bases. She gave up an RBI single for the final Tiger run of the game before the Skaggs and Rachel Jones caught fly balls to end the inning.

Sand Springs got four walks in the first inning, but stranded loaded bases and didn’t pick up their first hit till the third. Three walks and a single once again put the Sandites in excellent scoring position, but they were held to a single run on an RBI single from Horn.

A double from Hawkins and singles from Bechtold and Madison Lee loaded the bases for a third time in the fourth inning. Hawkins scored on a fly out from Taff, but Lauren Hammock was caught running to end the inning in a double play.

Horn scored Usher on a single in the fifth, but the game came to a close soon after.

Bechtold ended the game with three hits, three strikeouts and one walk. Tarun Robinson got the win with seven hits, four strikeouts, and eight walks.

Sand Springs will return to action Monday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in a district battle against Jenks (6-3, 1-0) on the Trojans’ home turf.

District 6A-3 Standings
3-0 Owasso (9-4)
2-0 Sand Springs (6-6)
1-0 Jenks (6-3)
2-1 Muskogee (2-3)
1-1 Shawnee (5-8)
1-3 Sapulpa (4-7)
0-5 Ponca City (3-9)

CPHS Softball: Sandites win Highway 97 Rivalry 18-2 over Sapulpa

After losing five games in a row at this weekend’s Broken Arrow Tournament, the Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (5-5, 2-0) rebounded perfectly Tuesday evening with a lopsided 18-2 run-rule win over their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (4-5, 1-2). The victory moved the Sandites back into first place in district standings.

Sand Springs dominated every aspect of the game, outhitting the Chieftains 15 to 5 with no errors, 6 stolen bases, and eight strikeouts from freshman pitcher Nataley Crawford (2-1).

The Chieftain pitching crew struggled, with Ally Zanca throwing ten hits, one strikeout, and nine walks in only three innings. The team also committed four errors.

Crawford took a minute to warm up, walking two in the first inning, but struck out two more to strand the runners. Sapulpa walked three of their own, but stranded the side to keep the game scoreless.

Crawford got her team on the board with an RBI single in the second, bringing in Rachel Jones, then Jolee McNally singled to score Crawford and Madison Lee. Sabrina Usher hit her fourth home run of the season for a 5-0 lead. Makenna Skaggs scored on an error, Felicity Horn scored on a sacrifice fly from Jones, Avery Tanner scored on a wild pitch, and Drew Hawkins scored on a single from Lee to make it 9-0 before the inning came to a close.

Crawford struck out the side in order to kick off the third inning, then Sand Springs quickly loaded the bases. Skaggs doubled and scored on a sacrifice from Jones, Horn and Tanner scored on an error, and Hawkins scored on a double from Crawford. Lee and McNally scored on a single from Skaggs, then Skaggs and Usher scored on a single from Horn for the 17-0 advantage.

Crawford tallied the final Sandite run on an error, and Sapulpa stranded loaded bases to avert further disaster. The Chieftains finally began to make headway in the top of the fifth, loading the bases with a single and two walks. Lexi Cahwee hit a 2RBI single to score Jessica Elliott and Kylissa Williams, but was left stranded as the game came to an early end via run-rule.

Sand Springs will return to action Thursday at 10:00 a.m. when they play Claremore (5-3) in the first round of the Rogers State University festival, followed by Coweta (4-5) at 11:30 a.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
2-0 Sand Springs (5-5)
2-0 Owasso (6-2)
1-0 Jenks (6-3)
2-1 Muskogee (2-3)
1-1 Shawnee (2-7)
1-2 Sapulpa (4-5)
0-5 Ponca City (1-5)

District 6A-3 Thursday Schedule
5:00 p.m. Jenks at Muskogee.
6:00 p.m. Owasso at Sapulpa.

CPHS Softball: Mid-season statistics

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team is 4-5 overall and 1-0 in district action after the first week of the season. They won their first four games with three shutouts, then lost five at the Broken Arrow Tournament.

The team holds a .354 batting average, .539 slugging average, .396 on-base percentage, 1.9 earned run average, and 1.23 WHIP. They average 5 runs, 8 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 1 sacrifice, 1 steal, 2 errors, and 1 double play per game. The pitching crew averages 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, and 1 walk per game.

The Lady Sandites will play Sapulpa (4-4, 1-1) in district action Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on their home field.

Batting Average
.680 Usher
.444 McNally
.417 Lee
.391 Skaggs
.346 Horn
.318 Tanner
.267 Hawkins
.250 Jordan
.176 Jones
.000 Bechtold

Slugging Average
1.24 Usher
.708 Lee
.696 Skaggs
.692 Horn
.444 McNally
.364 Tanner
.267 Hawkins
.250 Jordan
.118 Jones
.000 Bechtold

On-Base Percentage
.714 Usher
.467 Lee
.462 Skaggs
.444 McNally
.433 Horn
.381 Hawkins
.368 Jordan
.292 Tanner
.182 Jones
.000 Bechtold

10 Lee
9 Horn
7 Usher
6 Skaggs
3 Tanner
2 McNally
2 Hawkins
2 Jordan
2 Jones
1 Pearson
1 Crawford
1 Hammock
1 Bechtold

Runs Batted In
12 Usher
7 Lee
5 McNally
4 Horn
4 Skaggs
3 Tanner
2 Hawkins
2 Pearson
1 Jones
1 Crawford
1 Hammock

17 Usher
10 Lee
9 Horn
9 Skaggs
8 McNally
7 Tanner
4 Hawkins
4 Jordan
3 Jones
1 Pearson
1 Crawford

8 Usher
8 McNally
7 Lee
6 Skaggs
6 Tanner
4 Horn
4 Hawkins
4 Jordan
2 Jones
1 Pearson

4 Usher
2 Horn
1 Skaggs
1 Tanner
1 Crawford

2 Horn
2 Lee
1 Usher

Home Runs
3 Usher
2 Skaggs
1 Horn
1 Lee

4 Jones
2 Lee
2 Tanner
2 Hawkins
1 Crawford
1 Taff

Stolen Bases
1 Lee
1 Usher
1 Skaggs
1 Horn
1 McNally
1 Hawkins
1 Jordan

Doubles Plays
3 Lee
3 Tanner
2 Jordan
1 Bechtold

Win-Loss Record
2-3 Taff
1-1 Crawford
1-1 Bechtold

Earned Run Average
0.26 Taff
3.62 Crawford
4.45 Bechtold

Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched
1.06 Taff
1.36 Bechtold
1.55 Crawford

16 Taff
8 Crawford
2 Bechtold

Sandite of the Week: Sabrina Usher bats .680 with 3 home runs in first week

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team went 4-5 in their first week of competition, and senior standout Sabrina Usher was the bread and butter for the offense.

