Oklahoma High School Football Rankings: Class 6A-II Week Three

  1. Bixby (2-0, Last week No. 1).

    • The defending 6A-2 State Champions are coming off a bye week and riding a 14-game win streak. They won their last game 57-7 against the 6A-I Runners Up from Jenks (1-2). Mason Williams was 15-17-289 passing with four touchdowns, Braylin Presley was 9-108 rushing for four touchdowns, and Brennan Presley was 4-144 with two touchdown receptions and two pick sixes.

    • The Spartans will travel to Putnam City (0-2), who they defeated 64-0 last year.

  2. Stillwater (2-0, Last week No. 2).

    • The Pioneers rolled over Norman North (0-2) 55-14 in their home opener. With both offense and defense ranked in the top 3 in the division, Stillwater took a 41-0 halftime lead before easing up on the Timberwolves. Gunnar Gundy passed 15-22-295 for four touchdowns and Qwontrel Walker carried 19-173 for three scores.

    • Stillwater will travel to Southmoore (0-2) Thursday at 7:00 p.m. They beat the Sabercats 49-15 last season. Southmoore is coming off a 46-7 rivalry loss to Westmoore.

  3. Lawton (2-0, Last week No. 5).

    • Lawton prevailed 36-21 against their crosstown rivals from MacArthur (1-1) Friday, shutting out the Highlanders 13-0 in the second half.

    • The Wolverines will take on another rival Friday at 7:00 p.m. in Eisenhower (0-2). They beat the Eagles 42-13 last season. Ike is coming off a 50-25 loss to Choctaw.

  4. Booker T. Washington (1-2, Last week No. 3).

    • The Hornets fell 17-6 to Bentonville (3-0).

    • Washington will take a bye week before traveling to Bartlesville (0-2) to start district action. They throttled the Bruins 43-6 last season.

  5. Del City (1-1, Last week No. 4).

    • Del City fell 49-19 to the defending 5A State Champs from Carl Albert (2-0), despite totaling nearly 250 more yards than the Titans, due to four crippling turnovers and 118 penalty yards.

    • The Eagles will host Bartlesville (0-2) next week. They beat the Bruins 33-7 last season.

  6. Muskogee (2-0, Last week No. 6).

    • The Roughers eked out a 19-12 come-from-behind road win in Midwest City (0-3). The Bombers led 12-0 after the first quarter, but were shut out after that. Ty Williams was 6-12-74 passing and 16-110 rushing for one touchdown, and Jimmie Coleman carried 21-93 for two scores.

    • Muskogee will host Putnam City West (0-2) Friday at 7:00 p.m. in their home opener. They beat the Patriots 34-29 last year.

  7. Sapulpa (2-0, Last week No. 8).

    • The Chieftains doubled down on Claremore (1-1), winning 49-24 after initially falling behind 17-7. Eli Williams carried for 244 yards and four touchdowns and was 5-10-61 passing. Marcus Esparza was 18-137 with two scores. Ja Mario Jones scored on a 50-yard interception return to put the defense on the board.

    • The Chieftains will host East Central (1-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. in their home debut. The Cardinals are coming off a 7-0 win in Stilwell (0-2). Sapulpa won last year’s meeting 49-12.

  8. Choctaw (2-0, Last week No. 9).

    • The Yellowjackets pounded Lawton Eisenhower (0-2) 50-25, leading 50-7 after the first half. Thad Williams threw five touchdowns in the dominant win.

    • Choctaw will face one of its toughest foes of the season Friday at 7:00 p.m. when they host a Putnam North (2-0) team that outscored its first two opponents 118-7.

  9. Midwest City (0-3, Last week No. 7).

    • The Bombers are 0-3 for the first time since 2012 after a 19-12 loss to Muskogee. Xavier Jackson was 2-6-100 with one passing TD. Bradley Langford also passed for a touchdown.

    • Midwest City will take a bye week to prepare for a district road game against Lawton (2-0). They beat the Wolverines 56-45 last year.

  10. Edmond Deer Creek (1-1, Last week No. 10).

    • The Antlers got a big win under their belts to start the season, 45-14 against Southmoore (0-1), but were rolled over 49-7 by Norman (2-0). Tyler Travis was held to 17-86 rushing after a 200-yard performance against Southmoore. Elijah Allen ran in the only score.

    • Deer Creek will travel to Edmond Memorial (0-2) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They defeated the Bulldogs 34-13 last year.

  11. Sand Springs (1-1, Last week No. 12).

    • Ty Pennington was 13-21-184-0 with four touchdowns Friday in a 35-0 rout of Putnam City (0-2) for the Sandites’ first shutout in four years. The Sandite defense held Putnam to only 80 offensive yards.

    • Sand Springs will take on a whole different beast Friday at 7:00 p.m. when they host the back-to-back Arkansas 6A State Champions from Greenwood (2-0).

  12. Ponca City (2-0, Last week No. 15).

    • The Wildcats are 2-0 for the first time since 2005 after a 17-7 win over Guthrie (1-2). Sam McKinney scored two touchdowns and Spencer Ball kicked his third field goal of the season.

    • Ponca will travel to Collinsville (1-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They were shutout 28-0 by the Cardinals last year.

  13. Shawnee (1-1, Last week No. 13).

    • Shawnee recovered from a 49-21 loss to Choctaw by winning 33-23 over Guthrie (1-1), then took a bye week.

    • They will host Carl Albert (2-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Titans won 47-7 last year.

  14. Bartlesville (0-2, Last week No. 11).

    • The Bruins are still looking for their first win after falling 20-17 to Collinsville (1-1) in overtime. Bartlesville led 14-7 late in the fourth, but Ben Winters threw a pick-six to tie it. They gave up three fumbles and two interceptions.

    • Bartlesville will get its first big test Friday at 7:00 p.m. when they travel to Del City (1-1). They fell 33-7 to the Eagles last year.

  15. Putnam City West (0-2, Last week No. 14).

    • The Patriots lost their eighth-straight game 68-7 to Putnam North (2-0) and will travel to Muskogee Friday at 7:00 p.m.

  16. Putnam City (0-2, Last week No. 16).

    • The Pirates lost their thirteenth-straight game 35-0 to Sand Springs and still haven’t scored this season. Tyrece Romesberg was 3-10-30-1 passing and the offense was held to 80 yards on 49 plays.

    • Putnam will have a far tougher time when they host Bixby (2-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m., who defeated them 64-0 last year.

Top Offenses (Avg. Score)
67.0 Bixby
49.5 Choctaw
48.5 Stillwater
46.0 Lawton
35.0 Sapulpa
31.0 Muskogee
27.0 Shawnee
26.0 Deer Creek
22.5 Bartlesville
21.0 Putnam West
21.0 Sand Springs
19.5 Del City
13.0 Booker T. Washington
11.5 Ponca City
11.0 Midwest City
0.0 Putnam City

Top Defenses
5.0 Ponca City
9.5 Muskogee
10.5 Stillwater
16.7 Booker T. Washington
18.5 Sapulpa
20.5 Sand Springs
21.0 Lawton
23.0 Choctaw
25.5 Bixby
30.0 Bartlesville
31.5 Deer Creek
33.0 Del City
34.7 Midwest City
36.0 Shawnee
42.5 Putnam City
63.5 Putnam West

Average Margin of Victory
41.5 Bixby
38.0 Stillwater
26.5 Choctaw
25.0 Lawton
21.5 Muskogee
16.5 Sapulpa
6.5 Ponca City
0.5 Sand Springs
-3.7 Booker T. Washington
-5.5 Deer Creek
-7.5 Bartlesville
-9.0 Shawnee
-13.5 Del City
-32.0 Midwest City
-42.5 Putnam West
-42.5 Putnam City

Oklahoma High School Football Rankings: Class 6A-II Week Two

  1. Bixby (2-0).

    • The defending 6A-2 State Champions won their 14th straight game, 57-7 against the 6A-I Runners Up from Jenks (1-1). Mason Williams was 15-17-289 passing with four touchdowns, Braylin Presley was 9-108 rushing for four touchdowns, and Brennan Presley was 4-144 with two touchdown receptions and two pick sixes.

    • The Spartans will take a bye week before traveling to Putnam City (0-2), who they defeated 64-0 last year.

  2. Stillwater (1-0).

    • Coming off a 12-1 season that ended in the State Finals, last year’s top offense is led by returning star quarterback Gunnar Gundy. The Pioneers rolled over Edmond Memorial (0-1) in their season opener, 42-7, thanks to a 25-193 three touchdown rushing performance by Qwontrel Walker.

    • Stillwater will host Norman North (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They beat the Timberwolves 44-21 last season.

  3. Booker T. Washington (1-1).

    • Last year the Hornets beat Bishop Kelley 24-14 and went on to a solid 8-4 season and semifinals appearance. This past weekend they won 33-14 against the Comets (0-1), so fans can take that extra touchdown as a good omen. Gentry Williams passed for 288 yards and scored all five touchdowns.

    • Washington will host Bentonville (2-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m.

  4. Del City (1-0).

    • Del City was solid in its move-up to 6A last season, going 7-4 and qualifying for the playoffs. They prevailed 20-17 against Bishop McGuinness (0-1) in their season opener.

    • The Eagles will have a far tougher opponent Friday at 7:00 p.m. when they travel to Carl Albert (1-0). The Titans won a 32-31 overtime shootout last season.

  5. Lawton (1-0).

    • Lawton had an easy 56-21 win against Burkburnett (1-1) Friday.

    • The Wolverines will take on their cross-town rivals from MacArthur (1-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They defeated the Highlanders 41-32 last season.

  6. Muskogee (1-0).

    • The Roughers had their way with McAlester (0-1) in a lopsided 43-7 season opener. Ty Williams was 10-17-175-1 for two touchdowns. Coleman carried 19 times for 159 yards and a score. They also had two defensive scores.

    • Muskogee will travel to Midwest City Friday at 7:00 p.m. They lost 16-14 last year.

  7. Midwest City (0-2).

    • The Bombers struggled to get their offense going for the second straight week, suffering a 31-0 shutout at the hands of their biggest rivals, the defending 5A Champs from Carl Albert (1-0).

    • Midwest City will host Muskogee Friday at 7:00 p.m. They edged out the Roughers 16-14 last season.

  8. Sapulpa (1-0).

    • The Chieftains won 21-13 against Edison (0-1) and will travel to Claremore (1-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They defeated the Zebras 27-7 last year. Elijah Williams was 10-15-149-0 passing and 15-97 rushing against the Eagles.

  9. Choctaw (1-0).

    • The Yellowjackets missed the playoffs last year with a 4-6 record but started the new season strong with a 49-21 win over Shawnee. Choctaw led 28-0 by halftime and used an onside kick to score twice before the Wolves’ Offense ever took the field. Thad Williams was 14-26-287 with two touchdowns.

    • Choctaw will travel to Lawton Eisenhower (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They beat Ike 35-14 last year.

  10. Edmond Deer Creek (1-0).

    • The Antlers got a big win under their belts to start the season, 45-14 against Southmoore (0-1). They struggled at quarterback with a 5-12-54-1 performance from Gavin Houska, but Tyler Travis made up for it on the ground, running 20 times for 269 yards and three touchdowns. They will host Norman Friday at 7:00 p.m. Norman won 43-14 last season.

  11. Bartlesville (0-1).

    • The Bruins went down 40-28 to Claremore (1-0) and will host Collinsville (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They fell 34-27 to the Cardinals last season.

  12. Sand Springs (0-1).

    • The Sandites went 3-7 last season after six-straight years of playoff berths. They have yet to name QB1 for the season, and fell 41-7 at Mansfield Summit. They will host Putnam City (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m.

  13. Shawnee (1-1).

    • Shawnee recovered from a 49-21 loss to Choctaw by winning 33-23 over Guthrie (1-1).

    • The Wolves will take a bye week.

  14. Putnam City West (0-1).

    • The Patriots won only one game last season. They fell 59-35 to Duncan and will host cross-town rivals Putnam North (1-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m.

  15. Ponca City (1-0).

    • The Wildcats snapped a fifteen-game losing streak with a 6-3 win over Enid (0-2) thanks to a pair of field goals from Spencer Ball. The Wildcats will host Guthrie (1-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Bluejays won 28-14 last year.

