Oklahoma Wrestling: Week Eleven High School 6A Individual and Team Rankings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


  1. Riley Weir (Sand Springs sophomore) 
  2. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw freshman)
  3. Braden Fowler (Yukon senior)
  4. Garrett Steidley (Edmond Memorial freshman)
  5. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow freshman)
  6. Brandon Blose (Sapulpa senior) 
  7. Nate Becker (Edmond North freshman) 
  8. Austin Hall (Southmoore senior) 
  9. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore)
  10. Yoshi Orikasha (Norman North freshman) Previously unranked

Not much changed at 106 after the shake-up last week. Gabe Johnson took first place at the Big 4+4. No. 10 Jacob Zimmer was knocked out of the rankings by Norman North freshman Yoshi Orikasha with a 14-6 major decision. 


  1. Colt Newton (Choctaw sophomore)
  2. TJ Long (Union sophomore)
  3. Tanner Ward (Sand Springs senior)
  4. Johnathan Warford (Sapulpa junior)
  5. Andrew Police (Broken Arrow freshman)
  6. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore)
  7. Will Pham (Deer Creek freshman) 
  8. Joe Lupton (Mustang junior) 
  9. Yves Worou (Norman North)
  10. Noah Hanscom (Yukon)

No change at 113.


  1. Paxton Rosen (Edmond North senior)
  2. Canon Randall (Westmoore senior)
  3. Tyler Lawley (Broken Arrow senior)
  4. Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs senior)
  5. Caron Watson (Union junior)
  6. Cameron Picklo (Mustang sophomore)
  7. Blake Gonzalez (Broken Arrow)
  8. Laif Jones (Bartlesville sophomore)
  9. Jacob Swenson (Ponca City junior)
  10. Chase Slatton (Jenks senior)

No change at 120. Jacob Swenson placed second at the Big 4+4.


  1. Drew Wilson (Midwest City senior)
  2. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City sophomore) Previously #4
  3. Blake Sargent (Sand Springs junior) Previously #5
  4. Wyatt Johnson (Owasso senior) Previously #8
  5. Brandon Bright (Edmond North senior) Previously #6
  6. Trent Higginbotham (Edmond North junior) Previously #7
  7. Alaisa Rubio (U.S. Grant) Previously #9
  8. Logan Herrell (Enid sophomore) Previously #10
  9. DaQuan Carbajal (Moore junior) Previously unranked
  10. Irwin Portillo (Sand Springs sophomore) Previously unranked

No. 2 Connor Holman and No. 3 Tanner Cole both moved up to 132 for the Big 4+4. DaQuan Carbajal moved into the rankings by virtue of a fifth place finish at Blanchard earlier this season, while Irwin Portillo took the bottom spot thanks to a fifth place finish at the Sapulpa Invitational. Spencer Schickram won the 4+4 and teched Wyatt Johnson 15-0. Johnson placed second and actually defeated Schickram 5-3 in pool play, but fell in the bracket finals. 


  1. Daton Fix (Sand Springs senior) 
  2. Connor Holman (Choctaw junior) Previously #2 in 126
  3. Tanner Cole (Deer Creek senior) Previously #3 in 126
  4. Dylan Schickram (Ponca City junior) Previously #3
  5. Drake Vannoy (Edmond North freshman) Previously #4
  6. Sam Avant (Norman North senior) Previously #5
  7. TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow senior) Previously #6
  8. Easton Hudson (Bixby senior) Previously #2
  9. Jacob Blumenthal (Westmoore senior) Previously #7
  10. Trey Edwards (Mustang) Previously #9

132 just became one of the most stacked weights in the State with the addition of Connor Holman and Tanner Cole. Holman placed first at the Big 4+4, majoring Dylan Schickram 11-3 and Tanner Cole 15-6. Cole placed second and majored Schickram 7-2. TaJuan Daniels picked up a big 7-2 dual victory over No. 2 Easton Hudson. No. 10 Tyler Roberts was knocked out of the rankings by the new additions. No. 8 Baylor Smith moved up to 138 at the 4+4.


  1. Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon senior)
  2. Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs senior)
  3. Tyler Dieringer (Stillwater senior)
  4. Kruz Simons (Edmond North sophomore)
  5. Josh Suter (Norman senior)
  6. Elijah Barnett (Booker T. Washington) Previously unranked
  7. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow freshman) Previously #6
  8. Cody Mathis (Sand Springs junior) Previously #7
  9. Baylor Smith (Owasso junior) Previously #8 in 132
  10. Dawson Hunt (Ponca City senior) Previously #8

Tyler Dieringer took first place at the Big 4+4, pinning Baylor Smith in 2:18 and topping Blake Muse 5-4. Elijah Barnett pulled off a big upset at Districts, pinning Bryce Mattioda in 1:07. Baylor Smith moved up from 132 and took second at the 4+4, defeating Dawson Hunt 3-1. Hunt placed fifth. No. 9 Austin Daniels and No. 10 Connor Simpson were bumped out by the new additions. No. 8 Blake Muse cut from 145, but came in last and didn't make the 138 rankings.


  1. Kendon Lee (Stillwater senior)
  2. Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs senior)
  3. Ryan Swanson (Westmoore junior)
  4. Seth Graves (Edmond Memorial senior)
  5. Zane Taylor (Yukon)
  6. Brandon Conrad (Owasso senior)
  7. Shamar Duncan (Putnam City senior)
  8. Killian McGrew (Jenks freshman) Previously #9
  9. Noah Austin (Edmond North senior) Previously #10
  10. Micah Lugafet (Deer Creek) Previously unranked

Kendon Lee took first at the Big 4+4 and defeated Brandon Conrad 9-5. Conrad placed second and majored Micah Lugafet 17-6. Lugafet majored No. 10 Cameron Traylor 14-0 at the Ram Duals and placed seventh at the 4+4. No. 8 Blake Muse cut to 138 at the 4+4.


  1. Payton Scott (Sand Springs junior)
  2. Baywiin Hollingshead (Yukon) 
  3. Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial freshman)
  4. Robert "RJ" Walker (Midwest City senior) 
  5. Ezequiel "Zeke" Rubio (Ponca City junior) Previously #7
  6. Jeff Speer (Choctaw junior) Previously #5
  7. Zach Johnson (Westmoore sophomore) Previously #6
  8. Jermain Harring (Union) 
  9. Brady Mattioda (Broken Arrow junior) 
  10. Jacob Swafford (Edmond North)

Zeke Rubio took first place at the Big 4+4 and pinned Jeff Speer in 4:40. Speer placed second. 


  1. Jaryn Curry (Choctaw junior)
  2. Chase Vincent (Yukon senior)
  3. Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow junior)
  4. Connor Wilcoxen (Stillwater senior)
  5. Joseph Messer (Norman North senior)
  6. Cooper Meadows (Mustang senior)
  7. Nolan Miller (Owasso junior)
  8. Chase Kelvington (Jenks) Previously unranked
  9. Noah Almy (Sand Springs) Previously #8
  10. Grayson White (Ponca City junior) Previously #9

Jaryn Curry placed first at the 4+4 and pinned Grayson White in 3:21. Connor Wilcoxen placed fourth and topped Nolan Miller 5-2. Miller placed fifth and edged out White 6-5. White finished in seventh. Chase Kelvington moved into the rankings by pinning Noah Almy in 1:10 in a dual.


  1. Zane Basma (Sand Springs senior) Previously #2
  2. Zane Coleman (Choctaw sophomore) Previously #3
  3. Christian Bahl (Stillwater senior) Previously #1
  4. Payden Brown (Putnam City senior) Previously #5
  5. Tyren Robb (Norman) Previously unranked
  6. Gage McBride (Mustang senior) 
  7. Sam Hensley (Edmond Memorial junior)
  8. Joe Speno (Edmond Santa Fe senior)
  9. Kaleb Mertz (Owasso junior)
  10. Lane Newlin (Ponca City) 

Zane Coleman took first place at the Big 4+4 by teching Lane Newlin 15-0 and defeating Christian Bahl 4-2. Bahl placed second and pinned Newlin in 4:54. Newlin placed third. Tyren Robb made his ranked debut by pinning Gage McBride at Districts. No. 4 Jace Brownlee moved up to 182 at the 4+4.