Usher logged 28 plate appearances over the first nine games and came away with a remarkable 17 hits, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 3 home runs, 7 runs, and 12 RBI. She holds a .680 batting average, 1.24 slugging average, and .714 on-base percentage, each of which is the best on the team.

The Rogers State University-commit has recorded four perfect games at the plate this season and connected for nine-straight hits in a three game run against Ponca City, Bartlesville, and Tahlequah. She hit home runs in back-to-back games against Ponca and Bartlesville, and hit for the cycle against the Wildcats.

The Lady Sandites (4-5, 1-0) will return to district action Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in a home game against Sapulpa (4-4, 1-1). They will then compete at the Rogers State Festival Thursday and the Stillwater Festival on Friday.

CPHS Softball: Sandites go 1-5 at tough Broken Arrow tournament

After a dominant 4-0 start to the season, the Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (4-5) hit its first slump in a 1-5 performance at the Broken Arrow Tournament this weekend. The Lady Sandites averaged ten runs and twelve hits over their first four games, but after a 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah in the first round of the tournament, things began to fall apart. 

SEE RELATED: Freshman Nataley Crawford pitches no-hitter 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah.

Sand Springs notched five hits against the defending State Champions from Westmoore (6-1), briefly led after a fourth inning home run from Makenna Skaggs, and went into overtime before losing in a walkoff. They benefited from two walks and an error but stranded seven base runners and committed four errors of their own. 

The Jaguars got the tie in the bottom of the fourth without a single hit thanks to errors at second, third, and short. Mattie Lee reached on an error in the bottom of the sixth and scored on a double from Aynslee Linduff for the victory. 

Aliyah Taff (2-3, 6-9) took the loss on the mound, throwing seven hits and two strikeouts with no walks. Hannah Harrison secured the win for Westmoore with five hits, three strikeouts, and three walks. 

Next up for the Sandites were the defending 3A State Champions from Tahlequah Sequoyah (9-0) who continued their seventeen-game win streak with their fourth shutout of the season, holding the Sandites scoreless for the first time in three years. 

The Indians outhit Sand Springs ten to five en route to an 11-0 win. Sabrina Usher went two-for-two at the plate and Felicity Horn hit a double, but the Sandites only really threatened once, in the bottom of the fourth. Trailing 7-0, Usher, Jaden Jordan, and Skaggs hit singles with no outs to load the bases. Sequoyah quickly recovered with a strikeout and pair of force outs at third to save the inning. 

Mackenzie Bechtold (1-1, 5-1) suffered her first career loss, throwing ten hits, two walks, and no strikeouts. Sequoyah went undefeated in the tournament, outscoring their foes 45-9. 

Next to top the Sandites was a tough State Semifinalist team from Yukon (7-1), by a much closer score of 5-2. The Millerettes did all of their damage in the second inning, and errors were a contributing factor. 

Both teams stranded runners in the first inning but Sand Springs left two dry in the second and Yukon brought five home. Two infield errors put the Millers in scoring position and Hannah Hurtz brought both in with a double. AJ Rayburn doubled in Hurtz, then McKenna Johnson hit a 2RBI homer before the inning came to a close. 

Jolee McNally drove in Horn on a single in the third but the Sandites stranded loaded bases and their best shot at a comeback. Madison Lee scored the final run on an error in the fifth. 

Taff got the loss for Sand Springs with six hits, one strikeout, and no walks. Kaylee Bradley got the win with five hits, two strikeouts, and three walks. 

The host team from Broken Arrow (7-0) topped the Sandites 8-3 on their way to an undefeated tournament performance, outhitting Sand Springs 11 to 6. Nataley Crawford (1-1) took the loss with two walks and one strikeout. Kailee Reese got the win with one strikeout and one walk. 

Lee scored the first run for Sand Springs on an RBI single from McNally in the top of the first then the Tigers scored on a passed ball in the second to tie it. Lee hit a sacrifice fly in the third to bring in Crawford for the lead and Usher hit a home run, but that was the end of the Sandites’ offense.

Three hits and two errors in the bottom of the third gave Broken Arrow the advantage and they added to it with five hits and two errors in the fourth. The Tigers scored two more on three hits in the fifth before time expired. 

Finally, the Sandites fell 5-1 to Southmoore (4-2) in the final game of the weekend. The Sandite bats were unusually quiet, as only Usher and Rachel Jones were able to connect. 

The Jaguars scored three runs on two hits and two errors in the top of the second. Skaggs was hit by pitch in the bottom of the inning and scored on Jones’s single, but Southmoore responded immediately with two more runs in the third and the rest of the game was uneventful for both sides. 

Taff got the loss with six hits, one walk, and two strikeouts. Abi Jones got the win with three walks and three strikeouts. 

Sand Springs will look to get back to a .500 record when they play Sapulpa (2-2, 1-1) Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in district action.