  16. Putnam City (0-1).

    • The Pirates went 0-10 last year and averaged only 5 points per game. They were shut out 50-0 by Putnam North (1-0) last week and will travel to Sand Springs (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Sandites won 45-24 last year.

Top Offenses (Avg. Score)
67.0 Bixby
56.0 Lawton
49.0 Choctaw
45.0 Deer Creek
43.0 Muskogee
42.0 Stillwater
35.0 Putnam West
28.0 Bartlesville
27.0 Shawnee
21.0 Sapulpa
20.0 Del City
16.5 Booker T. Washington
10.5 Midwest City
7.0 Sand Springs
6.0 Ponca City
0.0 Putnam City

Top Defenses
3.0 Ponca City
7.0 Stillwater
7.0 Muskogee
13.0 Sapulpa
14.0 Deer Creek
16.5 Booker T. Washington
17.0 Del City
21.0 Lawton
21.0 Choctaw
25.5 Bixby
36.0 Shawnee
40.0 Bartlesville
41.0 Sand Springs
42.5 Midwest City
50.0 Putnam City
59.0 Putnam West

Average Margin of Victory
41.5 Bixby
36.0 Muskogee
35.0 Stillwater
35.0 Lawton
31.0 Deer Creek
28.0 Choctaw
8.0 Sapulpa
3.0 Del City
3.0 Ponca City
0.0 Booker T. Washington
-9.0 Shawnee
-12.0 Bartlesville
-24.0 Putnam West
-32.0 Midwest City
-34.0 Sand Springs
-50.0 Putnam City

Sand Springs Youth Cross Country teams excel, high school to host home meet Saturday

9.7.2019 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams competed at the Broken Arrow Tigers Meet Saturday morning at Oneta Ridge Middle School.

The Varsity Boys placed ninth out of twelve teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 20:08.94 for 46th Place.

The Varsity Girls placed tenth out of ten teams, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24:54.45 for 34th Place. Jade Crawford, who lives in Sand Springs, was fifth on the Lincoln Christian roster with a time of 26:58.60 for 57th Place.

Jenks won the Varsity Girls and Junior Varsity Girls races. Lincoln Christian won the Varsity Boys, Bishop Kelley won the Junior Varsity Boys. Bartlesville won Middle School Girls and Middle School Boys.

The Charles Page teams will return to action Saturday, September 14th, at their home meet in the 2nd Annual Case Cross Country Invitational.

9.7.2019 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Meet

The Sand Springs Elementary Cross Country teams competed at the 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Cross Country Meet Saturday.

The Elementary Girls placed third of ten teams with two top-five scorers. Brynlee Durburrow won the one-mile race in 6:16.47 as a non-scoring runner. She is from Sand Springs, but was competing with the Personal Best Athletics private team. Chloe Grona was the leading scorer and runner-up in 6:25.80, with Josie Grona coming in eighth in 7:03.84.

The Elementary Boys placed fourth of eleven teams, led by Griffin Sensintaffar with a 6:10.02 mile for third place.

Regent Prep won the Elementary Girls, Small School Junior High Girls, and Small School Junior High Boys races. Kiefer won the Elementary Boys, Small School Varsity Boys, and Small School Varsity Girls. Sapulpa won the Large School Varsity Girls and Large School Junior High Girls. Metro Christian won the Large School Varsity Boys. Glenpool won the Large School Junior High Boys.

8.31.2019 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet

The Sand Springs Varsity Girls placed sixth of seven teams in the two-mile run, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24th place with a time of 14:55. Jade Crawford placed 36th in 15:30.

Sand Springs placed fourth of eight teams in the Elementary one-mile run. Chloe Grona was the first-place scorer in 6:22, but Brynlee Durburrow took first place overall in 6:15.

The Sandite Varsity Boys placed ninth of fourteen teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 12:09 for 38th place. The Junior Varsity Boys placed sixth of seven teams, led by Alex Newport in 13:10 for 17th place. They placed second of eleven schools in the Elementary Boys 1-Mile, led by Griffin Sensintaffar in 6:20 for third.

Sapulpa won the Girls Varsity 2-Mile and Junior High Girls 1-Mile. Kiefer won the Girls Varsity 1-Mile and the Boys Elementary 1-Mile. Lincoln Christian won both the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity 2-Mile runs. Glenpool won the Junior High Boys 1-Mile and Lone Star won the Elementary Girls 1-Mile.

Sand Springs Results

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Girls - 5K
24:54.45 Jazmin Lopez (35th)
25:39.19 Victoria Baker (46th)
27:04.29 Chezney Kelley (58th)
29:20.34 Ty Davis (65th)
29:41.91 Wanageeska Williams (66th)
33:22.17 Madison Chambers (71st)
Junior Varsity Girls - 5K
25:28.56 Erika Baker (16th)
35:12.58 Sarah Rigsby (57th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:25.80 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:03.84 Josie Grona (8th)
8:22.94 Blakelee Meeker (45th)
8:37.70 Sophie Grona (51st)
9:11.14 Alliyah Watts (64th)
9:19.69 Kinley Snow (74th)
10:27.12 Starr Corbin (101st)
11:04.21 Emma Nolen (114th)
11:24.72 Nola Chambers (117th)
11:27.82 Brie Blair (118th)
12:02.24 Brielle Meeker (124th)
12:09.60 Tatum Chambers (126th)
12:11.83 Avery Nolen (127th)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Girls - 2 Mile
14:55 Jazmin Lopez (24th)
15:35 Victoria Baker (38th)
15:43 Teagan Smith (39th)
16:15 Wanageeska Williams (43rd)
16:32 Chezney Kelley (45th)
16:36 Erika Baker (48th)
16:52 Ty Davis (51st)
17:22 Madison Chambers (54th)
18:02 Sarah Rigsby (60th)
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:22 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:00 Josie Grona (7th)
7:55 Katie Gillespie (26th)
8:50 Sophie Grona (48th)
9:00 Alliyah Watts (56th)
9:18 Julia Myers (64th)
9:27 Starr Corbin (67th)
10:23 Natalee Sorenson (93rd)
11:05 Brie Blair (97th)
11:07 Avery Nolen (98th)
11:27 Emma Nolen (100th)

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Boys - 5K
20:08.94 Alejandro Lopez (47th)
20:37.80 Sam English (53rd)
20:37.90 Noah Hanlon (54th)
20:58.03 Dalton Wilcox (55th)
21:00.50 Caleb James (56th)
21:42.60 Kaegan Murray (61st)
23:05.12 Alex Newport (71st)
Junior Varsity Boys - 5K
24:27.95 David Rigsby (89th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:10.02 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
7:12.49 Conner Williamson (31st)
7:13.36 Rafi Huff (32nd)
7:21.92 Gavin Corbin (37th)
7:39.15 Landon Durburrow (47th)
7:57.98 Kellen Adkins (58th)
8:02.45 Presley Quinnelly (62nd)
8:08.60 Colton Chambers (66th)
8:24.84 Liam Noah (76th)
8:53.95 Caden Ketcher (102nd)
8:54.61 Kade Sargent (104th)
9:29.67 Callan Hayduk (122nd)
10:01.34 Kaizen Freese (135th)
10:18.04 Sutton Corbin (137th)
10:32.32 Alex Williams (138th)
10:39.64 Dean Earnest (139th)
11:12.35 Memo Borunda (142nd)
12:18.52 Jay Acuna (146th)
12:27.03 Baker Lee (147th)
13:13.99 Aiden Westin (148th)
13:46.30 Jessen Cox (152nd)
13:48.85 Nash Huff (153rd)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
12:09 Alejandro Lopez (38th)
12:17 Caleb James (42nd)
12:19 Noah Hanlon (46th)
12:30 Sam English (51st)
12:33 Dalton Wilcox (54th)
14:01 Titus Wright (80th)
Junior Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
13:10 Alex Newport (17th)
13:13 Kaegan Murray (19th)
13:36 Noah James (28th)
17:21 Caleb Garzone (62nd)
19:16 Michael Lopez (69th)
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:20 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
6:32 Jakob Skipper (7th)
7:31 Gavin Corbin (28th)
7:37 Rafi Huffer (32nd)
7:41 Landon Durburrow (34th)
8:15 Dax Wilcox (55th)
8:25 Jessen Cox (60th)
8:39 Connor Beals (68th)
8:39 Kade Sargent (70th)
8:47 Hunter Fields (89th)
9:47 Dean Earnest (109th)
10:01 Conner Williamson (113th)
10:37 Grady Harris (115th)
11:19 Alex Martin (121st)
11:36 Nash Huff (124th)
11:39 Dallas Duffy (125th)
12:10 Aiden Westin (126th)
12:11 Sutton Corbin (127th)

CPHS Softball: Mackenzie Bechtold shuts out Sapulpa 10-0, strikes out seven


Charles Page High School senior Mackenzie Bechtold (3-1, 7-1) pitched her second shutout of the season Thursday afternoon at the Sandite Softball Complex, helping her team to a 10-0 district win over their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (4-12, 1-7). She threw seven strikeouts, no walks, and four hits in the five-inning run-rule win.

Rogers State University-commit Sabrina Usher led the team offensively with a triple and a home run for three runs and five RBI.

The Chieftains got off to a rough start right out of the gate, giving up three walks and two errors in the top of the first for a 3-0 deficit. Madison Lee, Jolee McNally, and Usher all scored. Usher batted in Bechtold and Lee with her second-inning triple, then came in on an error to make it 6-0.

Makenna Skaggs hit an RBI single in the fourth to score McNally, then Usher scored the final three runs with a homer over the center field fence.

Sand Springs (9-7, 5-1) is currently third in district standings. They will compete this weekend at a tough Choctaw Tournament. Sapulpa will host Jenks Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
4-0 Owasso (10-5)
5-1 Jenks (10-4)
5-1 Sand Springs (9-7)
4-5 Muskogee (4-7)
2-3 Shawnee (6-11)
1-5 Ponca City (6-11)
1-7 Sapulpa (4-12)

Upcoming 6A-3 Games
9.9 Ponca City @ Jenks.
9.10 Jenks @ Sapulpa.
9.10 Ponca City @ Sand Springs.
9.10 Owasso @ Muskogee.
9.12 Sand Springs @ Owasso.
9.12 Muskogee @ Shawnee.

Choctaw Tournament Schedule
Friday 3:00 p.m. CPHS vs. Tuttle (15-1)
Friday 6:20 p.m. CPHS vs. Stillwater (4-6)
Saturday 10:00 a.m. CPHS vs. Choctaw (7-4)
Saturday 11:40 a.m. CPHS vs. Chickasha (11-3)

Choctaw High School
14300 Northeast 10th Street
Choctaw, OK 73020

Oklahoma High School Football Rankings: Class 6A-II Week One

  1. Bixby (1-0).

    • The defending State Champions went 12-1 last season for their fourth title in the past five years and are riding a thirteen-game win streak after a Week Zero 77-44 shootout at Mansfield Timberview. The Spartans won three fumbles and an interception for a 49-26 first-half lead. Mason Williams threw eight touchdowns with six to Brennan Presley, and totaled 435 yards passing.

    • Bixby will travel to Jenks (1-0) Friday night at 6:30 p.m. Last year they were defeated 28-14 by the Trojans.

  2. Stillwater (0-0).

    • Coming off a 12-1 season that ended in the State Finals, last year’s top offense is led by returning star quarterback Gunnar Gundy who passed for 2,420 yards and 25 touchdowns with only five interceptions.

    • Stillwater will travel to Edmond Memorial (0-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They rolled over the Bulldogs 61-18 last season.

  3. Midwest City (0-1).

    • The Bombers went 9-3 last year and were riding a six-game win streak before falling to Bixby in the semifinals. They took an early lead in their Week Zero matchup with Bentonville but were left in the dust after the second quarter, falling 54-21.

    • Midwest City will host their cross-town rivals, the defending 5A Champs from Carl Albert (0-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m.

  4. Booker T. Washington (0-1).

    • As a freshman Gentry Williams took his team to an 8-4 record and a six-game win streak before falling to Stillwater in last season’s semifinals. In Week Zero they were shutout for the first time in three years, 19-0 by North Little Rock and held to only 100 yards of offense.

    • The Hornets will travel to Bishop Kelley (0-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They topped the Comets 24-14 last season.

