CPHS Basketball: 6A State Tournament Preview

After a five-year rebuilding period, the Charles Page High School basketball program has pulled a complete about-face and sent both the boys and girls teams to the State Tournament, possibly for the first time in Sand Springs history. 

In the 2012-2013 season, the boys and girls went a combined 3-41. Both were coming off back-to-back winless seasons in conference action. Eric Savage took over the boys' program, moving up from the 5A circuit where he won three State Championships at Tulsa Memorial High School. Dustin Morrow, a homegrown Sandite, took over the girls' program. 

The Lady Sandites made their last State Tournament appearance in 2010 and won their only State Title in 1994. The boys hadn't made a State Tournament appearance since 1963 and have never won a title. 

Morrow's squad picked up ten wins in its first season and peaked at 24-2 last year with a Frontier Valley Conference Championship and State Tournament appearance, falling 64-54 to Deer Creek in the Semifinals. Morrow is 80-44 in his head coaching career.

Savage's eight wins in his first season were as many as the Sandites recorded in the prior three seasons combined. In 2016 they finished their first winning season since 2000 and this year they made their first Area finals appearance since 1970 to punch their ticket to State. Savage is 65-61 at Sand Springs and 370-154 overall. 

Frontier Valley sends four teams to Girls' State Tournament

No. 3 Owasso (23-3) started the season short-handed and two of their three losses came in December. They are currently riding a fourteen game win streak and will take on No. 7 Edmond Memorial (20-7) Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Comparing mutual opponents they have very similar records, winning by an average margin of 5.8 points. 

No. 13 Sand Springs (18-7) started the season with eight-straight victories, then closed the regular season 7-7. They are currently riding a five game win streak and will take on the defending State Champions in No. 6 Choctaw (22-5) Thursday at 3:30 p.m. The two have only one mutual opponent in Ponca City. Choctaw topped the Wildcats by fourteen, while Sand Springs split two games. The Sandites won by sixteen in the season opener, but lost by ten later in the year. 

No. 2 Bartlesville (26-1) was the only undefeated team left in Class 6A, and one of only four undefeateds in the state when they fell 50-42 to Sand Springs in the Area finals. They will meet No. 4 Edmond Santa Fe (20-6) in the quarterfinals, Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The two are 4-0 against mutual opponents with Bartlesville averaging an 11.25-point victory and Santa Fe winning by a six-point average. 

No. 10 Bixby (20-7) will play No. 1 Putnam City West (22-3) Thursday at 8:30 p.m. The Patriots are 8-0 against mutual opponents with an average victory margin of 30 points, while the Spartans are 3-2 with an average win of 4.4 points. 

The girls' quarterfinal games will all be played at Tulsa Memorial High School at 5840 South Hudson Avenue. The semifinals will be played Friday at the Oral Roberts University Mabee Center at 10:30 a.m. and noon. The Mabee Center is located at 7777 South Lewis Avenue in Tulsa. The Championship round will be Saturday at noon. 

FVC and Central Oklahoma send three apiece to Boys' Tournament

No. 6 Edmond Santa Fe (20-6) and No. 7 Putnam City West (20-6) will kick off the tournament at 2:00 p.m. Santa Fe 6-2 against mutual opponents, winning by an average difference of nine points, while Putnam West is 7-2 with an average win of twelve points. 

No. 4 Union (22-4) started the season 4-3, then went 18-1 with their only loss coming to Broken Arrow. They are currently riding a ten game streak and will take on No. 3 Putnam City North (22-5) at 3:30 p.m. Union is 4-1 against mutual opponents, averaging a 26-point win. Putnam North is 6-0, averaging a 27-point win. 

No. 1 Broken Arrow (24-2) is riding a seven game streak after falling 77-70 to No. 8 Owasso (21-6) and will play No. 11 Edmond Memorial (16-11) at 7:00 p.m. Both teams are undefeated against mutual opponents, Broken Arrow winning by ten points on average, and Memorial winning by nineteen. 

No. 10 Sand Springs (19-7) will play No. 2 Norman North (24-2) at 8:30 p.m. in a rematch of their prior year's Area appearance. The Timberwolves are riding a sixteen game win streak. The two have only one mutual opponent this season in Sapulpa, who Norman North beat by five and Sand Springs beat by nine and three. 

The boys' quarterfinals will be held at Catoosa High School at 2000 South Cherokee Street. The semifinals and finals will be at the Mabee Center. Semifinal games will be Friday at 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and the Championship round will be Saturday at 7:45 p.m.

