Sandite Cross Country impresses at Sapulpa, boys and girls both place second

High School Boys' 2-Mile

11:18 Landin Green 8th Place (PR-0:05)
11:33 Jacob Garbey 12th Place
11:38 Aden Baughman 16th Place
11:49 Pierson Balsters JV 2nd Place
12:06 Ian Baustert 30th Place
12:08 Nelson Yazzie 33rd Place
12:20 Kaegan Murray 42nd Place
12:21 Jaedyn Jackson JV 3rd Place
12:32 Cooper Lynch JV 8th Place (PR-0:11)
12:33 Phillip Elleman JV 9th Place
12:49 Danny Murray JV 12th Place
12:51 Austin McCaskey JV 14th Place
12:57 Jaden Weiser 68th Place
13:00 Nathan McKnight JV 20th Place (PR-0:01)
13:08 Jacob Smith JV 22nd Place
13:58 Charlie Everett JV 37th Place
14:02 Alex Newport JV 38th Place (PR-0:41)
14:30 Russell McCaskey JV 56th Place (PR-0:30)
17:04 Josh Ivy JV 84th Place

High School Girls' 1-Mile

5:21 Cheyenne Walden 1st Place (PR-0:02)
6:11 Alexis Davis 8th Place (PR-0:13)
6:14 Tiqvah Soap 9th Place (PR-same)
6:44 Elizabeth Watts 21st Place (PR-0:10)
6:45 Julia Lewis 23rd Place (PR-0:20)
6:49 Sara Abbet 29th Place (PR-0:18)
6:53 Stephanie Genn 33rd Place (PR-0:19)
6:58 Nia Byrd JV 4th Place
7:07 Kaitlyn Walden JV 6th Place (PR-0:10)
7:12 Erika Baker JV 9th Place
7:19 Madison Englestead JV 13th Place (PR-0:19)
7:20 Chezney Kelley JV 15th Place (PR-0:20)
7:37 Madelynn Adams JV 24th Place (PR-0:17)
7:52 Kaileeann Worthington JV 29th Place
7:58 Lily Reed JV 33rd Place (PR-0:43)
8:17 Erindira Cuevas JV 36th Place
9:22 McKenzie Cypert JV 49th Place
9:36 Ayden Meade JV 51st Place (PR-0:42)
10:41 Hope Pollard JV 54th Place (PR-0:20)
13:17 Hanna Nelson JV 55th Place
13:18 Lauren Barkdull JV 56th Place

Junior High Boys' 1-Mile

6:53 Blain Baldridge 49th Place
7:07 Caleb James 56th Place
7:30 Carter Young 69th Place

Junior High Girls' 1-Mile

6:00 Kalea Fleming 3rd Place (PR-0:11)
7:24 Kenzie Burkes 31st Place
8:10 Jolie Currie 49th Place
9:15 Sidney Cross 61st Place
9:41 Kaitlyn Converse 65th Place

Co-Ed Elementary 1-Mile

6:35 Ava Watts 3rd Place
6:53 Kelton Tarr 11th Place
6:56 Jacob Lewis 12th Place
7:21 Morgan Rector 28th Place
7:24 Brynlee Durborow 32nd Place
7:37 Dawson Briscoe 44th Place
7:42 Kodah Gregory 50th Place
7:45 Chloe Grona 59th Place
7:53 Korben McCaskey 66th Place
7:53 Braden Gregory 67th Place
8:09 Gavin Corbin 80th Place
8:18 Rogelio Ayala 83rd Place
8:19 Josie Myers 84th Place
8:20 Koby Hadley 87th Place
8:51 Sawyer Briscoe 103rd Place
9:11 Corbin Sutton 110th Place
9:23 Brody Carter 119th Place
9:32 Scout Mushrush 117th Place
9:35 Carter McDonald 119th Place
9:46 Cooper McDonald 122nd Place
9:53 Jackson Roley 125th Place

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Sixty-nine Sand Springs students traveled to the Sapulpa Cross Country meet Saturday and performed excellently in all divisions. Senior State Champion Cheyenne Walden won her fifth-straight race with a 0:15 lead on her closest competitor. Thirteen total Sandites placed in the top ten in their respective divisions. The JV boys team took first place, and the JV girls and both varsity teams placed second.

Just last week the Charles Page High School teams made their season debut at Kiefer and both varsity squads won their races for the first time in school history. It was the first time the boys had ever won a meet, and they nearly did so again at Sapulpa.

Walden finished her one mile run in 5:21, a two-second improvement over her previous personal record that she had just set last week at Kiefer. Second for the Lady Sandites was Alexis Davis who finished in eighth place with a PR of 6:11, improving 0:13 over last week. Tiqvah Soap tied her last week’s record of 6:14 for a ninth place finish.

The varsity girls finished with 54 points and an average time of 6:15. The varsity boys scored 96 points and averaged 11:45. Lincoln Christian swept both races with five runners in the top-ten girls and only 26 points, while their boys team placed four runners in the top-ten and scored 36 points. 

The Lady Sandites held a thirteen point lead on third place Sapulpa, and the boys got the edge on Holland Hall by nine points.

Landin Green led the pack for the Sandite boys team, placing eighth overall with a time of 11:18, a five-second improvement over his previous PR. Jacob Garbey wasn’t far behind, finishing in twelfth place with a PR of 11:33. The boys ran a two-mile course.

The JV girls trailed Lincoln by only ten points and placed three runners in the top ten. Nia Byrd trailed varsity by a mere five seconds and finished in fourth place with a PR of 6:58. Freshman Kaitlyn Walden wasn't far behind in sixth place with a time of 7:17, knocking ten seconds off her PR. Erika Baker took ninth place with a time of 7:12.

Freshman Pierson Balsters performed incredibly in JV boys, coming in runner-up to Sapulpa's Caleb Walsh by a mere two seconds. Balsters had the fourth best time of the Sandite boys, beating four varsity runners. His time would have put him in twenty-third place in varsity. Jaelyn Jackson, Cooper Lynch, and Phillip Elleman all finished in the top ten and Jackson trailed varsity by just two seconds. Lynch also bested his last week's PR by 0:11. The great performance gave the boys a huge lead for first place over Sapulpa.

The Lady Sandite Junior High team only had five runners and placed seventh, missing sixth by only eight points. Kalea Fleming led the team with a PR of 6:00 for third place. The great time would have landed her in seventh place in varsity. The eighth grader will be a huge help in filling the void that will be left when Walden and Davis graduate. Only three junior high boys competed, so the team was unable to place. 

The elementary team also turned out in great numbers to compete, and the co-ed Sandites placed second behind Sapulpa. Ava Watts came in third with a time of 6:35, followed by Kelton Tarr and Jacob Lewis and eleventh and twelfth, respectively.