CPHS Softball: Sandites go 1-5 at tough Broken Arrow tournament

After a dominant 4-0 start to the season, the Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (4-5) hit its first slump in a 1-5 performance at the Broken Arrow Tournament this weekend. The Lady Sandites averaged ten runs and twelve hits over their first four games, but after a 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah in the first round of the tournament, things began to fall apart. 

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Sand Springs notched five hits against the defending State Champions from Westmoore (6-1), briefly led after a fourth inning home run from Makenna Skaggs, and went into overtime before losing in a walkoff. They benefited from two walks and an error but stranded seven base runners and committed four errors of their own. 

The Jaguars got the tie in the bottom of the fourth without a single hit thanks to errors at second, third, and short. Mattie Lee reached on an error in the bottom of the sixth and scored on a double from Aynslee Linduff for the victory. 

Aliyah Taff (2-3, 6-9) took the loss on the mound, throwing seven hits and two strikeouts with no walks. Hannah Harrison secured the win for Westmoore with five hits, three strikeouts, and three walks. 

Next up for the Sandites were the defending 3A State Champions from Tahlequah Sequoyah (9-0) who continued their seventeen-game win streak with their fourth shutout of the season, holding the Sandites scoreless for the first time in three years. 

The Indians outhit Sand Springs ten to five en route to an 11-0 win. Sabrina Usher went two-for-two at the plate and Felicity Horn hit a double, but the Sandites only really threatened once, in the bottom of the fourth. Trailing 7-0, Usher, Jaden Jordan, and Skaggs hit singles with no outs to load the bases. Sequoyah quickly recovered with a strikeout and pair of force outs at third to save the inning. 

Mackenzie Bechtold (1-1, 5-1) suffered her first career loss, throwing ten hits, two walks, and no strikeouts. Sequoyah went undefeated in the tournament, outscoring their foes 45-9. 

Next to top the Sandites was a tough State Semifinalist team from Yukon (7-1), by a much closer score of 5-2. The Millerettes did all of their damage in the second inning, and errors were a contributing factor. 

Both teams stranded runners in the first inning but Sand Springs left two dry in the second and Yukon brought five home. Two infield errors put the Millers in scoring position and Hannah Hurtz brought both in with a double. AJ Rayburn doubled in Hurtz, then McKenna Johnson hit a 2RBI homer before the inning came to a close. 

Jolee McNally drove in Horn on a single in the third but the Sandites stranded loaded bases and their best shot at a comeback. Madison Lee scored the final run on an error in the fifth. 

Taff got the loss for Sand Springs with six hits, one strikeout, and no walks. Kaylee Bradley got the win with five hits, two strikeouts, and three walks. 

The host team from Broken Arrow (7-0) topped the Sandites 8-3 on their way to an undefeated tournament performance, outhitting Sand Springs 11 to 6. Nataley Crawford (1-1) took the loss with two walks and one strikeout. Kailee Reese got the win with one strikeout and one walk. 

Lee scored the first run for Sand Springs on an RBI single from McNally in the top of the first then the Tigers scored on a passed ball in the second to tie it. Lee hit a sacrifice fly in the third to bring in Crawford for the lead and Usher hit a home run, but that was the end of the Sandites’ offense.

Three hits and two errors in the bottom of the third gave Broken Arrow the advantage and they added to it with five hits and two errors in the fourth. The Tigers scored two more on three hits in the fifth before time expired. 

Finally, the Sandites fell 5-1 to Southmoore (4-2) in the final game of the weekend. The Sandite bats were unusually quiet, as only Usher and Rachel Jones were able to connect. 

The Jaguars scored three runs on two hits and two errors in the top of the second. Skaggs was hit by pitch in the bottom of the inning and scored on Jones’s single, but Southmoore responded immediately with two more runs in the third and the rest of the game was uneventful for both sides. 

Taff got the loss with six hits, one walk, and two strikeouts. Abi Jones got the win with three walks and three strikeouts. 

Sand Springs will look to get back to a .500 record when they play Sapulpa (2-2, 1-1) Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in district action.

Pool A

Broken Arrow (5-0)
Broken Arrow 3-0 Yukon
Broken Arrow 9-1 Shawnee
Broken Arrow 10-0 Skiatook
Broken Arrow 11-1 Tahlequah
Broken Arrow 8-3 Sand Springs
Tahlequah Sequoyah (5-0)
Sequoyah 8-4 Westmoore
Sequoyah 7-0 Tahlequah
Sequoyah 11-0 Sand Springs
Sequoyah 6-2 Skiatook
Sequoyah 5-2 Deer Creek
Yukon (4-1)
Yukon 11-4 Skiatook
Yukon 13-0 Tahlequah
Yukon 5-2 Sand Springs
Yukon 6-5 Shawnee
Westmoore (4-1)
Westmoore 2-1 Sand Springs
Westmoore 14-7 Shawnee
Westmoore 10-2 Tahlequah
Westmoore 18-1 Skiatook
Sand Springs (1-4)
Sand Springs 5-0 Tahlequah
Skiatook (1-4)
Skiatook 4-1 Shawnee
Shawnee (0-5)
Tahlequah (0-5)

Pool B

Owasso (4-1)
Owasso 3-0 Southmoore
Owasso 5-1 Coweta
Owasso 9-1 Mannford
Owasso 3-0 Deer Creek
Deer Creek (4-1)
Deer Creek 9-1 Mannford
Deer Creek 10-3 Collinsville
Deer Creek 5-0 Southmoore
Deer Creek 8-0 Broken Arrow JV
Ft. Gibson (3-2)
Ft. Gibson 2-1 Owasso
Ft. Gibson 2-1 Collinsville
Ft. Gibson 7-6 Broken Arrow JV
Collinsville (3-2)
Collinsville 6-3 Broken Arrow JV
Collinsville 13-0 Coweta
Collinsville 5-4 Mannford
Southmoore (3-2)
Southmoore 5-1 Ft. Gibson
Southmoore 6-2 Mannford
Southmoore 5-0 Coweta
Coweta (2-3)
Coweta 3-2 Broken Arrow JV
Coweta 8-0 Ft. Gibson
Mannford (0-3-1)
Mannford 2-2 Broken Arrow JV
Broken Arrow JV (0-3-1)
Broken Arrow JV 2-2 Mannford

Placement Rounds

Pool A/B
Broken Arrow 6-5 Owasso
Sequoyah 5-2 Deer Creek
Yukon 5-1 Ft. Gibson
Westmoore 8-2 Collinsville
Southmoore 5-1 Sand Springs
Skiatook 8-1 Coweta
Shawnee 11-7 Broken Arrow JV
Tahlequah 9-3 Mannford

Pool C/D
Hilldale 6-2 Edmond North
Moore 8-0 Claremore
Mustang 6-3 Jenks
Union 10-1 Sapulpa
Durant 5-4 Bixby
Pryor 4-2 Muldrow
Pocola 4-0 Midwest City
Liberty 9-7 Berryhill

Pool C

Edmond North (4-1)
Edmond 4-1 Pocola
Edmond 9-1 Liberty
Edmond 11-0 Bixby
Edmond 8-0 Union
Jenks (4-1)
Jenks 4-2 Union
Jenks 8-4 Edmond North
Jenks 9-1 Pryor
Jenks 5-4 Pocola
Moore (4-1)
Moore 3-0 Pryor
Moore 8-1 Bixby
Moore 3-2 Jenks
Moore 12-2 Liberty
Union (3-2)
Union 7-6 Pocola
Union 6-2 Moore
Union 9-3 Pryor
Bixby (3-2)
Bixby 4-3 Liberty
Bixby 4-2 Pryor
Bixby 11-1 Pocola
Pryor (1-4)
Pryor 9-2 Liberty
Pocola (1-4)
Pocola 10-2 Liberty
Liberty (0-5)

Pool D

Hilldale (5-0)
Hilldale 3-2 Mustang
Hilldale 6-3 Durant
Hilldale 14-1 Muldrow
Hilldale 11-2 Berryhill
Hilldale 12-0 Midwest City
Mustang (4-1)
Mustang 13-2 Muldrow
Mustang 8-6 Durant
Mustang 7-1 Midwest City
Mustang 8-0 Berryhill
Sapulpa (3-2)
Sapulpa 6-5 Midwest City
Sapulpa 7-2 Berryhill
Sapulpa 5-2 Muldrow
Claremore (3-2)
Claremore 5-4 Midwest City
Claremore 7-1 Sapulpa
Claremore 11-2 Berryhill
Muldrow (2-3)
Muldrow 9-5 Claremore
Muldrow 9-0 Durant
Durant (2-3)
Durant 7-4 Sapulpa
Durant 5-1 Claremore
Midwest City (1-4)
Midwest City 11-3 Berryhill
Berryhill (0-5)

CPHS Softball: Freshman Nataley Crawford pitches no-hitter 5-0 shutout of Tahlequah


The Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (4-0) continued their undefeated start to the season and notched their third shutout Friday morning against Tahlequah (1-3). Freshman Nataley Crawford pitched a five-inning no-hitter with seven strikeouts and two walks in her varsity debut on the mound.

The Sandites previously beat Tahlequah 5-0 in their season opener on Monday, and repeated the feat in the first round of the Broken Arrow Invitational tournament.

Madison Lee singled and scored on a passed ball in the first inning. Jolee McNally hit an RBI single in the second to score Avery Tanner, but the Sandites stranded loaded bases as Sabrina Usher’s nine at-bat hitting streak came to an end.

Crawford struck out the side in the top of the third and sent two groundballs to first in the fourth inning. Felicity Horn hit an RBI triple and scored on a single from Lee, then Crawford singled in Lee for the final run of the game.

Sand Springs outhit Tahlequah 10-0 with no errors and only three strikeouts.

CPHS Volleyball: Sandites fall 3-0 to Broken Arrow in season debut


The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team suffered a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the defending Frontier Valley Conference Champions Tuesday evening in Broken Arrow, losing in sets of 25-9, 25-10, and 25-13.

“We played a really good team in Broken Arrow,” said first-year Head Coach Derek Jackson. “They played above their norm and we played below ours, not a good combination.”

Things started fairly even with Vanessa Wyrick and Devree Youngblood combining on a block, followed by a pair of early kills from Madison Burris and Cloe Campfield. But the home team quickly found their legs and won six straight rallies for a 16-7 lead. An error and a kill from Youngblood gave the Sandites their last points of the set, then the Tigers won the remaining nine rallies. Macy Blackburn led all scorers with five kills in the game.

The second set was equally lopsided in the Tigers’ favor, though the runs were never quite as long. Natalie Morales and Haylie Jones combined for five aces, while Youngblood had her best round for Sand Springs with three kills and an assist. Sand Springs kept up through most of the third game and was only down 11-8 before the Tigers went on a six-point run and never looked back.

“We had some good moments and some great rallies with them,” said Jackson. “Got to string them together a little more often.”

Youngblood and Campfield scored five kills apiece, followed by sophomore Jacelyn Smith with four. Madison Burris and Raylynn Mong each recorded four assists, while Smith and Sophie Singleton had two blocks apiece. Youngblood led the defense with four digs.

Broken Arrow will compete in the Norman Tournament this Friday, while the Sandites will host Okay (1-0) in their home opener Thursday.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
1-0 Broken Arrow (1-0)
1-0 Sapulpa (1-0)
1-0 Bixby (1-0)
1-0 Owasso (1-0)
1-0 Jenks (1-0)
0-1 Bartlesville (0-1)
0-1 Union (0-1)
0-1 Booker T. Washington (0-1)
0-1 Muskogee (0-1)
0-1 Sand Springs (0-1)

(Sand Springs Stats)
Kills: Campfield 5, Youngblood 5, Smith 4, Burris 2, Wyrick 1, Mong 1.
Assists: Burris 4, Mong 4, Youngblood 1, Smith 1.
Blocks: Smith 2, Singleton 2, Youngblood 1, Wyrick 1.
Digs: Youngblood 4, Blaylock 2, Campfield 1, Smith 1.
(Broken Arrow Stats)
Kills: Blackburn 7, Boss 5, McGuire 5, Smith 4, Daniels 3, Hathhorn 3, Clark 3, Mullins 2, Jones 1, Floyd 1.
Aces: Morales 4, Jones 2, Ferguson 1, McGuire 1.
Blocks: Clark 2, Blackburn 1.

