Sandites earn 3 gold, 1 silver medal at Broken Arrow Track Classic

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School Track and Field teams traveled to the Broken Arrow Track Classic this Friday and put up several solid placements with numerous personal records on both the boys' and girls' teams. The Sandites brought home three gold medals: two for the girls and one for the boys. The boys' team placed eighth out of twelve teams, while the girls placed seventh out of eleven teams.

Oklahoma State University-signed senior Cheyenne Walden won her twenty-second gold medal in the 3200m run, finishing in 11:00.14 to beat the runner-up by 1:19. She hasn't lost a 3200m since her freshman year. Southwestern Oklahoma State-signed senior Alexis Davis placed fourth in the event with a personal record of 12:58.39. Walden also won her seventh gold medal in the 1600m run with a time of 5:17.71. 

Aden Baughman won his first-ever event with a 2:00.66 performance in the 800m run. The junior standout was four seconds ahead of the runner up and improved eleven seconds on his personal record. He also placed third in the 1600 with a time of 4:48.68.

Joel Mackey placed sixth in the 100m dash in 11.20 and sixth in the 200m dash in 23.20. Jaelyn Jackson placed fourth in the 400m dash with a PR of 52:45.

Mackey, Kameron Carpenter, Ben Nortey, and Preston Medlin ran the boys' 400m relay in 45.86 seconds for an eighth place finish and the best Sandite performance in the last two seasons. Nortey had the fastest split of the group in 9.71 seconds. 

Carpenter, Mackey, Pierson Balsters, and Jaelyn Jackson ran the 1600m relay in 3:44.41 for eighth place, knocking 1.3 seconds off their prior week's performance. Carpenter was first out the gate and had the fastest time at 53 seconds.

Madelynn Adams, Kaileeann Worthington, Elizabeth Watts, and Tiqvah Soap placed eleventh in the 1600m relay with a time of 4:46.93, knocking 4.05 seconds off their season-debut time at Owasso. Adams had the fastest split at 1:09.

Jackson, Ian Baustert, Jacob Garbey, and Aden Baughman had a remarkable performance in the 3200m relay, taking second place with a time of 8:34.28. They were only nine seconds behind Union and posted their best time of the past two seasons, improving 14 seconds on their prior performance. Baughman had the best time of the four in 2:03.

The Sandites will return to action Friday at 4:00 p.m. at the Stillwater Pioneer Relays.

Girls Champions

4x100m Relay: Union 48.69
4x200m Relay: Jenks 1:44.32
4x400m Relay: Jenks 4:06.59
4x800m Relay: Enid 10:28.52
100m Hurdles: Ashanti Mack (BA) 16.89
300m Hurdles: Zoe McGowan (BA) 49.45
100m Dash: Brandee Presley (Bixby) 11.90
200m Dash: Brandee Presley (Bixby) 25.15
400m Dash: Ally Ryan (Jenks) 57.64
800m Run: Hannah Berry (Sapulpa) 2:30.04
1600m Run: Cheyenne Walden (CPHS) 5:17.71
3200m Run: Cheyenne Walden (CPHS) 11:00.14
High Jump: Jessica Kissam (Enid)/Shelbi Day (BA) 5'00.00"
Long Jump: D Sani Levy (Enid) 17'07.50"
Pole Vault: Aaliyah Villalobos (Union) 9'07.00"
Discus Throw: Tyrzah Stinson (Union) 137'08.00"
Shot Put: Tyrzah Stinson (Union) 38'09.50"

Team Scores:

  1. Union (195.0)
  2. Jenks (126.0)
  3. Broken Arrow (117.0)
  4. Bixby (85.0)
  5. Enid (83.0)
  6. Sapulpa (28.0)
  7. Sand Springs (25.0)
  8. Muskogee (22.0)
  9. Glenpool (19.0)
  10. Jenks JV (6.0)
  11. Broken Arrow JV (1.0)

