Sandite of the Week

  • By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief
  • Photo: Debi Ropp

In lieu of recognizing a single Sandite of the Week, we would like to recognize the entirety of the Sandite Offensive Line this week for their outstanding efforts this entire season, and the Stillwater game in particular.

Friday Night the Sand Springs football team traveled to Pioneer Stadium for their fourth-consecutive playoff appearance. Not only was it a win, but it was the biggest post-season win in 64 years since a 54-0 shutout of Poteau in 1951.

Lane Lettich and Payton Scott both rushed for over 100 yards each, and Hunter Greathouse had time and coverage to connect on all 11 of his passes for 181 yards. All of that is made possible by the outstanding offensive line. "They put in all the work, and that's where the play starts." says Greathouse. 

The Offensive line has put up some impressive stats this season, allowing less than three tackles-for-loss per game. The run game has seen an average of 4.9 yards-per-carry, and Sand Springs converted 84% of first down-attempts against Stillwater--their highest rate since week 3 against Guthrie. The team averages less than 20 lost yards per game, less than 3 fouls per game, and is 61% on fourth-down conversion. 

The usual starting lineup is 

  • Left Tackle: Andrew Biggs, senior
  • Left Guard: Zac Blake, sophomore
  • Center: Danny Ropp, junior
  • Right Guard: Harold Dodson, senior
  • Right Tackle: Lincoln Adams, junior
  • Tight End: Jake Ward, senior

Other OL players include

  • Michael Carper, junior
  • Elijah Titone, senior
  • Robert Hunter, senior
  • Ethan Hooper, sophomore
  • Blake Wadley, senior
  • Cristian Rodriguez, sophomore
  • Kobe Chen, sophomore
  • Seth Blackburn, sophomore
  • Dell Prince, sophomore

Jay Fleischman, a three year starting safety at OSU, is the special teams and OLB coach for Charles Page. 

The Sand Springs Sandites (6-4) will take on Booker T Washington (10-0) this Friday at George F. Collins Stadium in Sapulpa in the State Semi-Final playoff.