Sand Springs hosts All-State wrestling, West wins both duals

Charles Page High School in Sand Springs hosted the Oklahoma Coaches Association All-State Duals Wednesday night at the Ed Dubie Field House, and the Western squads defeated the East in both Large and Small classifications.

Sand Springs had one senior wrestler receive an All State commendation, but he was unable to compete due to a shoulder injury. Baker University-commit Scott Patton won thirty straight matches his senior year, finishing with a 31-2 record and 2nd Place medal at the State Tournament. Broken Arrow’s Diego Maturino filled in for Patton in the 160 pounds spot.

Overall, western athletes won fifteen matches, the east won nine, and two matches resulted in ties. The Large West squad coached by Duncan’s Bobby Cook won its dual 36-21 over the Eastern unit coached by Durant’s Jim Taylor.

The dual started with a 2-2 tie after a scoreless overtime period between David Boucher and Dominic Derr. Cameron Picklo got a payback win at 138 pounds with a 4-2 decision over State Champion Spencer Schickram, who he was pinned by at the State Tournament. Two-time State Champion Kobi Gomez won a 4-2 overtime decision against three-time State Finalist Gage Hight to tie the dual at 12-12.

The West won seven straight matches and Carson Savage clinched the dual with a fall at 195. The East evened things up a little bit with a decision at 220 and an upset at heavyweight. 6A State Runner-Up Caleb Orr pinned two-time 5A State Champion Josh Heindselman to wrap the night up.

The Small West company coached by Anadarko’s Craig Pruitt rolled to a 30-9 advantage before the East began to battle back. Wagoner coach Micco Charboneau rallied his boys to win their final four matches for a close 30-27 defeat.

The Small West won their first two matches and never trailed in the dual. Thaddeus Long and Logan Farrell battled to a 4-4 tie in a rematch of 4A State Finals. Wesley Scott picked up a fall for the East, then viewers were treated to yet another Finals rematch. Kobe Kizarr repeated his State Championship win with a 3-0 decision against Price Perrier to kick off a five-match win streak.

Alec McDoulett won 11-4 in a battle of State Runners-Up against Abel Perez and 3A State Runner-Up Tyler Lavey knocked off State Champion Luke Ahrberg 6-4. Nathan Ulmer kicked off the Eastern rally attempt by pinning Denver Dahlenburg. Teaguen Wilson had the chance to tie the dual with a pin in the final match, but had to settle for a 4-1 decision.

Prior to the dual, awards were presented to the coaches and wrestlers of the year in each classification.

Oklahoma Wrestling Coaches Association Awards
Region 1 Coach of the Year - Brian Picklo (Mustang)
Region 2 Coach of the Year - Laddie Rupp (Cushing)
Region 3 Coach of the Year - Micco Charboneau (Wagoner)
Region 4 Coach of the Year - Michael Miller (Lawton MacArthur)
Region 5 Coach of the Year - Andy Howington (Marlow)
Region 6 Coach of the Year - Josh Cunningham (McAlester)
Region 7 Coach of the Year - Shawn Jones (Broken Arrow)
Region 8 Coach of the Year - J. Wesley Ruth (Del City)
3A Head Coach of the Year - Andy Howington (Marlow)
3A Assistant Coach of the Year - Keith Kizarr (Marlow)
4A Head Coach of the Year - Laddie Rupp (Cushing)
4A Assistant Coach of the Year - Bobby Williams (Tuttle)
5A Head Coach of the Year - Erik Ford (Piedmont)
5A Assistant Coach of the Year - Luke Brummett (Skiatook)
6A Head Coach of the Year - Shawn Jones (Broken Arrow)
6A Assistant Coach of the Year - Rod Jones (Broken Arrow)
Junior High Coach of the Year - Casy Rowell (Comanche)
Official of the Year - Danny Blackshear
3A Wrestler of the Year - Drake Barbee (Blackwell)
4A Wrestler of the Year - Thaddeus Long (McLain)
5A Wrestler of the Year - Josh Heindselman (Piedmont)
6A Wrestler of the Year - Zane Coleman (Choctaw)
Wrestler of the Year (All Classes) - Josh Heindselman (Piedmont)

Small West 30 Small East 27
113: Remington White (Walters) FALL Kaleb Harris (Sallisaw), 6-0.
120: Jaxon Miller (Comanche) 5-3 Luke Montgomery (Bristow), 9-0.
126: Logan Farrell (Tuttle) 4-4 Thaddeus Long (McLain), 12-3.
132: Wesley Scott (Pawnee) FALL Nikolas Gers (Blanchard), 12-9.
138: Kobey Kizarr (Marlow) 3-0 Price Perrier (Pawhuska), 15-9.
145: Stone Snodgrass (Kingfisher) 1-0 Alec Capehart (Sallisaw), 18-9.
152: Alec McDoulett (Little Axe) 11-4 Abel Perez (Catoosa), 21-9.
160: Tyler Lavey (Marlow) 6-4 Jacob Ahrberg (Cushing), 24-9.
170: Ethon Hamrick (Comanche) FALL Tyler Bingham (Tecumseh), 30-9.
182: Nathan Ulmer (Poteau) FALL Denver Dahlenburg (Hinton), 30-15.
195: Eriq Simpson (Cushing) FALL John Mark Holten (Anadarko), 30-21.
220: Drake Barbee (Blackwell) 7-4 Cameron Gregg (Pauls Valley), 30-24.
285: Teaguen Wilson (Perry) 4-1 Chase Merkey (Geary), 30-27.

Large West 36 Large East 21
113: David Boucher (Bartlesville) 2-2 Dominic Derr (Westmoore), 3-3.
120: Laif Jones (Bartlesville) 11-2 Jayston Cato (Carl Albert), 3-7.
126: Mitchell Lance (Piedmont) 4-0 Ty Nohelty (McAlester), 6-7.
132: Reece Witcraft (Broken Arrow) TECH Kylon Burgert (Yukon), 6-12.
138: Cameron Picklo (Mustang) 4-2 Spencer Schickram (Ponca City), 9-12.
145: Kobi Gomez (Altus) 5-2 SV Gage Hight (Glenpool), 12-12.
152: Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial) FALL Ja’len Hernandez (Union), 18-12.
160: Hunter Jump (Duncan) 4-2 Diego Maturino (Broken Arrow), 21-12.
170: Zane Coleman (Choctaw) FALL Mason Seth (Muskogee), 27-12.
182: Christian Maldonado (Lawton MacArthur) DECISION Abram Arechiga (Ponca City), 30-12.
195: Carson Savage (Deer Creek) FALL Braxton Kearns (Glenpool), 36-12.
220: Tony Opichka (Choctaw) DECISION Matt Woods (Lawton MacArthur), 36-15.
285: Caleb Orr (Jenks) FALL Josh Heindselman (Piedmont), 36-21.

Two Sandites headed to NCAA Softball Super Regionals, and other alumni updates


The No. 13 ranked Oklahoma State University Cowgirl Softball team (42-14) won its first Regional Championship since 2011 Saturday afternoon, squeezing out a 2-1 come-from-behind Finals win over No. 25 Tulsa (37-20). The Pokes also won 3-1 against the West Coast Conference Champions from BYU (30-26) and beat Tulsa 13-10 in their first meeting of the tournament.

The Cowgirl roster includes two former Sand Springs standouts in sophomore Sydney Pennington and senior Mallory Goodman.

Pennington played third base throughout the three-game tournament, recording two put outs and eight assists. At the plate she was 2-of-10 with 2 runs and 1 RBI, hitting a solo homer in the top of the second inning in the first game against Tulsa. 

Pennington is .250 on the season with 30 runs, 42 hits, 7 doubles, 1 triple, 10 homers, 33 RBI, a .482 slugging average, .314 on-base-percentage, and a .948 fielding average. In her career she’s .277 with 57 runs, 102 hits, 18 doubles, 1 triple, 17 homers, and 76 RBI.

Goodman hasn’t seen any action this season, but she’s .241 in her career with 17 runs, 28 hits, 5 doubles, 3 homers, a .362 slugging average, and .343 on-base-percentage.

The Pokes will return to action Thursday and Friday against the defending National Champions from No. 4 Florida State (54-8) at the Tallahassee Super Regional. Game times are 6:00 p.m. CT Thursday, 2:00 p.m. CT Friday, and 11:00 a.m. CT Saturday (if necessary). Thursday and Saturday’s games will be on ESPN and Friday’s game will be on ESPN2.

Other softball news…

Central Christian College senior Breanna Bill batted .271 this season with a .388 slugging average, 23 runs, 35 hits, 4 doubles, 4 triples, 1 home run, 11 RBI, and 8 sacrifices. The Tigers went 16-38 overall and 8-28 in the SAC.

1983 grad Randall King led the Broken Arrow High School Slow Pitch Softball team to a 23-9 record, Class 6A No. 5 ranking, and State Tournament appearance.

2011 grad Joely Rogers finished her first season as Pitching Coach at Coffeyville Community College, helping the Ravens to a 7-34 record.

Sophomore Jessica Collins batted .284 with a .327 on-base percentage, .561 slugging average, 32 runs, 42 hits, 5 doubles, 12 home runs, and 33 RBI at Connors State College as the Cowgirls went 16-31 overall and 11-22 in conference. She went 1-5 on the mound, throwing 5 strikeouts in 34 innings with a 9.34 ERA and .948 fielding percentage.

Northeastern State University went 28-27 overall and 14-12 in conference. Junior Jessica Schuler batted .297 with 29 runs, 47 hits, 33 RBI, 14 doubles, 5 homers, a .481 slugging average, .386 on-base percentage, and a .991 fielding percentage.

Junior Kennedy “Goose” Salyers finished the season .234 at the plate with 5 runs, 11 hits, 1 double, 1 RBI, a .255 slugging average, and a .250 on-base percentage at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The Savage Storm went 29-28 overall and 25-19 in conference.


Rhett Rutledge is playing NCAA Division I baseball at Florida International University in his junior year, following a two-year stent at Northern Oklahoma College. He currently owns a .250 batting average and .300 slugging average on the season with five hits, seven runs, and one RBI, with a .905 fielding percentage. The Panthers are 22-29 overall and will return to action Thursday with a three-day three-game home series against Louisiana Tech.

Sophomores Mack Thompson and Treyce Tolbert saw action on a 24-22 Rose State College baseball team, the school’s best record since 2013. Thompson ended the season with a .879 fielding percentage, .337 batting average, .413 on-base percentage, and .402 slugging average, recording 31 hits, 6 doubles, 20 runs, and 16 RBI. Tolbert finished with a .909 fielding percentage, .297 batting average, .360 on-base percentage, and .436 slugging average, with 30 hits, 12 doubles, 1 triple, 17 runs, and 19 RBI.

Berryhill grad and native Sandite Jacob Bailey is seeing reduced duty with the Seminole State baseball team. He is 1-0 on the mound in 3.2 innings pitched with a 0.0 ERA and 6 strikeouts. Last season he was 6-1 for a 4.14 ERA. Seminole went 39-14 this season.

University of Oklahoma sophomore Jake Terry has pitched two innings this season and thrown one strikeout. His career ERA stands at 7.53. The Sooners are 31-20 overall and 9-12 in Big 12 action. They will play a three-game Red River Rivalry series this week to conclude the regular season.

CPHS Class of 1981 grad Mike Moore is Head Baseball Coach at Jay High School, and recently wrapped up the season with an 18-14 record.


University of Central Oklahoma freshman Colt Savage scored 84 points with 25 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals for the Men’s Basketball team this past season, helping the Broncos to an 11-17 record. He shot 55.6% on field goals, 50% on three-pointers, and 90% on free throws.


Sophomore Jacob Taber and the Fort Hays State University football team earned their second-straight MIAA Conference Title with a 9-3 overall record and 6-0 undefeated performance on their home turf. Taber played in all twelve games, recording 4 total tackles.