Boys Qualifiers

Top Offenses - Avg Points Scored
74.6 Putnam City West
72.3 Putnam City North
70.4 Edmond Santa Fe
69.6 Broken Arrow
68.8 Norman North
66.8 Union
62.2 Sand Springs
54.4 Edmond Memorial

Top Defenses - Avg Points Allowed
50.0 Broken Arrow
50.3 Edmond Memorial
50.5 Union
54.7 Sand Springs
54.9 Norman North
59.5 Edmond Santa Fe
60.1 Putnam City North
60.1 Putnam City West

Avg Margin of Victory
19.5 Broken Arrow
16.4 Union
14.5 Putnam City West
14.0 Norman North
12.1 Putnam City North
10.9 Edmond Santa Fe
7.5 Sand Springs
4.1 Edmond Memorial

Sandite Team Leaders

20.84 Colt Savage
13.42 Davon Richardson
7.85 Cole Durkee
7.19 Cale Savage
6.19 Matt Price

Field Goal Percentage
70.59 Josh Minney
55.00 Gage Fisher
51.24 Davon Richardson
50.20 Colt Savage
49.50 Cale Savage

Three-Point Percentage
45.59 Cale Savage
41.67 Gage Fisher
39.13 Davon Richardson
33.80 Cole Durkee
31.58 Matt Price

Two-Point Percentage
75.00 Josh Minney
63.34 Marlo Fox
62.58 Colt Savage
56.25 Cale Savage
55.00 Kendrick Williams

Free Throw Percentage
76.10 Colt Savage
73.91 Cale Savage
73.08 Cole Durkee
68.75 Davon Richardson
68.09 Matt Price

Offensive Rebounds - Avg
2.30 Davon Richardson
1.26 Colt Savage
1.25 Cole Durkee
0.71 Josh Minney
0.60 Cale Savage

Defensive Rebounds - Avg
4.35 Davon Richardson
4.26 Colt Savage
3.20 Cole Durkee
2.40 Matt Price
1.80 Cale Savage

Total Rebounds - Avg
6.65 Davon Richardson
5.53 Colt Savage
4.45 Cole Durkee
2.80 Matt Price
2.40 Cale Savage

Assists - Avg
1.30 Davon Richardson
1.05 Colt Savage
1.05 Cale Savage
0.85 Matt Price
0.40 Cole Durkee

Steals - Avg
1.63 Colt Savage
1.20 Matt Price
1.15 Davon Richardson
0.75 Cole Durkee
0.65 Cale Savage

Blocks - Avg
0.78 Brett Boyles
0.75 Davon Richardson
0.45 Cole Durkee
0.26 Colt Savage
0.24 Josh Minney

Girls Qualifiers

Top Offenses - Avg Points Scored
74.4 Putnam City West
58.5 Edmond Santa Fe
57.1 Choctaw
56.2 Sand Springs
54.7 Bartlesville
53.5 Owasso
52.2 Bixby
50.1 Edmond Memorial

Top Defenses - Avg Points Allowed
35.2 Bartlesville
39.3 Owasso
41.2 Choctaw
41.9 Edmond Memorial
44.0 Bixby
46.4 Putnam City West
47.0 Sand Springs
49.8 Edmond Santa Fe

Avg Margin of Victory
27.9 Putnam City West
19.6 Bartlesville
15.9 Choctaw
14.2 Owasso
9.2 Sand Springs
8.7 Edmond Santa Fe
8.2 Edmond Memorial
8.2 Bixby

Lady Sandite Team Leaders

18.12 Holly Kersgieter
16.38 Destiny Johnson
9.40 Isabella Regalado
5.60 Jacie Taber
2.76 Kimi Presnell

Field Goal Percentage
49.45 Holly Kersgieter
47.79 Destiny Johnson
45.88 Jacie Taber
38.46 Bree Berge
35.19 Madison Burris

Three-Point Percentage
42.00 Holly Kersgieter
37.50 Jacie Taber
31.52 Isabella Regalado
26.67 Bree Berge
24.44 Kimi Presnell

Two-Point Percentage
54.55 Bree Berge
52.59 Destiny Johnson
52.38 Madison Burris
52.00 Kimi Presnell
51.83 Holly Kersgieter

Free Throw Percentage
73.40 Holly Kersgieter
71.43 Jacie Taber
69.05 Isabella Regalado
65.73 Destiny Johnson
62.50 Kimi Presnell

Offensive Rebounds - Avg
2.35 Holly Kersgieter
1.87 Jacie Taber
1.41 Destiny Johnson
0.87 Isabella Regalado
0.70 Madison Burris

Defensive Rebounds - Avg
5.04 Holly Kersgieter
4.27 Destiny Johnson
3.87 Isabella Regalado
2.61 Jacie Taber
1.78 Madison Burris

Total Rebounds - Avg
7.39 Holly Kersgieter
5.68 Destiny Johnson
4.74 Isabella Regalado
4.48 Jacie Taber
2.48 Madison Burris

Assists - Avg
1.59 Destiny Johnson
1.39 Jacie Taber
1.22 Holly Kersgieter
0.43 Isabella Regalado
0.36 Bree Berge

Steals - Avg
2.52 Holly Kersgieter
2.09 Destiny Johnson
1.78 Jacie Taber
0.83 Isabella Regalado
0.83 Kimi Presnell

Blocks - Avg
0.68 Destiny Johnson
0.48 Isabella Regalado
0.35 Holly Kersgieter
0.17 Jacie Taber
0.17 Ashlee Bunch