Sand Springs Youth Cross Country teams excel, high school to host home meet Saturday

9.7.2019 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams competed at the Broken Arrow Tigers Meet Saturday morning at Oneta Ridge Middle School.

The Varsity Boys placed ninth out of twelve teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 20:08.94 for 46th Place.

The Varsity Girls placed tenth out of ten teams, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24:54.45 for 34th Place. Jade Crawford, who lives in Sand Springs, was fifth on the Lincoln Christian roster with a time of 26:58.60 for 57th Place.

Jenks won the Varsity Girls and Junior Varsity Girls races. Lincoln Christian won the Varsity Boys, Bishop Kelley won the Junior Varsity Boys. Bartlesville won Middle School Girls and Middle School Boys.

The Charles Page teams will return to action Saturday, September 14th, at their home meet in the 2nd Annual Case Cross Country Invitational.

9.7.2019 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Meet

The Sand Springs Elementary Cross Country teams competed at the 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Cross Country Meet Saturday.

The Elementary Girls placed third of ten teams with two top-five scorers. Brynlee Durburrow won the one-mile race in 6:16.47 as a non-scoring runner. She is from Sand Springs, but was competing with the Personal Best Athletics private team. Chloe Grona was the leading scorer and runner-up in 6:25.80, with Josie Grona coming in eighth in 7:03.84.

The Elementary Boys placed fourth of eleven teams, led by Griffin Sensintaffar with a 6:10.02 mile for third place.

Regent Prep won the Elementary Girls, Small School Junior High Girls, and Small School Junior High Boys races. Kiefer won the Elementary Boys, Small School Varsity Boys, and Small School Varsity Girls. Sapulpa won the Large School Varsity Girls and Large School Junior High Girls. Metro Christian won the Large School Varsity Boys. Glenpool won the Large School Junior High Boys.

8.31.2019 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet

The Sand Springs Varsity Girls placed sixth of seven teams in the two-mile run, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24th place with a time of 14:55. Jade Crawford placed 36th in 15:30.

Sand Springs placed fourth of eight teams in the Elementary one-mile run. Chloe Grona was the first-place scorer in 6:22, but Brynlee Durburrow took first place overall in 6:15.

The Sandite Varsity Boys placed ninth of fourteen teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 12:09 for 38th place. The Junior Varsity Boys placed sixth of seven teams, led by Alex Newport in 13:10 for 17th place. They placed second of eleven schools in the Elementary Boys 1-Mile, led by Griffin Sensintaffar in 6:20 for third.

Sapulpa won the Girls Varsity 2-Mile and Junior High Girls 1-Mile. Kiefer won the Girls Varsity 1-Mile and the Boys Elementary 1-Mile. Lincoln Christian won both the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity 2-Mile runs. Glenpool won the Junior High Boys 1-Mile and Lone Star won the Elementary Girls 1-Mile.

Sand Springs Results

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Girls - 5K
24:54.45 Jazmin Lopez (35th)
25:39.19 Victoria Baker (46th)
27:04.29 Chezney Kelley (58th)
29:20.34 Ty Davis (65th)
29:41.91 Wanageeska Williams (66th)
33:22.17 Madison Chambers (71st)
Junior Varsity Girls - 5K
25:28.56 Erika Baker (16th)
35:12.58 Sarah Rigsby (57th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:25.80 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:03.84 Josie Grona (8th)
8:22.94 Blakelee Meeker (45th)
8:37.70 Sophie Grona (51st)
9:11.14 Alliyah Watts (64th)
9:19.69 Kinley Snow (74th)
10:27.12 Starr Corbin (101st)
11:04.21 Emma Nolen (114th)
11:24.72 Nola Chambers (117th)
11:27.82 Brie Blair (118th)
12:02.24 Brielle Meeker (124th)
12:09.60 Tatum Chambers (126th)
12:11.83 Avery Nolen (127th)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Girls - 2 Mile
14:55 Jazmin Lopez (24th)
15:35 Victoria Baker (38th)
15:43 Teagan Smith (39th)
16:15 Wanageeska Williams (43rd)
16:32 Chezney Kelley (45th)
16:36 Erika Baker (48th)
16:52 Ty Davis (51st)
17:22 Madison Chambers (54th)
18:02 Sarah Rigsby (60th)
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:22 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:00 Josie Grona (7th)
7:55 Katie Gillespie (26th)
8:50 Sophie Grona (48th)
9:00 Alliyah Watts (56th)
9:18 Julia Myers (64th)
9:27 Starr Corbin (67th)
10:23 Natalee Sorenson (93rd)
11:05 Brie Blair (97th)
11:07 Avery Nolen (98th)
11:27 Emma Nolen (100th)

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Boys - 5K
20:08.94 Alejandro Lopez (47th)
20:37.80 Sam English (53rd)
20:37.90 Noah Hanlon (54th)
20:58.03 Dalton Wilcox (55th)
21:00.50 Caleb James (56th)
21:42.60 Kaegan Murray (61st)
23:05.12 Alex Newport (71st)
Junior Varsity Boys - 5K
24:27.95 David Rigsby (89th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:10.02 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
7:12.49 Conner Williamson (31st)
7:13.36 Rafi Huff (32nd)
7:21.92 Gavin Corbin (37th)
7:39.15 Landon Durburrow (47th)
7:57.98 Kellen Adkins (58th)
8:02.45 Presley Quinnelly (62nd)
8:08.60 Colton Chambers (66th)
8:24.84 Liam Noah (76th)
8:53.95 Caden Ketcher (102nd)
8:54.61 Kade Sargent (104th)
9:29.67 Callan Hayduk (122nd)
10:01.34 Kaizen Freese (135th)
10:18.04 Sutton Corbin (137th)
10:32.32 Alex Williams (138th)
10:39.64 Dean Earnest (139th)
11:12.35 Memo Borunda (142nd)
12:18.52 Jay Acuna (146th)
12:27.03 Baker Lee (147th)
13:13.99 Aiden Westin (148th)
13:46.30 Jessen Cox (152nd)
13:48.85 Nash Huff (153rd)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
12:09 Alejandro Lopez (38th)
12:17 Caleb James (42nd)
12:19 Noah Hanlon (46th)
12:30 Sam English (51st)
12:33 Dalton Wilcox (54th)
14:01 Titus Wright (80th)
Junior Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
13:10 Alex Newport (17th)
13:13 Kaegan Murray (19th)
13:36 Noah James (28th)
17:21 Caleb Garzone (62nd)
19:16 Michael Lopez (69th)
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:20 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
6:32 Jakob Skipper (7th)
7:31 Gavin Corbin (28th)
7:37 Rafi Huffer (32nd)
7:41 Landon Durburrow (34th)
8:15 Dax Wilcox (55th)
8:25 Jessen Cox (60th)
8:39 Connor Beals (68th)
8:39 Kade Sargent (70th)
8:47 Hunter Fields (89th)
9:47 Dean Earnest (109th)
10:01 Conner Williamson (113th)
10:37 Grady Harris (115th)
11:19 Alex Martin (121st)
11:36 Nash Huff (124th)
11:39 Dallas Duffy (125th)
12:10 Aiden Westin (126th)
12:11 Sutton Corbin (127th)

All-Americans Cody and Jack Karstetter to hold wrestling clinic in Sand Springs

Jack Karstetter celebrates after winning the 6A State Championship in 2017.