Pool A

Broken Arrow (5-0)
Broken Arrow 3-0 Yukon
Broken Arrow 9-1 Shawnee
Broken Arrow 10-0 Skiatook
Broken Arrow 11-1 Tahlequah
Broken Arrow 8-3 Sand Springs
Tahlequah Sequoyah (5-0)
Sequoyah 8-4 Westmoore
Sequoyah 7-0 Tahlequah
Sequoyah 11-0 Sand Springs
Sequoyah 6-2 Skiatook
Sequoyah 5-2 Deer Creek
Yukon (4-1)
Yukon 11-4 Skiatook
Yukon 13-0 Tahlequah
Yukon 5-2 Sand Springs
Yukon 6-5 Shawnee
Westmoore (4-1)
Westmoore 2-1 Sand Springs
Westmoore 14-7 Shawnee
Westmoore 10-2 Tahlequah
Westmoore 18-1 Skiatook
Sand Springs (1-4)
Sand Springs 5-0 Tahlequah
Skiatook (1-4)
Skiatook 4-1 Shawnee
Shawnee (0-5)
Tahlequah (0-5)

Pool B

Owasso (4-1)
Owasso 3-0 Southmoore
Owasso 5-1 Coweta
Owasso 9-1 Mannford
Owasso 3-0 Deer Creek
Deer Creek (4-1)
Deer Creek 9-1 Mannford
Deer Creek 10-3 Collinsville
Deer Creek 5-0 Southmoore
Deer Creek 8-0 Broken Arrow JV
Ft. Gibson (3-2)
Ft. Gibson 2-1 Owasso
Ft. Gibson 2-1 Collinsville
Ft. Gibson 7-6 Broken Arrow JV
Collinsville (3-2)
Collinsville 6-3 Broken Arrow JV
Collinsville 13-0 Coweta
Collinsville 5-4 Mannford
Southmoore (3-2)
Southmoore 5-1 Ft. Gibson
Southmoore 6-2 Mannford
Southmoore 5-0 Coweta
Coweta (2-3)
Coweta 3-2 Broken Arrow JV
Coweta 8-0 Ft. Gibson
Mannford (0-3-1)
Mannford 2-2 Broken Arrow JV
Broken Arrow JV (0-3-1)
Broken Arrow JV 2-2 Mannford

Placement Rounds

Pool A/B
Broken Arrow 6-5 Owasso
Sequoyah 5-2 Deer Creek
Yukon 5-1 Ft. Gibson
Westmoore 8-2 Collinsville
Southmoore 5-1 Sand Springs
Skiatook 8-1 Coweta
Shawnee 11-7 Broken Arrow JV
Tahlequah 9-3 Mannford

Pool C/D
Hilldale 6-2 Edmond North
Moore 8-0 Claremore
Mustang 6-3 Jenks
Union 10-1 Sapulpa
Durant 5-4 Bixby
Pryor 4-2 Muldrow
Pocola 4-0 Midwest City
Liberty 9-7 Berryhill

Pool C

Edmond North (4-1)
Edmond 4-1 Pocola
Edmond 9-1 Liberty
Edmond 11-0 Bixby
Edmond 8-0 Union
Jenks (4-1)
Jenks 4-2 Union
Jenks 8-4 Edmond North
Jenks 9-1 Pryor
Jenks 5-4 Pocola
Moore (4-1)
Moore 3-0 Pryor
Moore 8-1 Bixby
Moore 3-2 Jenks
Moore 12-2 Liberty
Union (3-2)
Union 7-6 Pocola
Union 6-2 Moore
Union 9-3 Pryor
Bixby (3-2)
Bixby 4-3 Liberty
Bixby 4-2 Pryor
Bixby 11-1 Pocola
Pryor (1-4)
Pryor 9-2 Liberty
Pocola (1-4)
Pocola 10-2 Liberty
Liberty (0-5)

Pool D

Hilldale (5-0)
Hilldale 3-2 Mustang
Hilldale 6-3 Durant
Hilldale 14-1 Muldrow
Hilldale 11-2 Berryhill
Hilldale 12-0 Midwest City
Mustang (4-1)
Mustang 13-2 Muldrow
Mustang 8-6 Durant
Mustang 7-1 Midwest City
Mustang 8-0 Berryhill
Sapulpa (3-2)
Sapulpa 6-5 Midwest City
Sapulpa 7-2 Berryhill
Sapulpa 5-2 Muldrow
Claremore (3-2)
Claremore 5-4 Midwest City
Claremore 7-1 Sapulpa
Claremore 11-2 Berryhill
Muldrow (2-3)
Muldrow 9-5 Claremore
Muldrow 9-0 Durant
Durant (2-3)
Durant 7-4 Sapulpa
Durant 5-1 Claremore
Midwest City (1-4)
Midwest City 11-3 Berryhill
Berryhill (0-5)

CPHS Softball: Freshman Nataley Crawford pitches no-hitter 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah


The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (4-0) continued their undefeated start to the season and notched their third shutout Friday morning against Tahlequah (1-3). Freshman Nataley Crawford pitched a five-inning no-hitter with seven strikeouts and two walks in her varsity debut on the mound.

The Sandites previously beat Tahlequah 5-0 in their season opener on Monday, and repeated the feat in the first round of the Broken Arrow Invitational tournament.

Madison Lee singled and scored on a passed ball in the first inning. Jolee McNally hit an RBI single in the second to score Avery Tanner, but the Sandites stranded loaded bases as Sabrina Usher’s nine at-bat hitting streak came to an end.

Crawford struck out the side in the top of the third and sent two groundballs to first in the fourth inning. Felicity Horn hit an RBI triple and scored on a single from Lee, then Crawford singled in Lee for the final run of the game.

Sand Springs outhit Tahlequah 10-0 with no errors and only three strikeouts.

CPHS Softball: Sandites shut out Bartlesville 19-0, biggest win in five years


The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (3-0, 1-0) walked away with their biggest win in five seasons Thursday afternoon, pummeling Bartlesville 19-0 in a non-district tune up before their weekend tournament.

The Sandites recorded fifteen hits, including home runs from Sabrina Usher and Makenna Skaggs. Usher, a Rogers State University-committed senior, marked her second-straight four-for-four performance at the plate with four runs and six RBI. She has hit home runs in two straight games, and hit for the cycle against Ponca City on Tuesday.

Usher kicked off the day with a two-RBI double in the first inning, then scored on an error. Skaggs hit a two-run homer for a 5-0 lead to end the inning. Usher’s homer was the lone run of the second.

