Sand Springs Youth Cross Country teams excel, high school to host home meet Saturday

9.7.2019 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams competed at the Broken Arrow Tigers Meet Saturday morning at Oneta Ridge Middle School.

The Varsity Boys placed ninth out of twelve teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 20:08.94 for 46th Place.

The Varsity Girls placed tenth out of ten teams, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24:54.45 for 34th Place. Jade Crawford, who lives in Sand Springs, was fifth on the Lincoln Christian roster with a time of 26:58.60 for 57th Place.

Jenks won the Varsity Girls and Junior Varsity Girls races. Lincoln Christian won the Varsity Boys, Bishop Kelley won the Junior Varsity Boys. Bartlesville won Middle School Girls and Middle School Boys.

The Charles Page teams will return to action Saturday, September 14th, at their home meet in the 2nd Annual Case Cross Country Invitational.

9.7.2019 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Meet

The Sand Springs Elementary Cross Country teams competed at the 7th Annual Kiefer Trojans Cross Country Meet Saturday.

The Elementary Girls placed third of ten teams with two top-five scorers. Brynlee Durburrow won the one-mile race in 6:16.47 as a non-scoring runner. She is from Sand Springs, but was competing with the Personal Best Athletics private team. Chloe Grona was the leading scorer and runner-up in 6:25.80, with Josie Grona coming in eighth in 7:03.84.

The Elementary Boys placed fourth of eleven teams, led by Griffin Sensintaffar with a 6:10.02 mile for third place.

Regent Prep won the Elementary Girls, Small School Junior High Girls, and Small School Junior High Boys races. Kiefer won the Elementary Boys, Small School Varsity Boys, and Small School Varsity Girls. Sapulpa won the Large School Varsity Girls and Large School Junior High Girls. Metro Christian won the Large School Varsity Boys. Glenpool won the Large School Junior High Boys.

8.31.2019 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet

The Sand Springs Varsity Girls placed sixth of seven teams in the two-mile run, led by Jazmin Lopez in 24th place with a time of 14:55. Jade Crawford placed 36th in 15:30.

Sand Springs placed fourth of eight teams in the Elementary one-mile run. Chloe Grona was the first-place scorer in 6:22, but Brynlee Durburrow took first place overall in 6:15.

The Sandite Varsity Boys placed ninth of fourteen teams, led by Alejandro Lopez in 12:09 for 38th place. The Junior Varsity Boys placed sixth of seven teams, led by Alex Newport in 13:10 for 17th place. They placed second of eleven schools in the Elementary Boys 1-Mile, led by Griffin Sensintaffar in 6:20 for third.

Sapulpa won the Girls Varsity 2-Mile and Junior High Girls 1-Mile. Kiefer won the Girls Varsity 1-Mile and the Boys Elementary 1-Mile. Lincoln Christian won both the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity 2-Mile runs. Glenpool won the Junior High Boys 1-Mile and Lone Star won the Elementary Girls 1-Mile.

Sand Springs Results

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Girls - 5K
24:54.45 Jazmin Lopez (35th)
25:39.19 Victoria Baker (46th)
27:04.29 Chezney Kelley (58th)
29:20.34 Ty Davis (65th)
29:41.91 Wanageeska Williams (66th)
33:22.17 Madison Chambers (71st)
Junior Varsity Girls - 5K
25:28.56 Erika Baker (16th)
35:12.58 Sarah Rigsby (57th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:25.80 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:03.84 Josie Grona (8th)
8:22.94 Blakelee Meeker (45th)
8:37.70 Sophie Grona (51st)
9:11.14 Alliyah Watts (64th)
9:19.69 Kinley Snow (74th)
10:27.12 Starr Corbin (101st)
11:04.21 Emma Nolen (114th)
11:24.72 Nola Chambers (117th)
11:27.82 Brie Blair (118th)
12:02.24 Brielle Meeker (124th)
12:09.60 Tatum Chambers (126th)
12:11.83 Avery Nolen (127th)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Girls - 2 Mile
14:55 Jazmin Lopez (24th)
15:35 Victoria Baker (38th)
15:43 Teagan Smith (39th)
16:15 Wanageeska Williams (43rd)
16:32 Chezney Kelley (45th)
16:36 Erika Baker (48th)
16:52 Ty Davis (51st)
17:22 Madison Chambers (54th)
18:02 Sarah Rigsby (60th)
Elementary Girls - 1 Mile
6:22 Chloe Grona (2nd)
7:00 Josie Grona (7th)
7:55 Katie Gillespie (26th)
8:50 Sophie Grona (48th)
9:00 Alliyah Watts (56th)
9:18 Julia Myers (64th)
9:27 Starr Corbin (67th)
10:23 Natalee Sorenson (93rd)
11:05 Brie Blair (97th)
11:07 Avery Nolen (98th)
11:27 Emma Nolen (100th)

9/7/19 Broken Arrow Tigers Meet
Varsity Boys - 5K
20:08.94 Alejandro Lopez (47th)
20:37.80 Sam English (53rd)
20:37.90 Noah Hanlon (54th)
20:58.03 Dalton Wilcox (55th)
21:00.50 Caleb James (56th)
21:42.60 Kaegan Murray (61st)
23:05.12 Alex Newport (71st)
Junior Varsity Boys - 5K
24:27.95 David Rigsby (89th)

9/7/19 Kiefer Trojans Meet
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:10.02 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
7:12.49 Conner Williamson (31st)
7:13.36 Rafi Huff (32nd)
7:21.92 Gavin Corbin (37th)
7:39.15 Landon Durburrow (47th)
7:57.98 Kellen Adkins (58th)
8:02.45 Presley Quinnelly (62nd)
8:08.60 Colton Chambers (66th)
8:24.84 Liam Noah (76th)
8:53.95 Caden Ketcher (102nd)
8:54.61 Kade Sargent (104th)
9:29.67 Callan Hayduk (122nd)
10:01.34 Kaizen Freese (135th)
10:18.04 Sutton Corbin (137th)
10:32.32 Alex Williams (138th)
10:39.64 Dean Earnest (139th)
11:12.35 Memo Borunda (142nd)
12:18.52 Jay Acuna (146th)
12:27.03 Baker Lee (147th)
13:13.99 Aiden Westin (148th)
13:46.30 Jessen Cox (152nd)
13:48.85 Nash Huff (153rd)

8/31/19 Sapulpa Chieftain Meet
Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
12:09 Alejandro Lopez (38th)
12:17 Caleb James (42nd)
12:19 Noah Hanlon (46th)
12:30 Sam English (51st)
12:33 Dalton Wilcox (54th)
14:01 Titus Wright (80th)
Junior Varsity Boys - 2 Mile
13:10 Alex Newport (17th)
13:13 Kaegan Murray (19th)
13:36 Noah James (28th)
17:21 Caleb Garzone (62nd)
19:16 Michael Lopez (69th)
Elementary Boys - 1 Mile
6:20 Griffin Sensintaffar (3rd)
6:32 Jakob Skipper (7th)
7:31 Gavin Corbin (28th)
7:37 Rafi Huffer (32nd)
7:41 Landon Durburrow (34th)
8:15 Dax Wilcox (55th)
8:25 Jessen Cox (60th)
8:39 Connor Beals (68th)
8:39 Kade Sargent (70th)
8:47 Hunter Fields (89th)
9:47 Dean Earnest (109th)
10:01 Conner Williamson (113th)
10:37 Grady Harris (115th)
11:19 Alex Martin (121st)
11:36 Nash Huff (124th)
11:39 Dallas Duffy (125th)
12:10 Aiden Westin (126th)
12:11 Sutton Corbin (127th)