  1. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow)
  2. Easton Rendleman (Choctaw junior)
  3. Justin "JD" Johnson (Owasso junior) Previously #4
  4. Jace Brownlee (Stillwater senior) Previously #4 in 170
  5. Shane Flandermeyer (Westmoore junior) Previously #3
  6. Dakota Carnes (Sapulpa senior) Previously #5
  7. Noah Hooks (Edmond North junior) Previously #6
  8. Declan O'Brien (Deer Creek) Previously #7
  9. Jaylen Childs (Putnam North) Previously #8
  10. Joe Curtis (Bixby sophomore) Previously #9

Easton Rendleman won the Big 4+4, defeating Jace Brownlee 5-3 and JD Johnson 3-2. Johnson topped Brownlee 5-2 for second place and Brownlee took third. No. 10 DJ Booner was knocked out by the addition of Brownlee.


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow sophomore) 
  2. Blake Minnick (Edmond North sophomore)
  3. Jesse Wetherington (Norman North)
  4. Rafe Johnson (Deer Creek freshman)
  5. Gary Dockery (Choctaw junior)
  6. Fisher Jones (Putnam City)
  7. Arin Copas (Mustang senior)
  8. Colin Foster (Yukon)
  9. Riley Corona (Westmoore senior)
  10. Luke Bratcher (Sand Springs sophomore)

No change at 195. Gary Dockery placed fourth at the Big 4+4.


  1. Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs senior)
  2. Skyler Haynes (Broken Arrow senior)
  3. Mason Lancaster (Putnam City junior)
  4. Jon Martinez (Westmoore senior)
  5. Austin Fry (Ponca City senior)
  6. Caulin Poole (Chcotaw junior)
  7. Cody Adams (Bixby senior)
  8. Yousef Aliya (Union senior) 
  9. Gage Fain (Sand Springs junior)
  10. Parsa Lessani (Edmond North)

No change at 220. Austin Fry won the Big 4+4 and topped Caulin Poole 3-1. Pool placed third. 


  1. Brey Walker (Southmoore junior) 
  2. Gage Johnson (Norman North senior)
  3. Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow senior)
  4. Zach Austin (Choctaw senior) 
  5. Elwood Tomlin (Union senior)
  6. Ryan Tilbury (Midwest City senior)
  7. Malik McGee (U.S. Grant)
  8. Blake Russell (Mustang senior)
  9. Brett Bridges (Ponca City)
  10. Trey Cossey (Mustang senior) Previously unranked

Zach Austin placed third at the Big 4+4 and Brett Bridges took fourth. No. 10 Griff Stanley cut to 220 at the 4+4 and Trey Cossey took his spot. 

OSSAA Team Tournament Rankings Week 11

  1. Sand Springs (15 first-place votes)
  2. Choctaw (7 first-place votes)
  3. Broken Arrow (2 first-place votes)
  4. Edmond North
  5. Yukon
  6. Ponca City
  7. Stillwater
  8. Westmoore
  9. Union
  10. Edmond Memorial
  11. Mustang
  12. Norman
  13. Sapulpa
  14. Deer Creek
  15. Norman North

OSSAA Dual Team Rankings Week 11

  1. Sand Springs (17-0, 15 first-place votes)
  2. Choctaw (8-0, 10 first-place votes)
  3. Broken Arrow (7-2)
  4. Edmond North (10-0)
  5. Yukon (7-2)
  6. Ponca City (9-2)
  7. Norman (15-2)
  8. Stillwater (8-3)




OSSAA Team Tournament Rankings Accumulative Final Five Weeks

  1. Sand Springs (1486)
  2. Choctaw (1432)
  3. Broken Arrow (1320)
  4. Edmond North (1240)
  5. Yukon (1071)
  6. Ponca City (876)
  7. Union (787)
  8. Stillwater (777)
  9. Westmoore (769)
  10. Mustang (628)
  11. Edmond Memorial (607)
  12. Norman (399)
  13. Norman North (371)
  14. Deer Creek (252)
  15. Sapulpa (220)

OSSAA Dual Team Rankings Accumulative
Final Five Weeks

  1. Sand Springs (1344 points)
  2. Choctaw (1334)
  3. Broken Arrow (1154)
  4. Edmond North (1086)
  5. Yukon (941)
  6. Ponca City (759)
  7. Union (675)
  8. Westmoore (641)
  9. Mustang (493)
  10. Stillwater (483)
  11. Norman (428)
  12. Edmond Memorial (388)
  13. Claremore (307)
  14. Jenks (195)
  15. Sapulpa (184)

Sandite Pride Tournament Rankings

  1. Sand Springs (94)
  2. Choctaw (79)
  3. Broken Arrow (75)
  4. Edmond North (50)
  5. Yukon (46)
  6. Stillwater (40)
  7. Westmoore (38)
  8. Ponca City (35)
  9. Norman North (31)
  10. Owasso (28)
  11. Union (27)
  12. Edmond Memorial (26)
    Mustang (26)
  13. Putnam City (24)
  14. Deer Creek (23)
  15. Midwest City (22)
  16. Sapulpa (17)
  17. Southmoore (13)
  18. Norman (12)
  19. Bartlesville (10)
  20. U.S. Grant (8)
    Bixby (8)
  21. Jenks (7)
  22. Booker T. Washington (5)
  23. Enid (3)
    Edmond Santa Fe (3)
  24. Moore (2)
    Putnam City North (2)
  25. Putnam City West (0)
    Muskogee (0)
    Lawton (0)
    Capitol Hill (0)

Editor's Note: If you think a certain wrestler should be ranked higher, send in results. We can only rank based on the results we are given. 

Greathouse scores three touchdowns in 30-14 defeat of Yukon

Hunter Greathouse looks to find Payton Scott on a screen pass. Photo: Erik Sedwick

Hunter Greathouse looks to find Payton Scott on a screen pass. Photo: Erik Sedwick

By: Virgil Noah, Staff Writer

Just seventeen seconds into Friday night's showdown between the Charles Page High School football team (3-2, 1-0) and  Yukon High School (0-5, 0-1) the Millers had the lead.

Tyrese Antwine fielded the game's opening kickoff at around the 10 yard line and took it to the house, virtually untouched. Ryan Lucas added the extra point and just like that, before either offense had set foot on the field the Sandites trailed 7-0. Once the Sandite offense did make it onto the field, the game turned around quickly. Senior quarterback Hunter Greathouse drove the offense straight down the field, and ended the drive with a 25 yard touchdown strike to Kasey Bales. Greathouse and Bales were on the same page the whole night, hooking up eight times for 123 yards and a pair of scores. 

The Yukon offense then got their turn to touch the football, and looked good doing so picking up four first downs and moving the ball to the Sand Springs 28 yard line. The Sandite defense got things going though when Cody Motes intercepted Senior quarterback Trevor Smith to get the ball back. Sand Springs drove the ball 88 yards in 12 plays, capped of by a 26 yard field goal from Alejandro Hernandez.

The Sandite defense forced another turnover on the ensuing Miller drive, when sophomore Hayden Cramer hit the ball carrier on a rush and the ball squirted loose. Gage Fain jumped on the fumble, and the offense capitalized with Greathouse and Bales connecting on their second score of the evening. 

The defense continued their stout play by forcing a quick three-and-out, and Greathouse continued the onslaught of scoring with a sensational 14 yard keeper, breaking a tackle and spinning his way into the end zone for a 24-7 lead to head into the half. 

The second half saw far less offense for the Sandites, but the defensive unit kept the pressure on. Payton Scott finished the scoring for the Sandites with a 12 yard touchdown run early in the third stanza. 