Sand Springs stranded two in the third, but Usher got them back on track in the fourth with an RBI single. Things quickly began to fall apart for the Bruins, who walked seven and gave up eight hits in the inning. Felicity Horn, Madison Lee, Usher, Lauren Hammock, Avery Tanner, Jolee McNally, Drew Hawkins, Rachel Jones, Jaden Jordan, and Jordyn Pearson all scored in the thirteen-run inning.

Mackenzie Bechtold (1-0, 5-0) picked up her first win of the season, throwing one hit, two strikeouts, and two walks. Sydney Price took the loss for Bartlesville with five hits, two strikeouts, and one walk.

Bartlesville (0-3, 0-2) will return to district action Friday at 4:30 p.m. with a double header against Choctaw (3-0, 3-0). Sand Springs will compete in the Broken Arrow Tournament Friday. They will play Tahlequah (1-1) at 10:00 a.m. on Field 3, Westmoore (1-0) at 11:00 a.m. on Field 4, and Hilldale (0-0) at 5:00 p.m. on Field 4 in Arrowhead Park.

CPHS Softball: Three Sandites hit home runs in 11-1 drubbing of Ponca City

Three Sandites hit home runs, two had triples, and two had doubles Tuesday afternoon in Ponca City as the Charles Page High School softball team (2-0, 1-0) notched their first district win of the season, 11-1 against the Wildcats (1-1, 0-1).

Senior standout Sabrina Usher went four-for-four at the plate, leading the team in hits with a single, a double, a triple, and a homer for two runs and five RBI.

Felicity Horn hit the first home run of the season in the first at-bat of the game, followed by back-to-back triples from Madison Lee and Usher. Usher scored on a passed ball for the 3-0 first inning lead. Mackenzie Bechtold reached on a passed ball in the second inning and Horn doubled. Both came in on a homer from Lee.

Usher hit a three-run homer in the fourth to score Horn and Lee. Jaden Jordan and Makenna Skaggs singled, then Skaggs stole third and scored on a fielder’s choice to make it 10-1. Usher batted in Lee in the fifth for the final run of the game.

The Wildcats’ lone run came on a third inning error. Aliyah Taff (2-0, 6-6) got the win on the mound with five hits, six strikeouts, and one walk. She struck out three in the bottom of the fifth to strand two runners and secure the run-rule victory.

The Sandites will return to action Thursday at home when they host Bartlesville (0-1) in a 5:30 p.m. non-district game.

District Standings
1-0 Sand Springs (2-0)
1-1 Shawnee (1-2)
1-1 Sapulpa (1-1)
0-0 Muskogee (0-1)
0-0 Jenks (0-0)
0-0 Owasso (0-0)
0-1 Ponca City (1-1)

CPHS Softball Season Preview: Q&A with Head Coach Shelli Brown


The Charles Page High School varsity softball team kicked off the 2019 Fast Pitch season with a convincing 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah Monday evening and will play their first district game Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in Ponca City.

The Sandites are coming off a 23-9 season and State Tournament appearance. They have won over 70% of their games for four-straight seasons and have won four-straight Regional Championships.

Several upperclassmen will be returning with extensive hitting and fielding experience. Felicity Horn (.345), Makenna Skaggs (.353), and Sabrina Usher (.458) will lead the offensive. The three combined for 94 hits, 80 runs, and 79 RBI last season, with Usher hitting 9 home runs. Aliyah Taff (5-6) will lead the bullpen as the lone returning pitcher.

Head Coach Shelli Brown is in her 23rd year at the helm and owns a 551-303 record at Sand Springs.

Which players do you expect to be leaders this season?

“My senior group has been doing a great job of leading this team. They have made it to the State Tournament now 3 years in a row and they use part of that to help motivate this team. The team chemistry is coming together and they’re doing a great job with incorporating new players into our program.”

Which newcomers do you expect to make a difference?

“I hope all of our players will make a difference. We have some young players that are getting that next level of experience and some of our returners are filling some big shoes left from our senior class last season.”

Team strengths and weaknesses going into the season?

“Team strengths will be chemistry and working together. They want to accomplish their team goals and they have the work ethic to make that happen.

“Hopefully we can turn a weakness into our strengths. I think the more this team gets to play together the stronger they will become as a unit and hopefully we will accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.”

Do you have any particular teams circled on the schedule?

“Every game is important to us. We take one day at a time and one game at a time. Our strength of our schedule will hopefully help us compete throughout the season.”

Do you have a particular coaching style/philosophy? How has it developed over your career?

“I believe in our kids and my coaches. Our community gives us great support. Our alumni have built this program and have helped us set our expectations high. We have established a tradition of success and it takes a great coaching staff and great kids.”

Who are some of your coaching influences?

“My parents. My past coaches, who I still have conversations with throughout the year. I had the opportunity to coach with Sheri Coale (University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball) early in my coaching career which was also a great influence. My coaching staff present and past has given me great opportunities to have great relationships and have memories that will always stay with me.”

What is your life like outside of coaching/teaching? Hobbies, interests, family?

“I have a great family. We are very close. We love to go to the lake and fish. I love to work in my yard. It’s relaxing to me. I like to travel when I have the time, which isn’t as often as I like.”

Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Shelli Brown
Assistant Coach - Brooke Smart
Assistant Coach - Jenny Owen
Assistant Coach - Brad Ehmke
JV Coach - Patty Keho
JV Coach - Courtney Harbaugh

1 - Avery Tanner (Sophomore) C/2B/OF
2 - Drew Hawkins (Junior) 2B/OF
5 - Jolee McNally (Sophomore) 2B/SS/OF
6 - Aliyah Taff (Junior) P/OF
10 - Makenna Skaggs (Senior) C/3B/OF
11 - Rachael Jones (Senior) OF/Utility
12 - Madison Lee (Junior) SS/2B
13 - Nataley Crawford (Freshman) P/SS
14 - Jordyn Pearson (Senior) P/OF
15 - Raegan Rector (Sophomore) P/1B/OF
18 - Felicity Horn (Senior) C/2B/OF
19 - Lauren Hammock (Sophomore) 1B/OF
21 - Sabrina Usher (Senior) C
25 - Mackenzie Bechtold (Senior) P/1B
27 - Olivia Alexander (Freshman) C
28 - Jaden Jordan (Freshman) 1B

