Colt Savage scores 30 as No. 20 Sandites fall 80-77 to No. 16 Owasso

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

No. 20 Sand Springs (7-10) visited No. 16 Owasso (10-7) Friday night in a Frontier Valley Conference showcase, and junior Colt Savage scored 30 points for the second time this season. Owasso got the win, however, 80-77. 

Owasso 80 CPHS 77

1Q All 13-13
2Q Owasso 26-19
3Q Sand Springs 20-18
4Q Sand Springs 25-23

Free Throws:
CPHS 18-of-25
Owasso 21-of-32
CPHS 19-of-32
Owasso 25-of-28
CPHS 7-of-15
Owasso 3-of-10
Fouls: CPHS 24, Owasso 21.

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Colt Savage 30, Keener 14, Cale Savage 11, Garbey 8, Price 7, Smith 4, Taber 2, Durkee 1. (Owasso) Proctor 29, Pomeroy 14, Alexander 13, Peterson 8, Killion 6, Thompson 6, VanCuren 2, Mason 2,. 

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 2, Keener 1, Durkee 1, Smith 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 9, Keener 1, Cale Savage 1.
Assists: Taber 6, Garbey 1.
Steals: Taber 3, Keener 2, Colt Savage 1, Durkee 1.
Blocks: Keener 7.
Fouls: Taber 5, Price 5, Garbey 4, Keener 3, Colt Savage 3, Cale Savage 2, Durkee 1, Wash 1.

The two teams were perfectly matched in the first quarter. Kyle Keener drew first blood, followed by a layup from Courtre Alexander. Cale Savage was next to find the bucket, then Alexander made another layup and sank his foul shot. Josh Proctor snagged a steal and dunk and the Rams may have briefly thought they would pull away, but Sand Springs had other plans.

Cole Durkee hit a free throw, Keener hit three more, then Colt Savage nailed a three to make it 11-7.

Garrett Killion nailed a two, Jaxon VanCuren snagged a steal and sent it to Proctor for a dunk, then Seth Pomeroy laid up for the lead. Keener had the final word of the period, however, and tied things at 13-13.

Owasso came out jacked in the second period and hammered Sand Springs in the first half of the quarter. The Rams scored eleven straight points, capped by back-to-back transition layups from Killion, before Cale Savage hit a three to put Sand Springs back in the game. Owasso went right back to it though, with three-straight baskets for a 30-16 lead.

The Sandites found their feet from there, however, and worked their way closer and finished with four-straight free throws to end the half down 39-32.

Sand Springs won the third quarter 20-17, setting things up for one of the most intense fourth quarters of the season. Both teams lead four times in the quarter and the game was tied six times. Owasso came out on top, however, with six free throw in the final minute to take the lead and finish 80-77, despite a last second layup from Colt Savage.

Sand Springs will return to action next Tuesday at Jenks (3-10), then will host 5A No. 15 Bishop Kelley (6-8) next Friday. Owasso will travel to No. 13 Sapulpa (10-3) next Tuesday and will host No. 7 Muskogee (12-2) next Friday.