Three Sandites take gold in Broken Arrow

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Sand Springs junior high wrestling team traveled to Broken Arrow this weekend to compete in the 19th annual Joe Zamora/Skyler Holman Open. Carter Young, Irwin Portillo, and Tyler Ash each took first place and eight other wrestlers placed fourth or higher. 

6th/7th 80A: Carter Young, 1st Place

  • defeated Zach Prince (Miami) 15-0 tech fall
  • defeated Casey Goss (Broken Arrow) 1:41 fall
  • defeated Cooper Evans (Bristow) 16-1 tech fall

6th/7th 80B: Kaden "KJ" Clark, 2nd place

  • defeated Hayden Rogers (Bartlesville) 0:40 fall
  • defeated Kolton Berry (Fort Gibson) 1:03 fall
  • lost to James Hunter (Muskogee) 3:50 fall

6th/7th 89B: Cody Spaan, 3rd Place

  • lost to Walker Hill (Broken Arrow) 1-0 decision
  • defeated Johan Abercrombie (Broken Arrow) 0:50 fall
  • defeated Beau Hansen (Cascia Hall) 0:34 fall
  • defeated Tanner Cousatte (Pryor) 12-0 major decision

6th/7th 98B: Seth Carson, DNP

  • lost to Blake Salt (Oologah) 1:28 fall
  • lost to Dalton Allen (Broken Arrow) 5-3 decision

6th/7th 132: Santana Naugle, 2nd Place

  • defeated Logan Blood (Bartlesville) 0:57 fall
  • lost to Trey Kitchel (Bartlesville) 0:18 fall

6th/7th 162: Tegen Campbell, 2nd Place

  • defeated Jorey Hollenback (Jay) 10-1 major decision
  • lost to Garrett Graham (Sallisaw) 7-2 decision

Junior High 98A: Hunter Carter, DNP

  • lost to David Boucher (Bartlesville) 1:36 fall
  • defeated Blake Stone (Claremore) 2:58 fall
  • defeated Ethan Strain (Locust Grove) 6-2 decision
  • lost to David Boucher (Bartlesville) 10-1 major decision

Junior High 98B: Russell McCaskey, DNP

  • lost to Kolby Encinas (Pryor) 0:55 fall
  • lost to DJ Anderson (Cascia Hall) forfeit

Junior High 106A: Hunter Hilger, DNP

  • lost to Payton Messenger (Broken Arrow) 0:20 fall
  • lost to Jesse Collinsworth (Coweta) 0:55 fall

Junior High 106B: Chris Jones, DNP

  • lost to Chandler Wing (Fort Gibson) 0:45 fall
  • lost to Dathan Leach (Salina) 6-0 decision

Junior High 106B: Kyler Clark, DNP

  • lost to Hunter Scott (Broken Arrow) 8-1 decision
  • defeated Drew Miller (Broken Arrow) 13-0 major decision
  • defeated Chandler Wing (Fort Gibson) 12-5 decision
  • lost to Hunter Scott (Broken Arrow) 11-6 decision

Junior High 113A: Irwin Portillo, 1st Place

  • defeated Stephen Alcorn (Broken Arrow) 2:51 fall
  • defeated Garrett Weis (Jenks) 18-3 tech fall
  • defeated Caleb Tanner-Cook (Cardinal Wrestling Club) 3:59 fall

Junior High 113A: Colton Roberts, 4th Place

  • lost to Austin Whitaker (Salina) 1:39 fall
  • defeated Isaac Castleberry (Broken Arrow) 1:39 fall
  • defeated Foster Thaxton (Owasso) 10-2 major decision
  • defeated Garrett Weis (Jenks) 0:27 fall
  • lost to Bryce Mattida (Broken Arrow) 1:45 fall

Junior High 113B: Jared Jenkins, DNP

  • lost to Braydon Miller (Broken Arrow) 0:48 fall
  • lost to Simon Young (Sapulpa) 6-0 decision

Junior High 113B: Jacob Reed, DNP

  • lost to Trenton West (Broken Arrow) 0:59 fall
  • lost to Jace Getz (Grove) 10-2 major decision

Junior High 120A: Tyler Ash, 1st Place

  • defeated Alex Andazola (Broken Arrow) 0:43 fall
  • defeated Enrique Hernandez (Owasso) 0:31 fall
  • defeated Christian Webb (Muskogee) 1:12 fall
  • defeated Ty Rozell (Broken Arrow) 9-0 major decision

Junior High 120A: Caleb Phillips, 3rd Place

  • defeated Matthew Skinner (McAlester) 5-3 decision
  • lost to Ty Rozell (Broken Arrow) 5-0 decision
  • defeated Austin Britt (Broken Arrow) 0:43 fall
  • defeated Christian Webb (Muskogee) 1:51 fall

Junior High 120B: Thomas Naugle, DNP

  • defeated Cameron Prieto (Jay) 11-4 decision
  • lost to Randy Mills (Muskogee) 1:31 fall
  • lost to Braden Cook (Broken Arrow) 1:47 fall

Junior High 120B: Preston Medlin, DNP

  • lost to Jordan Berryman (Muskogee) 10-3 decision
  • lost to Cameron Prieto (Jay) 8-0 major decision

Junior High 132A: Braden Dahl, DNP

  • lost to Richee Lee (Owasso) 1:26 fall
  • lost to Blake Hulland (Owasso) 7-2 decision

Junior High 132B: Hunter Lawrence, DNP

  • lost to Zach Conrad (Owasso) 15-0 tech fall
  • lost to Nathaniel Holt (Jay) 2-1 decision

Junior High 140B: David Cooper, 2nd Place

  • defeated Brandon Skaggs (Muskogee) 1:25 fall
  • defeated Wyatt Moyers (Broken Arrow) 0:51 fall
  • defeated Marchell Friday (Broken Arrow) 0:37 fall
  • lost to Zach Coy (Jay) 3:25 fall

Junior High 150: Riley Magee, DNP

  • defeated Logan Sams (Claremore) 2:31 fall
  • lost to Skyler Murphy (Bristow) 1:46 fall
  • defeated Dalton Rogers (Owasso) 1:26 fall
  • lost to Diego Maturino (Broken Arrow) 1:41 fall

Junior High 162B: Justin Smith, DNP

  • lost to Paxton Jenkins (Bixby) 0:44 fall
  • lost to Noah Lettich (Broken Arrow) 11-4 decision