Jack Karstetter celebrates after winning the 6A State Championship in 2017.

“Coach Karstetter” ought to have a familiar ring to it by now. Alan Karstetter headed the Sandite wrestling team for 24 seasons, and now, two of his grandsons will be returning to their alma mater to do some coaching.

Brothers Cody and Jack Karstetter will be holding a wrestling clinic Monday, July 29th, at Charles Page High School in Sand Springs. The two are CPHS alumni who have had extensive success at the high school, college, and international level in all three major styles of wrestling.

Cody Karstetter graduated CPHS in 2015 with a 117-27 career record, including 64 pins, 8 technical falls, and 12 major decisions. He won six tournament titles in his career, including the 6A-East Regional Championship. He won medals all four years at State, including second-place finishes in 2012 and 2015.

Cody has earned All-American status at the USAW National Championships in Fargo, North Dakota four times. He last competed in 2015 and took 6th place in Greco and 8th in Freestyle.

Cody owns a 38-10 college record and is entering his senior season at the University of Central Oklahoma. He was recruited out of high school by the University of North Carolina, then transferred to the University of Oklahoma. He took a medical redshirt at OU then spent at year at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. He placed 8th at the NJCAA National Championships in his lone season at NEO.

Jack Karstetter graduated in 2017 with a 107-16 record, including 38 falls, 10 technical falls, and 17 major decisions. He won nine tournaments in his career, including three Regional titles. He qualified for State three times, coming in second in 2016 and winning gold in 2017.

Jack is also a four-time Fargo All-American. In 2017 he placed 6th in Junior Greco and 8th in Freestyle. He also placed second in UWW Cadet Greco and earned silver at the Pan-American Championship in Lima, Peru in 2016.

Jack went 31-5 as a freshman at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M before taking a year off. He won four tournaments and placed seventh at the NJCAA National Championships, helping the Golden Norsemen to a team title in 2018. He will return to the mat this winter at Labette Community College.

The three-hour Sand Springs clinic will be held Monday, July 29th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Charles Page High School wrestling facilities. It is open to the public at a cost of $20 per athlete.

Sand Springs wrestling club places second at OKUSA State Championship

Every great high school wrestling team depends on a solid feeder program to recruit kids, teach them the fundamentals, and keep them practiced and prepared for the day they’re old enough to try and crack the varsity lineup.

There are approximately ninety clubs registered with Oklahoma USA Wrestling. These clubs not only serve as the backbone for the 151 high school teams in the state, but they also develop the All-Americans, World Team members, and Olympians of the future.

For four months a year students participate in Folkstyle, the purely American style that high schools and colleges compete in. The rest of the year is dedicated to Freestyle and Greco-Roman, the two Olympic styles that the international community wrestles.

Sand Springs has had raging success in recent years with their Team Big wrestling club. The Sandites have crowned State, National, Pan-American, and World Champions in multiple age groups. They are frequently among the top-scoring teams in Oklahoma competitions.

In 2019 Team Big decided to rebrand under its original name from the 1980s – the Keystone Kids. The club features two former NCAA All-American coaches in Jarrod Patterson and TeDon Fleischman, as well as Chris Forbes, Kyle Waag, and a large community of volunteers with extensive wrestling experience.

The Keystone Kids placed second overall at the OKUSA Freestyle/Greco State Tournament last month with 348.5 team points, right behind Broken Arrow’s J4 Wrestling Club with 356. They placed first in Bantam Greco-Roman.

Christian Forbes, Grady Mittasch, Mason Harris, and Carter Young won Freestyle State titles, while Elijah Pagonis, Matthew Moore, and Abraham Flores won Greco-Roman titles. Gavin Wallace was the only Keystone Kid to win State in both styles, outscoring his opponents 58-0.

The next competition opportunity for the Keystone Kids is the Southern Plains Regional tournament coming up this weekend in Mulvane, Kansas.

Team State Champions
Junior Greco – J4 – 49.0
Junior Freestyle - Tiger Wrestling Club – 148.0
Cadet Greco – Matrix Grappling – 89.5
Cadet Freestyle – Threestyle Wrestling – 142.0
Schoolboy Greco – Cowboy Wrestling Club – 53.5
Schoolboy Freestyle – Cowboy Wrestling Club – 91.5
Novice Greco – Team Tulsa WC – 46.0
Novice Freestyle – Team Tulsa WC – 72.5
Intermediate Greco – Prodigy – 63.0
Intermediate Freestyle – Prodigy – 75.7
Bantam Greco – Keystone Kids – 24.0
Bantam Freestyle – Moore Lions – 42.5

Keystone Kids Season Results

C. Zayden Anderson
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 49lbs – 3rd

Mason Denison
- National Team Qualifier Intermediate FS 71lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Intermediate FS 71lbs – 2nd

Nash Denison
- National Team Qualifier Bantam FS 49lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 49lbs – 2nd
- Catoosa Bantam FS 53lbs – 3rd

Bryce Fisher
- Regional Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 152lbs – 1st

Abraham Flores
- State Schoolboy FS 130lbs – 4th
- State Schoolboy GR 130lbs – 1st
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 136lbs – 1st
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 130lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 125lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 125lbs – 2nd

Adrian Flores
- State Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 3rd
- Regional Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 3rd
- Regional Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 2nd
- Bixby Schoolboy FS 149lbs – 1st
- Bixby Schoolboy GR 149lbs – 1st

Christian Forbes
- State Cadet FS 106lbs – 1st

Kaden Glass
- State Cadet FS 182lbs – 2nd

Mason Harris
- State Schoolboy FS 250lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier FS 250lbs – 1st

Parker Ingram
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 59lbs – 4th

Chris Kirby
- Sand Springs Junior FS 170lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Junior GR 170lbs – 4th

Colton Lambert
- Sand Springs Bantam FS 43lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Bantam GR 45th – 3rd

Christian McCutcheon
- State Junior FS 170lbs – 2nd
- State Junior GR 170lbs – 4th
- Regional Junior FS 170lbs – 1st
- Regional Junior GR 170lbs – 1st

Grady Mittasch
- State Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy GR 87lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 90lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Schoolboy GR 90lbs – 2nd

Samuel Moore
- State Intermediate GR 63lbs – 3rd
- Owasso Intermediate FS 67lbs – 4th
- Owasso Intermediate GR 67lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 63lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 67lbs – 1st

Matthew Moore
- State Novice FS 78lbs – 2nd
- State Novice GR 78lbs – 1st
- Owasso Novice FS 78lbs – 4th
- Owasso Novice GR 78lbs – 4th
- Sand Springs Novice FS 78lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Novice GR 78lbs – 1st

Jesse Moore
- Owasso Schoolboy FS 106lbs – 2nd
- Owasso Schoolboy GR 106lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Schoolboy FS 106lbs – 1st

Elijah Pagonis
- State Bantam FS 53lbs – 2nd
- State Bantam GR 53lbs – 1st

Jayden Pait
- Catoosa Schoolboy FS 87lbs – 2nd

Kai Shultz
- National Team Qualifier Cadet GR 113lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 120lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Cadet GR 120lbs – 2nd
- Catoosa Cadet FS 126lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet GR 132lbs – 1st