Varsity Schedule
8.12 Tahlequah (H) - 6:30 p.m.
8.13 Ponca City (A) - 4:30 p.m.
8.15 Bartlesville (H) - 5:30 p.m.
8.16 Tahlequah (Broken Arrow) - 10:00 a.m.
8.16 Westmoore (Broken Arrow) - 11:00 a.m.
8.16 Tahlequah Sequoyah (Broken Arrow) - 5:00 p.m.
8.17 Yukon (Broken Arrow) - 9:00 a.m.
8.17 Broken Arrow (A) - 12:30 p.m.
8.17 TBA (Broken Arrow) - 4:00 p.m. or 5:30 p.m.
8.20 Sapulpa (H) - 5:00 p.m.
8.22 Claremore (RSU) - 10:00 a.m.
8.22 Coweta (RSU) - 11:30 a.m.
8.23 Newcastle (Stillwater) - 10:00 a.m.
8.23 Elk City (Stillwater) - 1:15 p.m.
8.26 Jenks (A) - 5:00 p.m.
8.27 Muskogee (H) - 5:00 p.m.
8.29 Shawnee (A) - 5:00 p.m.
9.5 Sapulpa (H) - 5:00 p.m.
9.6 - 9.7 Choctaw Tournament
9.10 Ponca City (H) - 5:00 p.m.
9.12 Owasso (A) - 7:00 p.m.
9.17 Muskogee (A) - 5:00 p.m.
9.19 Shawnee (H) - 5:00 p.m.
9.24 Owasso (H) - 5:30 p.m.
9.26 Jenks (H) - 5:00 p.m.
9.27 - 9.28 NSU Tournament
10.1 Collinsville (H) - 5:00 p.m.
10.3 Oologah (A) - 5:00 p.m.

CPHS Softball: Sandites shut out Tahlequah 5-0 in season opener

The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team notched a solid 5-0 win against Tahlequah in their season opener Monday evening. The girls outhit their foes 12-3 but stranded six runners, including five in scoring position. Their first run didn’t come till the bottom of the fifth, but they blew the game wide open with four runs in the sixth.

Felicity Horn scored the go-ahead run on a triple from Madison Lee in the fifth inning, then hit a 2RBI triple to bring in Drew Hawkins and Rachael Jones in the sixth. Makenna Skaggs and Avery Tanner hit back to back doubles to start the sixth and Hawkins batted in Tanner for the 3-0 lead before Horn put the exclamation mark on the inning.

Aliyah Taff (1-0, 5-6) went the distance on the mound, giving up only two hits and no walks with five strikeouts. Bailey Jones got the loss for Tahlequah with one strikeout, ten hits, and no walks.

The Sandites will take to the road Tuesday and play their first district game at 4:30 p.m. against Ponca City (1-0). Tahlequah will host Durant Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in their first district game. Sand Springs and Tahlequah will get a rematch Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the first round of the Broken Arrow Tournament.

Two Sandites headed to NCAA Softball Super Regionals, and other alumni updates


The No. 13 ranked Oklahoma State University Cowgirl Softball team (42-14) won its first Regional Championship since 2011 Saturday afternoon, squeezing out a 2-1 come-from-behind Finals win over No. 25 Tulsa (37-20). The Pokes also won 3-1 against the West Coast Conference Champions from BYU (30-26) and beat Tulsa 13-10 in their first meeting of the tournament.

The Cowgirl roster includes two former Sand Springs standouts in sophomore Sydney Pennington and senior Mallory Goodman.

Pennington played third base throughout the three-game tournament, recording two put outs and eight assists. At the plate she was 2-of-10 with 2 runs and 1 RBI, hitting a solo homer in the top of the second inning in the first game against Tulsa. 

Pennington is .250 on the season with 30 runs, 42 hits, 7 doubles, 1 triple, 10 homers, 33 RBI, a .482 slugging average, .314 on-base-percentage, and a .948 fielding average. In her career she’s .277 with 57 runs, 102 hits, 18 doubles, 1 triple, 17 homers, and 76 RBI.

Goodman hasn’t seen any action this season, but she’s .241 in her career with 17 runs, 28 hits, 5 doubles, 3 homers, a .362 slugging average, and .343 on-base-percentage.

The Pokes will return to action Thursday and Friday against the defending National Champions from No. 4 Florida State (54-8) at the Tallahassee Super Regional. Game times are 6:00 p.m. CT Thursday, 2:00 p.m. CT Friday, and 11:00 a.m. CT Saturday (if necessary). Thursday and Saturday’s games will be on ESPN and Friday’s game will be on ESPN2.

Other softball news…

Central Christian College senior Breanna Bill batted .271 this season with a .388 slugging average, 23 runs, 35 hits, 4 doubles, 4 triples, 1 home run, 11 RBI, and 8 sacrifices. The Tigers went 16-38 overall and 8-28 in the SAC.

1983 grad Randall King led the Broken Arrow High School Slow Pitch Softball team to a 23-9 record, Class 6A No. 5 ranking, and State Tournament appearance.

2011 grad Joely Rogers finished her first season as Pitching Coach at Coffeyville Community College, helping the Ravens to a 7-34 record.

Sophomore Jessica Collins batted .284 with a .327 on-base percentage, .561 slugging average, 32 runs, 42 hits, 5 doubles, 12 home runs, and 33 RBI at Connors State College as the Cowgirls went 16-31 overall and 11-22 in conference. She went 1-5 on the mound, throwing 5 strikeouts in 34 innings with a 9.34 ERA and .948 fielding percentage.

Northeastern State University went 28-27 overall and 14-12 in conference. Junior Jessica Schuler batted .297 with 29 runs, 47 hits, 33 RBI, 14 doubles, 5 homers, a .481 slugging average, .386 on-base percentage, and a .991 fielding percentage.

Junior Kennedy “Goose” Salyers finished the season .234 at the plate with 5 runs, 11 hits, 1 double, 1 RBI, a .255 slugging average, and a .250 on-base percentage at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The Savage Storm went 29-28 overall and 25-19 in conference.