Yukon executed a long drive capped off with a 2 yard run by Ethan Scott, but those would be the only points the Millers saw for the rest of the game. Sand Springs racked up two sacks, six tackles for loss, and three forced turnovers on the game. Delvin Jordan led the Sandite defense with five tackles. Treyce Tolbert, Hayden Cramer, and Nathan Simonton each had four tackles. Tolbert also forced a fumble and intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter.

The Charles Page offensive line led by senior Lincoln Adams played great all evening, giving up no sacks and paving the way for 233 yards rushing. Payton Scott led the way with 147 yards and the team averaged over 6 yards-per-carry. Greathouse went 12-23-0-192 for two touchdowns and went 8-58 and a touchdown on the ground. 

The Sandites will resume district play next Thursday, when they play Ponca City High School (1-3, 0-2) for homecoming. Yukon will face Norman High School (0-5, 0-2).

Editorial: How the 6A split saved 6A football

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Oklahoma high school football experienced a dramatic and controversial change in the fall of 2013 when the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) announced a split in Class 6A. The 16 highest-enrollment schools would be separated from the lower 16 and each division would play for their own State Title.

The reason for the decision was simple. Population. The current enrollment of Broken Arrow High School is 4,872. The enrollment of Booker T Washington? 1,317. The difference between the top of 6A and the bottom of 6A is greater than the top of 5A and the smallest schools in the State. Schools like BA, Union, Jenks, and Owasso have four times the talent pool to draw from. While the majority of the Hornet starters play both sides of the ball and never get a break, the Redskins have a roster larger than some colleges and have backups for their backups.

Class 6A was created in 1992 and the inaugural Championship was won by Norman. Jenks won it in ’93, Midwest City went back-to-back from ’94-95, and nobody but Jenks or Union has won it since. More often than not, the State Championship game has simply been a rematch between the Backyard Bowl rivals. Since the inception of 6A, Jenks leads the series with 14 titles to Union’s 7, and only 2 other teams have ever won.

Clearly population isn’t the only deciding factor, otherwise Broken Arrow would have won it every year. But there’s no denying the significance it plays. 6A teams were judged by their ability to turn a winning record, not by their ability to win State Titles. That was irrelevant. Nobody won State Titles but Jenks and Union.

In the 22 seasons that Sand Springs played the 6A division, they earned a total record of 98-131 and only managed 7 winning seasons with 7 playoff appearances. In five of those years they were eliminated by top-four-enrollment schools. The other years it was by top-ten schools. Since the 6A split, the Sandites have gone 15-11, made the playoffs both years, and actually won playoff games for the first time since 1997. In 2015, the Sandites made their first State Final appearance since 1966.

While the problems with the 6A split were clear—increased travel, “easier” brackets—the solution has proved to be a game-changer for the 16 schools who now feel like they actually have a legitimate chance. The culture around Sand Springs football has changed, and it’s not an isolated event.

The Class 6A-II conversation begins with two-time reigning State Champions, the Bixby Spartans. Bixby was an annual contender in Class 5A without fail. They weren’t part of the inaugural class of 6A. They didn’t move over until 2010. Prior to that, they had six-straight winning seasons with ten-straight playoff appearances. In their first year of 6A they finished the regular season 5-5, their worst record since 2003, and were eliminated in round one by Jenks. For the next two years they posted losing records and didn’t make the playoffs again till the 6A split. In a single year, the 6A powerhouses had killed the football culture at Bixby. They were lucky that they only had to live through it for four years before the split. In 2014, the Spartans were once again playing teams at their size, and they went 12-1 for their first ever State Title. Their only loss? A season-opening non-conference game against Jenks. Jenks won that one 66-20. The Spartans defended their title in 2015 and are currently ranked number one in 2016. After two straight winning seasons and State Titles, the Spartans challenged Jenks in their season opener and nearly won it, 38-34.

Booker T Washington has always had a culture of winning, with eight State Championships including two recently in 2008 and 2010 at the 5A level. The Hornets only had to play two seasons of 6A football, both ending in first round devastating playoff defeats at the hands of the Big Four. As soon as 6A split, they were back in it with a 7-game winning streak and a 10-2 season in 2014. Last year they went undefeated in the regular season and earned the number one rank before Sand Springs defeated them in the semi-finals. This year the Hornets are laying the foundation to take their program to the next level with College Hall of Fame member Brad Calip taking over as Head Coach and former University of Tulsa Head Coach Bill Blankenship volunteering with the quarterbacks and offensive coaching. The Hornets have stepped up their pre-conference scheduling with 6A No. 5 Edmond Santa Fe and Florida-based private school IMG Academy which is currently ranked No. 2 in the nation with an entire roster of division-I commits.

Bartlesville was part of the first class of 6A, and went 0-10 in the first two years. They didn’t post a winning record till 2002, when they were doubled down on by Union 54-27 in the first round of the playoffs. Their next winning record wouldn’t come till 2008, and that was only due to a forfeiture by Jenks due to OSSAA sanctions. In 2009 they gave it a real run and even defeated Owasso, but still couldn’t fend off Jenks, BA, and Southmoore. In 2010 they had another winning record at 7-4. Their losses were to the Big Four. Since the 6A split they’ve made the playoffs both years and finished last season with only two losses. They held the No. 1 rank briefly after defeating Bixby, before falling to BTW two weeks later.

The success stories continue from there. The evidence is undeniable, the 6A split has saved 6A football. While critics of the sixteen-team bracket call it a JV division, the reality is that the top teams in 6A-II never could compete with the Big Four when they were in 6A, but now they could. Bixby nearly defeated 6A No. 1 Jenks in a pre-conference battle. BTW almost defeated 6A No. 5 Edmond Santa Fe. Sand Springs has begun scheduling real opponents like Arkansas State Champion Pulaski Academy, instead of their past habit of lighting up Nathan Hale, who has lost 37-straight games. Muskogee has brought in 5A State Championship coach Rafe Watkins from Guthrie and is now a real contender for the first time in years. Putnam City West is confidently rebuilding their program after a decade of losing seasons. Sapulpa brought on former Sand Springs Defensive Coordinator Robert Borgstadt as head coach to rebuild their ailing program.

Success breeds success. Is the 16-team bracket the best way to go? Who knows? Maybe one day there will be a full 32 schools the size of BA and we can re-institute the 32-team standard. Maybe we should split all the other classes into 16-team divisions as well. Or maybe we should call Bixby and Jenks Division Champions instead of State Champions and have them play each other for the true 6A State Championship. There’s many things we could try; some could work, and some won’t. But the fact is, 6A football is more competitive than it has ever been, and almost every school in the Class is now vying to be the next big deal. The Big Four monopoly hasn’t been broken, but at least 16 teams now feel like they have a real shot.

Lady Sandites dominate Moore Lions 3-1 in Broken Arrow Tournament

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief
Photo: Morgan Miller

After dropping the first two matches of the Broken Arrow Volleyball Tournament Friday morning, the Charles Page High School Lady Sandites (11-7) got back in the win column with a 3-1 victory over the Moore Lions (1-11). 

The Sandites took a quick 3-0 lead on errors before Bri Maxwell scored the first kill of the game. Gloria Mutiri scored the first Sandite kill on an assist from MaKenzie Ward for the 6-2 advantage and soon followed it up with an ace. A pair of kills from Kaylee Walker helped Moore close the gap to 8-7 before the Sandites pulled back ahead with a pair of aces from Ward. 

The Sandites gave up three straight errors soon after and Walker and Ashley Vap blocked an attack from Madison Burris to tie it up at 11-11. The teams battled back and forth from there with the Lions taking a brief lead on an ace from Walker before Burris got payback with a solo block of her own. Mutiri scored a kill on a set from Ward, then combined with Burris for another block. Lee Leslie added a kill, Moore committed a fault, and Devree Youngblood served an ace for the 19-14 advantage. Moore closed the gap once more to 21-20 before Sand Springs went on a run with Ward scoring a kill and setting up attacks for Holly Kersgieter and Leslie for the 25-20 win.