Hudson Sheppard
- State Novice FS 108lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Novice FS 108lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Novice GR 108lbs – 2nd

Tradis Sheppard
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 145lbs – 4th

Jaxon Trotter
- Bixby Schoolboy FS 110lbs – 1st
- Bixby Schoolboy GR 110lbs – 1st

Scout Trotter
- Regional Schoolboy FS 110lbs – 5th
- Regional Schoolboy GR 110lbs – 4th

Karson Waag
- State Bantam FS 43lbs –3rd
- State Bantam GR 43lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Bantam FS – 1st
- Sand Springs Bantam GR – 2nd

Gavin Wallace
- State Intermediate FS 71lbs – 1st
- State Intermediate GR 71lbs – 1st
- Regional Intermediate FS 77 lbs – 1st
- Regional Intermediate GR 71lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 71lbs – 1st
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 77lbs – 1st
- Catoosa Intermediate FS 67lbs – 1st
- Catoosa Intermediate GR 67lbs – 3rd
- Bixby Intermediate FS 67lbs – 1st
- Bixby Intermediate GR 67lbs – 1st

Cameron White
- State Schoolboy FS 114lbs – 3rd
- State Schoolboy GR 114 lbs – 2nd
- Regional Schoolboy FS 119lbs – 1st
- Regional Schoolboy GR 119lbs – 1st
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy FS 114lbs – 2nd
- National Team Qualifier Schoolboy GR 114lbs – 2nd

Ethan White
- State Cadet FS 145lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet FS 152lbs – 4th
- Catoosa Cadet GR 152lbs – 4th

Brendon Wiseley
- Sand Springs Junior FS 126lbs – 2nd

Shane Wolf
- State Cadet FS 100lbs – 5th
- Regional Cadet FS 106lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Cadet FS 106lbs – 4th

Corbin Wooley
- Regional Intermediate GR 71lbs – 4th
- Owasso Intermediate FS 82lbs – 3rd
- Owasso Intermediate GR 84lbs – 3rd
- National Team Qualifier Intermediate FS 71lbs – 2nd
- Sand Springs Intermediate FS 71lbs – 3rd
- Sand Springs Intermediate GR 77lbs – 3rd

Carter Young
- State Junior FS 132lbs – 1st

Tournament Schedule
6/5 - Pan-American Junior Championships, Guatemala City, Guatemala
6/7 - Southern Plains Regional Championship, Mulvane, KS
6/8 - Final X Senior World Team Trials, Piscatway, NJ
6/11 - USAW 16U National Duals, Spokane, WA
6/12 - USAW 14U National Duals, Indianapolis, IN
6/15 - Final X Senior World Team Trials, Lincoln, NE
6/18 - USAW Junior National Duals, Tulsa, OK
6/20 - USAW 14U Girls National Duals, Tulsa, OK
6/27 - USAW Kids Nationals, Wisconsin Dells, WI
6/28 - Pan-American Cadet Championships, Morelia, Mexico
7/12 - USAW Junior National Championships, Fargo, ND
7/29 - Cadet World Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria
7/29 - AAU Girls Junior Olympic Games, Greensboro, NC
8/12 - Junior World Championships, Tallinn, Estonia
9/14 - Senior World Championships, Astana, Kazakhstan

Sandite of the Week Blake Jones wins Junior High State Championship

Charles Page High School freshman Blake Jones won the Junior High State title at 133 pounds this weekend with four first-period falls and a pair of close decisions.

He pinned Roman Rowland in 1:39, Davaun Jones in 0:47, Jonah Stephenson in 1:03, and Jesse Boyd in 1:22. In the semifinals he scored a 4-2 decision over Bartlesville’s Duke McGill, and in the finals he defeated Tuttle’s Jack Golowenski 5-3. He outscored his opponents 30-5 and only gave up one takedown.

Jones is a member of the varsity team at Charles Page High School, which is ranked fifth in Class 6A and headed to the Dual State Championship in Shawnee on Friday. He holds a 19-10 varsity record with nine falls.

CPHS Wrestling: Freshmen Kaden Glass and Blake Jones win Junior High State Championship

Kaden Glass (2).JPG

The Sand Springs Team Big wrestling club sent fourteen wrestlers to the Junior High Allstate Wrestling tournament in Oklahoma City last weekend and crowned two State Champions and one runner-up at the event. Freshmen standouts Blake Jones and Kaden Glass each won titles

The Allstate tournament has two age divisions: Sixth/Seventh Grade and Eighth/Ninth Grade, and a girls’ division for 8th/9th. Unlike the High School State Tournament, there are no divisions based on school size, guaranteeing that the best wrestlers at every weight class meet in the finals. The team points for the three age divisions are also combined.

Choctaw won the team title with 146 points over Bixby’s Roller Academy of Wrestling at 132. Tuttle placed third, and Stillwater came in fourth. Sand Springs placed ninth with 54 points in a field of over 130 teams.

Jones won the Junior High State title at 133 pounds with four first-period falls and a pair of close decisions. He pinned Roman Rowland in 1:39, Davaun Jones in 0:47, Jonah Stephenson in 1:03, and Jesse Boyd in 1:22. In the semifinals he scored a 4-2 decision over Bartlesville’s Duke McGill, and in the finals he defeated Tuttle’s Jack Golowenski 5-3. He outscored his opponents 30-5 and only gave up one takedown.

Glass won the Junior High State Title at 200 pounds with six first-period falls and a 3-2 decision against Piedmont’s James Maguire. He took down Blake Rice in 0:37, Brady Neasby in 0:44, Brock Estes in 0:25, Adley Bufford in 0:49, Connor Columbus in 0:29, and Kaylon Wolf in 1:41 in the finals. In his seven matches he averaged only 92 seconds on the mat.

Both Glass and Jones are members of the varsity team at Charles Page High School, which is ranked fifth in Class 6A and headed to the Dual State Championship in Shawnee on Friday. Jones holds a 19-10 varsity record, while Glass holds the second-best record on the team at 25-8 and has the second-most falls on the team at eighteen.

Mason Harris came in Runner-Up in the 6th/7th Grade Heavyweight bracket. He pinned Charlie Venegas in eleven seconds, then defeated Jonah Marshall 2-1, Joe Davis 5-1, and Lane Gourley 7-0 before falling to Sperry’s Gunner Wilson in the finals.

Ethan White placed fifth at Junior High 138 with a 7-2 record. He pinned Cameron Clark in 0:45 and Daigen Gibbens in 0:37 and won five decisions. He defeated Gatlin Wilson 5-1, Ayden Matanane 4-3, Logan Sterling 3-0, and Bobby Felts 9-6. He was defeated 9-7 by Isaiah Davis and 7-2 by Chance Cobb, but got a payback win over Daivs 7-0 in the placement round.

Cameron White placed fifth at 110 pounds in the 6th/7th Grade division with a 7-2 record. He pinned Teyton Chandler in 3:20, Colby Wilder in 2:56, Jayden Fuston in 2:37, Mason Buzbee in 0:32, Fernando Dominguez in 2:22, and Teyton Chandler in 1:55 in the placement match. His only losses were a fall to eventual Champion Layton Schneider and a 4-2 decision to Kody Routledge, who placed third.

