Goalie Edgar Soberano impresses in 2-1 double overtime loss to Westmoore

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School boys’ soccer team (2-11) broke a two-week scoring dry-spell against the Westmoore Jaguars (1-12) on Friday night Senior Night at Memorial Stadium. Alex Hernandez scored the first goal since the Edison Tournament to end a streak of four-straight shutouts.

Austin Morrison got off the first shot of the game in the first minute then Brandon Ong retaliated with a close shot just a few minutes later. Sophomore goalie Edgar Soberano was all over the ball all night long, snagging many incredible saves.

Jonah Nance also made some impressive saves for the Jags, including one on a shot by Simon Hollekve just three minutes into the game, and another jaw-dropper on a shot by Andrew Morrison. Hernandez finally got the boys on the board with 5:38 to go in the first half.

The second half was a slow-starter with the first close shot not coming till Hernandez sent one a hair wide twelve minutes into the period. Jovanny Hernandez netted the equalizer two minutes later and the Sandites began firing off shots left and right as the clock wound down.

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Soberano was a superhuman in the final minutes, sliding feet first into a pointblank shot by Javier Aguilar then picking up two more astounding saves in the final 30 seconds to force overtime.

In the first overtime period Westmoore made the first big offensive push, but the Sandites rallied with all 11 men deep in the box to battle it out. Finally the Sandites broke free with the ball and made a quick drive downfield where Hernandez got a free kick that Nance swooped up.

Soberano added another save with 7:20 to go and sent the ball out to Kaleb Brooks who would take a shot with 6:00 left. The back and forth affair continued till Ong saw an opening with 1:34 remaining and swooped in. Soberano had just made a diving save on a shot by Bryce Wilmore but was unable to secure the ball. Ong scrambled and managed to edge a shot past the weary keeper for the win.

Sand Springs returns to action next Tuesday in a Highway 97 Rivalry matchup at Sapulpa (2-9) while the Jaguars will take on take on a tough Deer Creek team (11-1) Tuesday at home.