  5. Del City (0-0).

    • Del City was solid in its move-up to 6A last season, going 7-4 and qualifying for the playoffs.

    • The Eagles will host Bishop McGuinness (0-0) Friday at 7:00 p.m. They rolled the Irish 47-7 last year.

  6. Lawton (0-0).

    • The Wolverines went 6-5 last season with the third-best offense in the division, but gave up more than 30 points a game.

    • Lawton will travel to Burkburnett, Texas (1-0) Friday at 7:30 p.m.

  7. Sapulpa (0-0).

    • The Chieftains earned their first winning record since 2013, going 7-4 last year behind Texas Christian University-commit Eli Williams who had 1200 yards passing and 900 on the ground.

    • Sapulpa will travel to Edison Friday at 7:00 p.m. They defeated the Eagles 34-13 last year.

  8. Muskogee (0-0).

    • The Roughers went 6-5 last season and had a top ten offense, but gave up as many points as they scored.

    • Muskogee will travel to McAlester Friday at 7:00 p.m. They beat the Buffalo 35-14 last year.

  9. Choctaw-Nicoma (1-0).

    • The Yellowjackets missed the playoffs last year with a 4-6 record but started the new season strong with a 49-21 win over Shawnee. Choctaw led 28-0 by halftime and used an onside kick to score twice before the Wolves’ Offense ever took the field. Thad Williams was 14-26-287 with two touchdowns.

    • Choctaw will take a bye week before traveling to Lawton Eisenhower.

  10. Bartlesville (0-0).

    • The Bruins went 4-6 last year and are rebuilding under their fourth head coach in as many years. Senior Ben Winters passed for 1500 yards last season.

    • Bartlesville will host Claremore Friday at 7:00 p.m. They defeated the Zebras 21-14 last season.

  11. Edmond Deer Creek (0-0).

    • The Antlers went 4-6 last year and are still looking for their first winning record in 6A. They will host Southmoore Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Sabercats won that game 27-10.

  12. Sand Springs (0-1).

    • The Sandites went 3-7 last season after six-straight years of playoff berths. They have yet to name QB1 for the season, and fell 41-7 at Mansfield Summit.

    • Sand Springs will take a bye before hosting Putnam City.

  13. Shawnee (0-1).

    • Shawnee went 2-8 in their first season of 6A-II. In Week Zero they fell 49-21 to Choctaw and were held to only 56 rushing yards. Dre Evans passed 17-33-172-3.

    • The Wolves will host Guthrie (1-0) Friday at 7:30 p.m. The Blue Jays won last year’s game 42-7.

  14. Putnam City West (0-0).

    • The Patriots won only one game last season. They will travel to Duncan Friday at 7:00 p.m. The Demons won 31-7 last year.

  15. Ponca City (0-0).

    • The Wildcats are riding a fifteen-game losing streak and haven’t had a winning season since 2005. Scott Harmon is in his second year at the helm.

    • Ponca will travel to Enid (0-1) Friday at 7:00 p.m.. The Plainsmen beat Ponca 20-13 last year.

  16. Putnam City (0-0).

    • The Pirates went 0-10 last year and averaged only 5 points per game. They will play their cross-town rivals from Putnam North Friday at 7:00 p.m. North won a 33-0 shutout last season.

CPHS Volleyball: Sandites sweep Sapulpa 3-0 in rivalry match, 7th straight win in series

Jacelyn Smith (left) and Cloe Campfield (right) combine on a block against Sapulpa.

Jacelyn Smith (left) and Cloe Campfield (right) combine on a block against Sapulpa.

After a five-loss performance at the prestigious Union Tournament this past weekend, the Charles Page High School volleyball team (2-6, 1-1) got back in the win column with their first conference victory of the season. The Sandites swept their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (1-1, 1-1) in straight sets to remain undefeated on their home court.

The Sandites won sets of 25-15, 25-16, and 25-20. This was their fourth-straight 3-0 sweep of the Cheiftains, who they haven’t lost to since 2012.

They will return to action Friday at noon when they host their inaugural home tournament. Sand Springs will play McLain (0-0) at 12:00 p.m., Will Rogers (4-4) at 3:00 p.m. and Tecumseh (3-3) at 5:00 p.m.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
2-0 Broken Arrow (7-0)
2-0 Jenks (2-0)
1-1 Owasso (2-1)
1-1 Union (2-6)
1-1 Bixby (1-7)
1-1 Sand Springs (2-6)
1-1 Sapulpa (1-1)
1-1 Muskogee (1-1)
0-2 Booker T. Washington (1-2)
0-2 Bartlesville (0-3)

CPHS Softball: Sandites win Highway 97 Rivalry 18-2 over Sapulpa

After losing five games in a row at this weekend’s Broken Arrow Tournament, the Charles Page High School fast pitch softball team (5-5, 2-0) rebounded perfectly Tuesday evening with a lopsided 18-2 run-rule win over their Highway 97 rivals from Sapulpa (4-5, 1-2). The victory moved the Sandites back into first place in district standings.

Sand Springs dominated every aspect of the game, outhitting the Chieftains 15 to 5 with no errors, 6 stolen bases, and eight strikeouts from freshman pitcher Nataley Crawford (2-1).

The Chieftain pitching crew struggled, with Ally Zanca throwing ten hits, one strikeout, and nine walks in only three innings. The team also committed four errors.

Crawford took a minute to warm up, walking two in the first inning, but struck out two more to strand the runners. Sapulpa walked three of their own, but stranded the side to keep the game scoreless.

Crawford got her team on the board with an RBI single in the second, bringing in Rachel Jones, then Jolee McNally singled to score Crawford and Madison Lee. Sabrina Usher hit her fourth home run of the season for a 5-0 lead. Makenna Skaggs scored on an error, Felicity Horn scored on a sacrifice fly from Jones, Avery Tanner scored on a wild pitch, and Drew Hawkins scored on a single from Lee to make it 9-0 before the inning came to a close.

Crawford struck out the side in order to kick off the third inning, then Sand Springs quickly loaded the bases. Skaggs doubled and scored on a sacrifice from Jones, Horn and Tanner scored on an error, and Hawkins scored on a double from Crawford. Lee and McNally scored on a single from Skaggs, then Skaggs and Usher scored on a single from Horn for the 17-0 advantage.

Crawford tallied the final Sandite run on an error, and Sapulpa stranded loaded bases to avert further disaster. The Chieftains finally began to make headway in the top of the fifth, loading the bases with a single and two walks. Lexi Cahwee hit a 2RBI single to score Jessica Elliott and Kylissa Williams, but was left stranded as the game came to an early end via run-rule.

Sand Springs will return to action Thursday at 10:00 a.m. when they play Claremore (5-3) in the first round of the Rogers State University festival, followed by Coweta (4-5) at 11:30 a.m.

District 6A-3 Standings
2-0 Sand Springs (5-5)
2-0 Owasso (6-2)
1-0 Jenks (6-3)
2-1 Muskogee (2-3)
1-1 Shawnee (2-7)
1-2 Sapulpa (4-5)
0-5 Ponca City (1-5)

District 6A-3 Thursday Schedule
5:00 p.m. Jenks at Muskogee.
6:00 p.m. Owasso at Sapulpa.

CPHS Track: Aden Baughman wins Frontier Valley Conference Championship

The Charles Page High School boys’ track and field team took eighth place at the Frontier Valley Conference Championship Thursday at Union with one individual champion.

U.S. Air Force-signee Aden Baughman won his second conference title and seventh gold medal of the season with a 2:00.99 finish in the 800-meter run.

Mitchell Mefford placed second in discus with a distance of 143’02.5”, less than two feet behind the champion. Joel Mackey placed third in the 100-meter dash in 11.11 seconds and fourth in the 200 in 22.7. Titus Wright set a PR of 1:02.91 in the 400.

The boys' relay teams placed fifth in the 4x100, fifth in the 4x400, and sixth in the 4x800.

The Lady Sandites placed tenth, but avoided going scoreless thanks to Mackenzie Rader.

Rader had a great day all around. She placed fifth in the 100 hurdles in 17.52 and set personal records in two other events with a high jump of 4’10” and a long jump of 15’10.5”. Jazmin Lopez had a PR long jump of 12’05.25” and a PR 800 run in 2:58.53.

The top three teams were the same in both men and women’s competition. Broken Arrow won both titles, Union came in runner-up, and Jenks placed third in both. Booker T. Washington placed fourth in men’s and seventh in women’s during their first season in the FVC.

Sand Springs will return to action Saturday, May 4th at the OSSAA 6A Regional Championship at Ponca City High School against Broken Arrow, Enid, Midwest City, Ponca City, Putnam City West, Shawnee, and Stillwater. Events are set to begin at 9:30 a.m.

Sandite Results
4x100 Relay - 5th Place - 44.54
4x400 Relay - 5th Place - 3:32.26
4x800 Relay - 6th Place - 8:55.67
110 Hurdles
10th - Matt Wilkerson - 18.49
12th - Alex Newport - 19.35
13th - Knox Goggins - 20.43
300 Hurdles
14th - Alex Newport - 46.99
17th - Knox Goggins - 54.03
18th - David Rigsby - 58.90
100 Dash
3rd - Joel Mackey - 11.11
12th - Joseph Mattison - 11.92
19th - Morgan Lockhart - 12.17
200 Dash
4th - Joel Mackey - 22.70
20th - Morgan Lockhart - 25.43
24th - Daren Hawkins - 27.30
400 Dash
20th - Dalton Wilcox - 59.91
21st - Titus Wright - 1:02.91
800 Run
1st - Aden Baughman - 2:00.99
1600 Run
8th - Jacob Smith - 4:48.95
16th - Danny Murray - 4:59.99
Long Jump
20th - Knox Goggins - 14’08.50”
21st - Justin Guynn - 13’03.00”
Shot Put
15th - Mitchell Mefford - 40’05.00”
Discus Throw
2nd - Mitchell Mefford - 143’02.50”
7th - Riley Magee - 131’09.00”

Male Champions
4x100 Relay - Broken Arrow - 41.77
4x200 Relay - Union - 1:26.70
4x400 Relay - Broken Arrow - 3:24.13
4x800 Relay - Bartlesville - 8:13.03
110 Hurdles - Luis Abad - 15.41
300 Hurdles - Henry Falls - 40.07
100 Dash - AJ Green - 10.83
200 Dash - AJ Green - 21.90
400 Dash - Gentry Williams - 47.91
800 Run - Aden Baughman - 2:00.99
1600 Run - Hudson Mazzei - 4:38.92
3200 Run - Andres Chapa - 10:13.72
High Jump - Jack Jansen - 6’02.00”
Long Jump - Brennan Presley - 22’06.50”
Pole Vault - Brandon Hanoch - 15’03.00”
Shot Put - Hunter Wright - 52’06.00”
Discus Throw - Earnest Grayson - 145’01.00”

Male Team Scores
168.5 Broken Arrow
144.5 Union
95.0 Jenks
45.5 Booker T. Washington
44.5 Bartlesville
43.0 Bixby
42.5 Owasso
38.0 Sand Springs
21.0 Sapulpa
8.5 Muskogee

Lady Sandite Results
100 Hurdles
5th - Mackenzie Rader - 17.52
12th - Elizabeth Watts - 18.80
300 Hurdles
14th - Elizabeth Watts - 55.54
100 Dash
21st - Davina Green - 14.76
24th - Kristen Fields - 15.81
26th - Joselyn Schinnerer - 16.23
200 Dash
16th - Davina Green - 30.44
19th - Joselyn Shinnerer - 33.93
21st - Kaitlyn Converse - 34.97
400 Dash
15th - Wanageeska Williams - 1:12.16
800 Run
14th - Jazmin Lopez - 2:58.53
3200 Run
17th - Erika Baker - 14:30.00
High Jump
8th - Mackenzie Rader - 4’10.00”
Long Jump
10th - Mackenzie Rader - 15’10.50”
22nd - Jazmin Lopez - 12’05.25”
Discus Throw
13th - Ayden Meade - 83’00.00”

Female Champions
4x100 Relay - Broken Arrow - 49.14
4x200 Relay - Broken Arrow - 1:43.72
4x400 Relay - Broken Arrow - 4:03.89
4x800 Relay - Broken Arrow - 9:39.26
100 Hurdles - Danielle Shaw - 16.82
300 Hurdles - Brianna Hays - 47.13
100 Dash - Mikah Ferrying - 13.13
200 Dash - Danielle Shaw - 26.81
400 Dash - Kanisius Harding - 58.65
800 Run - Brianna Hays - 2:18.90
1600 Run - Avery Mazzei - 5:21.68
3200 Run - Avery Mazzei - 11:22.00
High Jump - Takyla Pitts - 5’00.00”
Long Jump - Takyla Pitts - 17’05.50”
Pole Vault - Sedona Emde - 10’09.00”
Shot Put - Dymon Murdock - 38’07.00”
Discus Throw - Bailey Tilley - 124’08.00”

Female Team Scores
180.3 Broken Arrow
145.0 Union
123.3 Jenks
84.3 Owasso
32.0 Bartlesville
31.0 Bixby
28.0 Booker T. Washington
21.0 Sapulpa
4.0 Muskogee
2.0 Sand Springs

CPHS Baseball: Sandites best Union 5-3, fall 8-4 to Sapulpa

The Charles Page High School varsity baseball team (18-7) split a pair of non-district tune-up games this past weekend, winning 5-3 against Union (10-18), but falling 8-4 to their rivals from Sapulpa (17-15).