Carter Goodman went 4-2 at Junior High 123 with three falls. He pinned Riley Cole in 0:26, Kolton McAnally in 1:22, and Diego Ortiz in 1:13, and won a 4-0 decision against Kaysen Ybarra. His only losses were 8-0 to Southmoore’s Runner-Up Landon Valenzuela and 2-0 to Ponca City’s Caden Kelley.

Malachi Wilson went 3-2 at 161 pounds in the 6th/7th Grade division. He pinned Koby Wesley in 1:27, Carlos Ramirez in 1:18, and Kizer Kilpatrick in 1:59.

Chase White went 3-2 at Junior High 143. He decision Wyland Hargrove 7-4, majored Greyson Arnold 8-0, and pinned Eli Hammer in 2:25.

Jaxon Trotter went 3-2 at 6th/7th Grade 105. He pinned Braden DeLeon in 1:03 and Ezekiel Foster in 1:25, and won a 5-2 sudden victory decision against Matthew Revas.

Mitchell Smith went 2-2 at Junior High 94. He pinned Brandon Lamar in 1:24 and defeated Tanner Winesburg 6-1. Shane Wolf went 1-2 and pinned Keenan Simpson in 1:03.

Sammy Naugle went 2-2 at Junior High 101, pinning Eli Stevens in 1:12 and Hunter Wienke in 0:31.

Ethan Norton went 2-2 at Junior High 113, with both of his wins coming by 7-6 decision. He defeated Colton Weaver in regulation and Chase Massie in an overtime tie-breaker.

Colton Luker went 1-2 at Junior High 108, pinning Mason McPherson in eighteen seconds.

Team Scores
146.0 Choctaw
132.0 Roller Academy of Wrestling
75.0 Tuttle
72.0 Stillwater
70.0 Team Tulsa
69.0 Collinsville
63.0 Moore
60.0 Elgin
54.0 Sand Springs
54.0 Marlow
51.0 Owasso
43.0 Oklahoma Wrestling Academy
41.0 Coweta
40.0 Bellator Wrestling Club
39.0 Ponca City
38.0 Broken Arrow
37.0 Altus
37.0 Cleveland
33.0 Sperry
30.0 Vian
30.0 Wagoner
29.0 Norman
27.0 Norman North
27.0 Union
27.0 Woodward
26.0 Warner
25.0 Plainview
24.0 Chickasha
24.0 Noble
24.0 Sapulpa
24.0 StandFast Wrestling Club
23.0 Cobra Kai
23.0 Henryetta
23.0 Stilwell
23.0 Weatherford
22.0 Enid
22.0 Guthrie
22.0 Southmoore
21.0 Brushy Jr. High
21.0 Deer Creek
21.0 Harrah
19.0 Jay
19.0 Team Near Fall
19.0 Vinita
18.0 Blackwell
18.0 Checotah
18.0 Heritage Hall
18.0 Lawton MacArthur
18.0 Yukon
17.0 Ft. Gibson
17.0 Little Axe
17.0 Putnam City
16.0 Bethel
16.0 Blackjack
16.0 Edmond North
16.0 Edison
16.0 Glenpool
16.0 Team Fish Oklahom
15.0 Grove
15.0 Roosevelt
15.0 Westmoore
14.0 Bartlesville
14.0 Lexington
12.0 Cushing
12.0 Morris
12.0 Mustang
12.0 Piedmont
10.0 Midwest City
9.0 Catoosa
9.0 El Reno
9.0 Lady Outlaws
8.0 Prodigy Wrestling
8.0 Pryor
7.0 Bristow
7.0 Cherokee
7.0 Del City
7.0 Duncan
7.0 Locust Grove
7.0 Salina
6.0 Comanche
5.0 Berryhill
5.0 Blanchard
5.0 Claremore
5.0 Jenks
5.0 Putnam City North
5.0 Shawnee
3.0 Bridge Creek
3.0 Carl Albert
3.0 Skiatook

State Champions
(6th/7th Grade)
68: Stockton Allen (RAW).
72: Jason Goodin (Moore).
76: Canon Acklin (Collinsville).
80: Clayton Giddens-Buttram (RAW).
84: Joseph Jeter (Cobra Kai).
88: Hunter Hollingsworth (Choctaw).
92: Ishmael Guerrero (RAW).
96: Jude Randall (Bellator).
100: Ladarion Lockett (Stillwater).
105: Waylen Morrison (Broken Arrow).
110: Layton Schneider (Edmond North).
120: Brady Benham (Blackjack).
130: Trenton Cole (Glenpool).
140: Ricky Thomas (Choctaw).
161: Aryn Johnson (Owasso).
285: Gunner Wilson (Sperry).
(Junior High)
87: Cael Hughes (Stillwater).
94: Caden Holman (Choctaw).
101: Christian Kaiser (RAW).
108: Jace Roller (RAW).
113: Cole Brooks (Collinsville).
118: Rashaud Morgan (Vinita).
123: Zach Blankenship (RAW).
128: Shaun Muse (Choctaw).
133: Blake Jones (Sand Springs).
138: Dax Hughes (Stillwater).
143: Colt Fischer (Team Fish).
150: Zeke Coleman (Choctaw).
160: Parrish Terry (Tuttle).
175: Jersey Robb (Norman).
200: Kaden Glass (Sand Springs).
285: Jacob Sexton (Deer Creek).
(Junior High Girls)
87: Zoey Freeman (Cleveland).
94: Peyton Hand (Choctaw).
101: Carla West (Ponca City).
108: Jordan Blair (Bethel).
113: Brooklyn Harding (Moore).
123: Kobie Moiser (Plainview).
128: Monica Monsulad (Elgin).
133: Madison Byroads (Henryetta).
138: Carlaeona West (Ponca City).
150: Taya Hunt (Vian).
160: Angel Lee (Weatherford).
175: Symphony Veloz (Elgin).
200: Sidney Milligan (Owasso).

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites win Will Rogers Tournament with three champions

Braden Dahl and two other Sandites brought home gold from the Will Rogers Tournament.

Braden Dahl and two other Sandites brought home gold from the Will Rogers Tournament.

The Sand Springs Junior Varsity Wrestling Team took first place this past weekend at the Morey Villareal Memorial Tournament. The Sandites sent seven to the finals and crowned three champions at Will Rogers High School.

The tournament featured nineteen teams, including eleven varsity programs, and the Sand Springs junior varsity bested all of them. The loaded Sandite roster even had enough talent to send a second JV team, which placed twelfth.

Dylan Luker won the 113-pound bracket and pinned all three of his opponents, including teammate KJ Clark who took second. Caleb Phillips placed first at 138 pounds with three falls, and Braden Dahl won at 160 with two falls.

Colton Luker came in Runner-Up at 106 pounds, picking up two first-period falls before going down in the finals. Nick Huelsenbeck placed second at 126 with one fall, and Joseph Mattison placed second at 132 with two pins.

Santana Naugle placed third at 182 and Thomas Naugle placed fourth with two pins. Sango Whitehorn placed fourth at 195, and Justin Smith placed sixth at 220 with one pin apiece. Ryder Barnes placed fifth at 120 with two falls, and had the fastest Sandite pin of the weekend in only thirteen seconds.