In the second set it was Moore who took an early advantage, surging to a 12-5 lead before a service error broke their momentum. Madison Ward scored a kill and the Lions committed a series of faults to cut their lead to 14-12 before going on another run to make it 18-12. Mutiri came to the rescue soon after with four straight aces and Kersgieter added a kill to tie it up at 21-21. Moore picked up two points on errors, but Kersgieter scored another kill and MaKenzie Ward hit a pair of aces en route to a 25-23 Sandite victory.

The third set was a shootout in the beginning before communication problems tied up the Sandites and a series of campfires and errors gave Moore the 14-8 lead. Kersgieter scored back-to-back aces to make it 17-13, but the Lions wouldn't slow down and Maxwell scored three straight kills to win it 25-15.

The fourth game looked like it would belong wholly to the Lions after they started 5-0 with kills from Maxwell, Bri Prescott, and two aces from Walker. A service error from Walker got the Sandites on the board and Burris scored an ace of her own. Mutiri and Leslie combined to block Maxwell and a Lion error cut the lead to 5-4.

Sand Springs tied it up at 7-7 with a kill from Mutiri, and the girls took the lead as Mutiri served four straight aces. Prescott broke it up with a kill, but Kersgieter took a turn hitting and scored a pair of kills. Youngblood capped off a series of errors with an ace to push the advantage to 19-10 and MaKenzie Ward and Mutiri added some late kills for the 25-12 win.

Mutiri led in the scoring with 23 kills and nine aces, followed by MaKenzie Ward with eight kills, four aces, and a team-high eleven assists. Kersgieter also had eight kills and two aces. Leslie and Youngblood scored three kills apiece and Madison Ward scored two. 

The Lady Sandites placed third in their pool with a 1-2 record after dropping matches to the Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschools (3-2) and No. 3 Norman North (10-2). The girls will play in the Silver bracket tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. against No. 20 Bartlesville (2-7). If they lose their first match they'll play for seventh place at noon. If they win, they'll play for fifth place at 1:30 p.m.

Mutiri and Leatherland both score 31 in shootout at BA Tournament

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 18 ranked Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (10-7) dropped their opening match at the Broken Arrow Tournament Friday morning to the Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschools (3-2).

The Lady Sandites dominated the first game 25-16. The Jaguars took an early 8-5 lead, but four straight aces from junior Gloria Mutiri put the Sandites up 10-8. Marysia Erb broke up the streak and Hannah Williams served an ace to tie it up 10-10.

The Sandites won the next five rallies with three errors, a kill from Holly Kersgieter, and an ace from Mackenzie Ward. Malia Leatherland got in a kill, but Kendall Wise scored back-to-back aces to push the lead to 19-12. Ward set up kills for Lee Leslie, Mutiri, and Kersgieter and the Sandites surged to a 25-16 finish.

The second set featured far fewer Jaguar errors and far more kills from Leatherland. The heavy-hitting senior daughter of Coach Mike Leatherland was all over the place throughout the set.

Mutiri was an ever-present threat, scoring the first three kills of the game for the Sandites and joining with Ward for a block. Leatherland scored on a tipped ball and followed it up with an ace. A series of Sandite errors and another kill from Leatherland gave NOAH the 10-7 advantage before they gave it up with six errors of their own and Devree Youngblood and Madison Burris joined for a block to make it 13-11.

NOAH pulled briefly ahead before a Mutiri ace tied it at 16-16, but the Jags tried to run away with it and pushed their lead to 22-17 before the Sandites found their feet and tied it up at 23-23 with a pair of blocks from Mutiri and Burris, and Mutiri and Leslie.

The game tied at 24-24 after a kill from Leatherland, Kersgieter tipped a kill for the lead, but Leatherland tied it right back up at 25-25. Both teams exchanged errors and NOAH took the lead on a blocked tip from Mutiri. The Sandites got the side out on a service error and Burris set up Kersgieter for the 28-27 kill. A Jaguar fault sealed the victory at 29-27 and the match was solidly in the hands of Sand Springs 2-0.

The third set was a mess of errors and NOAH took a 4-1 lead before either team scored a single kill. Makenna Cypert scored the opening kill for the Sandites, Leatherland retaliated, and Mutiri spiked in another to make it 5-3. The teams exchanged service errors, Mutiri and Leslie combined on a block, and Youngblood scored a kill to make it 8-6. A kill from Kersgieter followed by three-straight Jaguar errors gave the Sandites the lead at 11-10. Leatherland scored back-to-back kills, then Mutiri did the same.

The back-and-forth affair continued all the way into extra points where the game tied for the final time at 27-27 on a block from Mutiri. Leatherland and Erb both scored kills for the 29-27 victory.

In game four the Jags took the lead early on with back-to-back kills from Leatherland. Sand Springs pulled close at 7-5 with a kill from Mutiri, but Leatherland scored a kill followed by four-straight aces. The lead was comfortably NOAH’s till Mutiri scored three-straight to close it to 19-16. Mutiri scored off a Ward setup and a pair of errors put the Sandites within a point, 20-19. They would only win one rally from there and NOAH prevailed 25-20 to tie the match.

NOAH pulled a quick 4-1 lead in the final set and didn’t give up the lead till 13-13. Leslie scored an ace, but Leatherland scored two. Ward served one of her own and Mutiri followed with a block, but the girls still trailed 11-8. They got within a point on a kill from Leslie to make it 12-11, then scored a block from Burris and Mutiri to tie it up. Leatherland scored a kill from there, then put up an impressive block on one of Mutiri’s infamous spikes for the 15-13 win.

Mutiri and Leatherland tied in scoring with 31 kills each. Mutiri scored seven blocks to Leatherland’s four, but Leatherland scored seven aces to Mutiri’s five. Kersgieter added another twelve kills and Leslie scored seven. Ward led in assists with twenty-four and Burris added another twelve.

Gloria Mutiri scores 22 kills in 3-2 loss to Victory Christian

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (10-5) gave the 4A No. 4 Victory Christian Conquerors (9-3) a run for their money Thursday night at Victory. The Conquerors likely thought the match would be a breeze after winning the first set 25-14, but Sand Springs surged to victory in the next two games.

The Lady Sandites managed a mere six kills in the first game. Gloria Mutiri got the girls on the board with an assist from MaKenzie Ward, but Victory held the lead at 3-1. Senior Lee Leslie picked up a point on a solo block, but Senior Andrea Redmond responded with a tipped ball for the kill. Mutiri scored one of her signature spikes, but Redmond got in another tipped ball and the Conquerors gained a point from a Mutiri error for the 8-3 advantage. 

The Lady Sandites briefly closed the gap to 16-13 thanks to a pair of Victory errors and a kill from Mutiri off MaKenzie Ward, but the Conquerors surged ahead with four straight rally wins and an ace from Redmond. Mutiri added one more kill before Victory won the next five rallies to end things 25-14.

In the second game the Conquerors started 2-0 once again with an error from Leslie and a blocked shot by Redmond, but the Sandites battled neck-and-neck and tied things up at 3-3 with a block from Makenna Cypert, and 4-4 as Mutiri blocked a spike from Redmond. Redmond committed an error to give the Sandites the lead and Cypert added an ace to push it to 6-4. 

Sand Springs held the lead for seventeen-straight rallies before committing three straight faults to tie it at 13-13. Redmond scored a pair of kills to make it 16-14, but another Cypert ace gave Sand Springs the upper hand at 18-17. The game tied twice more at 23-23 and 24-24 before Lee Leslie got the go-ahead kill and Mutiri added a block for the 26-24 win. 

In game three the two teams exchanged errors till Mutiri scored the first kill for the Sandites to make it 3-2. The teams traded the lead three more times before Victory finally started to build ground on the Sandites and push the advantage to 17-12. A timeout for the Sandites made for a scoring catalyst and the girls won four straight rallies to force the Conquerors to use a timeout of their own. 

Freshman Devree Youngblood scored a pair of back-to-back kills and Mutiri tied things up at 22-22. A consecutive touching call gave Sand Springs the lead, Madison Ward served up an ace, and Holly Kersgieter scored the winning kill off an assist from Madison Burris. The Sandites led the match 2-1.