On Friday they gave up a 3-0 lead to the Redskins, but shut out their guests in the remaining six innings. Kiefer Massey (1-0) got his first win of the season, throwing one hit, two strikeouts, and one walk in two innings.

Seth Villines (4-0, 5-0) got the start on the mound with three hits and three walks in three innings. All three hits came in the top of the first. Malachi Burks got the home team on the board, scoring on a sacrifice fly from Cal Watkins in the bottom of the first inning.

Jacob Snodgrass and Michael Miller scored on an error in the second to tie it at 3-3. Burks sacrificed to bring in Ryan Seabolt in the fourth and Brycen Peterman hit a double to score John Miller in the final run of the game.

John (2-1, 7-2) and Michael Miller pitched one inning each in relief. Michael Miller threw two strikeouts and a walk, while John Miller threw three strikeouts and was credited with his second save of the season.

On Saturday the Sandites headed south on Highway 97 to take on their biggest rivals. Cale Savage batted in Burks with an RBI single in the top of the first. Back-to-back doubles from Evan Casey and Alan Shibley tied it up in the bottom of the third, but back-to-back doubles from Watkins and Kyler Copeland put the visitors back out front at 3-1 in the fourth.

Ben Banker (6-0, 7-0) got the start on the mound, throwing six hits, three walks, and one strikeout in three innings, but Sebastian Cassidy (3-3) was stuck with the loss. Cassidy threw three hits, one strikeout, and three walks in two innings.

Things began to fall apart in the bottom of the fourth. Alex Wright singled, advanced on a pair of errors, and scored on a passed ball. Cassidy took over with two runners on base and the Chieftains took a 5-3 lead before the inning came to a close.

Villines scored the Sandites’ final run on a sacrifice fly from Savage in the fifth. Sapulpa doubled down in the sixth, loading the bases with two singles and a walk. Watkins (1-0) took over pitching duties, but the Chieftains scored one on a sacrifice and two on an error before a strikeout concluded the inning.

CPHS Season Stats

Batting Avg.
(Min. 20 AB)
.391 Watkins
.357 Burks
.348 Snodgrass
.347 Savage
.324 Murray
.314 Massey
.299 Copeland
.294 Villines
.278 Sartin
.261 Campbell
.250 Seabolt
.212 Ash
.204 Peterman

Slugging Avg.
.506 Watkins
.464 Snodgrass
.458 Savage
.441 Murray
.414 Burks
.351 Copeland
.350 Seabolt
.324 Villines
.314 Massey
.306 Sartin
.261 Campbell
.259 Peterman
.250 Ash

On-Base %
.477 Burks
.469 Sartin
.457 Savage
.455 Massey
.450 Watkins
.416 Snodgrass
.415 Villines
.410 Murray
.379 Copeland
.370 Campbell
.354 Ash
.290 Peterman
.250 Seabolt

34 Watkins
25 Burks
25 Savage
24 Snodgrass
23 Copeland
11 Ash
11 Murray
11 Massey
11 Peterman
10 Sartin
10 Villines
6 Campbell
5 Seabolt
2 Berg
1 J. Miller
1 M. Miller
1 Blair

23 Watkins
21 Burks
19 Copeland
19 Snodgrass
17 Savage
11 Massey
9 Ash
9 Villines
8 Peterman
8 Murray
6 Sartin
6 Campbell
3 Seabolt
2 Berg
1 J. Miller
1 Blair

11 Watkins
6 Savage
4 Sartin
4 Burks
4 Copeland
3 Snodgrass
3 Peterman
2 Murray
2 Ash
2 Seabolt
1 Villines
1 M. Miller

1 Murray
1 Snodgrass
1 Savage

Home Runs
1 Snodgrass
1 Savage

5 Peterman
5 Murray
4 Burks
4 Savage
3 Copeland
2 Ash
2 Watkins
1 Snodgrass
1 Massey
1 Villines
1 M. Miller

Stolen Bases
21 Watkins
17 Burks
9 Snodgrass
9 Savage
5 Peterman
4 Murray
4 Ash
3 Sartin
3 Campbell
3 Massey
2 J. Miller
2 M. Miller
1 Seabolt
1 Villines

25 Watkins
21 Burks
20 Murray
20 Savage
14 Ash
13 Snodgrass
12 Peterman
10 Campbell
10 Massey
9 Villines
7 Sartin
6 M. Miller
4 J. Miller
2 Seabolt

29 Watkins
20 Savage
15 Snodgrass
11 Peterman
8 Sartin
8 Burks
7 Ash
7 Copeland
7 Massey
5 Murray
5 Seabolt
4 Campbell
3 J. Miller
2 Villines
1 Blair
1 Cassity
1 B. Banker

Double Plays
16 Savage
10 Watkins
8 Villines
3 Campbell
3 Peterman
2 M. Miller
1 Sartin

*Minimum 15 IP
1.66 B. Banker
1.73 Villines
1.85 J. Miller
3.39 Skaggs
3.99 Cassity

Win-Loss Record
6-0 B. Banker
4-0 Villines
3-1 Skaggs
3-3 Cassity
2-1 J. Miller
1-0 Watkins
1-0 Massey
0-1 Peterman
0-1 Berg

2 M. Miller
2 Watkins
2 J. Miller
1 Peterman
1 Berg

1.33 Villines
1.45 Skaggs
1.48 Cassity
1.53 B. Banker
1.58 J. Miller

Strike %
64.7 Skaggs
63.7 B. Banker
61.7 J. Miller
61.2 Cassity
61.2 Villines

31 B. Banker
27 Skaggs
25 J. Miller
22 Cassity
20 Villines
8 Peterman
6 Berg
6 M. Miller
4 Ash
4 Watkins
4 Massey
1 J. Banker

Average Team Box Score

Batting: .307
Runs: 6
Hits: 8
Slugging: .377
BB: 3
HBP: 1
Strikeouts: 5
OBP: .412
Stolen Bases: 3
Errors: 1
ERA: 2.86
WHIP: 1.62
K: 62%

Batting: .254
Runs: 3
Hits: 6
Slugging: .322
BB: 4
HBP: 1
Strikeouts: 6
OBP: .359
Stolen Bases: 1
Errors: 2
ERA: 4.61
WHIP: 1.96
K: 60%

CPHS Softball: Sandites shut out Sapulpa 19-0 in three innings


Fifteen runs in a single inning were all the Sandites needed to completely shut down their Highway 97 rivals. The Class 6A No. 10 ranked Charles Page High School girls softball team (12-7) rolled to a lopsided 19-0 run-rule victory against Sapulpa (1-13) Monday afternoon, but the game was book-ended by a pair of losses.

On Thursday the Sandites fell 16-10 to No. 15 Owasso (10-10). The Rams took a 2-0 lead right out of the gate. Mackenzie Bechtold and Rachael Jones scored runs in the second inning to tie it, but Owasso scored four more in the third and seven in the fourth for a 13-4 advantage and never looked back.

The Rams hit six home runs to the Sandites’ two. Elizabeth Luttrell hit a two-run dinger in the fifth and Madison Lee had a lead-off solo shot in the bottom of the seventh for the final run of the game. Owasso only outhit Sand Springs 19 to 17 but the Sandites stranded thirteen runners in the game.

Sand Springs didn’t need a single homer in their 19-0 win against Sapulpa. They outhit the Chieftains 16 to 1 and received five walks in the outing. Makenna Skaggs led the Sandites offensively with three hits, three runs, and four RBI, with two doubles. Six players were perfect at the plate, including Lee, who scored four RBI and hit a triple.

Monday didn’t end on a high note, however. After thumping Sapulpa the girls were bested 19-7 by 5A No. 2 Kellyville (25-4). Luttrell scored a team-best three RBI on a homer and Avery Tanner went two-for-two at the plate with one homer. Sabrina Usher also had a perfect hitting performance with three singles. Seven Ponies hit homers, including a grand slam from Madison Neighbors.

Batting Average
(Minimum 30 at-bats)
.638 Usher
.563 Horn
.562 Luttrell
.533 Rector
.524 Bechtold
.522 Skaggs
.481 Tanner
.426 Hawkins
.424 Jones
.387 Lee
.289 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

Slugging Average
1.29 Usher
1.27 Luttrell
.855 Skaggs
.853 Rector
.803 Horn
.788 Jones
.667 Bechtold
.648 Tanner
.468 Lee
.352 Hawkins
.333 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

On Base %
716 Usher
.600 Horn
.578 Rector
.571 Luttrell
.557 Bechtold
.553 Skaggs
.548 Tanner
.530 Hawkins
.433 Lee
.423 Jones
.333 Taff

.400 Smith
.333 Burks

37 Horn
35 Rector
33 Usher
24 Luttrell
24 Skaggs
22 Tanner
22 Lee
20 Jones
18 Hawkins
17 Bechtold
11 Taff
10 Burks
2 Smith
1 Harper

47 Luttrell
38 Usher
29 Lee
26 Horn
25 Rector
24 Tanner
24 Jones
23 Skaggs
18 Bechtold
11 Taff
7 Hawkins
2 Burks
1 Smith

41 Luttrell
40 Horn
40 Rector
37 Usher
36 Skaggs
33 Bechtold
28 Jones
26 Tanner
24 Lee
23 Hawkins
13 Taff
2 Smith
2 Burks

29 Horn
28 Bechtold
26 Rector
23 Skaggs
21 Luttrell
21 Hawkins
20 Usher
18 Lee
16 Jones
16 Tanner
11 Taff
2 Smith
2 Burks

7 Skaggs
6 Horn
6 Jones
5 Tanner
4 Rector
2 Lee
2 Luttrell
2 Taff
2 Usher
1 Bechtold

2 Horn
2 Skaggs
2 Rector
1 Tanner
1 Usher
1 Lee

Home Runs
17 Luttrell
14 Usher
6 Rector
6 Jones
4 Skaggs
3 Bechtold
3 Horn
2 Tanner
2 Lee

Grand Slams
3 Luttrell
1 Usher

7.44 Taff
10.33 Luttrell

W-L Record
3-0 Taff
11-9 Luttrell

2.50 Taff
2.99 Luttrell

58.5% Luttrell
50.8% Taff

27 Luttrell
3 Taff

Average Box Score

Runs: 12
Hits: 15
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 1
Errors: 0
Batting: .481
Slugging: .763
ERA: 10.24
WHIP: 2.95
K: 58%

Runs: 9
Hits: 12
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 1
Errors: 2
Batting: .440
Slugging: .723
ERA: 14.26
WHIP: 3.57
K: 58%

CPHS Football: Sandites thump Sapulpa 31-16 behind Payton Scott's 352 yards

It was a packed house at George F. Collins Stadium and the Sandites had plenty of fans to cheer them on to a 31-16 victory. (Photo: Morgan Miller). 

It was a packed house at George F. Collins Stadium and the Sandites had plenty of fans to cheer them on to a 31-16 victory. (Photo: Morgan Miller). 