Javon Querns was the only Sandite to record a technical fall, and placed sixth at 106.

Finals Matches
106: Ryan McClary (Webster) fall Colton Luker (Sand Springs), 0:59.
113: Dylan Luker (Sand Springs) fall KJ Clark (Sand Springs), 1:11.
120: Daniel Davis (Webster) fall BT Terry (Holland Hall), 5:13.
126: Brandon Hernandez (East Central) fall Nick Huelsenbeck (Sand Springs), 3:02.
132: Clayton Smith (Webster) dec. Joseph Mattison (Sand Springs).
138: Caleb Phillips (Sand Springs) fall Chalo Hernandez (Rogers), 1:44.
145: Asheton Becker (Bartlesville) fall Chauncey Fowler (Will Rogers), 3:51.
152: Daion Marshall (East Central) dec. Jakob Hammack (Bartlesville JV).
160: Braden Dahl (Sand Springs) fall Robert Ferguson (Will Rogers), 2:31.
170: Jamison Wortham (Rogers) fall Arash Ghadrddoust (Northwest), 3:05.
182: Seth Iverson (Crossings) fall Demetrius Macon (McLain), 1:17.
195: Owen Ostroski (Holland Hall) fall Justin Ives (Crossings), 0:48.
220: Greg Holley (Southeast) fall Urjustice Person (McLain), 1:12.
285: Jaquez Thompson (Douglas) fall Ridge Brewington (Bartlesville), 2:29.

Team Scores
180.0 Sand Springs JV
149.0 Crossings Christian
142.5 Will Rogers
102.0 Bartlesville JV
101.0 East Central
92.0 McLain
87.0 Holland Hall
83.0 Douglas
80.0 Northwest Classen
74.0 Daniel Webster
52.0 Southeast
39.5 Sand Springs JV B
35.0 Capitol Hill
34.0 Crossing Christian JV
18.0 Nathan Hale
10.0 Holland Hall JV
7.0 Northwest Classen JV
7.0 Will Rogers JV
6.0 Daniel Webster JV

Sand Springs placed thirteenth out of 29 teams at the Edmond Junior High Tournament with 91.5 points. Bixby won the event with 256, followed by Choctaw with 209.5 and Tuttle with 173.5.

Mitchell Smith went 5-2 for fifth place at 89 pounds, losing only a pair of close decisions. He scored a 9-2 decision in the first round, then racked up four first-period falls in 0:58, 0:55, 0:30, and 0:18. In the placement round he pinned Yukon’s Krystian Moore.

Brooks Dudley placed fifth at 200 with a 4-2 record. He won an 11-3 major decision and pinned three foes in 4:19, 0:37, and 0:23. His only losses were 3-1 in an overtime tie-breaker, and 7-6 in the consolation semifinals.

Abraham Hernandez went 3-3 at 120 for sixth place. All three of his wins came by fall, in 3:32, 2:30, and 0:22. In the consolation semifinals he lost only 2-1 to Lawton MacArthur’s Calven Moore.

Cameron White failed to place at 106 but went 2-2 with a pair of falls. Ethan Norton failed to place at 113 but amassed a winning record of 4-2 . He lost his opening match to Raider Mackey but pinned two foes, scored a 15-0 technical fall, and a 6-4 decision. Zane Sheppard picked up a first-period fall at 132 before being eliminated.

Chase White went 3-2 at 140 with a fall, a major decision, and a medical forfeit. Cody Cramer went 3-2 at 150 with three decisions. Mason Harris won a 1-0 decision at heavyweight.

Finals Matches
80: Clay Giddens-Buttram (Bixby) 15-0 Christian Belford (Edmond North), 5:00.
89: Cael Hughes (Stillwater) 15-4 Ethan Rodriguez (Broken Arrow).
98: Caden Holman (Choctaw) 11-9 Conner Knapp (Deer Creek).
106: Layton Schneider (Edmond North) fall Jace Roller (Bixby), 0:57.
113: Cale Walden (Choctaw) 8-3 Parker Witcraft (Broken Arrow).
120: Zach Blankenship (Bixby) fall Landon Valenzuela (Southmoore), 1:47.
126: Reece Moffett (Southmoore) fall Jakeb Snyder (Bixby), 2:39.
132: Jack Golowenski (Tuttle) 5-2 Kaleb Owen (Perry).
140: Chance Cobb (Tuttle) 17-2 Benji Mower (Edmond Memorial), 4:40.
150: Jaxon Randall (Edmond North) 11-3 Samuel Schmidt (Tuttle).
162: Parrish Terry (Tuttle) medical forfeit Zeke Coleman (Choctaw).
175: Jersey Robb (Norman) fall Jack Puckett (Bixby), 2:33.
200: Mitchell Banning (Broken Arrow) fall Connor Columbus (Yukon), 3:14.
285: Ky Roller (Bixby) 3-1 Carson Cottrill (Stillwater).

Team Scores
256.0 Bixby
209.5 Choctaw
173.5 Tuttle
170.5 Allen, TX
160.5 Broken Arrow
146.5 Edmond North
120.5 Yukon
115.5 Westmoore
113.5 Southmoore
108.5 Ponca City
105.0 Union
99.5 Stillwater
91.5 Sand Springs
83.5 Moore
76.0 Perry
75.0 Shawnee
73.0 Edmond Santa Fe
72.0 Lawton MacArthur
70.0 Deer Creek
70.0 Mustang
61.5 Edmond Memorial
60.0 Guthrie
57.0 Putnam City North
49.0 Norman
46.0 Norman North
23.0 Del City
16.5 Muskogee
16.0 Weatherford
8.0 Altus

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites steamroll Sapulpa 69-6, Junior High beats Bixby 43-31


While the Sandite basketball teams were battling out a couple of hard-fought barn burners in the field house next door, the Sandite wrestling team secured their Highway 97 Rivalry win with ease Tuesday evening at the Sapulpa High School gym.

All three Charles Page High School teams won their bouts with the Cheiftains, but the No. 5 ranked wrestling team absolutely dominated Sapulpa 69-6 to improve to 4-0 on the season, while their foes fell to 0-5.

Sapulpa voided five weight classes, giving up thirty free points to their rivals. Colton Luker (106), Brendon Wiseley (113), Seth Jones (126), Braden Dahl (160), and Thomas Naugle (195) all received forfeits.

Sand Springs won eight of the remaining nine matches, including four first-period falls. Riley Weir (120) pinned Colton Parrish in 0:19, Chris Kirby (170) pinned Tanner Boren in 0:47, Riley Magee (220) pinned Brandon Holland in 1:37, and Josh Fincannon (285) pinned Blake Brooks in 1:17.

Joseph Mattison won a 14-6 major decision over Justin Campbell at 132 pounds for a 28-0 lead before the Chieftains put their first and only points on the board. Luke Young pinned Jared Jenkins in 1:53 in the Sandite’s varsity debut to avert the Sandite shutout.

Preston Medlin (145) decisioned Simon Young 9-2, Scott Patton (152) majored Colt Konell 13-4, and Santana Naugle (182) majored Payton Malone 8-0.

Sand Springs will return to action Thursday at 7:00 p.m. when they host No. 11 Union (3-1). The Sandites and Chieftains will meet again Friday at the Jerry Billings Invitational.

