Sandites dominate in 75-44 rout of Wichita

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Morgan Miller

The Wichita Defenders were outclassed and outplayed by the far larger Charles Page team. Fifteen Sandites saw action in the Thursday Night tournament opener at Tulsa Memorial High School's Veterans Arena, meanwhile Wichita only even brought seven boys to play. They weren't without talent, simply facing a giant. This time Goliath crushed David. 

The Sand Springs boys didn't start the season with a tune-up game like they normally do, instead jumping right into the action with back-to-back wins over ranked opponents for a 2-0 season start. Now they're finally getting to slow down and test their depth in a tournament schedule that should be a breeze. 

#19 Sand Springs improved to 3-0 over the now 3-8 Kansas team. Three Sandites saw double digits, ten got to score. It was Wichita sophomore Noah Roberts with the game-high 23 points, however. 

Most of Wichita's baskets were free throws and the team shot 17/23 from the line against Sand Springs's team record of 3/8. 

Sophomore starters Brooks Haddock and Colt Savage starting off the scoring melee with a series of three-pointers for a 12-5 lead, demonstrating quickly the type of game to come. Those two were the top scorers for the night--Savage with a team-high 16, Haddock with 13.

Kyle Keener, the team giant, was next in on the action, scoring 6 in the first period and ending with 10 for the night. At 6'6" he also registered a team-high 4 blocks to add to his 2 defensive rebounds. 

By the end of the first period Sand Springs had doubled their opposition 28-14, and began to send in the second-string to run the score up to 39-21 for the half.

The third period was by far the most exciting as the Sandites outscored their opponent 23-4 and only allowed 1 field goal. 

Cale Savage saw his first varsity action for the season, leading the second string with a perfect 3-for-3 scoring 9 points. The freshman was followed closely by senior Tyler Smith with 8.

Charles Page will next take on Tulsa NOAH (5-2) tonight at 6:30. The Jaguars are coming off back-to-back losses to Memorial of 103-42 and 75-38.