Lady Sandites

4x100m Relay: Did Not Participate
4x200m Relay: DNP
4x400 Relay: (11th Place) 4:46.93
4x800m Relay: DNP
100m Hurdles: DNP
300m Hurdles: Elizabeth Watts (9th) 55.75
100m Dash: 
Ti'akeya Palmer (16th) 13.92
Adrianna Tapp (17th) 14.00
Wanageeska Williams (18th) 14.08
Destiney Johnson (32nd) 15.09
200m Dash: 
Destiny Johnson (13th) 29.72
Kaileeann Worthington (16th) 30.61
Madelynn Adams (17th) 30.66
Wanageeska Williams (28th) 33.46
Erendira Cuevas (31st) 36.01
400m Dash: Jessica Gibson (13th) 1:14.45
800m Run: Tiqvah Soap (7th) 2:46.91
1600m Run: 
Cheyenne Walden (1st) 5:17.71
Tiqvah Soap (9th) 6:14.52
3200m Run: 
Cheyenne Walden (1st) 11:00.14
Alexis Davis (4th) 12:58.39
High Jump: Elizabeth Watts (6th) 4'08.00"
Long Jump: DNP
Pole Vault: DNP
Discus Throw: DNP
Shot Put: DNP

Boys Champions

4x100m Relay: Union 42.54
4x200m Relay: Union 1:27.44
4x400m Relay: Jenks 3:29.18
4x800m Relay: Union 8:25.82
110m Hurdles: Devontae Armstead (Union) 14.80
300m Hurdles: Henry Falls (Jenks) 39.74
100m Dash: J.T. McCloud (Union) 10.70
200m Dash: Keviyon Cooper (Union) 21.90
400m Dash: Keviyon Cooper (Union) 49.18
800m Run: Aden Baughman (CPHS) 2:00.66
1600m Run: Matt Young (Jenks) 4:33.85
3200m Run: Matt Young (Jenks) 9:50
High Jump: Odoala Mills (Union) 5'10.00"
Long Jump: CJ Moore (Union) 22'09.00"
Pole Vault: Zach Legg (Bixby) 14'07.00"
Discus Throw: Mike Edwards (Muskogee) 156'00.00"
Shot Put: Jordan Kelley (Union) 50'07.00"

Team Scores:

  1. Union (195.0)
  2. Jenks (91.0)
  3. Glenpool (62.5)
  4. Bixby (58.0)
  5. Muskogee (50.0)
  6. Enid (47.0)
  7. Broken Arrow (45.0)
  8. Sand Springs (44.0)
  9. Sapulpa (31.0)
  10. Nathan Hale (13.5)
  11. Jenks JV (8.0)
  12. Enid JV (4.0)


4x100m Relay: (8th) 45.86
4x200m Relay: Did Not Participate
4x400m Relay: (8th) 3:44.41
4x800m Relay: (2nd) 8:34.28
110m Hurdles: DNP
300m Hurdles: 
Josh Ivy (13th) 52.02
Alex Newport (14th) 52.27
100m Dash: 
Joel Mackey (6th) 11.20
Kameron Carpenter (17th) 11.64
Payton Scott (23rd) 11.88
Nathan McKnight (26th) 11.96
200m Dash: 
Joel Mackey (6th) 23.20
Ben Nortey (20th) 24.97
Nathan McKnight (23rd) 25.50
Casper Palmer (29th) 26.67
400m Dash: 
Jaelyn Jackson (4th) 52.45
Pierson Balsters (21st) 56.82
800m Run: 
Aden Baughman (1st) 2:00.66
Nelson Yazzie (8th) 2:12.32
1600m Run: Aden Baughman (3rd) 4:48.68
3200m Run: DNP
High Jump: DNP
Long Jump: DNP
Pole Vault: DNP
Discus Throw: DNP
Shot Put: Kris Edwards 47'02.50"