Jerry Lyons didn’t see any action his freshman year at Southwestern College football, but the Moundbuilders finished the season 6-5 overall and 5-5 in conference.

Payton Scott took a redshirt his freshman year at the University of Central Oklahoma, but the football team went 8-4 overall, 7-4 in conference, and won the Heart of Texas Bowl.


University of Denver golfer Carson Griggs cracked the starting lineup this season as a true freshman and helped his team to a Summit League Conference Championship with a sixth place finish out of 44 golfers. The Pioneers concluded their season Wednesday with a 12th place finish at the NCAA Stanford Regional.

Griggs placed 54th out of 96 at the Ram Masters Invitational, helping his team to a 4th place finish. He was first on his team and 13th out of 100 at the William H. Tucker Invitational. He was second on his team and 31st of 84 at the Bayou City Collegiate Tournament. He placed 30th of 90 at the Ping Cougar Classic, 67th of 75 at Regionals, 68th of 72 at the Paintbrush Invitational, 84th of 112 at the Warrior Princeville Makai Invitational, and 101st of 120 at the Wyoming Desert Intercollegiate Classic. 


University of Oklahoma senior Hannah Hammond was named to the Academic All-Big 12 Rowing Team.


1991 grad Roger Bush led the Oral Roberts University Women to an 8-12 record. Junior Brooklyn Eardley played eight games and recorded one assist.

1999 grad Ryan Bush led the Oral Roberts University Men to a 6-7-3 record.

2012 grad Tyler McIntosh led the Midwest City Boys to a 2-12 record.

2010 grad Aaron McIntosh led the Mingo Valley Boys to a Heartland Christian Athletic Association Conference Championship in his first year as Head Coach.

Junior Kayla Foster played seven games this past season at Missouri University of Science and Technology, scoring one goal and one assist. The Miners went 4-11-1 overall and 3-9-1 in conference.

Megan Deshazo (sophomore) and Emma Peak (freshman) helped the Northern Oklahoma College (Tonkawa) team to an 8-7-1 overall record and 7-5-1 conference performance this season. Deshazo was named Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year and made the NJCAA All-Region team, leading the team in total scoring with eight goals and three assists. Deshazo is signed to play for Southwestern Christian University next season. Peak scored one goal and two assists.

Oklahoma City University freshman Abigail Banks only got to play one game this season, due to sharing the lineup with an All-Conference goalie. The Stars went 11-3-2 overall and 6-1-1 for second in conference.

Redlands Community College and sophomore Brooklyn Turner went 9-6-2 this season. Turner saw action in twelve games.


Assistant Coach Peter McCorkle (C/o 2005) helped the Oral Roberts men’s team to a 6-12

Track and Field

Colby Community College freshman Ian Baustert finished 27th in the 800 meter run at the NJCAA Region VI Track Championships with a time of 2:09.10 last week. Earlier this season he set 4:28.77 PR in the 1500.

Grand Canyon University sophomore Cheyenne Walden finished the season 6th in the 3K Steeplechase in 11:12.13 and 23rd in the 5K run in 18:47.24 at the Western Athletic Conference Championships. Over the course of the season she set PRs of 4:45.56 in the 1500 run, 5:22.13 in the one-mile, 10:17.49 in the 3k, 17:10.40 in the 5K, and 10:54.11 in the 3K Steeple. She also won the NAU Friday Night Duals one-mile run in the season-opener, placed second in the 3K Steeple at the Aztec Invitational, and broke the school’s 5K record.


Kansas State sophomore Gloria Mutiri had a remarkable season this past fall, earning a multitude of accolades. She was twice named the Big 12 Rookie of the Week, made the All-Big 12 Rookie Team, and was a second team All-Big 12 selection. The American Volleyball Coaches Association selected her for the All-Midwest Region First Team, named her Midwest Freshman of the Year, and gave her an All-American Honorable Mention.

Mutiri finished the season with 271 kills, 3 assists, 15 aces, 192 digs, and 67 blocks in 98 sets. The Wildcats went 15-12 overall and 5-11 in Big 12 action. They will be taking a nine-day trip to Brazil later this month to play a series of exhibition matches in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Labette freshman Kylie Taylor recorded 2 assists, 2 aces, and 44 digs in 34 sets, helping the Cardinals to an 8-22 record.


Oklahoma State redshirt freshman Daton Fix won the first 26 matches of his career and went 35-2 overall this season, picking up titles at the Oklahoma City Open, the Reno Tournament of Champions, the Southern Scuffle, and the Big 12 Conference Tournament. His only losses came to All-Americans and he placed second at the NCAA Tournament.

UCO redshirt junior Cody Karstetter went 1-0 in his debut season with the Bronchos, winning an 8-3 decision in a dual with Fort Hays State.

CPHS Track and Field: Sandites crown 2 Regional Champions, qualify 8 for State

The Charles Page High School boys’ track and field team took third place at the 6A Regional meet in Ponca City Saturday, crowning two Champions with eleven top-six finishes. Eight total Sandites punched their tickets to the State Championship this coming weekend in Moore.

Oral Roberts University-signed senior Mitchell Mefford won the Discus Throw with a personal-record 159 feet and one inch. He also had a PR in Shot Put at 41’10.50 for seventh place. The State Discus competition will be held Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Air Force Academy-signee Aden Baughman won the 800-meter run for the third-straight year in 1:58.63 and was runner-up in the 400 with a PR time of 50.13 seconds. He settled for fifth in the 800 at last year’s State meet after winning gold the prior season. This is his first time qualifying in the 400. The 400 prelims will be Friday at 2:15 with the finals held Saturday at 1:30 p.m. The 800 race will be Saturday at 12:20 p.m.

Baughman also qualified in the 4x400 relay alongside Jaelyn Jackson, Joseph Mattison, and Nelson Yazzie. They placed second in 3:31.54, the school’s best time since at least 2004. The 1600 relay will be the final event at State, Saturday at 3:10 p.m.

Baughman, Jackson, Yazzie, and Savannah College of Art and Design-signee Jake Smith qualified in the 4x800 relay with a third place finish in 8:18.51, their best time of the season. Last year they placed sixth at State after winning Regionals. The 3200 relay will be held Friday at 12:40 p.m.

Joel Mackey came in Runner-Up twice in the 100-meter dash. He finished the prelims in 11.11 seconds and the finals in a season-best 10.82. He also placed third in the 200-meter finals with a season-best 21.90. Last season he placed ninth at State in the 100 and tenth in the 200. He will run the 100 prelims Friday at 1:55 p.m. and the 200 at 3:25 p.m. The 100 finals will be Saturday at 1:00 p.m., followed by the 200 at 2:20 p.m.

Mackenzie Rader placed seventh in the 100-meter hurdle prelims, then improved to fourth in the finals with a career-best time of 17.07 seconds to qualify for the State meet. The State prelims will be held Friday at 1:35 p.m., with the finals Saturday at 12:40 p.m.

Davina Green ran a PR 29.72 in the 200, Chezney Kelley ran a PR 6:37.26 in the 1600, and Rader tied her PR High Jump at 4’10.00” for fifth place. Elizabeth Watts had her best performance in a year in the 100 hurdles, finishing sixth in the prelims in 17.91.

Alex Newport ran a PR 45.88 in the 300 hurdles, Morgan Lockhart ran a PR 24.34 in the 200 dash, and Noah Hanlon ran a PR 11:38.07 in the 3200. All three 1600 runners set PRs. Smith finished in 4:39.94, Danny Murray finished in 4:52.23, and Caleb James finished in 5:19.86. Sam Keiper set a PR distance of 98’06.50” in discus and 29’01.50” in Shot Put.

The boys voided the High Jump, Pole Vault, and 4x200 relay, and placed fifth in the 4x100. The Lady Sandites voided the 800 run, Pole Vault, 4x100, and 4x200. They placed fifth in the 4x400 and sixth in the 4x800 with their fastest time of the year, and placed eighth out of eight teams overall at Regionals.

Sandite Results
4x100 - 5th - 44.72
4x400 - 2nd - 3:31.54
4x800 - 3rd - 8:18.51
110 Hurdles - Prelims
5th - Matt Wilkerson - 18.08
10th - Alex Newport - 19.43
110 Hurdles - Finals
7th - Matt Wilkerson - 18.00
100 Dash - Prelims
300 Hurdles
10th - Alex Newport - 45.88
11th - Matt Wilkerson - 48.79
2nd - Joel Mackey - 11.11
16th - Morgan Lockhart - 12.05
100 Dash - Finals
2nd - Joel Mackey - 10.82
200 Dash - Prelims
4th - Joel Mackey - 22.24
16th - Morgan Lockhart - 24.34
20th - Dalton Wilcox - 26.62
200 Dash - Finals
3rd - Joel Mackey - 21.90
400 Dash
2nd - Aden Baughman - 50.13
7th - Jaelyn Jackson - 52.60
11th - Joseph Mattison - 53.74
800 Run
1st - Aden Baughman - 1:58.63
13th - Alejandro Lopez - 2:13.50
15th - Sam English - 2:16.38
1600 Run
6th - Jacob Smith - 4:39.94
9th - Danny Murray - 4:52.23
15th - Caleb James - 5:19.86
3200 Run
12th - Caleb James - 11:31.46
14th - Noah Hanlon - 11:38.07
Long Jump
10th - Alejandro Lopez - 17’11.00”
Shot Put
7th - Mitchell Mefford - 41’10.50”
11th - Riley Magee - 37’09.00”
16th - Sam Keiper - 29’01.50”
Discus Throw
1st - Mitchell Mefford - 159’01.00”
8th - Riley Magee - 119’05.50”
12th - Sam Keiper - 98’06.50”

Boys Team Scores
225 Broken Arrow
97 Midwest City
75 Sand Springs
67 Shawnee
60 Stillwater
55 Ponca City
43 Enid
26 Putnam City West

Boys Champions
4x100 - Broken Arrow - 41.45
4x200 - Broken Arrow - 1:26.19
4x400 - Broken Arrow - 3:23.34
4x800 - Shawnee - 8:13.29
110H - Luis Abad - 15.10
300H - Luis Abad - 40.84
100M - Kevin Jackson - 10.71
200M - Kalope Morris - 21.80
400M - Logan Matthews - 49.75
800M - Aden Baughman - 1:58.63
1600M - Andres Chapa - 4:30.71
3200M - Kyler Clark - 9:55.38
High Jump - Wyatt Thiel - 6’00.00”
Pole Vault - Brandon Hanoch - 15’00.00”
Long Jump - Tramon Jackson - 21’09.00”
Shot Put - Elijah Manuel - 52’06.00”
Discus Throw - Mitchell Mefford - 159’01.00”

Lady Sandite Results
4x400 - 5th - 5:01.34
4x800 - 6th - 11:48.70
100 Hurdles - Prelims
6th - Elizabeth Watts - 17.91
7th - Mackenzie Rader - 17.99
100 Hurdles - Finals
4th - Mackenzie Rader - 17.07
7th - Elizabeth Watts - 18.00
300 Hurdles
10th - Elizabeth Watts - 54.52
100 Dash - Prelims
12th - Davina Green - 14.58
14th - Kristen Fields - 16.21
200 Dash - Prelims
14th - Davina Green - 29.72
19th - Kristen Fields - 34.07
400 Dash
13th - Victoria Baker - 1:16.78
15th - Erika Baker - 1:20.07
1600 Run
15th - Sara Abbet - 6:31.38
18th - Chezney Kelley - 6:37.26
3200 Run
10th - Erika Baker - 13:53.96
High Jump
5th - Mackenzie Rader - 4’10.00”
Long Jump
10th - Mackenzie Rader - 14’08.25”
13th - Jazmin Lopez - 11’03.75”
Shot Put
10th - Ayden Meade - 24’00.25”
Discus Throw
7th - Ayden Meade - 82’08.00”

Girls Team Scores
224 Broken Arrow
127 Midwest City
82 Putnam City West
78 Stillwater
53 Enid
41 Shawnee
26 Ponca City
12 Sand Springs

Girls Champions
4x100 - Broken Arrow - 48.47
4x200 - Midwest City - 1:40.92
4x400 - Broken Arrow - 3:59.17
4x800 - Broken Arrow - 10:16.57
100H - Trinity Wisby - 15.53
300H - Brianna Hays - 45.47
100M - Deniyah Smith - 12.47
200M - Deniyah Smith - 25.05
400M - Kanisius Harding - 58.13
800M - Brianna Hays - 2:17.61
1600M - Payton Hinkle - 5:36.07
3200M - Payton Hinkle - 12:04.67
High Jump - Miranda Givens - 5’04.00”
Pole Vault - Shelbi Day - 10’06.00”
Long Jump - India Morgan - 18’08.75”
Shot Put - Elainea Manuel - 36’05.50”
Discus Throw - Kelsi Seiger - 113’00.00”

CPHS Track: Aden Baughman wins Frontier Valley Conference Championship

The Charles Page High School boys’ track and field team took eighth place at the Frontier Valley Conference Championship Thursday at Union with one individual champion.