The Junior High squad also won their Tuesday night dual 43-31 against Bixby. Kaden Glass, Brooks Dudley, Cody Cramer, Chase White, Blake Jones, Carter Goodman, Cameron White, and Mitchell Smith all picked up wins.

CPHS Wrestling: Junior Varsity places third at Cleveland, and other results

College Reports

Blake Sargent won his dual debut with Newman University, decisioning Blayne Harris 10-3 in a 37-6 team victory over Cloud County Community College.

Cody Karstetter won his dual debut with the University of Central Oklahoma with an 8-3 decision against Conrad Cole. The Bronchos won 35-5 over Fort Hays State.

Daton Fix won the Southern Scuffle and is undefeated at 22-0. Click here for full story.

Cleveland Joe Cole Classic - High School

Dylan Luker won the 113 pound bracket handily. He pinned Carson Auschwitz in 0:26 and Karson Cue in 0:12, and scored a 6-0 decision against Ryan McClary.

Preston Medlin won at 145, pinning Tyson Rivas in 5:29, Jacob Hightower in 5:51, and Cobe Meyer in 3:09.

Kaden Glass was first at 195, pinning Camron Timmons in 1:07 and Tegan Campbell in 1:21.

Javon Querns placed second at 106 pounds, pinning Skiatook’s Brayden Davis in 3:24.

Santana Naugle came in runner-up at 182, defeated Deaken Lile 4-2 and Austyn Brooks 2-1 before falling to Tyler Johnson.

Tegan Campbell finished second at 195, pinning Hudson Moudy in 0:56.

Ethan Norton placed third at 113 with three wins. He lost his opening match to Cue, but teched Blake Roberts 15-0 in 3:00 and decision Ryan McClary 2-0 and Jax Ward 8-3.

Joseph Mattison placed third at 132, losing his opening match 9-6 to Blake Hall. He rebounded with three-straight falls against Kevin Ordorica in 2:24, Gage Hopper in 1:46, and Ivan Long in 4:23.

Braden Dahl finished fourth at 160 with three falls. He pinned Kendal Owens in 1:42, Jack Rucker in 1:29, and Shane Fields in 3:24, but fell to Joseph Smith and Trenton Richardson.

KJ Clark came in fourth at 120 with one DQ and a 4:40 pin against Jordan Retke.

Chase White failed to place at 138, but pinned Dylan Chrisman in 2:29.

Team Scores
159 Cleveland
149.5 McLoud
141 Sand Springs JV
132.5 Barnsdall
99 Morrison
48 Coweta
45 Chandler
45 Skiatook
40 Union JV
38 Daniel Webster
32 Glenpool
3 Sapulpa

Cleveland Joe Cole Classic - Junior High

Colton Luker came in runner-up at 106, with a 6-4 decision against Ryder Bennett, an 8-6 sudden-victory decision against Rye Henley, and a pin of Max Knight in 0:32.

Zane Sheppard placed second at 132, pinning Xander Konell in 3:25 and Josh Wilson in 3:00.

James Robey placed second at 150, pinning Andrew Freppon in 1:06 and Kade Rush in 3:10.

Jayden Pait placed fourth at Eighty pounds with a pin of Troy Gillette in 2:21 and a 10-1 major decision against Dylan Leverich.

Sammy Naugle was fourth at 106 with three pins. He defeated Garrett Munson 8-5 and pinned Daniel Gough in 1:41, Ryder Bennett in 3:55, and Max Knight in 1:18.

Zack Bitsko placed fourth at 285, pinning Jacob McDade in 0:45, Tyler Smith in 0:37, and Xavier Tillis in 1:25.

Ryder Barnes didn’t place at 120, but pinned Elihu Davis in 0:43 and Stella Edison in 1:34.

Mike Prock didn’t place at 126, but majored Stran Messer in 12-2 and pinned Derrick Kersey in 3:33.

Michael Johnson didn’t place at Eighty pounds, but pinned Troy Gillette.

Team Scores
209 Chandler
201 Cleveland
152 Cushing
100 Union
97 Glenpool
88 Sand Springs
76.5 Skiatook
71 Mannford
63 Sapulpa
42 Barnsdall
36 McLoud
17 Daniel Webster
12 Morrison

Collinsville Christmas Classic

Jordan Satoe placed second at 55 pounds in the Beginner Two division. He pinned Abby Chambers in only fifteen seconds, but fell to Caidon Holland of Sperry.

Pryor Gage Underwood Memorial Tournament

Robert Burke placed second at 84 pounds in Division Four. He defeated Sonny Bullett 17-0 and Garrett Salt 10-2 before falling 6-2 to Dariuz Black.

Roughneck Rumble


Jayden Bussell won the 84-pound bracket, defeating Noah Boulware 4-0 and 5-0 in a best-of-three series.

Hunter Fields won the 76 pound bracket, pinning Parker Peaster in 0:50 and scoring a 4-0 decision against Mason Denison.

Aiden Rhine placed first at 96 pounds, pinning Sabila Ayers in 0:16 twice.


Kaden Pope placed second at 67 pounds, defeating Van Smith 13-4, Kael Davis 7-0, and Noah Knight 9-2.

Jace Simms placed fourth at 78 pounds with a 3-2 decision over teammate Kaden McAffrey. McAffrey placed fifth with a 7-2 decision over Julian Valdez.

Middle School

Aiden Wilkerson won at 110, defeating Breanna Gordon 10-2 and 4-0.

Cameron White placed second at 118, pinning Jadin Howard in 0:49.

Team Scores
132 Broken Arrow
110 Cleveland
103.5 Oklahoma Wrestling Academy
73 Chickasha
65 Cushing
56 Cowboy Wrestling Club
56 Lexington
54.5 Threestyle
54 Ouachita
54 Team IceFighter
52 Sand Springs
51 Bearcat Takedown Club
48.5 Golden Eagle
43 Lady Outlaws
39 Sapulpa
38 Team Maccabees
36.5 Bayou Elite
36 McAlester
36 Tahlequah
35 Wildcat Takedown Club
30 Weatherford
28 Roller Academy
27 Caney
27 Pryor
26 Texas
25.5 Owasso
25 Team Tulsa
22 Honey Badger
21 Catoosa
21 Terminator Wrestling
19 Pistol Wrestling Club
18 Brushy
17 Ada
16 Glenpool
16 Prodigy
14 Moore
9 NexGen Bombers
7 Lofton
6 Newcastle
6 Southmoore
5 Bandits
4 Quinter
4 Team Jones
4 Warner-Northwestern
2 Mat Demon WC
2 Team Machine

CPHS Wrestling: Brendon Wiseley and Hayli Jeffries win IceFighter Open


Several members of the Sand Springs wrestling team competed in the Union/Pryor IceFighter Open this weekend in Tulsa. The Sandites sent nine to the finals across three age divisions and four brought home gold medals.

High School

Brendon Wiseley won the 113-pound bracket, pinning John Goodyear in 51 seconds, defeated Grant Edwards 3-2 and State Qualifier David Boucher 3-0.

Hayli Jeffries drew only one opponent in the girls’ 113-pound division and pinned Warner’s Merci Swimmer in 0:48 and 2:00 in a best-of-three series for first place.