Rhett Rutledge is playing NCAA Division I baseball at Florida International University in his junior year, following a two-year stent at Northern Oklahoma College. He currently owns a .250 batting average and .300 slugging average on the season with five hits, seven runs, and one RBI, with a .905 fielding percentage. The Panthers are 22-29 overall and will return to action Thursday with a three-day three-game home series against Louisiana Tech.

Sophomores Mack Thompson and Treyce Tolbert saw action on a 24-22 Rose State College baseball team, the school’s best record since 2013. Thompson ended the season with a .879 fielding percentage, .337 batting average, .413 on-base percentage, and .402 slugging average, recording 31 hits, 6 doubles, 20 runs, and 16 RBI. Tolbert finished with a .909 fielding percentage, .297 batting average, .360 on-base percentage, and .436 slugging average, with 30 hits, 12 doubles, 1 triple, 17 runs, and 19 RBI.

Berryhill grad and native Sandite Jacob Bailey is seeing reduced duty with the Seminole State baseball team. He is 1-0 on the mound in 3.2 innings pitched with a 0.0 ERA and 6 strikeouts. Last season he was 6-1 for a 4.14 ERA. Seminole went 39-14 this season.

University of Oklahoma sophomore Jake Terry has pitched two innings this season and thrown one strikeout. His career ERA stands at 7.53. The Sooners are 31-20 overall and 9-12 in Big 12 action. They will play a three-game Red River Rivalry series this week to conclude the regular season.

CPHS Class of 1981 grad Mike Moore is Head Baseball Coach at Jay High School, and recently wrapped up the season with an 18-14 record.


University of Central Oklahoma freshman Colt Savage scored 84 points with 25 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals for the Men’s Basketball team this past season, helping the Broncos to an 11-17 record. He shot 55.6% on field goals, 50% on three-pointers, and 90% on free throws.


Sophomore Jacob Taber and the Fort Hays State University football team earned their second-straight MIAA Conference Title with a 9-3 overall record and 6-0 undefeated performance on their home turf. Taber played in all twelve games, recording 4 total tackles.

Jerry Lyons didn’t see any action his freshman year at Southwestern College football, but the Moundbuilders finished the season 6-5 overall and 5-5 in conference.

Payton Scott took a redshirt his freshman year at the University of Central Oklahoma, but the football team went 8-4 overall, 7-4 in conference, and won the Heart of Texas Bowl.


University of Denver golfer Carson Griggs cracked the starting lineup this season as a true freshman and helped his team to a Summit League Conference Championship with a sixth place finish out of 44 golfers. The Pioneers concluded their season Wednesday with a 12th place finish at the NCAA Stanford Regional.

Griggs placed 54th out of 96 at the Ram Masters Invitational, helping his team to a 4th place finish. He was first on his team and 13th out of 100 at the William H. Tucker Invitational. He was second on his team and 31st of 84 at the Bayou City Collegiate Tournament. He placed 30th of 90 at the Ping Cougar Classic, 67th of 75 at Regionals, 68th of 72 at the Paintbrush Invitational, 84th of 112 at the Warrior Princeville Makai Invitational, and 101st of 120 at the Wyoming Desert Intercollegiate Classic. 


University of Oklahoma senior Hannah Hammond was named to the Academic All-Big 12 Rowing Team.


1991 grad Roger Bush led the Oral Roberts University Women to an 8-12 record. Junior Brooklyn Eardley played eight games and recorded one assist.

1999 grad Ryan Bush led the Oral Roberts University Men to a 6-7-3 record.

2012 grad Tyler McIntosh led the Midwest City Boys to a 2-12 record.

2010 grad Aaron McIntosh led the Mingo Valley Boys to a Heartland Christian Athletic Association Conference Championship in his first year as Head Coach.

Junior Kayla Foster played seven games this past season at Missouri University of Science and Technology, scoring one goal and one assist. The Miners went 4-11-1 overall and 3-9-1 in conference.

Megan Deshazo (sophomore) and Emma Peak (freshman) helped the Northern Oklahoma College (Tonkawa) team to an 8-7-1 overall record and 7-5-1 conference performance this season. Deshazo was named Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year and made the NJCAA All-Region team, leading the team in total scoring with eight goals and three assists. Deshazo is signed to play for Southwestern Christian University next season. Peak scored one goal and two assists.

Oklahoma City University freshman Abigail Banks only got to play one game this season, due to sharing the lineup with an All-Conference goalie. The Stars went 11-3-2 overall and 6-1-1 for second in conference.

Redlands Community College and sophomore Brooklyn Turner went 9-6-2 this season. Turner saw action in twelve games.


Assistant Coach Peter McCorkle (C/o 2005) helped the Oral Roberts men’s team to a 6-12

Track and Field

Colby Community College freshman Ian Baustert finished 27th in the 800 meter run at the NJCAA Region VI Track Championships with a time of 2:09.10 last week. Earlier this season he set 4:28.77 PR in the 1500.

Grand Canyon University sophomore Cheyenne Walden finished the season 6th in the 3K Steeplechase in 11:12.13 and 23rd in the 5K run in 18:47.24 at the Western Athletic Conference Championships. Over the course of the season she set PRs of 4:45.56 in the 1500 run, 5:22.13 in the one-mile, 10:17.49 in the 3k, 17:10.40 in the 5K, and 10:54.11 in the 3K Steeple. She also won the NAU Friday Night Duals one-mile run in the season-opener, placed second in the 3K Steeple at the Aztec Invitational, and broke the school’s 5K record.


Kansas State sophomore Gloria Mutiri had a remarkable season this past fall, earning a multitude of accolades. She was twice named the Big 12 Rookie of the Week, made the All-Big 12 Rookie Team, and was a second team All-Big 12 selection. The American Volleyball Coaches Association selected her for the All-Midwest Region First Team, named her Midwest Freshman of the Year, and gave her an All-American Honorable Mention.

