Walden wins sixth-straight Cross Country meet, Sandites perform well at Holland Hall

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams are continuing to impress, finishing among the top teams at the 31st Annual Holland Hall invitational, which attracted some of the top teams in the State.

Three-time State Champion Cheyenne Walden finished in first place in the first 5K of the year for her sixth-straight win with a time of 18:12.1. She had a 0:39.4 lead on her closest competitor, Shay Stayton of Bartlesville, and a 1:13.2 lead on Elysia Burgos of Deer Creek in third place, both of whom were top-twenty State placers last year.

Senior Alexis Davis placed 14th with a time of 21:44.3 and junior Tiqvah Soap took 20th with a time of 22:09.7. The Varsity Girls finished fourth of twelve teams.

Landin Green led the Varsity Boys with a 18:22.5 time for 30th place, followed closely by Aden Baughman in 34th place with a 18:26.5 time. The team finished eighth of sixteen teams.

JV Girls took fourth of ten teams, led by Chezney Kelley in 22nd place with a time of 26:05.7. JV Boys took fifth of ten teams, led by Jaelyn Jackson in sixteenth place with a time of 19:46.0. 

The Junior High teams ran a short 1600 meter track and Kalea Fleming took second place for the girls with a time of 5:36.9, less than a second behind the first place runner. The girls placed seventh of ten teams. The boys only had two runners and were unable to place. KJ Clark took 77th place in 6:43.1.

The Sandites will return to action next Saturday in Stillwater at the Oklahoma State University Cross Country course. Varsity girls will begin at 10:10 a.m. and boys will run at 10:40 a.m. JV girls will take the field at 11:10 a.m. and the boys will follow at 11:40 a.m. The junior high season will conclude October 11th at the Frontier Valley Conference meet.

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Photo: Virgil Noah

Photo: Virgil Noah

Varsity Girls 5K

18:12.1 Cheyenne Walden 1st Place
21:44.3 Alexis Davis 14th Place
22:09.7 Tiqvah Soap 20th Place
24:19.4 Elizabeth Watts 39th Place
25:14.1 Stephanie Genn 53rd Place
25:31.1 Nia Byrd 61st Place

Varsity Boys 5K

18:22.5 Landin Green 30th Place
18:26.5 Aden Baughman 34th Place
18:57.8 Jacob Garbey 46th Place
19:09.0 Nelson Yazzie 51st Place
19:13.4 Jaden Weiser 52nd Place
19:24.7 Kaegan Murray 56th Place

JV Girls 5K

26:05.7 Chezney Kelley 22nd Place
27:23.4 Kaitlyn Walden 37th Place
28:04.2 Madelynn Adams 41st Place
28:55.9 Madison Englestead 53rd Place
29:36.5 Lily Reed 58th Place
34:05.3 McKenzie Cypert 106th Place
37:21.6 Hope Pollard 119th Place

JV Boys 5K

19:46.0 Jaelyn Jackson 16th Place
20:35.5 Phillip Elleman 31st Place
20:36.5 Nathan Mcknight 34th Place
20:38.3 Elijah Titone 36th Place
20:38.7 Cooper Lynch 37th Place
21:19.8 Austin McCaskey 47th Place
21:34.6 Danny Murray 55th Place
22:53.8 Charlie Everett 86th Place
24:15.8 Russell McCaskey 113th Place

Junior High Girls 1600

5:36.9 Kalea Fleming 2nd Place
6:48.2 Kaylee Hall 20th Place
7:22.9 Mackenzie Burkes 45th Place
8:13.5 Kaitlynn Converse 73rd Place
8:34.3 Sidney Cross 85th Place
8:47.8 Hailee Scott 89th Place
9:22.9 Emma Hamby 104th Place
9:26.4 Katy Lee 105th Place

Junior High Boys 1600

6:43.1 KJ Clark 77th Place
6:55.8 Caleb James 95th Place