Defending two-time State Champion Riley Weir came in runner-up at 126 pounds. He pinned Shayden Trant in 2:58, teched Bronner Bessette 21-4, and defeated Kaden Stanley 6-1 before falling 9-2 to Bartlesville State Champion Laif Jones in the finals.

Caleb Phillips placed second at 138 pounds. He pinned Sam Harris in 4:24 and Brayden Strachan in 3:44 and majored Jared Davis 13-0 before falling 4-2 to Enid’s Hunter McGee in sudden victory overtime.

Christian Forbes placed third at 106 pounds. He defeated Christian Patrick-Leal 6-0 in the quarterfinals before falling 1-0 to Bartlesville’s Colby Strachan. In consolation he defeated Suan Sang 7-3 and repeated his 6-0 win over Patrick-Leal in the finals.

Returning State Qualifier Scott Patton placed third at 152. He pinned Jakob Hammock in 3:07 but fell to Union State Qualifier Ja’len Hernandez in the quarterfinals. In consolation he pinned Chris Cox in 0:26 and majored Cody Peters 12-2.

State Qualifier Chris Kirby placed third at 160 with an 18-2 technical fall against Vincent Christy and a 42-second pin of Robert Dora before falling 9-0 to Cushing State QualifierState Jacob Ahrberg. In consolation he pinned Johnny Villa in 1:07.

State Qualifier Dayvon Taylor placed third at 182, pinning Tyler Holland in 0:46 and majoring Brett San Miguel 14-0 before falling 2-1 to Vinita State Qualifier Zach Wattenbarger. In consolation he defeated State Qualifier Landon Brown 3-0 and Jacob Wood 11-4.

Junior High

Mitchell Smith breezed through the 89-pound bracket with four falls. He took down Matthew Kara in 0:39, Ryan Fortney in 0:17, Tucker Collinsworth in 0:30, and Bradly Vanblaricom in 2:46.

Chase White came in runner-up at 140 pounds. He pinned Andrew Henson in 1:50 and Jacob Diacon in 1:21, then defeated Trey Thomas 8-3 and Nick Schultz 11-9 before falling to Ponca City’s Rayden Agee in the finals.

Ethan Norton placed third at 113 pounds. He pinned Colin Young in 1:08 and majored Evan Gunter 9-1 before falling to Ponca City’s Ryker Agee in the semifinals. In consolation he majored Alden Garriott 14-0 and Andrew Lollis 10-0.

Carter Goodman placed third at 120, rattling off five-straight wins after falling 1-0 to Broken Arrow’s Preston Baker in the opening round. He pinned Jordan Hiser in 0:40, Chase Byam in 1:34 and Isaac Xiong in 2:18, defeated Eric Olenberger 2-0, and teched Bryson Sisco 16-0.

6th & 7th Grade

Mason Harris won the heavyweight bracket and spent only thirty seconds on the mat. He pinned Kasey Minakhom in seventeen seconds and pinned Andrew Terrell in thirteen.

Eli Buxton placed second at 126 pounds, falling to Broken Arrow’s Keshawn Guillory, but pinning Adan Ayala in 45 seconds.

Malachi Wilson came in Runner Up at 162 pounds, pinning Kane Neill in 34 seconds, but falling to Oologah’s Ryan Wells in the finals.

CPHS Cross Country: Sandites place 12th at Broken Arrow, host Case Invitational Saturday

The Charles Page High School Cross Country program competed at the Broken Arrow Tigers XC Meet this weekend and both varsity teams took twelfth place. 

The Lady Sandites were twelfth of fourteen schools, led by Chezney Kelley with a time of 24:19 for 61st place. The youthful squad has a bright future with only one senior in the top-five and two freshmen. Bishop Kelley won the team title and Broken Arrow freshman Payton Hinkle took gold with a time of 18:53. 

A senior-laden boys' team placed twelfth of eighteen schools, led by Nelson Yazzie in 17:35 for eleventh place. Freshman Alejandro Lopez made his way into the scoring squad with an 87th place finish in 20:22. The host team secured the title, led by senior champion Blake McConkay in 16:48. 

Sand Springs will return to action this Saturday with their first ever home meet. The Inaugural Case Cross Country Invitational will coincide with the annual Conner's Classic 5K. The Conner's Classic is open to the public as a fundraiser for youth and special needs running. 

Conner's Classic will begin at 7:00 a.m. followed by an Elementary one-mile race at 8:00 a.m. Varsity Girls will run the 5K at 9:00 a.m, followed by Varsity Boys, JV Girls, and JV Boys at thirty-minute intervals. Junior High Girls will run a two-mile at 11:00 a.m. and Junior High Boys will run at 11:30 a.m.

The course will begin and end in the field next to Case Community Center. The 5K course will run south and east to the park's terminus behind the BMX track, then will return atop the levee, giving the runners a unique elevated view of the park and river.

Varsity Girls 5K
24:19 - Chezney Kelley - 66th
24:29 - Sara Abbet - 69th
24:57 - Jazmin Lopez - 72nd
26:01 - Teagan Smith - 74th
26:07 - Erika Baker - 83rd
26:28 - Wanageeska Williams - 88th
27:37 - Elizabeth Watts - 95th

Junior Varsity Girls 5K
27:34 - Annaston Wiseley - 51st
29:47 - Haylee Alford - 73rd
31:09 - Victoria Baker - 84th
33:25 - Abby Cotton - 91st

Junior High Girls 2.5K
14:13 - Ty Davis - 115th


Varsity Boys 5K
17:35 - Nelson Yazzie - 11th
18:19 - Jacob Smith - 33rd
19:50 - Danny Murray - 80th
20:07 - Aden Baughman - 83rd
20:22 - Alejandro Lopez - 89th
20:50 - Caleb James - 98th
21:26 - Kaegan Murray - 104th

Junior Varsity Boys 5K
22:00 - Dalton Wilcox - 102nd
22:57 - Chandler Blake - 128th
23:55 - Christian West - 143rd
24:01 - Sean Kuehn - 145th
26:35 - Colton Sanders - 175th
28:27 - Jonathon Taylor - 183rd
33:05 - Noah Hanlon - 194th

Junior High Boys 2.5K
10:53 - Kodah Gregory - 52nd
13:57 - Garrett Sorenson - 134th
17:42 - Preston Robinson - 155th

CPHS Cross Country: Girls place second, boys third at Sapulpa XC Meet


The Sand Springs Cross Country program competed at Sapulpa's Westside Sports Complex Saturday and both varsity teams finished top-three. 

Varsity Girls placed second of three teams in the joint varsity/JV two-mile run. Jazmin Lopez and Erika Baker finished top-fifteen with times of 14:27 and 14:34, respectively. 

Varsity Boys finished third of eleven teams. Nelson Yazzie led the team with a 10:40 two-mile performance for fifth place and Aden Baughman was seventh in 10:55. 

The elementary girls placed second of five teams in the one mile run with Runner-Up Brynlee Durborrow and bronze placer Chloe Grona. Durborrow finished in 6:19, two seconds behind the champion. Grona was right behind Durborrow at 6:21. Josie Grona was tenth in 6:58. 

The elementary boys finished fifth of five teams in the one mile run, led by Griffin Sensintaffar in seventh place. Sensintaffar finished in 6:32, just 31 seconds behind Sapulpa champion Kyle Haught. 