Mutiri finished the season with 271 kills, 3 assists, 15 aces, 192 digs, and 67 blocks in 98 sets. The Wildcats went 15-12 overall and 5-11 in Big 12 action. They will be taking a nine-day trip to Brazil later this month to play a series of exhibition matches in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Labette freshman Kylie Taylor recorded 2 assists, 2 aces, and 44 digs in 34 sets, helping the Cardinals to an 8-22 record.


Oklahoma State redshirt freshman Daton Fix won the first 26 matches of his career and went 35-2 overall this season, picking up titles at the Oklahoma City Open, the Reno Tournament of Champions, the Southern Scuffle, and the Big 12 Conference Tournament. His only losses came to All-Americans and he placed second at the NCAA Tournament.

UCO redshirt junior Cody Karstetter went 1-0 in his debut season with the Bronchos, winning an 8-3 decision in a dual with Fort Hays State.

Class of 2019 signs 23 college letters of intent

Nine more athletes from the Charles Page High School Class of 2019 signed collegiate letters of intent recently, bringing the school’s grand total to 23 thus far. Six baseball players, five softball players, four track and field athletes, three basketball players, two football players, one wrestler, one cheerleader, and one tennis player are headed to the next level.

Riley Weir signed to wrestle with Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami. The community college competes in the NJCAA and owns three team National Titles. They finished last season second in the National Tournament under Head Coach Joe Renfro (174-34-3).

Weir missed the post-season of his senior year due to injury, but finished his high school career as a two-time State Champion with a 108-34 record, 49 pins, 10 technical falls, and 16 major decisions. He also holds the school record for fastest technical fall at 1:48.

Aden Baughman signed with the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and will compete at the NCAA Division I level in track and field and cross country in the Mountain West Conference. The Falcons placed fourth at their recent Conference meet

Baughman holds twenty individual titles, including two 6A State Championships in the 800-meter run. He holds personal records of 49.12 in the 300 hurdles, 50.13 in the 400 dash, 1:53.16 in the 800, 4:30.42 in the 1600, and 10:48.89 in the 3200.

Mitchell Mefford signed with the Oral Roberts University Track and Field Team and will be throwing Discus and Shot Put. Mefford ended his high school career with four Discus titles, including the 6A State Championship, and a personal best mark of 159’01.00”. In Shot Put his PR is 41’10.50.”

ORU is a private university in Tulsa, competing at the NCAA Division I level in the Summit League conference. The men’s team placed fourth in this season’s Conference Meet. They are led by Joe Dial in 24th year as Head Coach.

Jacob Smith signed with Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Smith will run track and cross country with the Bees, competing in the NAIA Sun Conference. Smith holds a 3200 meter PR of 10:22.07 and a 1600 PR of 4:39.94. He holds two individual track titles.

Sara Abbet signed with the track and cross country teams at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Abbet holds personal records of 3:12.32 in the 800, 6:28.9 in the 1600, 13:49.23 in the 3200, and 23:21.6 in the 5K. SNU is led by 15th-year Head Coach Billy Miller and competes at the NCAA Division 2 level in the Great American Conference.

Ben Banker signed with the Eastern Oklahoma State College baseball team, joining teammates John Miller and Tyler Ash, who signed earlier this year. Banker finished his high school pitching career with a 2.03 ERA, 1.59 WHIP, and 7-2 record in 51.2 innings.

EOSC is a public community college in Wilburton competing in the NJCAA. Matt Parker (349-133) took the reigns this year after seven winning seasons at Oklahoma Wesleyan. The Mountaineers just finished the season with a 24-22 record, falling in the first round of the Region Two playoffs.

Abbie White signed with the Northern Oklahoma College Cheer team. NOC is a public community college in Tonkawa. The Mavericks are coached by Karri Morrill in her twelfth season. In February they won the Small Two-Year College Co-Ed Title at the United Spirit Association Collegiate Championships in Anaheim, California.

JT Bristow recently signed to play football at Lyon College. Lyon is a private Presbyterian college in Batesville, Arkansas, competing in the NAIA and American Midwest Conference. The Scots went 4-7 last season under first-year head coach Casey Creehan. Primarily an offensive lineman, Bristow also recorded 22 tackles and one offensive fumble recovery last season.

Logan Bateman recently signed with the Oklahoma Baptist University tennis team. Bateman is a #1 Singles State Qualifier, with a season-best performance of second place at the Bartlesville Invitational. OBU is a private NCAA Division Two university in Shawnee, competing in the Great American Conference. The Bison went 6-13 this season in duals, led by first-year head coach Jason Proctor.

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CPHS Softball: Cameron Clemons signs with Northeastern State University
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CPHS Basketball: Destiny Johnson signs with University of Tulsa
CPHS Basketball: Holly Kersgieter signs with University of Kansas
CPHS Basketball: Isabella Regalado signs with Northeastern State University
CPHS Football: Caden Pennington commits to Northeastern State University

CPHS Softball: Lady Sandites finish season with first winning record since 2016


Sand Springs has never been as competitive in slow pitch as they are in fast pitch. Seniors rarely compete in the spring, and the girls have never qualified for the State Tournament. They came close this year, however, finishing with their first winning record in three seasons.

Of the five college-bound Sandite sluggers, only one returned for the spring season, and Cowley County Community College-commit Elizabeth Luttrell led her particularly talented underclassmen to a 14-9 record.

Luttrell handled the vast majority of the pitching and went 11-9 on the mound with a 10.33 ERA, 2.99 WHIP, and 27 strikeouts. She also led the team in hits (41), RBI (47), home runs (17), and grand slams (3). She hit home runs in five-straight games to start the season.

Six players batted over .500 on the season, led by junior standout Sabrina Usher with a .638 batting average, 1.29 slugging average, and .716 on-base percentage. Usher had 33 runs, 37 hits, 14 homers, 38 RBI, and one grand slam. She also had a team-high 16 walks, mostly intentional.

Luttrell and Usher tied with a team-high three homers in a single game. Both did it in the third game of the season against Owasso. The two also had a team-best five consecutive games with an RBI.

Felicity Horn led the team with 29 singles. Makenna Skaggs led with 7 doubles. Skaggs, Horn, and Raegan Rector all had two triples apiece.