U.S. Air Force-signee Aden Baughman won his second conference title and seventh gold medal of the season with a 2:00.99 finish in the 800-meter run.

Mitchell Mefford placed second in discus with a distance of 143’02.5”, less than two feet behind the champion. Joel Mackey placed third in the 100-meter dash in 11.11 seconds and fourth in the 200 in 22.7. Titus Wright set a PR of 1:02.91 in the 400.

The boys' relay teams placed fifth in the 4x100, fifth in the 4x400, and sixth in the 4x800.

The Lady Sandites placed tenth, but avoided going scoreless thanks to Mackenzie Rader.

Rader had a great day all around. She placed fifth in the 100 hurdles in 17.52 and set personal records in two other events with a high jump of 4’10” and a long jump of 15’10.5”. Jazmin Lopez had a PR long jump of 12’05.25” and a PR 800 run in 2:58.53.

The top three teams were the same in both men and women’s competition. Broken Arrow won both titles, Union came in runner-up, and Jenks placed third in both. Booker T. Washington placed fourth in men’s and seventh in women’s during their first season in the FVC.

Sand Springs will return to action Saturday, May 4th at the OSSAA 6A Regional Championship at Ponca City High School against Broken Arrow, Enid, Midwest City, Ponca City, Putnam City West, Shawnee, and Stillwater. Events are set to begin at 9:30 a.m.

Sandite Results
4x100 Relay - 5th Place - 44.54
4x400 Relay - 5th Place - 3:32.26
4x800 Relay - 6th Place - 8:55.67
110 Hurdles
10th - Matt Wilkerson - 18.49
12th - Alex Newport - 19.35
13th - Knox Goggins - 20.43
300 Hurdles
14th - Alex Newport - 46.99
17th - Knox Goggins - 54.03
18th - David Rigsby - 58.90
100 Dash
3rd - Joel Mackey - 11.11
12th - Joseph Mattison - 11.92
19th - Morgan Lockhart - 12.17
200 Dash
4th - Joel Mackey - 22.70
20th - Morgan Lockhart - 25.43
24th - Daren Hawkins - 27.30
400 Dash
20th - Dalton Wilcox - 59.91
21st - Titus Wright - 1:02.91
800 Run
1st - Aden Baughman - 2:00.99
1600 Run
8th - Jacob Smith - 4:48.95
16th - Danny Murray - 4:59.99
Long Jump
20th - Knox Goggins - 14’08.50”
21st - Justin Guynn - 13’03.00”
Shot Put
15th - Mitchell Mefford - 40’05.00”
Discus Throw
2nd - Mitchell Mefford - 143’02.50”
7th - Riley Magee - 131’09.00”

Male Champions
4x100 Relay - Broken Arrow - 41.77
4x200 Relay - Union - 1:26.70
4x400 Relay - Broken Arrow - 3:24.13
4x800 Relay - Bartlesville - 8:13.03
110 Hurdles - Luis Abad - 15.41
300 Hurdles - Henry Falls - 40.07
100 Dash - AJ Green - 10.83
200 Dash - AJ Green - 21.90
400 Dash - Gentry Williams - 47.91
800 Run - Aden Baughman - 2:00.99
1600 Run - Hudson Mazzei - 4:38.92
3200 Run - Andres Chapa - 10:13.72
High Jump - Jack Jansen - 6’02.00”
Long Jump - Brennan Presley - 22’06.50”
Pole Vault - Brandon Hanoch - 15’03.00”
Shot Put - Hunter Wright - 52’06.00”
Discus Throw - Earnest Grayson - 145’01.00”

Male Team Scores
168.5 Broken Arrow
144.5 Union
95.0 Jenks
45.5 Booker T. Washington
44.5 Bartlesville
43.0 Bixby
42.5 Owasso
38.0 Sand Springs
21.0 Sapulpa
8.5 Muskogee

Lady Sandite Results
100 Hurdles
5th - Mackenzie Rader - 17.52
12th - Elizabeth Watts - 18.80
300 Hurdles
14th - Elizabeth Watts - 55.54
100 Dash
21st - Davina Green - 14.76
24th - Kristen Fields - 15.81
26th - Joselyn Schinnerer - 16.23
200 Dash
16th - Davina Green - 30.44
19th - Joselyn Shinnerer - 33.93
21st - Kaitlyn Converse - 34.97
400 Dash
15th - Wanageeska Williams - 1:12.16
800 Run
14th - Jazmin Lopez - 2:58.53
3200 Run
17th - Erika Baker - 14:30.00
High Jump
8th - Mackenzie Rader - 4’10.00”
Long Jump
10th - Mackenzie Rader - 15’10.50”
22nd - Jazmin Lopez - 12’05.25”
Discus Throw
13th - Ayden Meade - 83’00.00”

Female Champions
4x100 Relay - Broken Arrow - 49.14
4x200 Relay - Broken Arrow - 1:43.72
4x400 Relay - Broken Arrow - 4:03.89
4x800 Relay - Broken Arrow - 9:39.26
100 Hurdles - Danielle Shaw - 16.82
300 Hurdles - Brianna Hays - 47.13
100 Dash - Mikah Ferrying - 13.13
200 Dash - Danielle Shaw - 26.81
400 Dash - Kanisius Harding - 58.65
800 Run - Brianna Hays - 2:18.90
1600 Run - Avery Mazzei - 5:21.68
3200 Run - Avery Mazzei - 11:22.00
High Jump - Takyla Pitts - 5’00.00”
Long Jump - Takyla Pitts - 17’05.50”
Pole Vault - Sedona Emde - 10’09.00”
Shot Put - Dymon Murdock - 38’07.00”
Discus Throw - Bailey Tilley - 124’08.00”

Female Team Scores
180.3 Broken Arrow
145.0 Union
123.3 Jenks
84.3 Owasso
32.0 Bartlesville
31.0 Bixby
28.0 Booker T. Washington
21.0 Sapulpa
4.0 Muskogee
2.0 Sand Springs

CPHS Track: Mitchell Mefford places second at John Jacobs Invitational

The Charles Page High School track and field teams recently competed at the University of Oklahoma’s John Jacobs Invitational. A loaded field with more than thirty schools caused the team scores to suffer, but several Sandites set personal records.

The boys placed 22nd out of 35 teams while the girls tied for last. Only top-six finishers earn team points, and only Mitchell Mefford accomplished the feat. Mefford placed second in discus with a personal-best distance of 150’05”.

Riley Magee set a personal record distance of 39’07” in shot put. Caleb James ran PRs of 11:15.49 in the 3200 and 5:21.67 in the 1600. Danny Murray also PRed in the 1600 in 4:59.50. Dalton Wilcox and Sam Smith ran PRs of 2:23.55 and 2:23.84, respectively, in the 800.

Daren Hawkins and Justis Meyers PRed in the 200 with times of 25.90 and 27.97. All three 100-meter runners set PRs. Morgan Lockhart finished in 11.73, Meyers in 12.74, and Hawkins in 12.78.

Joselyn Shinnerer and Kristen Fields set PRs in the 100-meter dash with times of 15.39 and 15.75, respectively. Erika Baker and Chezney Kelley set PRs in the 1600 run with times of 6:23.78 and 6:52.94, respectively.

Sandite Results
110 Hurdles
30th - Matt Wilkerson - 18.33
34th - Alex Newport - 19.86
35th - Knox Goggins - 20.33
300 Hurdles
38th - Alex Newport - 47.45
39th - Matt Wilkerson - 48.20
42nd - Knox Goggins - 52.53
100 Dash
29th - Morgan Lockhart - 11.73
43rd - Justis Meyers - 12.74
44th - Daren Hawkins - 12.78
200 Dash
40th - Morgan Lockhart - 25.25
42nd - Daren Hawkins - 25.90
44th - Justis Meyers - 27.97
400 Dash
36th - Titus Wright - 1:03.75
800 Run
46th - Dalton Wilcox - 2:23.55
47th - Sam Smith - 2:23.84
1600 Run
37th - Danny Murray - 4:59.50
42nd - Nelson Yazzie - 5:03.62
55th - Caleb James - 5:21.67
3200 Run
17th - Jacob Smith - 10:34.78
32nd - Caleb James - 11:15.49
43rd - Noah Hanlon - 11:46.84
Shot Put
17th - Riley Magee - 39’07.00”
27th - Mitchell Mefford - 35’06.25”
Discus Throw
2nd - Mitchell Mefford - 150’05.00”
17th - Riley Magee - 107’07.00”

Male Champions
4x100 Relay - Union - 41.55
4x200 Relay - Union - 1:28.02
4x400 Relay - Altus - 3:24.73
4x800 Relay - Weatherford - 8:04.38
110 Hurdles - Slater Ward - 14.79
300 Hurdles - Robert Wood - 38.12
100 Dash - JT McCloud - 10.47
200 Dash - JT McCloud - 21.09
400 Dash - Michael James - 50.03
800 Run - Blake McConkay - 1:58.16
1600 Run - Brady Carpenter - 4:31.88
3200 Run - Daniel Nickell - 9:48.98
High Jump - Tyler Dechant - 6’06.00”
Long Jump - Romeo Ingram - 22’04.50”
Pole Vault - Brandon Hanoch - 14’06.00”
Shot Put - Brandon Zamarripa - 52’02.25”
Discus Throw - Adrian Del Toro - 170’09.00”

Team Scores
94 Union
70 Broken Arrow
39 Altus
37 Del City
37 Norman North
35 Weatherford
31 Lawton
28 Putnam City
28 Edmond Santa Fe
26.5 Choctaw
21 Edmond Memorial
21 Yukon
20 Bartlesville
19 MacArthur
16 Owasso
14 Southmoore
14 Woodward
10 Hobart
10 Edmond North
10 Putnam West
8 Sand Springs
8 Noble
6 Stillwater
6 Westville
6 Westmoore
2 Casady
1.5 Atoka
0 Deer Creek
0 Graham-Dustin
0 Heritage Hall
0 Lincoln Christian
0 Putnam North
0 Santa Fe South
0 Shattuck

Lady Sandite Results
100 Hurdles
7th - Makenzie Rader - 17.30
22nd - Elizabeth Watts - 18.58
300 Hurdles
27th - Elizabeth Watts - 54.60
100 Dash
39th - Davina Green - 14.33
44th - Joselynn Schinnerer - 15.39
45th - Kristen Field - 15.75
200 Dash
41st - Davina Green - 30.34
43rd - Kaitlyn Converse - 33.09
400 Dash
33rd - Gigi Williams - 1:15.27
800 Run
43rd - Victoria Baker - 3:00.69
1600 Run
33rd - Erika Baker - 6:23.78
37th - Sara Abbet - 6:34.46
38th - Chezney Kelley - 6:52.94
3200 Run
18th - Erika Baker - 13:33.38
High Jump
10th - Makenzie Rader - 4’08.00”
Long Jump
18th - Makenzie Rader - 14’02.00”
Shot Put
28th - Ayden Meade - 24’09.00”
Discus Throw
17th - Ayden Meade - 76’01.00”

Female Champions
4x100 Relay - Broken Arrow - 49.08
4x200 Relay - Broken Arrow - 1:45.79
4x400 Relay - Broken Arrow - 3:57.18
4x800 Relay - Broken Arrow - 9:33.34
100 Hurdles - Shelbie Maddy - 15.70
300 Hurdles - Tahlor Brown - 44.76
100 Dash - Lyric Henry - 12.58
200 Dash - Jada Atkinson - 25.07
400 Dash - Levi Gladd - 57.47
800 Run - Daphne Matthews - 2:14.43
1600 Run - Maddie Medina - 5:09.03
3200 Run - Maddie Medina - 11:14.97
High Jump - Taylor Dozier - 5’04.00”
Long Jump - India Morgan - 18’01.00”
Pole Vault - Kyla Davis - 12’06.00”
Shot Put - Madison Collier - 42’4.75”
Discus Throw - Madison Collier - 145’01.00”

Team Scores
122.33 Broken Arrow
90.33 Edmond North
78 Southmoore
51.33 Putnam City
37 Del City
34 Weatherford
33.33 Union
28 Owasso
23.33 Choctaw
22 Heritage Hall
20 Hennessey
20 Lawton
14 Altus
12 Yukon
10 Lincoln Christian
10 Putnam West
8 Stillwater
8 Sulphur
6 Norman North
6 Edmond Santa Fe
4 Casady
4 Moore
3 Bartlesville
2.33 Westville
0 Deer Creek
0 MacAthur
0 Putnam North
0 Sand Springs

OSSAA Soccer: Sandites finish as District Runners-Up, will host Enid in playoffs

Fernando Saldana (4).jpg

Not only is the Charles Page High School boys’ soccer team headed to the playoffs for the first time in recent memory, they also get to host their first round game after finishing as the District 6A-4 Runners-Up.