It was rivalry week on the West side as the Charles Page High School Sandites (2-2 overall, 1-0 district) traveled to Sapulpa (0-4, 0-1) for the Chieftains' Homecoming game. Sand Springs rolled to a dominating 31-16 victory over their arch rivals to start district play.

CPHS 31 SHS 16
CPHS 7-0
2Q CPHS 10-0
3Q SHS 13-7
4Q CPHS 7-3

Passing: CPHS 4-6-44-1, SHS 10-16-80-2.
Rushing: CPHS 44-359, SHS 29-203.
Plays-Offense: CPHS 50-403, SHS 45-283.
First Downs: CPHS 13, SHS 13.
Penalties: CPHS 6-56, SHS 3-19.
Fumbles/Lost: CPHS 0/0, SHS 1/1.

Click here to view full photo gallery.

Just a week after carrying for 231 yards and three touchdowns against Putnam West, senior running back Payton Scott had the biggest night of his career with 29 carries for 352 yards and four touchdowns against the Chieftains. He was one touchdown short of his highest-scoring night, but surpassed his highest running output by 79 yards and his highest total yardage by 30 yards. His four touchdowns came on carries of 45, 19, 75, and 36 yards.

The Sandites throttled Sapulpa in the first half, leading 17-0 as they headed to the locker room. Click here to read the full story from the first half.

Scott was already sitting comfortably at 18 carries for 190 yards before the Sandites returned to the field. Junior quarterback Caden Pennington was 4-6-44-1 in the first half, and didn't attempt a single pass in the second. Scott was the only player to run a play in the third quarter, and with the exception of a three-yard run from Tyler McCallie, and three knees from Pennington, he was the only carrier in the fourth quarter too. 

What Sand Springs did in the first half, Sapulpa did in the third quarter, running the ball for 56 yards before Elijah Willliams hit Marcus Esparza for 22 yards and a touchdown. Kaivon Mortazavi drilled the PAT and the Chieftains were on the board.

Scott pulled out a big eighteen-yard run for the Sandites on their first possession, but three runs later he was still at the line of scrimmage and the Sandites punted for the first time.

Sapulpa took advantage, marching 85 yards in fourteen plays, scoring on a one-yard keeper. This time Mortazavi missed the kick and the Chieftains trailed 17-13. Scott had an answer for them, taking the ball 75 yards to the house on the first play of the corresponding drive. 

Sapulpa had the ball to start the fourth quarter, racking up four first downs and 61 yards before settling for a field goal. The Chieftains handled the ball well at the start of the drive, heading 64 yards in nine plays for first and goal at the two-yard line. Then they caught a holding penalty, a few incomplete passes, and a stout Sandite D-line and ended up fourth and goal at the ten. An unsportsmanlike penalty on Sand Springs gave them an extra five, and Mortazavi drilled the goal from 23 yards out.

The Sandites didn't need nearly as many snaps to do twice as much damage on their next possession. A failed onside kick attempt gave them great field advantage at the Chieftain 47. Scott used three snaps for a first down, then took it 36 yards for the score, making it a two-possession game once again with only 3:32 to play.

Sapulpa's next drive ended in an eleven-yard interception return by Braden Askew. The Sandites picked up a first down from Scott, traveling to the Chieftain 32 before ending the game in victory formation.

Braden Millican and Kameron Adcock split receiving duties down the middle with two catches apiece. Millican ended up with 21 yards and Adcock had 23. Hayden Cramer led on defense with nine tackles, one for loss. 

The Sandites will return to action next week in Yukon with a non-district game against the 6A-I Millers (2-2). The Millers have losses of 31-14 to Mustang (2-2) and 56-20 to Broken Arrow (1-3), but defeated Norman North (3-1) 38-31 and Southmoore (0-4) 28-7. Last season the Sandites hosted Yukon and improved to 3-2 with a 30-14 victory behind Hunter Greathouse's three passing touchdowns.

Sapulpa will take on the top team in Class 6A-II as they travel to No. 1 Booker T. Washington (4-1) who started district play with a 63-21 thumping of No. 15 Ponca City (0-4)

Sand Springs Individual Statistics

Passing: Pennington 4-6-44-1.
Rushing: Scott 29-352, Edwards 4-16, Nortey 3-8, McCallie 2-5, Pennington 6-(-22).
Receiving: Adcock 2-23, Millican 2-21.
Punting: Smith 1-25.
Kicking: Weiser 5-161.
PAT: Weiser 4/4.
Field Goals: Weiser 1-25.
Tackles: Cramer 9, Fleischman 5, Edwards 4, Moyer 3, Bratcher 3, Adcock 2, Fain 2, Haley 2, Mackey 1, Denton 1, Lyons 1, Mallory 1, Askew 1, Finch 1.
Sacks: Edwards 1-5.
Tackles for loss: Bratcher 1-7, Edwards 1-5, Cramer 1-3, Moyer 1-3, Fleischman 1-2, Fain 1-1.
Kick returns: Scott 1-37.
Interceptions-return: Askew 1-11, Lyons 1-0, Edwards 0-2.
Forced Fumbles: Denton 1.
Fumble Recoveries: Weiser 1.

Sapulpa Individual Statistics

Passing: E. Williams 10-16-80-2.
Rushing: Esparza 6-99, Williams 13-70, Vann 10-34.
Receiving: Esparza 3-41, Sanders 5-40, K. Williams 1-6, Hancock 1-(-7). 
Kick returns: Sanders 1-22.
Punting: Mortazavi 1-15.
Kicking: Mortazavi 2-90.
Field Goals: Mortazavi 1-23. 
Interceptions-return: Lopez 1-25.

CPHS Softball: Lady Sandites sweep Highway 97 Rivalry series with 12-4 road win

The Charles Page High School Fast-Pitch Softball team (9-2) improved to 5-0 in district play Thursday evening with a resounding 12-4 win over Sapulpa (3-10, 2-5) on their arch-rivals' home field. The Sandites are tied with Broken Arrow as the only two undefeated teams in the district, and they are 2-0 against Sapulpa after defeating their foes 12-1 last week. 

Sand Springs didn't quite repeat their run-rule victory from the week before, but the game was never in any doubt after the visiting Sandites drilled four runs in the top of the first.

Three singles saw Elizabeth Luttrell score Kimi Presnell and Sabrina Usher, then Luttrell and Madelyn Blair came in on a single from Jensen Arnold. Luttrell tacked on a fifth run in the top of the third with a solo home run on the second pitch of the inning. 

The fourth inning brought further damage to the home team as Presnell received a walk, stole second and third, then scored on a hit from Makenna Skaggs. Blair also walked, Luttrell singled, and both scored on a single from Felicity Horn for the 8-0 advantage.

Sapulpa finally got on the scoreboard in the bottom of the fourth with one single and a pair of walks to load the bases. Jacie Taber (7-0 season, 20-7 career) struck out one, walked in one run, then sent a groundball to first to strand loaded bases. 

In the fifth inning Arnold hit a double and was relieved by courtesy runner Rachel Jones, who promptly scored on a single from Taber. Kinsey Skaggs relieved Taber and scored on a hit from Sabrina Usher to make it 10-1. Taber batted in another run in the sixth to score Cameron Clemons. 

Sapulpa notched their second run of the game in the bottom of the sixth by hitting three singles, the last of which brought in Ally Zanca. The Sandites got their final run from Makenna Skaggs who reached on one error and scored on another. 

The Chieftains tried to stage a comeback in the bottom of the seventh. Azelea Fogleman was hit by pitch and Kali Husman doubled. Both scored, but those would be the last runs of the game as Zanca flied out to left field and Sand Springs secured the win. 

The Lady Sandites will return to action next Thursday with a district road game against Stillwater (4-5, 2-2).

Sapulpa tops Sand Springs 10-6 in Alumni Rivalry Game; Thayer scores lone touchdown

Terrance Dixon ran for 22 yards in the Sandites' Sunday night defeat in Sapulpa. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

Terrance Dixon ran for 22 yards in the Sandites' Sunday night defeat in Sapulpa. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

For the past 87 years, Sapulpa and Sand Springs students have met in one of the most bitter football rivalries in Oklahoma. And for the past four years, alumni from the two schools have duked it out on the gridiron in a fundraiser for the students.

Sapulpa leads the high school series 45-41-5, and tied the alumni series 2-2 Sunday night. The two teams split the ticket sales, with the host team keeping concessions.

The first alumni game was held at George F. Collins Stadium in 2014 and was a resounding 20-7 Sapulpa victory, but for the past two seasons the Sandites have both hosted and won the game.

Total Offense: Sapulpa 31-169, Sand Springs 39-135.
Passing: Sapulpa 4-11-74-1, Sand Springs 5-16-64-2. 
Rushing: Sapulpa 20-95, Sand Springs 23-71.
Penalties: Sapulpa 6-40. Sand Springs 0-0. 
First Downs: Sand Springs 9, Sapulpa 6.

Passing: (Sapulpa) Romine 4-11-74-1. (Sand Springs) Riggs 3-5-50-0, Michael Brown 2-7-15-0, T. Millikin 0-3-0-1, Smallwood 0-1-0-1.

Receiving: (Sapulpa) Meacham 2-64, Rolland 1-9, Swift 1-1. (Sand Springs) N. Millikin 2-43, T. Dixon 2-15, Parker Taylor 1-7.

Rushing: (Sapulpa) Broom 13-79, Cashon 3-16, Romine 3-16, Swift 1-(-4). (Sand Springs) Thayer 8-39, T. Dixon 6-22, Mitchell Brown 3-10, C. Dixon 3-9, Michael Brown 1-4, T. Millikin 2-(-5) Riggs 2-(-21).

Click here for 2017 photo gallery.
Click here for 2016 photo gallery.
Click here for 2016 story.

Sand Springs won 35-0 in 2015 and 20-14 last year while Collins Stadium was undergoing renovation. In 2016, Cody Hilderbrant, Cody Hale, Znick Ferrell, and Davey Thayer got in on the scoring action for Sand Springs, while J.R. Romine and Jason Broom found the endzone for the Chieftains.

This year, the dynamic Sapulpa duo returned to wreak havoc on the small Sandite team. Romine completed only four passes, but totaled 74 yards. Meanwhile, the Sandites went through four QBs and failed to establish an offensive rhythm.

The first quarter went scoreless for both teams, but the Sandites hit paydirt early in the second with a 62-yard march, capped by a half-yard scoring run from the Class of 2015's Davey Thayer. A two-point conversion attempt fell incomplete, however, and Sapulpa took the lead shortly before halftime after Michael Cashon scored on a six-yard run and Romine drilled the point-after.

The first half ended with a flair of excitement as Taylor Lewis and Cruz Desjarlais picked off back-to-back interceptions. Lewis snagged another later in the game. 

The third quarter was plagued by fumbled hikes on the part of the Sandites, and Sapulpa got the ball back on the second play of the half. On their first possession they marched 19 yards in five plays before Romine connected on a 35-yard field goal for the final score of the game.

Five possession changes later, and neither team had found the endzone again. The Sandites put together an impressive, but ultimately unsuccessful, last-ditch effort in the final three minutes - picking up three first downs before running out of time in Sapulpa territory.

Sapulpa Head Coach Robert Borgstadt previously spent five years as defensive coordinator in Sand Springs, while Wide-Receivers Coach Tim Beacham spent two years as Head Coach at Charles Page from 2001-2002. This marked Borgstadt's first victory against his old team, a feat he will aim to repeat for Sapulpa Homecoming on September 22nd.

