Third Time Was NOT The Charm For Lady Bruins

                The Lady Sandites have had a solid season this year, going 11-10 in the regular season, their first winning season since 2010-2011.  Earlier in the season they defeated the Lady Bruins 47-41 at home, then beat them again 51-48 in a nail bitter at Bartlesville. Despite beating them twice and having a better record, the Sandites were ranked far below the 11-12 Bruins. The Sandites were ranked 18th in 6A by the OSSAA whereas the Bruins were ranked 15th. MaxPreps ranked the Sandites 153rd in the State and 4950 in the nation, as opposed to the Bruins’ ranking of 116 in the state and 3493 in the nation. Tonight the girls proved those rankings wrong.

The starting lineup for the Sandites was Junior Lauren Foster, Sophomore Sydney Pennington, Junior CJ Scott, Senior Morgan Pennington, and Freshman Gloria Mutiri.

The Bruins won tip off but didn’t have much time to do anything as the ball was promptly picked off by Sydney Pennington. The Sandites got on the board first with a 2-point field goal from Foster.

Sand Springs burned their first timeout with 6:54 left on the clock and Jessica Collins checked in. The Bruins got on the board and tied it up at 2-2. Gloria took a shot for 2 on the next drive but missed. The rebound was picked off by Collins who gave the Sandites a 4-2 lead. That lead didn’t last long, however, as the Bruins quickly tied it up again. Foster was next to score for the Sandites, giving us a 6-4 lead.

Morgan took a shot at a three pointer but missed. Gloria grabbed the rebound and was immediately fouled by a Bruin. Gloria sank her first free throw but missed the second which was rebounded by Sydney for a two point goal. Sandites lead 9-4.

Foster scored next for the Sandites, increasing the lead to 11-4, but on the next drive fouled a Bruin who proceeded to shoot two for two from the free throw line. 11-6 Sandites.

The Bruins followed it up with a field goal putting us 11-8. Foster caught a rebound from Bartlesville’s next possession, then scored a two-pointer taking us to 13-8.

With less than two minutes, Bartlesville had the ball but Sydney tips a pass and Scott grabs it, then passes it back to Sydney for a layup. Sandites lead 15-8.

Bartlesville got possession to start the second period but after several failed shots, the Sandites were the first to score in the second period as Gloria sank a two-pointer. Sydney fouled a Bruin who shot two for two from the free throw line bringing the score to 17-10.

Halfway through the period Sydney managed a steal, ran it all the way back for a layup despite a foul, then shot one for two on free throws bringing it to 20-10.

Bartlesville shot 2/2 on free throws, then Collins dropped a three, followed by Sydney with a steal for another three. Bartlesville scored next bringing the score to 26-14. Sydney scored a two point field goal next, then got fouled on a layup. After Sydney missed her first free throw, Grace Mutiri briefly checked in before Sydney made her second free throw, scoring the last point of the half. The first half expired and the Sandites led 30-16.

The Bruins found their feet in the second half and outscored the Sandites in the third period bringing it quickly to a close 32-31 by halfway through the period. Sydney got fouled on an attempted layup and shot two for two from the free throw line bringing it to 34-31, but the Bruins quickly responded with a two point field goal. Morgan got on the board next bring it to 37-33. Bartlesville got a two with under a minute bringing it to 37-35 going into the final period.

The Fourth period started with a series of misses from both sides before the Sandites finally connected a handoff from Scott to Gloria for two. Bartlesville also connected on a two then sank a pair of long three taking the lead, 43-39. Collins narrowed it with a pair of freebies, but Bartlesville pulled right back ahead with a layup. Gloria countered with a two pointer and Scott caught Bartlesville’s rebound with 3:00 left. Sydney shot for two but missed due to a foul, then only made one of two free throws leaving us trailing 45-44.

Bartlesville got the ball and burned a couple of timeouts but before they could make anything happen, Gloria stole the ball and got it to Morgan for a long three point field goal, giving the Sandites a 47-45 lead with 2:15 left to play. Bartlesville missed a pair of baskets and Sydney rebounded one and ran it all the way back for a two point layup plus a free throw bringing it to 50-45, Sand Springs.

Bartlesville picked up a free throw from a foul by Scott. Gloria got the rebound with 1:06 left but a traveling call gave Bartlesville the ball in Sandite territory with barely a minute left. Bartlesville was next to foul and Gloria shot two for two bringing it to 52-46 with 22 seconds left. Victory seemed assured.

But Bartlesville was not going down without a fight and they got off a stellar three point field goal with 14 seconds left. They then fouled Morgan who missed her free throw. The Bruins recovered the ball and launched it a fraction of a second before the buzzer, tying it at 52.

It was a mad dash of fumbles and steals for the first minute of overtime before Bartlesville fouled Sydney who then missed her free throw. Bartlesville ran it back for a layup but were fouled by Gloria. They took the lead with a pair of free throws, but with 2:30 left, Sydney got a free throw of her own in. Sandites trailed by one, but another pair of free throws from the Bruins left us back by three. Collins was next to get fouled but missed both of her free throws. Then the foul-fest continued with a foul by Morgan, but Bartlesville was unable to pick up the free throw.

The Sandites took the ball with 1:07 left, then burned a timeout with a minute left to play. Collins launched it to Morgan, but Bartlesville tipped it out. This time Morgan sent it to Collins who sent it right back to Morgan who sank it for a three from way out with 35 seconds left, tying it up at 56. Bartlesville took a timeout next with 26.4 left and in Sandite territory. Bartlesville took a shot and missed and it looked like it was going to be double overtime, but a miracle happened as Bartlesville fouled Morgan with 0.7 seconds left. Morgan sank both her free throws and the Sandites won 58-56!