The fourth game was decidedly Victory's from the get-go. Youngblood scored an early kill to make it 1-1, but Victory won the next eight straight rallies. Mutiri and Redmond exchanged kills, but Redmond managed to block a pair of Mutiri's spikes and the Conquerors furthered their lead to 14-3. 

Mutiri picked up a solo block and the Sandites added another point on a waffle. Kersgieter added a block and MaKenzie Ward scored an ace, then Mutiri tipped a kill into a campfire. Ultimately the early errors were insurmountable and the Sandites lost the set 25-13.

It came down to the final set. Sand Springs scored first on an error, but gave the point right back and allowed an ace. Redmond added three more kills for an 8-5 advantage, but Sand Springs won three straight rallies with kills from Kersgieter and Youngblood to tie it up. 

Victory used a timeout to break up the Sandite momentum and the girls were unable to score again for the duration, save for a service error by the Conquerors. Victory narrowly grabbed the 15-9 win for the match.

Mutiri led her team in scoring by a landslide with 22 kills, including five blocks. MaKenzie Ward registered fifteen assists as well as two aces. Redmond led the scoring for both teams with 23 total kills including three blocks and an ace. 

The Lady Sandites will return to action Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. in round one of the Broken Arrow Tournament against Tulsa NOAH Home School. Immediately after that match they will play No. 3 Norman North (7-2) and at 3:00 p.m. they will take on Moore (1-8). 

Sydney Pennington rips Putnam North from the mound, Sandites win 3-1

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Oklahoma State University-commit Sydney Pennington (1-0) needed a few at-bats to warm up her pitching game Friday, but once she got going she was unstoppable. Pennington pitched seven strikeouts, gave up only four hits, and scored a run to lead the Charles Page High School varsity softball team (3-2) to victory at the Broken Arrow Tournament Friday evening.

The Lady Sandites split the first two games of the day, falling 2-1 to the eventual tournament champions from Owasso, but getting revenge on last year's State Champions with a 4-1 victory over Choctaw. Choctaw defeated Sand Springs 4-3 in the State Finals last year. 

The Putnam City North game was a slow starter for both teams as Felicity Horn and Rachel Blair struck out swinging in the first inning. Pennington walked Lorren Kromer in her first appearance on the mound this season and gave up a single to Steffany Dickerson before finding her groove and striking out Meridee Lawson. 

Senior Jessica Collins registered the first hit of the game for the Sandites in the top of the second but was left stranded. The Lady Panthers nearly got on the board in the bottom of the third. Kromer hit a single, advanced to second as Lawson was walked, advanced to third on a wild pitch, but was caught stealing home to end the inning. 

The Sandites broke their dry spell in the top of the fourth as Pennington singled on a hard ground ball into left field. Madelyn Blair hit what should have been a sacrifice bunt, but an overthrow error to first gave Pennington enough time to clear home plate and Blair reached second. Jacie Taber hit a single to advance Blair to third, and freshman Sabrina Usher brought them both home with a single of her own for the 3-0 advantage.

The Lady Panthers got on the board in the bottom of the fifth as Sydni Gibbs reached second on an error, advanced to third on a wild pitch, then scored on an error that allowed Maleina Fortin to reach first. Fortin nearly scored but was tagged out at home by Horn. 

Undefeated Sandite Volleyball shuts down Catoosa in straight sets

Photo by: Morgan Miller

Photo by: Morgan Miller

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team is off to a great start this year, winning their first two matches by substantial margins. Entering their third year under Head Coach Janna Green, the two seniors on the team got to play against their former head coach in Caleb Horton Thursday night at their home debut against Catoosa. 

The teams took to the road Tuesday for the season-opener and defeated Muskogee (1-1) three sets to one. Varsity won the first game 27-25, lost the second 19-25, but rebounded with solid and decisive wins of 25-19 and 25-21 to secure the win. The JV squad lost their match 2-1 with sets of 18-25, 25-19, and 10-15. The freshman team lost 21-25 and 19-25. 

In their first home match the Lady Sandites took on Catoosa (0-1) and swept all sets at all divisions. The 4A State Quarterfinalists were little match for the vastly improved Sand Springs program that Green has been building. This time last year the Lady Sandites were 0-2 and were dominated 3-0 by both Catoosa and Muskogee.

Sand Springs got off to a fast 3-0 lead and doubled the Lady Indians throughout the game. The Sandites built up a 12-6 lead thanks to hard-hitting attacks from Gloria Mutiri and Lee Leslie. Freshman Tiffany Maxey scored an ace for the Indians but they were unable  to capitalize on it and the Sandites surged forward for a 25-13 finish after a kill from Mutiri.

In game two the Indians were the ones to take the lead after a series of Sandite faults gave up the first four points to Catoosa. Devree Youngblood and MaKenzie Ward combined for a hard block to get the Sandites back on track and the competitive matchup continued till the teams were tied 8-8. Sand Springs took their first lead off a block from Mutiri, but Catoosa's Melissa Velazquez tied things right back up. Mutiri reclaimed the lead before Makenna Cypert's overserve put it at 10-10. From then on Sand Springs never trailed, but the Indians did tie things up four more times before the home team ultimately pulled in the 25-21 win with a kill from Youngblood. 

The final set was another back-and-forth affair before Sand Springs blew ahead from a close 17-16 to a final score of 25-17.

Mutiri was the leading scorer for the evening with twenty-two total kills, including four blocks and two aces. Eleven of her kills came in the third game alone. Youngblood recorded seven kills and Leslie recorded six. Madison Burris and MaKenzie Ward were crucial in setting up the plays with seven and eleven assists, respectively. 

The JV and freshman teams also won their matches with sweeps. JV won sets of 25-16 and 25-17. The freshmen won 25-10 and 28-26.

The Sandites will return to action Monday at Bishop Kelley (1-0) then will play a home match against Jenks (3-1) on Tuesday. Thursday they'll travel to Ponca City (1-1) before wrapping up the week at the Catoosa Tournament Friday and Saturday. 

Sandite Softball trumps defending State Champions from Choctaw, 4-1

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (2-2) split their first two games at the Broken Arrow Tournament Friday morning. A knock-down drag-out game against Owasso ended in a 2-1 loss after being tied up at 1-1 for four innings. The next game started out the same as the first with Sand Springs taking an early lead before being tied up for several innings once again. This time, however, they were able to go-ahead for a 4-1 payback win over Choctaw, who defeated the Sandites 4-3 in the State Championship finals last year. 

Madelyn Blair (1-1) got the loss on the mound against Owasso, giving up nine hits against two strikeouts. The girls had a tough time getting on base, landing only two hits over the course of the game.

Senior Jessica Collins reached base in the bottom of the second after being hit by a pitch, then scored on an RBI double from freshman Sabrina Usher. The Lady Rams (2-0) quickly retaliated with an run in the top of the third, then took the lead in the top of the seventh for the win.

Jacie Taber (1-1) picked up her first win of the season against Choctaw, pitching five strikeouts against three walks and only two hits. 

The Lady Sandites took an early lead in the top of the first as Sydney Pennington reached on a fielder's choice and scored off an RBI double by Madelyn Blair. Janessa Larman got the Yellowjackets on the board with a sacrifice to score Brooke Edwards in the bottom of the second.

In the top of the fifth freshman Felicity Horn smacked a beautiful RBI double to score Cameron Clemons. Sydney Pennington hit her first homerun of the season in the top of the sixth and Collins sent a double into the left field fence to score Madelyn Blair for the fourth and final run. 

The defending State Champions threatened in the bottom of the sixth. Josie Swafford reached on an error at shortstop, Kennedy Henry drew a walk, and Lainee Brown reached on an error at second base to load the field with only one out. Haleigh Scott sent a big hit into the waiting glove of Horn in left field, and Taber struck out Megan McAffrey for the win.

The tournament is only playing to six innings. 

Weather pending, the Lady Sandites will take on Putnam City North (0-3) at 5:30 p.m. On Saturday they'll play Durant (2-0) at 9:00 a.m. and Edmond North (2-2) at 12:30 p.m. before beginning bracket play at 6:00 p.m.