Dalton Wilson (2016)
Braden Watkins (2015)
Mason Dossman (2014)
Chase Willis (2014)
Julian Rolland (2014)
J.T. Rains (2014)
Cory Mondier (2014)
Darien Inks (2013)
Devin Swift (2013)
Corbin Steeples (2013)
Noah Berryhill (2013)
Trevor Tolliver (2011)
Matt Pulley (2010)
Chache Ward (2009)
Steven Crawford (2008)
Aaron Petty (2007)
Michael Cashon (2006)
Josh Hardee (2005)
Randall Hardee (2004)
Caleb Meacham (2002)
J.R. Romine (1998)
Jason Broom (1998)
Chris Playford (1998)
Will Sinder
Taylor Lewis
Brian Hurt
Tyler Doane
Bradley Akin
Keagan Fox
Jeffrey Melchor

Sand Springs:
Cody Motes (2017)
Malachi Walton (2016)
Parker Taylor (2016)
Ty Fain (2016)
Cole Dixon (2016)
Cruz Desjarlais (2016)
Andrew Biggs (2016)
Davey Thayer (2015)
Marcus Crawford (2015)
Travis MIllikin (2014)
Junior Cole (2014)
Nick Millikin (2011)
Lane Freeman (2011)
Terrance Dixon (2010)
Richard Hopper (2010)
Ben Riggs (2007)
Mitchell Brown (2003)
Ryan Smallwood (1993)
Mike Edwards (1992)
Michael Brown
Andrew Brown
Logan Miller
Brian Bonton
Michael Mason
Blake Wheeler
Theshaud Hawkins

CPHS Baseball: Sandites win Highway 97 Rivalry 6-5 over Sapulpa

CPHS sophomore Cale Savage scored one run and two RBI in a 6-5 win over Sapulpa. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

CPHS sophomore Cale Savage scored one run and two RBI in a 6-5 win over Sapulpa. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School Varsity Baseball team (10-7) hosted their arch-rivals from Sapulpa (9-6) Friday evening at the Sandite Baseball Complex and came from behind for a 6-5 payback win. 

Runs: CPHS 6, Sapulpa 5.
Hits: CPHS 11, Sapulpa 4.
Errors: CPHS 1.
LOB: CPHS 10, Sapulpa 7.

The Chieftains previously defeated the Sandites 1-0 in the season debut.

The Sandites jumped on their foes early with four runs in the first inning. Mack Thompson doubled and scored on a sacrifice by Treyce Tolbert. Hunter Greathouse and Braden Askew both singled, then Greathouse came home on a single from Cale Savage. Cal Watkins scored both Savage and courtesy runner Garrett McCallie with a double.

Check out the Sandite Baseball schedule and results here.

The Chieftains got on the scoreboard in the top of the fourth as Alan Shibley tripled to score Wyatt Sellers, then came in on a sacrifice by Andrew Merrihew. They tied it up in the next inning as Ethan Williams sacrificed to score Hayden Bullinger and Merrihew walked on loaded bases to score Sellers. 

Both teams stranded loaded bases in the fifth, then Sapulpa took the lead in the top of the sixth with a double from Williams to score Shawn Holland. 

The lead was short-lived, however, as Tolbert scored on a passed ball and Greathouse score on a single from Savage. 

Braden Askew (1-2) got the start on the mound, pitching three hits, one strikeout, and five walks in a little under five innings. Josh Cordell (3-1) got the win with one strikeout, two walks, and one hit in just over one inning. Braden Millican (1-0) pitched the final inning and recorded the save with no hits, no walks, and no strikeouts. 

CPHS Boys Basketball falls to No. 12 Sapulpa, Keener ends season with career-high 31 points

UCO-bound senior Kyle Keener posted a career-high 31 points in a playoff loss to Sapulpa. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

UCO-bound senior Kyle Keener posted a career-high 31 points in a playoff loss to Sapulpa. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

Sapulpa 85 CPHS 73

1Q Sapulpa 17-15
2Q Sapulpa 28-16
3Q Sapulpa 19-17
4Q CPHS 25-21

Free Throws: SHS 25-of-30, CPHS 14-of-17.
Field Goals: SHS 25-of-50, CPHS 28-of-60.
Fouls: SHS 17, CPHS 18.

Scoring: (SHS) Ballance 35, Smith 30, Phipps 15, Hoggatt 3, Williams 2. (CPHS) Keener 31, Colt Savage 22, Taber 6, Garbey 5, Price 4, Cale Savage 3, Golightly 2. 

(CPHS only)
Offensive Rebounds: Keener 7, Colt Savage 3, Garbey 1, Price 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Keener 4, Colt Savage 3, Cale Savage 3, Price 3, Garbey 1, Wash 1.
Assists: Colt Savage 3, Keener 1.
Steals: Colt Savage 2, Taber 1.
Blocks: Keener 4, Price 1.
Fouls: Taber 5, Colt Savage 4, Garbey 4, Price 2, Keener 1, Wash 1, Durkee 1.

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 12 ranked Sapulpa High School boys' basketball team (17-7) extended their season by at least one more night by putting an end to the season for their Highway 97 rivals from Sand Springs. The Charles Page High School Sandites (12-14) battled back from a 23-point deficit in the third quarter of the Area Consolation Semifinals, but ultimately fell 85-73 at Whitey Ford arena in Bixby Friday night. 

It was a shootout from the very beginning as University of Central Oklahoma-signed senior Kyle Keener drew first blood for the Sandites off an assist from Colt Savage. Keenan Ballance hit a pair from the stripe, Savage reclaimed the lead with a two-point jump shot, then Julian Smith did the same to tie it right back up. The back and forth affair continued with the Chieftains first taking the lead at 9-8 off a three-point basket from Ballance. Ballance scored again from two-point range then it was back and forth again with Sapulpa leading 17-15 at the buzzer.

Smith made it a two-score game with a pair of free throws to start the second, but Keener and Jacob Garbey scored back-to-back to tie it at 19-all. Ballance struck again from three-point range, then Keener hit double digits with 5:30 left in the half.

Then Sapulpa began to pull away. Smith hit two from the stripe and Ballance snagged a steal and scored in transition. Not to be outdone, Smith did the same, and did it twice in a row to make it 30-21. The Chieftains were deadly from three-point range, shooting six-of-eleven in the first half and slowly deepening the gap to 45-31 by halftime.

Both teams had two players in double digits by the final buzzer of the half. Ballance and Smith led all scorers with 20 and 19 respectively, followed by Keener with 15 and Savage with 12.

Senior Josh Taber started the second half hot for Sand Springs, scoring twice in the first minute to cut things to 48-37, but Sapulpa scored six-straight before Matt Price made his way into the scorebook with a layup. It wasn't enough to stymie the Chieftain tide, however. Hunter Hoggatt got in on the action with a three, Smith made a three-point play off a Savage foul, then scored through contact once again to make it 62-39 with 2:10 in the third.

Just as things were beginning to look bleak, the Sandites went on a nine-point run. Colt Savage hit a two, younger brother Cale Savage hit his first bucket of the game with a three ball, the elder Savage hit two from the charity stripe, and Keener hit a layup to cut it to 62-48. Ballance got the final say of the period and the Chieftains entered the final stretch 64-48.

Keener dominated the basket in the fourth quarter, scoring thrice on offensive rebounds, and picked up penalty shots on two of them all in the first few minutes. A basket by Price cut things to 71-58, but the deficit would remain in that region for the duration. The closest the Sandites would get was 78-68, but as soon as Sand Springs would start to draw near, the Chieftains would surge forward once again, ultimately holding out for the 85-73 win. 

Three players ended up north of thirty in the wild affair, and five broke double digits. Ballance led all scorers with 35 points, and teammates Smith and Trey Phipps contributed 30 and 15, respectively. Keener ended his high-school career with a bang and led the Sandites for the eighth time this season with his fifth double-double. The future Broncho scored 31 points to beat his previous career-high of 22, and snatched eleven rebounds. Junior Colt Savage posted 22 points with six rebounds.

The Chieftains will take on No. 7 Booker T. Washington (18-7) in the Area Consolation Finals Saturday at 6:30 p.m., with the winner advancing to the State Tournament next week. The two teams have yet to meet this season. 

Union 66 BTW 46

1Q Union 17-2
2Q Union 12-10
3Q Union 19-10
4Q BTW 24-18

Free Throws: Union 18-of-26. BTW 8-of-15.
Field Goals: Union 22-of-51. BTW 18-of-57.

Scoring: (Union) Chargois 19, Rodriguez 17, Johnson 13, Jamerson 10, Garcia 6, Banks 1. (BTW) Fuqua 20, Bereal 9, Johnson 8, Lucas 7, Jones 2.

The first round of the Area Championship wasn't much of a surprise as the undefeated and undisputed No. 1 ranked Union Redskins (26-0) rolled to a massive 66-46 victory over No. 7 Booker T. Washington (18-7).

The first quarter and a half were no contest as Union took a 9-0 lead out of the gate with a pair of field goals from both Ethan Chargois and Adrian Rodriguez. RJ Fuqua got his team on the scoreboard, but four minutes later the deficit was 17-2 to start the second period.

The Redskins continued to wreak havoc, pushing it to 26-2 before Triston Johnson got the Hornets back on track with a pair of free throws. Fuqua went to work with back-to-back transition layups with 2:00 minutes left in the half. 

The Hornets struggled with accuracy and were one-of-eighteen on field goals before Fuqua found his feet. Johnson went back to the line for two more, then added the first and only non-Fuqua field goal of the half.

By the time the two teams headed to the locker room the Hornets had cut their deficit by seven, but still trailed by a lopsided score of 29-12. While the Redskins were giving the basket a beating with twelve goals on 24 attempts, the Hornets were having trouble even finding the rim and were only 4-of-23.

Chargois kicked off the second half from three-point range, then Ahjae Johnson completed a three-point play before Fuqua scored in transition. Demarco Jones made his way onto the scoreboard for the Hornets, but N'Kiel Jamerson negated the damage from the free-throw line. 

Fuqua continued to be the driving force for the Hornets, but by the time he broke double-digits, three Redskins had already done so. Booker T. improved on their accuracy, shooting five-of-fifteen in the third, but they still trailed 48-22 after the third. Booker T. won the final stanza 24-18, but they were too deep in the hole and the top-seeded Redskins prevailed 66-46.

Fuqua led all scorers with 20 points, but was the only Hornet in double digits. Four Union players broke double, led by Chargois with 19. Rodriguez scored 17, Johnson posted 13, and Jamerson contributed 10. 

Frontier Valley Conference Men's Basketball Standings: Week Eleven

Kyle Keener scored 13 in a game against Jenks this week. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

Kyle Keener scored 13 in a game against Jenks this week. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 boys' basketball season is far from over, but the Frontier Valley Conference is nearing the end of its competition as only three teams remain with a shot at the title. It's been an exciting year thus far with lots of parity and circular losses, living up to the FVC's reputation as one of the most competitive conferences in the state.

No. 1 Union (19-0 overall, 10-0 conference) is the clear favorite to win it all this season. The Redskins are the only undefeated team left in 6A, and one of only three undefeated teams in the state. In the past week they've defeated Sapulpa 79-61, Bixby 64-54, and Bartlesville 53-41. Mo Garcia scored 23  against the Chieftains, Ethan Chargois scored 23 against the Spartans, and the two scored 13 apiece against the Bruins.

The Redskins hold the No. 2 offense, No. 2 defense, and No. 1 margin of victory in the conference. All they need to do is win three out of four of their final games to clinch the title. They've already defeated Jenks 66-40, Broken Arrow 60-56, Bishop Kelley 65-42, and Owasso 62-39 thus far this season. 

No. 10 Broken Arrow (14-5, 8-2) has the closest shot of snatching the title from Union, but to do so they'll need to win out, and they'll need Union to lose three games. Or, if Union loses to Broken Arrow and one other team, the Tigers can win on point-differential if they top the Redskins by five points or more.

The Tigers are on a four-game win streak after topping Owasso 53-46, Muskogee 50-47, Bartlesville 49-48, and Bixby 65-46. Tony Hall scored 16 against the Rams, while Caleb Huffman led in the three games after that with 23 against the Roughers, 16 against the Bruins, and 14 against the Spartans.

Broken Arrow holds the No. 6 offense, No. 1 defense, and No. 2 margin of victory in the conference. Of their four remaining opponents, they've already defeated Sand Springs 55-54 and Bishop Kelley 44-41, but they fell 60-56 to Union and 59-57 to Sapulpa. 

No. 12 Sapulpa (12-4, 7-2) also has an outside shot at the title, and possibly a better shot than Broken Arrow. They're on a two-game winning streak, beating Owasso 77-73 and Jenks 54-52, after falling 79-61 to Union. Keenan Balance posted 28 against Union and Julian Smith did the same to Owasso.

With five games left, they're in the same boat as the Tigers. They need to win out, and they need Union to drop three. They currently hold the No. 1 offense, No. 9 defense, and No. 6 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Bishop Kelley 60-50, and Broken Arrow 59-57. Their early season matchup at Bartlesville was rescheduled, so they'll finish the season with back-to-back games against the Bruins. They'll also need to avenge their 58-50 loss to Muskogee.