The Sandites (12-2) concluded the regular season last week with a 4-2 road win against Capitol Hill, putting them at a 5-2 district record. Also 5-2 is Owasso, who the Sandites defeated 5-4 last Tuesday for the tie-breaker win. Securing the district crown was the defending State Champions from Union (10-2, 7-0).

Sand Springs will host Enid (9-6) Tuesday, April 30th, at 7:00 p.m. The quarterfinals will be held Friday, May 3rd on the home field of the winner of Jenks vs. Norman. Semifinals are set for Tuesday, May 7th. The Championship round will be played either May 10th or 11th.

Sand Springs is having a historic season, winning their first nine matches and the Edison Green and White Tournament. They are 6-2 against 6A opponents, have won their last two matches, own four shutouts, and win by an average score of 3-1.

Enid is 7-4 against 6A foes and is coming off a win with an average score of 2-1. Neither team qualified for last year’s playoffs.

The Sandites previously beat the Plainsmen 2-1 in a non-district overtime shootout. Gustavo Saldana made a regulation penalty kick to tie the match and send it to overtime. Then Kaiden Cox, David Fancher, Fernando Saldana, and Gustavo Saldana all made PKs to win the shootout 4-3. Ethan Tippit got the win in the net with three saves.

Fernando Saldana, a sophomore, has been the bread and butter for the Sandite offense this season with fourteen goals. No Sandite but Saldana has scored a hat trick, and Saldana has two. He also has two braces and a four-point performance against Shawnee.

Sand Springs isn’t a one-hit wonder, however. Twelve players have scored and eleven have goals. Senior Gustavo Saldana and sophomore Jack Bratcher both have braces and are tied for second on the team in total scoring.

CPHS Season Stats

14 Fernando Saldana
7 Jack Bratcher
5 Gustavo Saldana
4 Luke Jeffus
1 Miguez Munoz
1 Kaiden Cox
1 Angel Esparza
1 Gustavo Franco
1 Dawson Quinton
1 Cameron Summerton
1 Kaleb Brooks

3 Fernando Saldana
3 David Fancher
2 Luke Jeffus
2 Gustavo Saldana
1 Kaiden Cox
1 Cameron Summerton

Total Scoring
17 Fernando Saldana
7 Jack Bratcher
7 Gustavo Saldana
6 Luke Jeffus
3 David Fancher
2 Kaiden Cox
2 Cameron Summerton
1 Miguel Munoz
1 Angel Esparza
1 Gustavo Franco
1 Dawson Quinton
1 Kaleb Brooks

First Round Pairings

Southmoore (7-7) at U.S. Grant (12-2).

  • Grant went 6-1 for the District 1 title, with their only 6A loss coming 5-1 to Deer Creek. They win by an average score of 3-1, have recorded six shutouts and one mercy rule victory, and have won their last five matches. They are ranked 23rd in the nation by MaxPreps with wins over Putnam City, Westmoore, and Edmond North. Grant was eliminated in the first round of last year’s playoffs.

  • Southmoore is 4-7 against 6A opponents and is riding a three-match losing streak. They win by an average score of 3-2, have five shutouts this season with one mercy rule win. Southmoore did not qualify for the post season last year.

Deer Creek (10-3-1) at Mustang (12-3).

  • Mustang is ranked 23rd in the country by USA Today, and holds an 8-3 record against 6A opponents. They win by an average score of 4-1, have seven shutouts, one mercy-rule win, and are coming off a loss in the de facto district title game. They have wins over Southmoore and Putnam City.

  • Deer Creek is 8-3-1 against 6A opponents with three shutouts, and is on a three-game win streak. They win by an average score of 3-2 and have victories over Southmoore, U.S. Grant, and Edmond North.

  • The Broncos previously defeated Deer Creek 3-1 in the second game of the season. Last year Deer Creek upset Mustang 5-1 in the first round of the playoffs.

Bixby (8-7) at Union (10-2).

  • Union went undefeated in District 4 and their only in-state loss was 2-1 to Jenks in the season opener. They win by an average score of 3-1, have six shutouts, and are on a four-match win streak. The defending State Champions are ranked 14th in the nation by MaxPreps and have wins over Broken Arrow, Norman North, Norman, Owasso, and Sand Springs.

  • Bixby is 5-5 in 6A action, with an average score of 3-1. They’ve won five shutouts and are on a three-game win streak. Bixby did not qualify for last year’s playoffs.

Owasso (9-6) at Broken Arrow (9-3).

  • Broken Arrow is 7-2 against 6A opponents with their only losses coming to Union and Jenks. They’ve won four shutouts, beat Enid and Bixby, and are on a five-match win streak with an average score of 3-1.

  • Owasso is 6-5 against 6A foes and is coming off a win. They own five shutouts this season, winning by an average score of 3-1, and have victories against Bixby and Norman.

  • Broken Arrow previously beat the Rams 2-0 in their third match of the season, and beat them 4-0 in last season’s first round playoff.

Norman (10-3-1) at Jenks (15-0-1).

  • The Trojans are one of only two undefeated teams left in the state, ranked 3rd in the nation by USA Today and 9th by Max Preps. They have a division-best nine shutouts and two mercy-rule wins, an average score of 4-0, with wins over Union, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Enid. They are the returning State Runners-Up.

  • Norman is 9-3-1 against 6A opponents with six shutouts and wins over Southmoore, Norman North, Westmoore, and Sand Springs. They win by an average score of 3-1 are returning State qualifiers.

Enid (9-6) at Sand Springs (12-2).

Edmond North (9-5) at Norman North (10-5).

  • Edmond North is 8-4 against 6A opponents and has several impressive showings in their resume. They have wins over Mustang and Westmoore and only lost by a single goal to both Grant and Deer Creek. They have five shutouts, are coming off a victory, and win by an average score of 3-2.

  • Norman North is 9-3 against 6A foes, riding a three-match win streak with a 3-2 win over Mustang to clinch the District 2 title. They win by an average score of 3-2 and own four shutouts, with wins over Westmoore, Putnam, and Southmoore.

  • Both teams are returning State Semifinalists, and Norman North beat the Huskies 3-2 in the third match of the season.

Putnam City (9-5) at Westmoore (9-6).

  • Putnam is 7-4 against 6A opponents and coming off a win over Southmoore. They have six shutouts and one mercy-rule win, beating their foes by an average score of 3-1.

  • Westmoore is 9-5 against 6A opponents and have won their past two matches. They have four shutouts, lead the division with four overtime wins, and have beaten Mustang, Southmoore, Deer Creek, and Owasso.

Savage and Keener combine for 46 in close loss at No. 8 Broken Arrow

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


1Q Broken Arrow 21-16
2Q Broken Arrow 15-5
3Q Sand Springs 16-7
4Q All 20-20

Free Throws: CPHS 15-of-22 BAHS 12-of-24
Field Goals: CPHS 19-of-45 BAHS 21-of-43
Fouls: CPHS 18, BAHS 20

Scoring: (CPHS) Colt Savage 24, Keener 22, Garbey 9, Taber 2. (BAHS) Huffman 14, Dennis 13, Hall 9, Lane 8, Smith 6, Everette 4, Boyer 4, Ensminger 3, Gonzales 2.

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Keener 6, Colt Savage 1, Price 1, Garbey 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Keener 8, Colt Savage 2, Price 2, Cale Savage 1, Garbey 1, Golightly 1.
Steals: Keener 3, Taber 1, Cale Savage 1.
Assists: Taber 1.
Blocks: Keener 3. 
Fouls: Price 5, Keener 4, Taber 3, Colt Savage 2, Garbey 2, Wash 1, Golightly 1.

Sand Springs won the second half, but they couldn't win the war. No. 8 ranked Broken Arrow (15-5) hosted the unranked Sandites (9-11) Tuesday afternoon, and were nearly caught sleeping. After rolling to a 36-21 halftime advantage, they barely stayed above water in the final stretch.

The Sandites tried to hang tight with their foes throughout the first quarter, but trailed by seven multiple times before a two-point shot from Josh Taber cut it to 21-16 at the end of the period.

Broken Arrow brought the rain to start the second quarter, as Braden Boyer, Camryn Dennis, Cory Lane, and Taylor Gonzales all hit field goals to make it 30-16 before Colt Savage broke the streak with a pair of free throws. Jacob Garbey scored the only other Sandite points of the quarter on a three pointer, and the Tigers took a 36-22 advantage into the locker room.

Whatever Coach Savage said to his boys at halftime worked and they came out to score the first seven points of the second half. Tony Hall regained the double digit lead with a three-pointer, Keener hit a two, Boyer hit a pair from the free throw line, then the Sandites went on another seven-point run. Caleb Huffman hit a pair of free throws to end the quarter, but Sand Springs won the third 16-7.

Huffman started off the final stanza with a three, but Savage scored six-straight to make it 46-43. Huffman posted another three, followed by a pair of free throws from Garbey, then Dennis hit a two. Keener scored five-straight and the Sandites were officially within a point.

Then came the foul war. Keener committed two fouls in a row. Dennis sank both of his. Boyer missed his fortunately, but the Tigers went right back to the line on a foul from Savage. Dennis missed his 1-1, but Huffman rebounded for two. Keener was next to go to the line but missed his second shot, rebounded, and missed the field goal.

Dennis hit a layup on the next possession, then Taber sent Major Smith to the line for two.

With 48.6 left, Savage scored a layup to cut it to 59-53, then Keener blocked a shot on the Tigers' corresponding possession and returned it for two. Price fouled Smith, who made one, then Huffman rebounded the second and sent it to Lane for a bucket.

By this point both teams were in the double and Huffman was next to the line and made one. Savage rebounded the second, but it was too late in the game, and his deep three fell short and the home team prevailed 63-57 after tying 20-20 in the fourth.

Savage led all scorers with 26, followed by Keener with 22. Keener's 22 tied his career-high, and he also pulled in 14 rebounds for his second double-double of the season. Huffman and Dennis were the only Tigers in double digits, but nine players got on the board for Broken Arrow, as compared to four for Sand Springs.

The Sandites will return to action Friday when they host No. 18 Bartlesville (9-9), who has already beaten them 53-39 and 63-53 this season. The Tigers will host No. 1 Union (20-0), who defeated them 60-56 in December. 

No. 3 Sand Springs rolls over No. 15 Broken Arrow 54-32 behind Kersgieter's 16

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


1Q Sand Springs 11-6
2Q Sand Springs 11-5
3Q Sand Springs 16-7
4Q Sand Springs 16-14

Free Throws: CPHS 11-of-16 BAHS 5-of-6
Field Goals: CPHS 19-of-46 BAHS 10-of-42
Penalties: CPHS 7 BAHS 12

Scoring: (CPHS) Kersgieter 16, Johnson 7, Regalado 7, Pennington 7, Mutiri 7, McGee 6, Collins 4. (BAHS) Cuellar 9, Smallwood 7, Callen 6, Moore 4, Bowker 3, West 3.

