Sandites split at Bixby, girls win 2-1, boys fall 2-0

Story and Photo by: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity soccer teams are on two different paths right now.

The Varsity girls have amassed a 4-1 record this season, shutting out three opponents and mercy-ruling East Central 10-0 in only 23:00. Their only loss is 1-0 to Metro Christian (4-1). The girls rebounded from the Metro Christian loss with a 5-0 shutout of the Enid Pacers (2-1) and a 2-1 victory over the Bixby Lady Spartans (1-2). 

The boys, meanwhile, are sitting a 1-4, with their lone victory coming in a 4-0 shutout of Muskogee (0-4). From there they gave up losses of 4-0 to Metro Christian (4-1), 5-1 to Enid (3-1), and 2-0 to Bixby (1-3). 

The Spartans came into the Tuesday night match winless with losses to Bishop Kelley, Booker T, and Jenks, but finally found the win column with a pair of goals from Daniel Quiroga and Hunter Haugland. 

Like the girls game, the boys went into the second half scoreless on both sides, though it was the Spartans doing most of the pressing. Haugland got a sneaky corner shot halfway through the first half and instead of the keeper, it was Kristian Fairchild with the desperate save. 

Alex Hernandez took a shot with 19:02 left and landed it on top of the net. With 15:42 remaining, a Spartan shot narrowly swung wide and the home team continued the offensive press giving Edgar Soberano a pair of saves including a header with 0:42 left. 

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Quiroga got the first goal of the game less than a minute into the second half, sending it into the top right corner for the first lead of the game. Jake Deloache nearly added another point a minute later but landed just a little bit wide. Haugland picked up where Deloache left off, however, and gave his team a 2-0 advantage four minutes later. 

There were a couple of close calls deep in the box at 28:16 from a bouncing ball that ultimately made its way over the goal. Less than a minute later Seth Ryan sent a shot high center. 

Worake Guy missed a pair of shots, one that was completely unguarded and would have been in had it not been a hair high, then another close miss minutes later. Miles Miller and Logan Cherry each took shots of their own but neither came close. 

Andrew Morrison set up Kaleb Brooks with a good look at 8:55 remaining, but the Spartan keeper snagged the save. The Sandites put forth their best offensive effort of the night in the final ten minutes, but were unable to rally despite several shots including an extremely close highball from Morrison.