No. 8 Muskogee (12-5, 6-4) has fallen on hard times with three-straight losses and is officially out of the title picture. Something has happened to Muskogee's mojo and they've fallen 50-47 to Broken Arrow, who they had previously beaten, 56-52 to Bishop Kelley, and 74-64 to Owasso, who they had previously beaten. TyReece Berry posted 20 against the Tigers and 19 against the Comets, then Clarence Parks scored 21 against the Rams.

The Roughers still hold the No. 3 offense, No. 7 defense, and No. 3 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents, they've already beaten Bixby 65-63, Sapulpa 58-50, and Jenks 85-59. 

No. 17 Bartlesville (9-9, 4-5) picked up a a 56-45 win over Jenks last week, but fell 49-48 to Broken Arrow and 53-41 to Union this week. Barron Tanner led in all three games with 23, 17, and 25 points, respectively. 

The Bruins hold the No. 9 offense, No. 4 defense, and No. 7 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents they've already defeated Owasso 47-42, and Sand Springs 53-39 and 63-53. They'll need to avenge a 76-68 overtime loss to Bixby, and they'll finish with back-to-back games against Sapulpa, who they have yet to face this season. 

No. 15 Owasso (11-8, 4-6) split wins this past week, falling 77-73 to Sapulpa, but upsetting Muskogee 74-64. Jake Thompson posted 26 against the Chieftains, while Courtre Alexander led with 25 against the Roughers.

The Rams hold the No. 4 offense, No. 6 defense, and No. 4 margin of victory in the FVC. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Jenks 66-52, but they'll need payback wins against the other three. They fell 47-42 to Bartlesville, 59-57 to Bishop Kelley, and 62-39 to Union.

Sand Springs (9-10, 3-7) has picked up back-to-back conference wins for the first time this season, topping Jenks 51-44 and Bishop Kelley 46-43. Colt Savage led in both games with 19 against the Trojans and 21 against the Comets. 

The Sandites hold the No. 5 offense, No. 5 defense, and No. 5 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Bixby 76-61, but they'll need payback wins against Bartlesville and Broken Arrow. The Tigers trumped the Sandites 55-54, and the Bruins won 53-39 and 63-53.

Bixby (8-11, 3-7) is riding back-to-back losses after falling 64-54 to Union and 65-46 to Broken Arrow. Joey Homan scored 19 against the Redskins, while Will Fiser posted 20 against the Tigers.

The Spartans hold the No. 8 offense, No. 8 defense, and No. 9 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Jenks 49-36 and Bartlesville 76-68, but they'll need payback wins against Muskogee and Sand Springs. The Roughers won 65-63 and the Sandites prevailed 76-71. 

5A No. 17 Bishop Kelley (7-11, 3-7) picked up a huge 56-52 upset of Muskogee, but fell 46-43 to Sand Springs. Alex Woodruff led in both games with 18 against the Roughers and 11 against the Sandites.

The Comets hold the No. 10 offense, No. 3 defense, and No. 8 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've already defeated Owasso 59-57, but they fell 60-50 to Sapulpa, 65-42 to Union, and 44-41 to Broken Arrow.

Jenks (3-13, 1-9) has had an off year, but still has the bones to finish on a strong note. This past week they fell 51-44 to Sand Springs and 54-52 to Sapulpa. Ananias Carson posted 12 against the Sandites.

The Trojans hold the No. 7 offense, No. 10 defense, and No. 10 margin of victory in the conference. Of their remaining opponents, they've fallen 66-40 to Union, 49-36 to Bixby, 66-52 to Owasso, and 85-59 to Muskogee. 

Remaining Conference Schedule

2/6 Muskogee @ Bixby
2/7 Sand Springs @ Broken Arrow
2/7 Bartlesville @ Owasso
2/7 Bishop Kelley @ Sapulpa
2/7 Jenks @ Union
2/10 Union @ Broken Arrow
2/10 Bartlesville @ Sand Springs
2/10 Jenks @ Bixby
2/10 Owasso @ Bishop Kelley
2/10 Sapulpa @ Muskogee
2/14 Sapulpa @ Broken Arrow
2/14 Bixby @ Bartlesville
2/14 Union @ Bishop Kelley
2/14 Owasso @ Jenks
2/17 Bishop Kelley @ Broken Arrow
2/17 Bartlesville @ Sapulpa
2/17 Sand Springs @ Bixby
2/17 Jenks @ Muskogee
2/17 Union @ Owasso
2/20 Sapulpa @ Bartlesville

Conference Strength:

  1. Central Oklahoma (48)
  2. Green Country (47.66)
  3. Big Ten (47.6)
  4. Frontier Valley (45.7)
  5. All-City (30.09)

FVC Leading Scorers

  1. Colt Savage (Sand Springs) 22.5
  2. Keenan Balance (Sapulpa) 21.3
  3. Ethan Chargois (Union) 18.8
  4. Brooks Haddock (Muskogee) 18.4
  5. Julian Smith (Sapulpa) 18.1
  6. TyReece Berry (Muskogee) 17.4
  7. Caleb Huffman (Broken Arrow) 16.9
  8. Josh Proctor (Owasso) 16.4
  9. Kyle Keener (Sand Springs) 15.8
  10. Barron Tanner (Bartlesville) 15.2


Frontier Valley Conference Men's Basketball Standings, Week Nine

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016-2017 season is well under way and the Frontier Valley Conference is as competitive as ever. Eight out of ten FVC teams are ranked within their divisions and the Union Redskins are currently the undefeated unanimous pick as the No. 1 team in the state. They are also the only remaining team undefeated in conference play. The FVC is currently ranked third out of the five 6A conferences in overall strength.

No. 1 Union (12-0, 6-0) holds the best defense in the whole state, allowing only 48 points per game, on average. They have the third-ranked offense in the conference and win by an average of 15.8 points. In the last two weeks they have topped Bishop Kelley 65-42, Owasso 62-39, and Muskogee 78-42. SMU-commit Ethan Chargois scored 22 against both Kelley and Muskogee, but sat out Owasso with a hand injury. In that game Mo Garcia stepped up to lead the team with 20 points. 

No. 9 Muskogee (8-2, 5-1) holds the second-best offense in the conference and the fourth-highest margin of victory. In the last two weeks they have topped Sand Springs 47-42 and Jenks 85-59, but were just hammered 78-42 by Union in what was expected to be a somewhat close match. Brooks Haddock has been the consistent top dog this season and posted 27 against Jenks, but could only muster a team-best 12 against the Redskins. Tyreece Berry has been back in action since the new year and led the team with 18 against Sand Springs. 

No. 13 Sapulpa (7-2, 4-1) has the top-rated offense in the conference, averaging more than 68 points per game. Both of their conference games this year have been close ones, 59-57 over Broken Arrow and 72-68 over Sand Springs. Keenan Balance led the Chieftains to a come-from-behind victory over their archrivals from Sand Springs with 23 points, closely followed by Keenan Balance with 21. Balance also posted a team-best 20 points against Broken Arrow.

No. 11 Broken Arrow (8-4, 4-2) holds the second-best offense in the conference, third in the state, allowing only 49.1 points per game for the third-best margin of victory in the FVC. The Tigers have had a tough start to 2017, falling 59-57 to Sapulpa and only topping Jenks 46-38 in a game that saw the entire starting line benched by a frustrated head coach. Make no mistake, the powerhouse program is still a solid contender for the conference title if they can over come Muskogee next week. 

No. 19 Bartlesville (6-5, 3-2) is middle of the pack both offensively and defensively, but has still managed to come out on top more often than not. The Bruins fell 76-68 to Bixby in triple overtime last week and had their game against Sapulpa canceled due to weather, but got back in the win column Tuesday with a 64-57 victory over Bishop Kelley. Barron Tanner has been the top dog in both of the last two games, scoring 23 against Bixby and 28 against Kelley. 

5A No. 14 Bishop Kelley (4-6, 2-4) has done a good job keeping up with the 6A public school competitors, but dropped both of their last two conference games. The Comets hold the fourth-best defense in the FVC, but fell 65-42 to Union and 64-57 to Bartlesville. Ryan Gendron posted 18 against Bartlesville, closely followed by Alex Woodruff with 17. 

No. 16 Owasso (7-5, 2-4) got off to a rough start with four straight losses to start the season, but have been making a solid comeback since the new year. After topping 5A No. 6 East Central (8-5) and No. 8 Booker T. Washington (9-3) to sweep the Skiatook Invitational, the Rams returned to conference play with a bang. They defeated Jenks 66-52 and Bixby 62-50, but fell 62-39 to Union. Jake Thompson posted 10 against both Jenks and Union, with 15 against Bixby. Josh Proctor led the team with 16 against Jenks and 13 against Bixby. Courtre led against Bixby with 17 and also had 12 against Jenks. 

Bixby (5-7, 2-4) won a 76-68 triple-overtime shootout with Bartlesville, but fell 76-71 to Sand Springs and 62-50 to Owasso. Will Fiser scored 17 against Bartlesville, 22 against Sand Springs, and 11 against Owasso. 

No. 18 Sand Springs (6-6, 1-5) notched their first conference win with a 76-71 performance against Bixby, but fell 47-42 to Muskogee and 72-68 to Sapulpa after leading for most of the game. The Sandites have the fourth-best offense and third-best defense in the conference. Colt Savage posted 20 against Muskogee and Sapulpa and 34 against Bixby. Jacob Garbey had 21 against Bixby and Kyle Keener had 21 against Sapulpa. 

Jenks (1-9, 0-6) is still looking for their first conference win, despite a 21-point performance from Cole Surrett against Owasso and a 17-point performance from Eli Harris against Broken Arrow. The Trojans fell 66-52 to Owasso, 85-59 to Muskogee, and 46-38 to Broken Arrow. 

Conference Strength:

  1. Big Ten (51.5)
  2. Central Oklahoma (48)
  3. Frontier Valley (45.4)
  4. Green Country (43.1)
  5. All-City 32.09

FVC Leading Scorers (points-per-game)

  1. Colt Savage (Sand Springs) 21.2
  2. Brooks Haddock (Muskogee) 20.7
  3. Keenan Balance (Sapulpa) 19.9
  4. Eli Harris (Jenks) 19.7
  5. Caleb Huffman (Broken Arrow) 18.9
  6. Julian Smith (Sapulpa) 17.1
  7. Ethan Chargois (Union) 17.1
  8. Kyle Keener (Sand Springs) 16.6
  9. TyReece Berry (Muskogee) 16.3
  10. Josh Proctor (Owasso) 15.8

January conference schedule:
1/24 Union @ Sand Springs
1/24 Bartlesville @ Muskogee
1/24 Broken Arrow @ Owasso
1/24 Bixby @ Sapulpa
1/24 Bishop Kelley @ Jenks
1/27 Sapulpa @ Union
1/27 Muskogee @ Broken Arrow
1/27 Sand Springs @ Owasso
1/27 Jenks @ Bartlesville
1/27 Bishop Kelley @ Bixby
1/31 Bixby @ Union
1/31 Muskogee @ Bishop Kelley
1/31 Broken Arrow @ Bartlesville
1/31 Owasso @ Sapulpa
1/31 Sand Springs @ Jenks

Lady Sandites win Highway 97 rivalry 61-36 over No. 19 Sapulpa; Johnson scores 20

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

CPHS 61 Sapulpa 36

1Q Sand Springs 18-5
2Q Sand Springs 14-5
3Q Sand Springs 19-3
4Q Sapulpa 23-10

Fouls: Sand Springs 16, Sapulpa, 11.
Free Throws: Sand Springs 4-of-9, Sapulpa 8-of-21.

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Johnson 20, Mutiri 14, McGee 9, Pennington 8, Taber 6, Kersgieter 4. (Sapulpa) Bethel 10, Dement 9, Brooks 9, Osborn 4, Belveal 2, Hall 2.