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Mutiri 7, Pennington 1, Kersgieter 1, Johnson 1, McGee 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Pennington 7, Kersgieter 5, Johnson 5, Mutiri 3, McGee 2, Taber 2, Collins 1. 
Steals: Johnson 2, Pennington 1, Kersgieter 1, McGee 1, Collins 1.
Assists: Pennington 4, Kersgieter 1, McGee 1.
Blocks: Mutiri 2, Kersgieter 1.
Fouls: Taber 3, Regalado 1, McGee 1, Mutiri 1, Johnson 1.

The No. 3 ranked Charles Page High School girls basketball team (17-1) visited the No. 15 Broken Arrow Lady Tigers (11-9) and dealt the home team a twenty-point loss for the second time this season. Sophomore standout Holly Kersgieter led all scorers with 16 points, and four Lady Sandites scored seven-apiece. None of the Lady Tigers broke double digits. 

It took the Sandites a few possessions before they found their offensive mojo, leading only 11-6 after the first quarter while shooting 30% on field goals. Jalise Smallwood hit a three for the Lady Tigers to start the second period, followed by a two-point response from Kierra McGee.

The Sandites finally turned up the heat midway through the quarter and shot 50%. Sydney Pennington snagged a steal, was fouled on a layup, and made the free throw. Holly Kersgieter scored on back-to-back possessions and the visitors held a 20-9 lead. Smallwood put an end to the streak, but Pennington got the final say of the half, rebounding a free throw from Mutiri for the final points, then rebounded Kinsey Callen on the opposite end of the court to carry the 22-11 advantage into the locker room.

Sand Springs came out pumped after halftime and scored the first points of the half on a free throw from Mutiri and a layup from Pennington. Angelica Cuellar hit a two, then Kersgieter, Cuellar, and Bella Regalado all sank threes. Danyell Moore hit a pair from the charity stripe on a foul from Regalado, then sent Regalado to the stripe for a pair. Johnson closed out the period with two field goals and a penalty shot for the 38-18 lead.

The fourth quarter started out even better for the Sandites. Mutiri hit a two and Kersgieter added a three before Brook Bowker hit a three for the Tigers. The Sandites went on a seven-point run from there and finally subbed in the second string with 3:00 remaining and a 50-21 advantage. Jessica Collins got into the scoring action for Sand Springs and finished with four points as the home team outscored the visitors 8-4 in the final minutes to end the game 54-32.

The Lady Sandites will return to action Friday when they host No. 14 Bartlesville (11-7), who they have already defeated 51-34 earlier this season. Broken Arrow will host No. 17 Union (10-9), who they lost to 41-36 earlier this year.

No. 1 Sandites remain undefeated with 46-21 victory at No. 3 Broken Arrow

Delvin Jordan and Zach Marcheselli are both ranked No. 1 in their weight classes. Marcheselli moved up a division and lost a 4-3 decision to Jordan Thursday night in Broken Arrow.

Delvin Jordan and Zach Marcheselli are both ranked No. 1 in their weight classes. Marcheselli moved up a division and lost a 4-3 decision to Jordan Thursday night in Broken Arrow.

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


106 #3 Riley Weir t.f. #7 Jackson Cockrell 16-1
113 #3 Tanner Ward t.f. #4 Andrew Police 15-0
120 #4 Michael Ritchey d. Blake Gonzalez 1-0
126 #5 Blake Sargent p. James Phares 0:55
132 #1 Daton Fix p. Matt Police 1:33
138 #3 Jack Karstetter d. #5 TaJuan Daniels 5-2
145 #2 Beau Bratcher p. #7 Bryce Mattioda 1:15
152 #1 Payton Scott p. Aedan Cottle 3:20
160 #10 Brady Mattioda d. #8 Noah Almy 7-3
170 #2 Zane Basma d. #3 Caleb Wise 4-2
182 #1 Gavin Potter inj. Luke Bratcher
195 Noah Cortes p. #10 Gage Fain 5:59
220 #1 Delvin Jordan d. #1 Zach Marcheselli 4-3
285 #3 Trenton Lieurance p. Dominique Pipes 2:28

The No. 1 ranked Charles Page High School varsity wrestling team (5-0) traveled to No. 3 Broken Arrow (2-2) Thursday night and won ten out of fourteen matches to continue their undefeated start to the season. Only two other undefeated teams remain and Sand Springs won't meet either in the regular season.

Sand Springs has held the No. 1 spot in the tournament rankings since winning the Perry Tournament a month ago, and they have been tied for first in the dual rankings with Choctaw (3-0) for two weeks now. Both teams received nine first-place votes this past week and neither will get the chance to knock each other off till Dual State. No. 4 Edmond North (5-0) is also undefeated, but they will end their regular season at Choctaw in early February. 

The Sandites will return to action Friday and Saturday at Sapulpa High School for the Jerry Billings Invitational against a tough field that includes No. 3 Broken Arrow, No. 6 Union, No. 8 Ponca City, 4A No. 6 Cascia Hall, 5A No. 3 Collinsville, and 3A No. 4 Plainview.

The dual started off at 106 with State Qualifier Riley Weir (16-6 season, 37-18 career) versus freshman Jackson Cockrell. It took Weir less than twenty seconds to take down his opponent and he worked him over for back points with half a minute left in the period. Weir started the second period neutral with a 5-0 lead and doubled it going into the final stretch. He start the third period on bottom and quickly reversed for nearfall points before cutting his opponent loose. He ended things with a takedown for a 16-1 tech fall in 5:20.

Senior State-placer Tanner Ward (14-7, 90-19) and Andrew Police came out fast and aggressive, and it was the Sandite who took the early 5-0 lead with nearfall points. He added two more back points soon after and started the second period on bottom with a 7-0 advantage. A quick reversal and nearfall points finished it off 15-0 in 3:44. 

Senior State-placer Michael Ritchey (16-7, 45-31) met Blake Gonzalez in a well-matched bout that ended the first period 0-0. Ritchey got the first and only point after escaping to start the second period, and once again neither contender could secure a takedown. Ritchey never allowed his opponent to break free and secured the 1-0 decision for a 13-0 team lead.

Junior State-placer Blake Sargent (16-6, 68-20) came out jacked for the Sandites and phinned James Phares in 0:55 after taking an early 2-0 lead. Senior three-time State Champion Daton Fix (21-0, 139-0) worked his typical mayhem against Matt Police at 132 pounds and built an 8-3 lead before getting the pin in 1:33 to give his team a 25-0 advantage. 

State Qualifier TaJuan Daniels put up a tough match against State Runner-Up Jack Karstetter (7-1, 80-16), but the Sandite was resilient despite having wrestled only one match in the last month. The match was tied 2-2 going into the third period when Karstetter took the lead with an escape. His Broken Arrow counterpart was looking desperately for an open shot, but the Sandite came out on top to end things 5-2.

State Runner-Up Beau Bratcher (18-5, 109-28) wasted no time in taking down Bryce Mattioda and pinned his foe in 1:15. State-placer Payton Scott (20-1, 41-8) wrestled a page out of the Daton Fix playbook, working up a quick 8-4 lead by taking down his opponent just to cut him loose repeatedly. He eventually pinned Aedan Cottle in 3:20 to officially secure the dual as a Sandite victory with a 40-0 lead.

Sophomore Noah Almy (9-10) was equally matched against State-qualifier Brady Mattioda throughout the first period and started the second 0-0. Almy scored first on an escape, then gave up a takedown, but escaped again to tie it up at 2-2. Mattioda started the third period down, escaped, scored, and led 5-2. Almy escaped, but Mattioda came out on top once again to end things 7-3 and officially put points on the board for Broken Arrow. 

Zane Basma (6-1, 64-25) and Caleb Wise both took third in State last year and were very close for the entirety of their match. Wise struck first, but Basma didn't stay under for long. He trailed 2-1 starting the second on top, but never let his opponent loose and added nearfall points to make it 3-2. He cushioned his lead with a third period escape and stayed up through the remainder for a 4-2 decision.

Luke Bratcher (3-1) suffered an unfortunate loss after a great start to a tough match. The Sophomore took on top-ranked Gavin Potter at 182 and the two were all knotted up early on, leaving a literal blood trail in their wake. After a timeout for cleanup, Bratcher quickly put points on the board for a 2-0 lead before giving up the match on an injury default. 

Gage Fain (13-7, 26-29) wrestled against Noah Cortes and suffered a literal last-second pin. The Tiger scored first, but Fain reversed almost immediately before letting Cortes out with seconds to go in the first period. Cortes started the second with another escape, gave up a point on an illegal hold, then added a takedown with twenty seconds to go. Trailing 6-3 to start the third, Fain scored an escape and picked up another caution point to cut it to a one point deficit before giving up another takedown. This time Cortes added nearfall points before Fain was saved by yet another illegal hold to make it 11-7. Cortes added another takedown, cut Fain loose, took him down again, cut him loose again, then got the pin with a single second left.

The marquee match-up of the evening was State Qualifier Delvin Jordan (20-2, 51-14) against State Champion Zach Marcheselli. Jordan is ranked first in the State in 220 after winning the Perry and Geary Championships, while Marcheselli is ranked first in 195 with Geary, Cascia Hall, and Gardner-Edgerton Championships this season. The two top-dogs of their divisions put on one of the most intense matches of the night. Jordan led 2-0 after a wild first period and added an escape to start the second. Marcheselli tied it up immediately to start the third with an escape and a takedown, but Jordan cut loose to make it 4-3, which he held till the end.

Sophomore Dominique Pipes (0-2, 0-4) wrestled his second dual of his career, and for the second time was pitted against a State-qualifier. He took on Senior Trenton Lieurance and trailed 8-1 before getting pinned in 2:28.

Mutiri and Leatherland both score 31 in shootout at BA Tournament

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 18 ranked Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (10-7) dropped their opening match at the Broken Arrow Tournament Friday morning to the Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschools (3-2).

The Lady Sandites dominated the first game 25-16. The Jaguars took an early 8-5 lead, but four straight aces from junior Gloria Mutiri put the Sandites up 10-8. Marysia Erb broke up the streak and Hannah Williams served an ace to tie it up 10-10.

The Sandites won the next five rallies with three errors, a kill from Holly Kersgieter, and an ace from Mackenzie Ward. Malia Leatherland got in a kill, but Kendall Wise scored back-to-back aces to push the lead to 19-12. Ward set up kills for Lee Leslie, Mutiri, and Kersgieter and the Sandites surged to a 25-16 finish.

The second set featured far fewer Jaguar errors and far more kills from Leatherland. The heavy-hitting senior daughter of Coach Mike Leatherland was all over the place throughout the set.

Mutiri was an ever-present threat, scoring the first three kills of the game for the Sandites and joining with Ward for a block. Leatherland scored on a tipped ball and followed it up with an ace. A series of Sandite errors and another kill from Leatherland gave NOAH the 10-7 advantage before they gave it up with six errors of their own and Devree Youngblood and Madison Burris joined for a block to make it 13-11.

NOAH pulled briefly ahead before a Mutiri ace tied it at 16-16, but the Jags tried to run away with it and pushed their lead to 22-17 before the Sandites found their feet and tied it up at 23-23 with a pair of blocks from Mutiri and Burris, and Mutiri and Leslie.

The game tied at 24-24 after a kill from Leatherland, Kersgieter tipped a kill for the lead, but Leatherland tied it right back up at 25-25. Both teams exchanged errors and NOAH took the lead on a blocked tip from Mutiri. The Sandites got the side out on a service error and Burris set up Kersgieter for the 28-27 kill. A Jaguar fault sealed the victory at 29-27 and the match was solidly in the hands of Sand Springs 2-0.