Madison Lee, Horn, Rector, Rachael Jones, Avery Tanner, Skaggs, and Mackenzie Bechtold all hit dingers this season. Skaggs, Horn, Rector, Usher, Luttrell, and Bechtold all hit 50% or higher at the plate.

Rector scored runs in a team-best thirteen consecutive games while Skaggs had a team-best nineteen-straight games with a hit. Bechtold and Tanner had seven games apiece with perfect plate performances. Tanner had five perfect games in a row with hits on ten-straight at-bats.

Sophomore Aliyah Taff was the only other pitcher for the team, earning a 3-0 record, 7.44 ERA, and 2.5 WHIP. Bechtold was in on a team-high eleven double plays.

The season came to an end with a 2-2 performance at the Regional Tournament Wednesday at Union. The girls shut out Enid 14-0 in the first game and beat Union 20-8 in game three, but fell 12-10 and 22-12 to the host Redskins in the best-of-three finals series.

Sand Springs outhit the Pacers 14 to 4 for their second shut out of the season. Rector scored on an error in the first inning, then the girls scored the remaining thirteen runs in the third for a run-rule victory. Rector, Horn, Luttrell, and Skaggs hit RBI singles. Usher had a 2RBI triple, and Tanner and Horn both batted in runs on doubles.

The Sandites never led in their first game against Union, but tied it 10-10 going into the seventh, despite being outhit 21 to 14. Usher hit two solo homers and Lee scored a three-run blast in the second. After Usher’s first two hits the Redskins intentionally walked her twice.

Union made the mistake of pitching to Usher in their rematch, and she went yard twice more. She was three-for-three at the plate with three runs and six RBI. Luttrell also had two homers: a solo shot and a grand slam.

Usher gave the Sandites a 3-0 lead with her first dinger, then Luttrell sent one over the same section of fence. Jones had a two-run homer that same inning.

The Redskins cut it to 7-6 in the top of the third, but the visitors quickly retaliated. Tanner, Rector, and Horn all batted in runs before Luttrell’s grand slam made it 14-6. Tanner walked in a free run in the fourth then Horn scored a two-run single before Usher’s three-run homer concluded the run-rule win.

Union rallied in the final game, outhitting the Sandites 27-16. Sand Springs led after the first and second innings, but went scoreless through three and fell too far behind to come back.

Rector hit a solo blast in the first, then Horn, Usher, and Skaggs scored runs for a 4-0 lead. Union tied it up briefly, Luttrell hit an RBI single in the bottom of the second, then the Redskins went on a warpath.

Both teams had their best inning in the sixth. Union scored eight for a 22-5 lead. Horn hit a 2RBI double, Usher hit an RBI single, Luttrell hit a 3RBI homer, and Jones hit an RBI double for the final run of the game.

The Lady Sandites improved from a 9-12 Slow Pitch record in 2018. The Fast Pitch team went 23-9 in the fall and won their fourth-straight Regional title. They are coached by Shelli Brown in her 22nd year. Brown holds a 550-303 fast pitch record, but slow pitch records are harder to find. The Lady Sandites are 65-51 since 2014 in the spring.

In addition to Luttrell, four other Lady Sandites have also signed collegiate letters of intent. Jacie Taber is headed to Missouri State University, Kimi Presnell will play at Rogers State University, Cameron Clemons will compete at Southern Arkansas University, and Madelyn Blair will play at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Season Slow Pitch stats

Batting Average
(Minimum 30 at-bats)
.638 Usher
.563 Horn
.562 Luttrell
.533 Rector
.524 Bechtold
.522 Skaggs
.481 Tanner
.426 Hawkins
.424 Jones
.387 Lee
.289 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

Slugging Average
1.29 Usher
1.27 Luttrell
.855 Skaggs
.853 Rector
.803 Horn
.788 Jones
.667 Bechtold
.648 Tanner
.468 Lee
.352 Hawkins
.333 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

On Base %
.716 Usher
.600 Horn
.578 Rector
.571 Luttrell
.557 Bechtold
.553 Skaggs
.548 Tanner
.530 Hawkins
.433 Lee
.423 Jones
.333 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

37 Horn
35 Rector
33 Usher
24 Luttrell
24 Skaggs
22 Tanner
22 Lee
20 Jones
18 Hawkins
17 Bechtold
11 Taff
10 Burks
2 Smith
1 Harper

47 Luttrell
38 Usher
29 Lee
26 Horn
25 Rector
24 Tanner
24 Jones
23 Skaggs
18 Bechtold
11 Taff
7 Hawkins
2 Burks
1 Smith

41 Luttrell
40 Horn
40 Rector
37 Usher
36 Skaggs
33 Bechtold
28 Jones
26 Tanner
24 Lee
23 Hawkins
13 Taff
2 Smith
2 Burks

29 Horn
28 Bechtold
26 Rector
23 Skaggs
21 Luttrell
21 Hawkins
20 Usher
18 Lee
16 Jones
16 Tanner
11 Taff
2 Smith
2 Burks

7 Skaggs
6 Horn
6 Jones
5 Tanner
4 Rector
2 Lee
2 Luttrell
2 Taff
2 Usher
1 Bechtold

2 Horn
2 Skaggs
2 Rector
1 Tanner
1 Usher
1 Lee

Home Runs
17 Luttrell
14 Usher
6 Rector
6 Jones
4 Skaggs
3 Bechtold
3 Horn
2 Tanner
2 Lee

Grand Slams
3 Luttrell
1 Usher

7.44 Taff
10.33 Luttrell

W-L Record
3-0 Taff
11-9 Luttrell

2.50 Taff
2.99 Luttrell

58.5% Luttrell
50.8% Taff

27 Luttrell
3 Taff

Average Box Score

Runs: 12
Hits: 15
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 1
Errors: 0
Batting: .481
Slugging: .763
ERA: 10.24
WHIP: 2.95
K: 58%

Runs: 9
Hits: 12
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 1
Errors: 2
Batting: .440
Slugging: .723
ERA: 14.26
WHIP: 3.57
K: 58%