Sandites Pull Out Win In Regionals

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief     

It was a great night for the Sand Springs Sandites as they sealed their spot in Area with a playoff win in the first round of regionals. The Sandites took on Edmond North at Owasso tonight in a back and forth game that at times seemed a sure-win and others seemed like anybody’s game.

The Huskies took the lead again with another two point field goal, but Perry was right behind them dropping a three for a 5-4 lead. Keener sank another two, despite a foul, then sank his free throw taking us to an 8-4 lead. Haddock, Nichols, and Jacob Taber also got on the scoreboard in the first period in a back and forth period that the Sandites pulled to a slight 17-11 lead in.

The second period was a lot closer as Edmond outscored us 22-12 and took a 33-29 lead after previously trailing by as many as ten points. Perry, Keener, Nichols, and Savage all got on the board in the second period.

The second half was a lot more intense as the Sandites played catch-up with the Huskies. Keener struck first with a two point field goal, but Edmond was right behind him sinking a three. Edmond increased their lead to 44-31 before the Sandites found their momentum. Haddock was fouled on a layup and sank both of his three throw, then Keener sank a two, getting us back within ten digits of the Huskies. Edmond scored a two pointer next, but Mack Thompson sank a three for his first goal of the night, then Keener and Nichols narrowed it to 49-42. Haddock stole the ball and it ended up with Taber for two, then Perry struck with a three for the last goal of the third period as the Sandites trailed by a close 49-47.

Edmond got out to an early lead in the fourth, racking it up to 53-47. Taber managed a two point field goal, but Edmond ran it back up to an 8 point lead less than two minutes in. Then the Sandites rallied. Savage, Thompson, and Haddock scored an unanswered 9 points taking a short lead before the Huskies got a field goal and the game was a tight 60-59 with only three minutes left. Edmond got up to 63, but Haddock was right behind with a pair of three pointers, taking a short lived lead before Edmond tied it up at 65 with 1:13 left. Evan Perry broke the tie with a two pointer, then it was a mad scramble to prevent Edmond from scoring in the final minute. The Sandites got a turnover and were just trying to hold on to the ball till the clock ran out, when the Huskies fouled Colt Savage with 7 seconds left and he was able to put the icing on the cake with a pair of free throws that handed the Sandites a 69-65 win and a ticket to Area.

The Sandites will take on the Owasso Rams tomorrow in the Regional Championship game, but both teams will advance to Area.

Individual scores are as follows

Brooks Haddock with 17 points, 4/4 on free throws.

Kyle Keener with 14 points, 6/7 on free throws.

Colt Savage with 11 points, 3/3 on free throws.

Evan Perry with 10 points.

Jacob Taber with 6 points.

Arvionte Nichols with 6 points.

Mack Thompson with 5 points.

                The Lady Sandites lost their regional game against Sapulpa 72-38 tonight, but won their first regional game against Bartlesville so they too will be going to Area. They will take on the loser of tomorrow’s game between Midwest City and Owasso on Thursday, March 5th at 8:00 at Will Rogers.

 Colt Savage, Evan Perry, Arvionte Nichols, Brooks Haddock, and Kyle Keener started for the Sandites tonight. Edmond won tip off and struck first, taking a 2-0 lead. Minutes later, Kyle Keener was fouled on a layup and sank both of his free throws tying the game up.