The third set was a mess of errors and NOAH took a 4-1 lead before either team scored a single kill. Makenna Cypert scored the opening kill for the Sandites, Leatherland retaliated, and Mutiri spiked in another to make it 5-3. The teams exchanged service errors, Mutiri and Leslie combined on a block, and Youngblood scored a kill to make it 8-6. A kill from Kersgieter followed by three-straight Jaguar errors gave the Sandites the lead at 11-10. Leatherland scored back-to-back kills, then Mutiri did the same.

The back-and-forth affair continued all the way into extra points where the game tied for the final time at 27-27 on a block from Mutiri. Leatherland and Erb both scored kills for the 29-27 victory.

In game four the Jags took the lead early on with back-to-back kills from Leatherland. Sand Springs pulled close at 7-5 with a kill from Mutiri, but Leatherland scored a kill followed by four-straight aces. The lead was comfortably NOAH’s till Mutiri scored three-straight to close it to 19-16. Mutiri scored off a Ward setup and a pair of errors put the Sandites within a point, 20-19. They would only win one rally from there and NOAH prevailed 25-20 to tie the match.

NOAH pulled a quick 4-1 lead in the final set and didn’t give up the lead till 13-13. Leslie scored an ace, but Leatherland scored two. Ward served one of her own and Mutiri followed with a block, but the girls still trailed 11-8. They got within a point on a kill from Leslie to make it 12-11, then scored a block from Burris and Mutiri to tie it up. Leatherland scored a kill from there, then put up an impressive block on one of Mutiri’s infamous spikes for the 15-13 win.

Mutiri and Leatherland tied in scoring with 31 kills each. Mutiri scored seven blocks to Leatherland’s four, but Leatherland scored seven aces to Mutiri’s five. Kersgieter added another twelve kills and Leslie scored seven. Ward led in assists with twenty-four and Burris added another twelve.

Sandites place fifth in Broken Arrow Tournament, Pennington homers in 3-1 win over BA

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity softball team (5-3) let their bats fly against Broken Arrow Saturday evening at the Arrowhead Softball Complex. Felicity Horn, Sydney Pennington, and Jacie Taber all hit doubles and Pennington added a home run in a 3-1 victory over the tournament's host team. 

After going 3-2 in pool play, the Lady Sandites found themselves competing against the Lady Tigers for fifth place in the sixteen-team tournament. The Sandites defeated Choctaw, Putnam City North, and Edmond North, but lost to Owasso and Durant. Owasso won the tournament.

Sophomore Jacie Taber (2-1) got the win on the mound, giving up six hits against one strikeout. 

Horn, a freshman, got on base in the first plate appearance of the game with a line drive double into left field, and advanced to third on a single from Pennington, but both were left stranded.

The Lady Tigers stranded one in both the first and second innings and threatened heavily in the bottom of the third. Mary Collins and McKenzie Carney singled and Aleigha Brown reached on an error to load the bases with one out. The Sandites pulled out of the tight spot, however, as Pennington caught a fly ball in foul territory and Kimi Presnell scooped up a groundball from Abby Parks to put the runner out at first.

Pennington got the Sandites on the board in the top of the fourth with a lead-off homer, her first of the season. In the top of the sixth, Sabrina Usher reached on a fielder's choice and scored on a double from Taber. Pennington doubled in the seventh to score Jessica Collins. Mary Collins put Broken Arrow on the board with a lead-off home run in the bottom of the seventh, but the next three batters flied out and Sand Springs secured the win.

The Lady Sandites will return to action Tuesday at home with a double-header against Norman beginning at 5:00 p.m. The Highway 97 Rivalry match-up will be a double-header Thursday at home, also at 5:00 p.m.

Four Sandites will represent Oklahoma at Jr Dual Nationals

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Junior Dual Nationals will return to the Cox Business Center in Tulsa on June 22nd. The Tournament will last through the 25th and will feature four Charles Page High School wrestlers.

Last year Team Oklahoma bulldozed their way through both styles, placing fourth in Greco and first in Freestyle. That talented team included three Sandites. Cody Karstetter and Kyler Childers had just graduated that year and are now wrestling the collegiate circuit. Daton Fix is back to help his State defend its title.

Riley Weir just finished his Freshman year with a 21-12 record at the 106 pound class and a State Championship appearance. Weir placed fourth at the Perry Tournament of Champions and ninth at the highly prestigious Kansas City Stampede. He came in third at the Regional Championship to qualify for State, but was eliminated after losing his first two matches. Weir nursed an injured elbow throughout the final weeks of the high school season and wasn’t even close to full strength in the post-season. This event will be a great demonstration of his true potential in the upcoming high school season.

Jack Karstetter finished his Junior year with a 39-8 record and placed second at 132 pounds in the State Championship after giving up a heart-breaker 3-2 decision to Kruz Simons of Edmond North. Throughout the high school season he placed fourth at Perry, ninth at Kansas City, second at the Geary Invitational, first at the Sand Springs Invitational, first at the Jay Hancock Memorial, and secured the Regional Championship.

Since school let out he came in Runner-Up at the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals and secured his spot on Team USA for the Pan-American Championships in Lima, Peru this July.

Daton Fix is earning his way into the history books after completing his third straight undefeated high school season. He’s currently sitting at an overall record of 118-0 with three-straight State Championships. He’s only the second Sandite in school history to win three State Championships, the first being David McGuire from 1963-1965. No Sandite has won four.

Since the high school season ended, Fix won the UWW Junior Freestyle National Championship, defeated the Iranian Champion Kheyrollah Gharamani at the Beat The Streets Gala in Times Square, and scored a pair of 10-0 tech falls over National Champion Austin Gomez to earn his way onto the USA World Team.

Fix will compete at the Grand Prix of Spain, a Senior level tournament in Madrid from July 9-10, then will travel to Fargo, North Dakota for the Junior Freestyle Nationals from July 16-23 where he is a defending Champion. From August 30th through September 4th he will compete at the UWW World Championship in Macon, France.

Payton Scott finished his Sophomore year with a 19-6 record at 152 pounds and placed fourth in the State Championship. He missed the first half of the season while getting back in shape after a long and grueling football post-season, but placed fourth at Geary, second at Sand Springs, and first at the Regional Championship.

Scott was also a member of last year’s Cadet National Dual Team that finished seventh in Freestyle and second in Greco. Overall he went 13-3 between the two styles.

Other Team Oklahoma members include:

  • Alex Fields of Guthrie, 2016 Southern Plains Regional Champion in both styles.
  • Rhett Golowenski of Tuttle, two-time OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Mason Naifeh of Tulsa Union, two-time OSSAA 6A State Placer.
  • Wyatt Adams of Lawton MacArthur, 2015 OSSAA 5A State Champion.
  • Dalton Duffield of Westmoore, three-time OSSAA 6A finalist, 2015 Fargo National Champion.
  • Jacob Butler of Elgin, 2016 OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Kaden Gfeller of Heritage Hall, three-time undefeated OSSAA 3A State Champion.
  • Brik Filippo of Tuttle, 2016 OSSAA 4A State Champion, two-time finalist.
  • Beau Guffey of Tuttle, three-time OSSAA 4A State Champion.
  • Jaryn Curry of Choctaw, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion, 2015 USAW Cadet National Runner-Up.
  • Dayton Garrett of Tuttle, three-time OSSAA 4A State Finalist, 2015 State Champion.
  • Wyatt Sheets of Stilwell, four-time OSSAA 4A State Champion, Oklahoma State commit.
  • Christian Bahl of Stillwater, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion.
  • Dan Baker of Sulphur, 2016 OSSAA 3A State Champion.
  • Drew Hinkle of Jenks, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Runner-Up.
  • Zach Marcheselli of Broken Arrow, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Champion.
  • Bear Hughes of Coweta, 2016 OSSAA 5A State Champion.
  • Gunner Cash of Tecumseh, two-time OSSAA 4A State Qualifier.
  • Gage Johnson of Norman North, 2016 OSSAA 6A State Runner-Up.
  • Trenton Lieurance of Broken Arrow, two-time OSSAA 6A State Placer.

Sandite Baseball season comes to a close at the hands of Broken Arrow

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School baseball team (22-16) came out on the losing side of a well-fought shootout in Owasso Thursday evening and was eliminated from the Regional Tournament. 

The Sandites took an early lead in the top of the first as Joey Montgomery singled in Rhett Rutledge to draw first blood. The Broken Arrow Tigers (23-16) quickly tied things up, however, as Mack Chambers scored on a double by Colton Croft.

Ty Fain advanced to home on a throw for the Sandites in the second inning to retake the lead, but the Tigers would retaliate with four runs in the bottom of the inning for the advantage.

Jake Ward (4-3) got the start on the mound for the Sandites, but was replaced by Brock Youngblood after loading the bases in the second and giving up two singles and three walks, and two runs. 

Youngblood (4-2) pulled out the inning without allowing too much damage. He walked in Brady Bean for one run, and Drew Lowe batted in Devon Johnson, but Croft was put out at second on a fielder's choice and Tucker Dunlap flied out to Josh Taber to bring the inning to a close at 5-2.

The Sandites quickly made up for the last inning with five runs in the top of the third to reclaim the lead. Ward sacrificed to score Treyce Tolbert, Fain doubled to score Hunter Greathouse, and Trevor Tolbert reached on sacrifice bunt to score Tyler McCallie and tie the game up. Rutledge doubled in Fain and Taber sacrificed to score Trevor Tolbert before the inning came to a close. 

Broken Arrow put in work as well in the third with Bean reaching on a fielder's choice to score Landon Hulet and Chambers hitting a double to bring in Bean for the 8-7 advantage.

The back-and-forth continued in the top of the fourth as the Sandites took their fourth lead of the game. Treyce Tolbert and Greathouse singled and Ward smacked a double to bring in Tolbert. Fain grounded out to short to score Greathouse and once again the boys were back on top.

The scoring frenzy finally took a break till the bottom of the sixth. Sand Springs put up an impressive effort in the top of the inning with a double from Treyce Tolbert and a single from Greathouse, but both runners were caught stealing and Ward flied out.

The Tigers came out big in the bottom of the sixth with back-to-back doubles from Chambers and Croft to tie things up. Lowe singled and scored on a double by Dunlap, Hulet was hit by pitch, and the Sandites sent their third pitcher of the night to the mound.

Montgomery caught CJ Ivy stealing at third, but Connor Dennis (1-0) walked one batter and struck another to load the bases. Hulet scored on a passed ball, Bean hit a sacrifice, and Johnson scored one on a dropped third strike. Josh Cordell (2-3) became the fourth Sandite to go to the mound and only pitched at one batter, who flied out to right field to bring the inning to a close.

It was down to the top of the seventh for the Sandites, and they went down swinging. McCallie reached on an error and scored on a sacrifice fly from Trevor Tolbert, but Rutledge struck out swinging to bring the game (and the season) to a close 14-10.

Down but not out: Sandites fall 4-0 to Owasso, but could get rematch Thursday

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity baseball team got off to a great start at Regionals Wednesday when they handed the Broken Arrow Tigers a 6-3 defeat at Stigall Field in Owasso. The Rams would prove to be too much for the Sandites in round three, however, and the host team shut out their foe 4-0.

The Regional Tournament is double-elimination, so despite the loss the boys could still earn their ticket to State if they can win three more games. The Sandites will face the winner of the Broken Arrow vs Sapulpa game Thursday at 5:00 PM, and if they win that match they'll get to play Owasso again Thursday at 7:30. Because Owasso is undefeated, the Sandites will have to beat them twice to win the Regional. 

It may sound improbable, but the Lady Sandite Fast Pitch Softball team accomplished that feat last fall when they battled their way through the consolation bracket to win the Regional Tournament and ultimately lost the State Championship by a single run.

University of Oklahoma committed junior Jake Terry (5-4) pitched all six innings for the Sandites, giving up seven hits, six walks, and four earned runs against three strikeouts. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College-signee Shane Lang got the win for the Rams, allowing just six hits and one walk against six strikeouts and zero runs in seven innings. 

The game was a slow starter with neither team getting on the board till the bottom of the third when Lang hit a sacrifice fly to score Connor Beichler. The score held at 1-0 till the bottom of the fifth when the Rams finally began to put in work at the plate. 