(Sand Springs only)
Offensive Rebounds: Johnson 3, Mutiri 3, Pennington 2, Kersgieter 2, McGee 1, Regalado 1, Taber 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Mutiri 11, Pennington 6, Kersgieter 4, McGee 3, Regalado 3, Boaz 1.
Steals: Pennington 4, Kersgieter 1, Regalado 1.
Assists: Johnson 3, McGee 3, Kersgieter 2, Pennington 1, Taber 1.
Blocks: Johnson 2, Mutiri 2.
Fouls: Regalado 5, Kersgieter 3, Mutiri 2, Taber 2, Grant 2, Pennington 1, Boaz 1.

The No. 3 ranked Charles Page High School girls' basketball team (10-0) continued their undefeated start to the season with a blowout win over Highway 97 rival No. 19 Sapulpa (5-6) Tuesday evening at the Ed Dubie Field House.

The Lady Sandites jumped on Sapulpa hard and fast, and at times it looked like the Sapulpans were trying to get past a brick wall. Sand Springs has one of the top-rated defenses in the state and it showed as they absolutely smothered their rivals.  

The home team led 12-0 before letting their foes on the board with a two-point basket by Michaela Bethel. Senior Oklahoma State Softball-commit Sydney Pennington snagged four steals in the first period and junior Ohio State Volleyball-commit Gloria Mutiri led with seven points to finish the quarter 18-5.

Despite their lead, the Sandites only slightly let off the gas in the second quarter and once again smothered their rivals defensively for a 32-10 halftime advantage.  

Mutiri kicked off the third quarter with a defensive rebound that she returned for two points to complete her first double-double of the season. Another basket by Mutiri and sophomore Holly Kersgieter added two more before Taylor Dement put up points for Sapulpa. Destiny Johnson and Kierra McGee both hit back-to-back field goals, Dement tacked on a free throw, and Mutiri and Jacie Taber closed out the quarter 51-13. 

Sand Springs finally let off the throttle in the fourth quarter and ran the bench on their foes. Sapulpa won the fourth quarter 23-10 but it wasn't enough to challenge the undefeated Sandites who ultimately prevailed 61-36.  

Johnson led the Sandites for the second time this season and scored a career-high 20 points. Mutiri scored 14 to bump her season average into double digits. Bethel was the only Lady Chieftain to break double digits with 10 points. 

Both teams struggled from three-point range with the Sandites shooting 3-of-15 while Sapulpa didn't make a single shot. The Chieftains also had a rough time at the charity stripe, making only 8 of 21 free throws. 

Head Coach Dustin Morrow is in his fifth year leading the program and before this year he had never defeated Muskogee, Broken Arrow, or Sapulpa. After Tuesday's game he had effectively toppled all three powerhouse programs by double digits. 

The Lady Sandites will look to continue their undefeated streak this Thursday when they travel to the Interstate Classic in Coffeyville, Kansas. Sapulpa will have a week to recover before hosting unranked Bixby (4-9) next Tuesday. The next conference game on the horizon for the Sandites is next Tuesday when they host No. 13 Union (8-4). 

No. 1 Sandites take first place at Jerry Billings Invitational with four champions

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Team Scores

  1. Sand Springs (229.5)
  2. Broken Arrow (226.5)
  3. Collinsville (174.5)
  4. Ponca City (154.0)
  5. Union (102.5)
  6. Cascia Hall (95.0)
  7. Bixby (93.0)
  8. Sperry (91.5)
  9. Sapulpa (91.0)
  10. Sallisaw (55.5)
  11. Pryor (23.0)

Tournament Champions

106 - Riley Weir (Sand Springs)
113 - Caleb Tanner (Collinsville)
120 - Gunner Hamm (Collinsville)
126 - Jet Taylor (Sallisaw)
132 - Daton Fix (Sand Springs)
138 - Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs)
145 - Nate Keim (Collinsville)
152 - Tanner Skidgel (Cascia Hall)
160 - Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow)
170 - Dalton Abney (Cascia Hall)
182 - Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow)
195 - Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow)
220 - Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs)
285 - Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow)

The No. 1 ranked Charles Page High School varsity wrestling team traveled to the Jerry Billings Invitational tournament in Sapulpa this weekend and narrowly defeated No. 3 Broken Arrow for first place with eight finalists and four champions.

The tournament alternates annually between Sand Springs and Sapulpa, with the Sandite counterpart being dubbed the Bobby Lyons Invitational. Last year the Sandites sat out five varsity wrestlers with injuries and forfeited one weight class, and still managed to take third place. This year they voided three weight classes and still managed to take first place, dethroning the back-to-back champions from Broken Arrow.

Riley Weir (106), Daton Fix (132), Jack Karstetter (138) and Delvin Jordan (220) all took first place in the 54th annual tournament, while Tanner Ward (113), Michael Ritchey (120), Beau Bratcher (145), and Zane Basma (170) claimed second place.

Weir (20-6 season, 41-18 career) sat out last year's tournament with an elbow injury, but dominated this year's competition, pinning all four of his opponents in a total of 8:45. He took down Chance Granger (Sapulpa) in 1:21, Martezz Carnes (Ponca City) in 0:50, Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow) in 1:36, and finished the weekend with Rocky Stevens (Collinsville) in 4:58. 

Fix (25-0, 143-0) continued his undefeated career with his fourth-straight championship win in the tournament. He breezed through his competition in 12:05 with three pins and a technical fall. He took down Tanner Frew (Sapulpa) in 3:10, Ashad Rufia (Union) in 1:09, and Dylan Schickram (Ponca City) in 2:32. In the finals he scored a 22-7 victory over State Qualifier TaJuan Daniels of Broken Arrow in 5:14.

Karstetter (11-1, 84-16) won the tournament for the third straight year, in dominating fashion. He pinned Johnathan Donahue (Sapulpa) in 0:21 and Derek Vandyke (Bixby) in 0:52, then majored Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow) 14-5. In the finals he scored an 8-3 decision over Louden Akin (Sperry).

Jordan (23-2, 54-14) took third place in the tournament as a freshman and hasn't competed since. He made his return to the tournament by manhandling his way past some tough competitors. He pinned Ben Downs (Sapulpa) in the first round and scored a 5-1 decision over State Qualifier Austin Fry (Ponca), then wrapped up the tournament with a pin of State Qualifier Cody Adams (Bixby) in 2:22.

Ward (16-8, 92-20) also wrestled in the tournament for the first time, having been at Berryhill for the past three years. The senior State Runner-Up pinned Kaleb Harris (Sallisaw) in 0:49 and received a forfeit from Brandon Blose (Sapulpa) to earn his way to the finals. In the Championship round he was defeated 3-1 by Caleb Tanner of Collinsville. 

Ritchey (18-8, 47-32) improved over his last year's fourth-place finish by majoring his first two opponents 10-1. He made his way to the finals by defeating Caron Watson (Union) and Michael Harjo (Sapulpa), but was defeated 3-1 by Gunner Hamm of Collinsville. 

Bratcher (21-6, 112-29) was the defending tournament champion at 145 pounds and went to the finals for the second straight year. He majored Bryce Carter (Sperry) 11-3, pinned Nenebah Biggoose (Ponca City) in 1:04, and scored a 4-0 decision over Miles Waller (Cascia Hall), but fell 7-1 to State Qualifier Nate Keim of Collinsville in the championship match.

Basma (9-2, 67-26) was the defending tournament champion at 170 pounds and earned his way back into the finals with three-straight pins in only 3:28. He took down Joe Hall (Broken Arrow) in 0:44, Aaron Lytle (Sapulpa) in 1:10, and Lane Newlin (Ponca City) in 1:34. In the finals he was defeated 5-1 by Dalton Abney of Cascia Hall. 

Blake Sargent (19-7, 71-21) was the defending tournament champion at 126 and pinned Verdell Schoats (Union) in 1:35, but was defeated 11-8 by State Qualifier Spencer Schickram of Ponca City. In the consolations he had a tough matchup against teammate Irwin Portillo, but won 3-1 in overtime, then he pinned State Qualifier Xavear Cullors (Collinsville) in 3:43 for third place. 

Noah Almy (11-12) competed at 160 and took fourth place. He defeated Grayson White (Ponca City) 9-4, but was majored 13-5 by State Qualifier Caleb Wise of Broken Arrow. He defeated teammate Mikey Burns 2-1 to earn his way into the consolation finals, but was defeated 6-4 by State Qualifier Ryce Haymaker of Collinsville. 

Portillo (3-2, 6-5) suffered a first round pin in 3:05 by State Champion Jet Taylor of Sallisaw, but rebounded with a 3-2 decision over Bennett Sherrer (Pryor). After his defeat by Sargent he scored a 5-2 win over Zach Phares of Broken Arrow for fifth place.

Mikey Burns (3-3) competed at 160 and took fifth place. He was pinned in 1:12 by Jake Hall (Cascia Hall) in the opening round, but rebounded with a pair of consolation wins. He pinned Joey Cook (Sperry) in 4:59 and scored a 4-2 decision over Skylar Johnson (Union) before falling 2-1 to teammate Noah Almy. In the placement match he defeated Dalton Turner (Cascia Hall) 5-3.

Gage Fain (15-9, 28-31) competed at 220 and took fifth place, one spot better than his last year's performance. He was pinned in 4:48 in the opening round by State Qualifier Cody Adams of Bixby, but pinned Noah Cortes (Broken Arrow) in 1:40. He came out on bottom of a close 4-3 decision to State Qualifier Austin Fry (Ponca City), but majored Noah Davis (Sallisaw) 11-3 in the placement match. 

Derek Davis (2-2, 19-14) made his season debut at 145 pounds, but was eliminated one round short of placement. He was pinned in 5:07 by State Qualifier Nate Keim (Collinsville) in the opening round, but rebounded with a dominating 15-0 tech fall over Colton Konell (Sapulpa) in only 3:37. He scored an 8-4 decision over Nenebah Biggoose (Ponca), but was pinned in 4:19 by Braden Roller of Bixby. Davis didn't compete at the Bobby Lyons Tournament last year, but took fourth in Sapulpa the year prior. 

The Sandites (5-0) will return to action next Thursday when they host the district dual quad. They will take on U.S. Grant (3-3), Enid (1-6), and Putnam City West (1-5) and the winner of the series will advance to Dual State this February. 

No. 1 Sandite Wrestling sends eight contenders to finals matches at Sapulpa

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The No. 1 ranked Charles Page High School varsity wrestling team is currently sitting in first place at the Jerry Billings Invitational in Sapulpa, by a significant margin. The tournament began Friday morning and Sand Springs entered wrestlers in only ten of fourteen weight classes while resting several athletes with minor injuries.

The Sandites currently lead No. 3 Broken Arrow 194 points to 142, with 5A No. 3 Collinsville holding 133 points. The Sandites' massive lead is made even more impressive considering they didn't wrestle anybody at 152, 182, 195, or 285 pounds. Eight Sand Springs wrestlers will be competing for first place in their brackets, while six others have the possibility of placing as high as third place.

The consolation matches will begin Saturday at noon and the finals matches will be wrestled at 4:00 p.m. in the Sapulpa Chieftain Center at 1201 East Lincoln Avenue.

106 Riley Weir (Sand Springs) vs Rocky Stevens (Collinsville) - 1st Place
113 Tanner Ward (Sand Springs) vs Caleb Tanner (Collinsville) - 1st Place
120 Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs) vs Gunner Hamm (Collinsville) - 1st Place
126 Irwin Portillo (Sand Springs) vs Bennett Sherrer (Pryor) - Consolation Quarterfinals
126 Blake Sargent (Sand Springs) vs (Sherrer/Portillo) - Consolation Semifinals
132 Daton Fix (Sand Springs) vs TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow) - 1st Place
138 Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs) vs Louden Akin (Sperry) - 1st Place
145 Derek Davis (Sand Springs) vs Braden Roller (Bixby) - Consolation Quarterfinals
145 Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs) vs Nate Keim (Collinsville) - 1st Place
160 Mikey Burns (Sand Springs) vs Skylar Johnson (Union) - Consolation Quarterfinals
160 Noah Almy (Sand Springs) vs (Burns/Johnson) - Consolation Semifinals
170 Zane Basma (Sand Springs) vs Dalton Abney (Cascia Hall) - 1st Place
220 Gage Fain (Sand Springs) vs Noah Cortes (Broken Arrow) - Consolation Quarterfinals
220 Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs) vs Cody Adams (Bixby) - 1st Place