Sand Springs takes down Sapulpa 20-14 in Highway 97 Rivalry alumni game

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Sand Springs Sandites have claimed the lead in the Highway 97 Rivalry Alumni series. The third annual alumni football game was held Saturday night at Charles Page High School Memorial Stadium in Sand Springs and the home team won it for the second year in a row.

Sandite quarterback Cody Hale returned to the turf for the first time since graduating in 2014. The Seminole State pitcher had a hard time connecting with his receivers, but managed a beautiful 21-yard touchdown pass to Cody Hilderbrandt to get Sand Springs on the board moments before the end of the first half.

The Hale-Hilderbrandt combo is a duo Sand Springs will remember for years to come as Hale holds the single-season passing touchdown record for Sand Springs and Hilderbrandt holds the single-season receiving touchdown record for Sand Springs.

Sapulpa was first to draw blood with an eighteen-yard touchdown pass by J.R. Romine. Romine had a huge impact on Sapulpa’s 2014 victory and was unable to participate in last year’s 35-0 shutout by the Sandites.

Sapulpa maintained their 7-0 lead right up until the final seconds of the first half when Hale found Hilderbrandt in the back corner of the endzone with 1.4 seconds remaining. A quick hand-off to Znick Ferrell for a two-point conversion gave Sand Springs the lead at half time.

It didn’t take long for the Sandites to find the end-zone again in the second half.

Sapulpa got the ball to start the half, but a tackle for loss by Travis Tanner pushed them back two yards, followed by a false start and an incomplete pass. At third and seventeen Tanner, Pedro Negron, and Austin Perry combined to sack Romine and force a punt.

Terrance Dixon, a three-year starter for Northeastern State University, picked up thirteen yards, Ferrell grabbed seventeen, and Hale sent a pass to Michael Brown to park the Sandite Offense at the five yard line. After two failed attempts, the Sandites finally scored on a hand-off to the Class of 2015’s Davey Thayer. A conversion attempt was unsuccessful, but the Sandites led 14-7.

Sapulpa didn’t take long to retaliate with a 1-yard run from Jason Broom to tie things up, but Sand Springs reclaimed the lead with 17 seconds left as Ferrell punched in a 1-yard touchdown. A conversion pass attempt to Negron fell flat, but it wouldn’t matter.

On the first play of Sapulpa’s corresponding drive, Romine threw an interception into the waiting arms of Ryan Freeman with 4.5 seconds left to put the game away for the Sandites.

Click here to see the full gallery.


Sand Springs:
Davey Thayer (2015)
Lane Freeman (2011)
Znick Ferrell (2009)
Travis Millikin (2014)
Ryan Umbarger (2009)
Cody Hale (2014)
Terrance Dixon (2010)
Keith Hooks (1999)
Ben Riggs (2007)
Justin Caywood
Matt Bettinger (2009)
Nathan Spencer (2009)
Mitchell Brown (2003)
Ryan Freeman (2008)
Michael Brown
Marc Brown (1999)
Keyandre Rose
Austin Ryan (2007)
Pedro Negron (1999)
Shay Kelley (2008)
Kyron Hill (2006)
Rodney Zickefoose
Deandre Smith
Luke Davis (2007)
Austin Perry (2009)
Matt Tucker (2006)
Kenny Tucker
Heath Sutherland (1998)
Levi Wilson (2012)
Kyle Riggs (2008)
Danae Wilson (2007)
Bryan Benton
Travis Tanner (1994)
Cody Hilderbrandt (2013)
Nick Millikin (2011)
Gabe Chronister

Paul Littlebear (2011)
Darien Inks (2013)
Michael Cashon (2006)
Cory Mondier (2014)
Tommy Murray (2012)
JR Romine (1998)
Caleb Meacham (2002)
Rob Gowdy (2012)
Lance Simmers (2011)
Jason Broom (1998)
Travis Munger (2011)
Josh Littlebear (2012)
Josh Hardee (2005)
Corbin Steeples (2013)
Sean Proctor (2005)
Julian Roland (2014)
Kiah Smith (1998)
John Tinsley (1999)
Brandon Hardee (2013)
Randall Hardee (2004)
Keiron Peacock (1988)
Zac Williams (1999)
Mike Taylor (2002)
Mark Wheaton (1999)
Chris Playford (1998)
Cliff Owens (2005)
Yancey Phillips (2007)
Casey Smith (2002) 
JT Rains (2014)
Trevor Toliver (2011)
John Blackburn (1998)

Jack Karstetter takes Silver Medal at Pan American Championship in Peru

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School senior Jack Karstetter continues to show the world how deep the talent runs in Sand Springs. The 2016 OSSAA 6A State Runner-Up finished his junior year with a 39-8 record in high school folkstyle wrestling and is preparing for his senior year with some international competition.

In April Karstetter won the USA Oklahoma East Regional Freestyle Championship at Broken Arrow and advanced to the Junior Freestyle State Tournament in Cushing in May. After going 2-2 at Freestyle State he headed to Akron, Ohio for the United World of Wrestling National Championships where he won Silver in Greco-Roman. 


Medaling at Akron qualified Karstetter for the Pan-American Championships this past weekend in Lima Peru.

In Greco-Roman he defeated Argentina's Lautaro Pereyra with an 8-0 tech fall, then scored a 3-0 decision over Jose Davila Cabello of Peru before falling to Gerardo Oliva Montes 10-0 in the finals. Claiming a Silver Medal, Karstetter helped his team to a first place finish over Peru for the Pan American Team Championship.

Team USA also claimed the first place trophy in Freestyle where Karstetter took ninth place after a close 11-8 decision to Oscar Calvopina of Ecuador.

Next up for Karstetter is the USA Wrestling Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota from July 16th through the 23rd.


Oklahoma fends off Pennsylvania to remain undefeated at Junior Dual Nationals

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Oklahoma Outlaws got off to a great start at the 2016 Junior Dual Nationals Wednesday morning. In the first round of pool play they dominated Team Georgia 68-2, winning every match. Their next opponent would be far tougher, but the home team still got the win 38-30. 

The first match was a slow starter as State Champion Jacob Butler (Elgin) and Cary Palmer seemed fairly matched, but midway through the second period Butler got the tech fall with a massive bomb.

Pennsylvania responded quickly as Wyatt Long went the distance for a 4-2 upset over State Champion Jaxen Gilmore of Yukon. The Keystone State boasted an impressive roster of Nationally ranked wrestlers, but that didn't intimidate Brik Filippo. The State Champion from Tuttle took a small 1-0 lead over No.6 Sam Sasso into the second half and won the match with a 6-1 decision.

Sand Springs junior Payton Scott had a tough match in Will Kaldes and barely led at the half, but a pair of suplexes helped him to a 15-5 tech fall shortly before the end of the match.  

Pennsylvania pulled off a big win as No.17 Trent Hidlay scored a 10-0 tech fall over Jaryn Curry, a State Champion from Choctaw. No.12 Eric Hong followed it up with a 10-0 tech over State Champion Nick Mahan (Lawton) and Pennsylvania took the lead 13-12.

It looked like Oklahoma would find its feet in State Champ Dan Baker (Sulphur) as he took an 8-0 lead over Anthony Welch, but the Pennsylvania wrestler caught up Baker in a surprising 3:52 pin for the upset. 

Edmond's State Champion Zach Marcheselli received a forfeit at 195 and the Okies trailed 18-17. Zane Black bombed Tanner Hawkins (Weatherford) for a 5-0 lead midway through the first period and wrapped it up 11-1 with seventeen seconds left before the half. 

State Runner-Up Gage Johnson (Norman North) finally got the Outlaws back on track, leading Brendan Furman 7-0 at the half and finishing with a 13-2 tech fall with 37 seconds remaining. Southern Plains Regional Champ Alex Fields (Guthrie) received a forfeit and the Okies were back in the lead at 27-23.