The Sandites placed third in the Junior Varsity two-mile with two top-five runners. Alejandro Lopez finished in 12:40, Kaegan Murray finished in 12:42, and Chandler Blake was tenth in 13:03. 

Sapulpa ran the show, winning elementary boys, junior high girls, JV boys, and JV/Varsity girls' two-mile. They also placed second in junior high and varsity boys.

Lone Star won elementary girls, Glenpool won junior high boys, Holland Hall won varsity boys, and Kiefer won the varsity/JV girls' one-mile.

The Sandites will travel to Broken Arrow's Oneta Ridge Elementary School for a meet this Saturday. Pre-K through Kindergarten will run a half-mile at 8:00 a.m. First and second grade students will run a half-mile at 8:10 a.m. Third and fourth grade will run one mile at 8:20 a.m. Fifth and sixth grade will run one mile at 8:35 a.m. 

Varsity girls will kick off a 5K run at 9:30 a.m. following a flag ceremony by the Broken Arrow Air Force JROTC. Varsity boys will run a 5K at 10:00 a.m., junior varsity girls will run 5K at 10:30 a.m., junior varsity boys will run a 5K at 11:10. Middle school girls and boys will both run 1.55 miles beginning at 11:40 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., respectively. 

Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
2nd - Brynlee Durborrow - 6:19
3rd - Chloe Grona - 6:21
10th - Josie Grona - 6:58
23rd - Abby Martin - 7:46
29th - Josie Myers - 8:03
34th - Gabrielle Rambo - 8:29
40th - Julia Myers - 9:27
48th - Sophia Grona - 10:05
50th - Nola Chambers - 10:30
51st - Meghan Scroggins - 10:34
52nd - Izzi Larkin - 10:45
53rd - Lily McBride - 10:45
57th - Declyn Beals - 10:56
59th - Natalee Sorenson - 11:03
63rd - Kamryn Lumsden - 11:27

Junior High Girls - 1 Mile
23rd - Ty Davis - 7:13

JV/Varsity Girls - 1 Mile
11th - Wanageeska Williams - 6:46
25th - Haylee Alford - 7:28
37th - Abby Cotton - 8:23

JV/Varsity Girls - 2 Mile
12th - Jazmin Lopez - 14:27
13th - Erika Baker - 14:34
15th - Sara Abbet - 14:38
16th - Chezney Kelley - 14:51
18th - Teagan Smith - 15:03
21st - Elizabeth Watts - 15:47

Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
7th - Griffin Sensintaffar - 6:32
38th - Hudson Gregory - 7:43
40th - Gavin Corbin - 7:44
42nd - Landon Curborrow - 7:45
47th - Sam English - 7:53
48th - Kade Sargent - 7:53
49th - Noah Higgins - 7:53
61st - Dallas Duffy - 8:39
63rd - Ryder Gregory - 8:47
70th - Connor Beals - 9:00
78th - Luke Mills - 9:52
83rd - Mason Bowman - 10:45
84th - Alex Martin - 10:51
85th - Kaizen Freese - 12:00
87th - Sutton Corbin - 12:03
88th - Kenton Freese - 13:46

Junior High Boys - 1 Mile
32nd - Annaston Wiseley - 6:34
65th - Zac Davis - 7:47
70th - Garrett Sorenson - 8:13
74th - Adrien Sarasua - 8:37
75th - Dakota Taylor - 8:41

Junior Varsity Boys - 2 Miles
4th - Alejandro Lopez - 12:40
5th - Kaegan Murray - 12:42
10th - Chandler Blake - 13:01
19th - Rhett Record - 13:39
39th - Nicholas Sango - 14:38
40th - Dalton Wilcox - 14:44
41st - Sean Kuehn - 14:49
50th - David Rigsby - 15:26
52nd - Dylan Bruton - 15:32
53rd - Colton Sanders - 15:38
58th - Jonathon Taylor - 17:13
61st - Caleb Garzone - 17:34
62nd - Mason Shipman - 17:35

Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
5th - Nelson Yazzie - 10:40
7th - Aden Baughman - 10:55
12th - Jacob Smith - 11:10
17th - Jaelyn Jackson - 11:24
27th - Danny Murray - 11:47
44th - Caleb James - 12:27
49th - Cameron McCrary - 12:41






Junior High Wrestling: Clayton Giddens-Buttram wins State Championship, Sandites place 5th

The Sand Springs wrestling team recently came in sixth place overall at the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma City. They placed sixth in the sixth and seventh-grade division with one champion, and twelfth in the eighth and ninth grade division with two runners-up.

The tournament is arguably tougher than the high school State Championship because the schools aren’t broken up by school classification. Wrestlers from more than 120 schools converged at Jim Norrick Arena, and Choctaw swept both divisions.

8th and 9th Grade

Christian Forbes (14-3) came in runner-up at 87 pounds. He pinned Ethan Crowe in 2:46 and Riddick Nash in 1:45, then defeated Gaige Stock 19-3, Riley Hunter 8-2, and Case Rich 5-2. In the finals he was defeated 3-1 by Catoosa’s Guy Cleavenger.

Kaden Glass (13-1) came in runner-up at 200 pounds. He pinned Antoine Thomas in 0:59 and Brody Cannon in 0:38, and defeated Cruz Partain 13-3, Luke Winningham 6-3, and Caleb Phillips 3-2. In the finals he was pinned by Elgin’s Issiah Wolf.

6th and 7th Grade

Clayton Giddens-Buttram (25-2) won the 72-pound bracket with ease, pinning his first three opponents. Boog Jeffries fell in 0:56, Caden McElroy fell in 1:37, and Jackson Bodine fell in 2:50. In the finals he defeated Treshaun Tecson 3-0.

Owen Martin (18-7) placed fourth at 76 pounds. He pinned Logan Stephens in thirty seconds, teched Zoey Freeman 16-1, and defeated Christian Belford 6-0 before falling to Cael Hughes. In consolation he defeated Jaxson Humphries 2-0, but fell 7-0 to Landyn Sommer in placement.

Rhett Peak (11-5) placed fifth at eighty pounds. He defeated Ethan Rodriguez 8-1, Christopher Garrett Jr. 2-1, and Brantz Bateman 2-0, and pinned Gant Browning in 1:07 before falling 4-0 to William Heger. In consolation he was defeated 6-4 by Jude Randall, but he won a 1-0 rematch with Bateman in placement.

Carter Goodman (5-3) came in sixth at 105 pounds, winning his first three and losing his last three. He pinned Colson Marth in 2:28, then topped Isaac Moore 11-9 and Dayton Cross 8-0 before falling to Jaxen Wright, Chance Gruenwald, and James Leake.

Drake Fain (4-2) placed eighth at 161, pinning Nick Jones in 1:16, Caiden Wright in 1:08, and Brady Conder in 1:39. He defeated Brody Todd 9-2, but fell by pin to Coal Mountain Madison and 10-0 to Kasen Vanbuskirk.

Sand Springs Junior High Cheer takes first place at Tulsa Classic

Photo courtesy of Michele Smith.

The Sand Springs Junior High Cheer Team took first place this past week at the American Spirit Championships Tulsa Classic at the Union Multipurpose Activity Center (UMAC).