Beichler walked, stole second, advanced to third on a passed ball, and scored on a sacrifice by Tyler Brown. All-American Parker Dunn singled, Lang walked, and Nick Keim hit a sacrifice fly to score Dunn. Kyle Petty brought in pinch runner Sam Thompson on a single for the 4-0 lead.

It was down to the wire for the Sandites. Trevor Tolbert reached on an error and Joey Montgomery was hit by pitch in the top of the sixth, but both were stranded. Terry pitched a no-hitter in the bottom of the inning with one strikeout, and the Sandites had one shot left to tie or take the lead.

Hunter Greathouse grounded out to short. Jake Ward hit a line drive single into left field and was replaced on base by Kameron Adcock. Mack Thompson flied out in foul territory. Ty Fain picked up a single, but the two runners were left stranded as Tolbert grounded out to second to end the game.

Rhett Rutledge leads Sandites to 6-3 playoff win over Broken Arrow

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School baseball team (22-14) got off to a great start in the Regional Tournament at Owasso's Stigall Field Thursday afternoon, taking a quick lead over the Broken Arrow Tigers (21-15) that propelled them to a 6-3 victory.

Rhett Rutledge (3-1) got the start and win on the mound while Colton Croft came out with the loss.

The first two innings were scoreless for both teams, but Joey Montgomery broke the game open with a single scoring Rutledge. Hunter Greathouse doubled to bring in Josh Taber and Mack Thompson hit a sacrifice fly to score Malachi Walton.

Broken Arrow nearly got in a bind in the top of the fourth as the Sandites loaded the bases with their top batter at the plate, but Croft pulled off the impressive strikeout to save the inning. The bottom of the fourth belonged to the Tigers as well, as Devon Johnson scored on a double by Mack Chambers to get the team on the board.

A series of mistakes handed the Sandites another run in the top of the sixth. Rutledge hit a hard double to the centerfield fence, advanced to third on a balk, and scored on an error in left field for the 4-1 advantage.

The Tigers threatened in the bottom of the sixth as Johnson singled, Tucker Dunlap drew a walk, and Chambers reached on an error to load the bases with a single out. Drew Lowe hit a sacrifice fly to score Johnson. Kade Goines walked to reload the bases and Evan Fulps drew the full count walk to score pinch runner Declan Spurlock. Landon Hulet was next to the plate and hit a grounder to short stop for the force at second to end the inning with Sandites riding a close 4-3 lead.

Treyce Tolbert reached base on balls to start the seventh, Greathouse hit a single, and Jake Ward was hit by pitch to load the bases. Keaton Stamp went to the mound for the Tigers, but was unable to prevent runs as Mack Thompson sacrificed to bring in Tolbert and Ty Fain sacrificed to score Greathouse for a 6-3 advantage.

It came down to the bottom of the seventh for the Tigers. Brady Bean flied out to center field and Croft grounded out to short stop. Johnson got on base with a bunt to third but Dunlap hit a pop fly to end the game.

The Sandites will get only a brief rest before taking on the Owasso Rams (27-6) in round three. The Rams defeated Sapulpa in the first round of the Regional, and have two wins over the Sandites this season. Just last week the Sandites threatened to upset the top-seeded team in a close 11-10 home field loss, but were handily defeated 11-2 the following day in Owasso. If the Sandites defeat Owasso in this game, they'll have a rematch Thursday at 7:30 PM. If they lose to Owasso, they'll play either Sapulpa or Broken Arrow Thursday at 5:00 PM.


Sandites will travel to Owasso for Regionals and battle Broken Arrow in Round One

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association released the 6A Regional baseball brackets Monday afternoon. The Charles Page High School team (21-14) will travel to Owasso Wednesday at 2:30 PM for their first round game against Broken Arrow (21-14). 

The Sandites and Tigers have neck-and-neck records, each winning 21 games and losing 14, and each having one win over the other. In the Sand Springs/Broken Arrow Wooden Bat Tournament the Tigers got the 6-4 win, but the Sandites retaliated with a 10-3 victory of their own less than a week later. 

The tournament is double-elimination, and from there the Sandites will take on either Sapulpa (6-21) or Owasso (25-6). Sapulpa shouldn't pose much difficulty, as the Sandites have already defeated their Highway 97 rivals three times this season by a combined score of 26-7.

Owasso will be the biggest obstacle in the way of the Sandites' ticket to State. The Rams are the top team in the district and have already defeated Sand Springs twice, just last week. The games were far from blowouts, however, and the Sandites nearly overtook Owasso in the first game. losing by a close 11-10.


Conner Dennis (1-0) has an earned run average of 0.00, having faced 23 batters over 7 innings. He's given up 1 hit, 3 walks, 0 runs, and 0 earned runs while pitching 64% strikes for 4 strikeouts and a .643 WHIP.

Rhett Rutledge (2-1) has an earned run average of 2.07, having faced 125 batters over 27 innings. He's given up 25 hits, 21 walks, 13 runs, and 8 earned runs while pitching 56% strikes for 23 strikeouts and a .561 WHIP. He also has 2 saves and 0 blown saves.

Brock Youngblood (4-1) has an earned run average of 2.57, having faced 136 batters over 33 innings. He's given up 33 hits, 14 walks, 18 runs, and 12 earned runs while pitching 64% strikes for 13 strikeouts and a 1.317 WHIP.

Hunter Greathouse (2-0) has an earned run average of 3.73, having faced 66 batters over 15 innings. He's given up 8 hits, 12 walks, 10 runs, and 8 earned runs while pitching 61% strikes for 32 strikeouts and a 1.200 WHIP. He also has 1 save and 0 blown saves.

University of Oklahoma-commit Jake Terry has an earned run average of 3.77, having faced 211 batters over 42.66 innings. He's given up 45 hits, 42 walks, 29 runs, and 23 earned runs while pitching 58% strikes for 51 strikeouts and a 1.946 WHIP. 

Jake Ward (4-3) has an earned run average of 3.91, having faced 227 batters over 48 innings. He's given up 49 hits, 34 walks, 33 runs, and 27 earned runs while pitching 57% strikes for 49 strikeouts and a 1.635 WHIP.

Josh Cordell (2-3) has an earned run average of 3.95, having faced 164 batters over 34 innings. He's given up 40 hits, 41 walks, 31 runs, and 19 earned runs while pitching 42% strikes for 26 strikeouts and a 1.753 WHIP.

Joey Montgomery (1-2) has an earned run average of 6.64, having faced 96 batters over 19 innings. He's given up 23 hits, 12 walks, 22 runs, and 18 earned runs while pitching 55% strikes for 10 strikeouts and a 1.632 WHIP.



Cody Motes holds a .500 batting average, .500 slugging average, and .500 OBP with 3 runs, 1 RBI, 1 single, and 3 stolen bases.

Hunter Greathouse has a .390 batting average, a .470 slugging average, and a .483 OBP. He's scored 23 runs and 15 RBI with 29 singles, 8 doubles, 2 triples, and 8 sacrifices. He's also stolen 11 bases this season.

Jake Ward has batted .381 this season with a .488 slugging average and .563 OBP. He's scored 20 runs and 16 RBI with 25 singles, 6 doubles, 1 home run, 4 sacrifices, and 4 stolen bases.

Josh Taber has batted .366 this season with a .387 slugging average and a .491 OBP. He's scored 30 runs and 19 RBI with 32 singles, 2 doubles, 6 sacrifices, and 23 stolen bases.

Joey Montgomery is batting .351 with a .443 slugging average and a .457 OBP. He's scored 3 runs and 21 RBI with 27 singles, 6 doubles, 1 home run, 1 sacrifice, and 2 stolen bases.

Tyler McCallie is sitting at .339 batting, and .542 slugging, with a .473 OBP. He's scored 20 runs and 11 RBI with 13 singles, 5 doubles, 2 home runs, 2 sacrifices, and 9 stolen bases.

Rhett Rutledge has batted .339 this season with a .523 slugging average and .471 OBP. He's scored 34 runs and 20 RBI with 24 singles, 8 doubles, 3 triples, 2 home runs, 7 sacrifices, and 20 stolen bases.

Riley Rutledge has batted .333 this season with a .333 slugging average and .600 OBP. He's scored 2 runs and 1 RBI with 1 single.

Treyce Tolbert holds a .314 batting average, .392 slugging average, and .462 OBP He's scored 25 runs and 21 RBI with 26 singles, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 1 home run, 5 sacrifices, and 10 stolen bases.

Ty Fain holds a .282 batting average, a .308 slugging average, and a .451 OBP. He's scored 10 runs and 8 RBI with 9 singles, 2 doubles, 2 stole bases, and 4 sacrifices.

Jake Terry has batted .276 this season with a .483 slugging average and .408 OBP. He's scored 9 runs and 10 RBI on 8 singles, 5 doubles, 1 triple, 2 home runs, 2 sacrifices, and 5 stolen bases.

Southwestern Christian University-signee Trevor Tolbert has batted .244 this season for a .308 slugging average and .366 OBP. He's scored 10 runs and 17 RBI on 15 singles, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 5 sacrifices, and 1 stolen base.

Mack Thompson holds a .237 batting average, .395 slugging average, and .396 OBP. He's scored 16 runs and 4 RBI with 5 singles, 3 doubles, 1 home run, and 5 stolen bases.

Brock Youngblood has a .200 batting average, a .200 slugging average, and a .200 OBP. He has scored 1 runs and 2 RBI on 1 single.

Malachi Walton has batted .167 with a .167 slugging average and a .375 OBP. He's scored 17 runs and 2 RBI with 1 single and 5 stolen bases.

Kameron Adcock has racked up a .167 batting average, a .167 slugging average, and a .286 on-base percentage. He's scored 3 runs, hit 1 single, and stolen 1 base this season.

Sand Springs Wrestling Team qualifies four for Nationals

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School wrestling team was well represented at the OK USA National Team Qualifier at Union this weekend, and four wrestlers qualified for Nationals this summer in Fargo, North Dakota. 

Junior three-time undefeated OSSAA State Champion Daton Fix wrestled at 126 pounds in Junior Freestyle and had no problem breezing through his opponents, teching Omar Pollard and Jet Taylor 10-0 each, and receiving a forfeit from Karson Bellmard for first place.

Junior Jack Karstetter, a 2016 State Runner-Up, wrestled at 132 pounds and placed second in Junior Freestyle with a 3-1 record. He defeated Gage Gomez by 10-0 tech fall, then narrowly edged out Westmoore's Dalton Duffield in an 11-11 tie breaker. Duffield went 41-4 this past high school season and came in runner-up to Fix at the State Championships. Karstetter picked up another tech fall with an 18-8 win over Billy Simpson in the semifinals. The final round pitted Karstetter against Garrett Rowe of Choctaw. Rowe went 40-5 last season and secured his second-consecutive State Championship. Karstetter battled hard but lost by 12-8 decision.

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Junior State Placer Michael Ritchey also wrestled at 132 pounds but failed to place after giving up losses to Rowe and Duffield. He did defeat Vincent Eremita 8-7 and Jacob Reeves 14-4, however. 

Senior Sage Singleton competed at 120 pounds and gave up tech falls of 10-0 and 16-6 to Zachery Bibb and Jakob Lyons, respectively. 

In the Cadet division, Sophomore State Qualifier Blake Sargent placed third in 132 with a 4-1 record. He teched Spencer Schickram 10-0 and Kenneth Wolford 11-0 before giving up an 11-6 decision to Rodrick Mosley. In the consolation bracket he once again defeated Schickram, this time 17-6, then defeated Bobby Robinson 14-8 to secure his spot at Nationals.

Clyde Boyd Middle School student Caleb Phillips wrestled at 120 and went 2-2. He teched Josiah Holliday 12-0 and pinned Cayden Nelson in 31 seconds before falling to Zach Williams by 0:53 pin. Ryder Ramsey teched Phillips 10-0 to eliminate him from contention.

Sage Singleton also wrestled at 120 pounds in Junior Greco-Roman and placed third with a 1-2 record after teching Justin McHenry 16-5, getting pinned in 0:37 by Jakob Lyons, and forfeiting to Garrett Wild.