No.16 Nationally-ranked Jaret Lane worked over State Champ Wyatt Adams (Lawton MacArthur) for a 12-0 tech fall in 1:58 to tie the dual up. Alec McDoulett (Little Axe) fell into an early 6-0 hole against Northeast Regional Champ Ryan Green, but put in work for a 10-8 decision with two matches left. 

Fargo National Champion Dalton Duffield, of Westmoore, kept the dual alive with a 12-1 tech fall over Northeast Regional Champ Zurich Storm midway through the first period and State Champion Jet Taylor (Sallisaw) finished things off with a 15-2 tech over Brandon Bach to seal the deal. 

Up next for Oklahoma will be a Pool D finals bout with Iowa. The Hawkeye State steamrolled Utah 60-7 in the first round and beat out North Dakota Blue 39-28 in the semis. Last year Oklahoma handed Iowa a solid 42-25 defeat on their way to a fourth-place finish nationally, but a lot can change in a year.

Iowa is seeded slightly ahead of Oklahoma and boasts three nationally-ranked wrestlers.


Oklahoma dominates Georgia 68-2 in Dual Nationals round one

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Team Oklahoma got off to a fast start against Team Georgia Blue in the first round of the Junior Greco-Roman Dual Nationals Wednesday morning, building up a massive lead before the wrestling even started.

Jet Taylor, Jacob Butler, and Jaxen Gilmore received forfeits for 126 to 138. Tuttle's Brik Filippo wasted no time in putting points on the board with a 10-0 tech fall over Khyree Alexander, then Sand Springs's Payton Scott took down Dustin Berry 10-0 in thirty seconds flat. Ezequiel Rubio pinned Cole White in a quick twenty then Nick Mahan teched Chandler Miele 13-2.

Bear Hughes continued the winning streak with an 11-0 tech over Devyn Villafane. Zach Marcheselli received a forfeit, Tanner Hawkins picked up a 16-6 tech fall over Richard Walker, then Trenton Lieutance, Alex Fields, and Wyatt Adams all received forfeits.  Alec McDoulett teched Brandon Foster 11-0 and Westmoore's Dalton Duffield wrapped things up with a 12-0 tech of Alex Cain for a final score of 68-2 with no matches lost.

Up next for Oklahoma is Team Pennsylvania who solidly defeated Team Kansas Red 49-12 in round one. 

Four Sandites will represent Oklahoma at Jr Dual Nationals

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Junior Dual Nationals will return to the Cox Business Center in Tulsa on June 22nd. The Tournament will last through the 25th and will feature four Charles Page High School wrestlers.

Last year Team Oklahoma bulldozed their way through both styles, placing fourth in Greco and first in Freestyle. That talented team included three Sandites. Cody Karstetter and Kyler Childers had just graduated that year and are now wrestling the collegiate circuit. Daton Fix is back to help his State defend its title.

Riley Weir just finished his Freshman year with a 21-12 record at the 106 pound class and a State Championship appearance. Weir placed fourth at the Perry Tournament of Champions and ninth at the highly prestigious Kansas City Stampede. He came in third at the Regional Championship to qualify for State, but was eliminated after losing his first two matches. Weir nursed an injured elbow throughout the final weeks of the high school season and wasn’t even close to full strength in the post-season. This event will be a great demonstration of his true potential in the upcoming high school season.

Jack Karstetter finished his Junior year with a 39-8 record and placed second at 132 pounds in the State Championship after giving up a heart-breaker 3-2 decision to Kruz Simons of Edmond North. Throughout the high school season he placed fourth at Perry, ninth at Kansas City, second at the Geary Invitational, first at the Sand Springs Invitational, first at the Jay Hancock Memorial, and secured the Regional Championship.

Since school let out he came in Runner-Up at the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals and secured his spot on Team USA for the Pan-American Championships in Lima, Peru this July.

Daton Fix is earning his way into the history books after completing his third straight undefeated high school season. He’s currently sitting at an overall record of 118-0 with three-straight State Championships. He’s only the second Sandite in school history to win three State Championships, the first being David McGuire from 1963-1965. No Sandite has won four.

Since the high school season ended, Fix won the UWW Junior Freestyle National Championship, defeated the Iranian Champion Kheyrollah Gharamani at the Beat The Streets Gala in Times Square, and scored a pair of 10-0 tech falls over National Champion Austin Gomez to earn his way onto the USA World Team.

Fix will compete at the Grand Prix of Spain, a Senior level tournament in Madrid from July 9-10, then will travel to Fargo, North Dakota for the Junior Freestyle Nationals from July 16-23 where he is a defending Champion. From August 30th through September 4th he will compete at the UWW World Championship in Macon, France.

Payton Scott finished his Sophomore year with a 19-6 record at 152 pounds and placed fourth in the State Championship. He missed the first half of the season while getting back in shape after a long and grueling football post-season, but placed fourth at Geary, second at Sand Springs, and first at the Regional Championship.

Scott was also a member of last year’s Cadet National Dual Team that finished seventh in Freestyle and second in Greco. Overall he went 13-3 between the two styles.

Other Team Oklahoma members include:

  • Alex Fields of Guthrie, 2016 Southern Plains Regional Champion in both styles.
  • Rhett Golowenski of Tuttle, two-time OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Mason Naifeh of Tulsa Union, two-time OSSAA 6A State Placer.
  • Wyatt Adams of Lawton MacArthur, 2015 OSSAA 5A State Champion.
  • Dalton Duffield of Westmoore, three-time OSSAA 6A finalist, 2015 Fargo National Champion.
  • Jacob Butler of Elgin, 2016 OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Kaden Gfeller of Heritage Hall, three-time undefeated OSSAA 3A State Champion.
  • Brik Filippo of Tuttle, 2016 OSSAA 4A State Champion, two-time finalist.
  • Beau Guffey of Tuttle, three-time OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Jaryn Curry of Choctaw, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion, 2015 USAW Cadet National Runner-Up.
  • Dayton Garrett of Tuttle, three-time OSSAA 4A State Finalist, 2015 State Champion.
  • Wyatt Sheets of Stilwell, four-time OSSAA 4A State Champion, Oklahoma State commit.
  • Christian Bahl of Stillwater, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion.
  • Dan Baker of Sulphur, 2016 OSSAA 3A State Champion.
  • Drew Hinkle of Jenks, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Runner-Up.
  • Zach Marcheselli of Broken Arrow, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion.
  • Bear Hughes of Coweta, 2016 OSSAA 5A State Champion.
  • Gunner Cash of Tecumseh, two-time OSSAA 4A State Qualifier.
  • Gage Johnson of Norman North, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Runner-Up.
  • Trenton Lieurance of Broken Arrow, two-time OSSAA 6A State Placer.

Daton Fix qualifies for World Championship in France

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School junior Daton Fix has been in three states in the last month competing in summer Freestyle wrestling, and the three-time undefeated OSSAA State Champion hasn't slowed down a bit since the high school wrestling season concluded.

Last month in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fix won his sixteenth National Tournament. Two weeks later he won the OK USA Junior Freestyle State Tournament in Cushing, and just last Thursday he wrestled Iranian Champion Kheyrollah Ghahramani in an outdoor exhibition in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Sunday he traveled to Irving, Texas for the United World of Wrestling Junior Freestyle World Team Trials. 

Illinois State Champion Austin Gomez is one of the biggest names in wrestling and is currently ranked fifth in the nation at 120 pounds. At the World Team Trials he breezed through the competition with multiple shutout tech falls to make the finals, where he would go up against Fix. Fix got a free ride to the finals after winning the UWW National Championship in Vegas.

Fix and Gomez had already met in the Vegas quarterfinals where Fix, who is ranked second in 120 nationally, didn't allow even a single point in his dominating 10-0 tech fall victory over the Iowa State University bound three-time Fargo National Champ.

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Needless to say, Gomez was looking for a different outcome in Irving, but he would be disappointed. Not only did Fix get the win, but he did it twice. The two battled in a best-of-three series for the ticket to Worlds and Fix dominated with a pair of 10-0 tech falls. 

