Sapulpa comes from behind to top Lady Sandites

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The #14 Charles Page varsity girls basketball team led, and led, and led. The Sapulpans tied it five times but never once took the lead until there was less than four minutes in the game before a series of controversial calls allowed them to come from behind for a 54-43 win.

Freshman Holly Kersgieter Drew first blood, then Sapulpa's Brice Calip tied things up at 2-2.

Sand Springs took a 7pt lead off a series of field goals by Gloria Mutiri, Cierra Scott, and Kersgieter.

Then Chelsea Dungee went to work, scoring 6, interrupted by a goal by Destiney Johnson, then 3 more to tie things up at the end of the first. 

The Sandites wouldn't be stalled for long, however, and Sydney Pennington, Johnson, and Kersgieter combined for 12 to carry a 23-19 lead into the half. 

The Sandites extended that lead by as much as 7 points before Sapulpa once more evened things up at the 33-33 late in the third.  

Calip went on a solo scoring streak to start the fourth, shooting 7 points before Pennington got the Sandites on the board, then Dungee and Bailey Mader wrapped things up while the Sandites had multiple sketchy calls negate any attempt at a comeback, despite three great uncounted baskets by Johnson.

Johnson led the Sandites with 14 points (should have been 20) followed by Pennington with 11.  

Mutiri and Kersgieter each had 6 rebounds, followed by Pennington with a beastly 5 rebounds, 1 block, and 3 steals.  

Dungee and Calip tied in points, each with 22. No other Sapulpan had more than 4.