This will be far from Fix's first international voyage. In May of 2014 he won the Pan American Championships in Recife, Brazil. That July he made his World Championship debut in Slovakia where he placed tenth, and in August he won a Silver medal at the Youth Olympics in China. Last summer he found himself in Sarajevo, Bosnia where he defeated Uzbekistan's Abbos Rakhmonov for a Bronze medal at Worlds. 

If you would like to support Fix's "Quest for Gold" you can donate at this LINK.

To see Fix's 14-3 tech fall victory over Iranian Champion Kheyrollah Ghahramani click HERE.

CPHS junior Daton Fix competes in NYC Times Square at Olympic-level dual

CPHS Junior Daton Fix celebrates after winning his third OSSAA State Championship. (Photo by: Scott Emigh)

CPHS Junior Daton Fix celebrates after winning his third OSSAA State Championship. (Photo by: Scott Emigh)

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School junior Daton Fix is no stranger to big matches on big stages. As one of the most heavily decorated athletes in Sand Springs history, Fix has claimed titles all over the planet.

In 2014 he won the Pan American Championship in Recife, Brazil, placed tenth at the World Championships in Snina, Slovakia, and claimed a Silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. Last year he claimed five different US National titles and took the Bronze medal at the World Championships in Sarajevo, Bosnia. 

This year Fix is undefeated at 41-0 and has already ran up an impressive series of championships less than halfway into the year. February saw Fix's third-consecutive undefeated State Championship. Just three weeks ago he traveled to Las Vegas and won his sixteenth National Championship.

The three-time Greco-Roman National Champion, three-time Folkstyle National Champion, eight-time Freestyle National Champion, and two-time Freestyle Dual National Championship team-member now has his sights set on New York City.

Thursday evening at 5:30 Oklahoma time, FloWrestling.com will be live streaming the 2016 Beat the Streets Gala in Times Square, New York City, where Fix will compete alongside some of the greatest names in wrestling. Fix's opponent is Iran's 2013 Cadet World Championship Bronze medalist and 2012 Asian Cadet Silver medalist Kheyrollah Ghahramani. 

The Team USA vs Team Iran "United in the Square" exhibition is an annual showcase hosted by Beat the Streets, a nonprofit organization that "works with middle and high school students in all five NYC boroughs and seeks to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for disadvantaged and at-risk youth to learn the essential life lessons of personal responsibility, physical fitness, education, and teamwork."

Fix's teammates will include University of Minnesota-signed Junior National Champion Mitchell McKee, Penn State University-signed Junior National Champion Mark Hall, Arizona State University Junior National Champion Zahid Valencia, 2012 Olympic Champion and three-time World Champion Jordan Burroughs, 2016 Olympian and two-time NCAA Champion J'Den Cox, 2016 Olympian and three-time World Champion Adeline Gray, 2016 Olympian and 2015 World Champion Helen Maroulis, and 2016 Olympian and two-time World Bronze Medalist Andy Bisek. 

After his New York match, Fix will have only three days to prepare for the Junior World Team Trials in Irving, Texas. If Fix makes the team for the third year in a row, he will get to add a new country to his resume when he travels to Macone, France in late August for the UWW World Championships. 

Naturally, flying across the world is expensive, and wrestling is "amateur" in classification. There are no cash rewards for winning these competitions. Anyone who would like to contribute to Fix and support his quest for Gold can make a donation by clicking HERE. 

Nashoba Pannell and Quintin Wimer place eighth in State Champsionship Doubles

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School qualified three boys for the Tennis State Championship in Oklahoma City this weekend. Dakotah Mitchell qualified in #1 Singles and Nashoba Pannell and Quintin Wimer qualified in #2 Doubles and went on to take eighth place.

The Sandite doubles team won their first match against Yukon 2-1 with sets of 4-6, 6-3, and 6-4 but dropped the next round to Edmond Memorial 6-1 and 6-0.  

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Moving to the consolation bracket, the duo scored a pair of close sets over Muskogee at 6-4 and 7-6 before falling 6-2 and 6-4 to Owasso. The tournament came full circle as the boys were pitted once more against Yukon, but this time it was the Millers who got the edge. Sand Springs won the first set 6-2 but their adversaries rallied for a pair of close 7-6 wins for the upset. 

Mitchell had a tough match to start against Broken Arrow's Luciano Razzouli, who went on to take eighth place, and gave up a pair of 6-2 sets. In the consolation bracket he took on Jake Golightly of Edmond North and lost 6-3 and 6-2.

Photo galleries from this season can be found HERE.

Cierra Scott signs letter of intent to play collegiate ball for Missouri college


By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School senior Cierra Scott signed a letter of intent to play basketball for Central Christian College of the Bible Wednesday morning, making her the thirteenth collegiate player to come from the Class of 2016. 

Sand Springs currently has four football players, four soccer players, one baseball player, and three softball players also headed to college teams this fall. 

Scott was the lone senior on the girls' basketball team this year, and will leave behind some big shoes to fill. The 5'7" guard has put up triple digits all four years of her high school career, and this year was her biggest. 

Averaging 5.67 points per game over her career and 6.23 her senior year, Scott was fifth on her team in scoring this season. She finished the season with a career total of 550 points and a career high of 18 points in a game against Bixby at the beginning of this season. She connected on more than 40% of field goal attempts this season and 54% of free throws. 

The Central Christian Saints belong to the National Christian College Athletic Association and compete in the Midwest Christian College Conference. The Saints finished last season with a 17-11 overall record, but finished the season before 20-8 with a conference championship and were NCCAA Division II National Runners-Up. 

Scott will be pursuing a Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from CCCB while also working on a degree in Business Administration from a partner college.

Carson Griggs finishes 20th at State Championship, Garrett Griggs places 38th

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Brothers Carson and Garrett Griggs were the lone Sandite golfers to qualify for the State Tournament this year, and both fared well at Karsten Creek in Stillwater earlier this week. 

The State Tournament started Monday morning with 18 holes and concluded Tuesday with 36 holes. Garrett and Carson were neck and neck in the first round with scores of 86 and 87 respectively. Garrett was tied for 28th place and Carson was tied for 35th place.

The two went opposite directions in round two, however, and Carson shot 155, the 11th best score of the day, bumping him up to 20th overall. Garrett shot a 170 and dropped to 38th, still a solid performance in a field of 78. 

Carson shot 242 against an average score of 255, while Garrett shot 256. Carson was a mere thirteen strokes behind the State Champion. He placed 30th last year, so 20th as a sophomore puts his career on a good track. Garrett is a senior and finished his career in style with his first State Championship appearance.

Sandite of the Week: Cheyenne Walden

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

This week Sandite Pride News would like to recognize Charles Page High School junior Cheyenne Walden as Sandite of the Week for her outstanding performance at the Regional Track Meet Saturday at Claremore High School.

Walden is the first Lady Sandite ever to qualify for State in four different categories. She placed first in the 1600 meter run with a time of 5:17.06, first in the 3200 with a time of 11:00.78, and third in the 800 with a time of 2:21.30. 

Additionally, Walden carried the baton on the last leg of the two mile relay and helped her teammates become the first squad to ever qualify from Sand Springs in that category. Nia Byrd, Alexis Davis, and Elizabeth Watts will be joining her at the State Championship this weekend at Moore High School. 

Walden is quite possibly the greatest runner in school history and already holds four State Championship medals. She claimed her third-consecutive Cross Country State Championship this fall and she also won the 3600 at last year's State Track Meet.

Sandite of the Week is a weekly recognition given to any one person with significant ties to the Sand Springs community who accomplishes remarkable achievements during the Sunday through Saturday week preceding the award. Prior achievements may be noted in the article, but do not bear direct influence on the selection committee which only considers prior week accomplishments. Candidates may be nominated by anyone by emailing SanditePrideNews@gmail.com. Bylaws prevent the giving of the award to anyone for two consecutive weeks, but any recipient may be nominated and awarded again in the future, so long as the weeks are not consecutive. Final selection is made by a majority vote of a three-person staff committee. 

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