CPHS Softball: Sandites sweep Haskell Tournament pool, headed to Championship


The undefeated Class 6A No. 14 ranked Charles Page High School slow pitch softball team improved to 8-0 Friday afternoon, winning their pool at the Haskell tournament. They prevailed 10-5 against 5A No. 18 Berryhill (7-5), 14-2 against 4A No. 17 Haskell (11-13), and 6-2 against No. 19 Bixby (4-13).

The Lady Sandites scored in four out of five innings against Berryhill, outhitting their foes 15-7 with three home runs.

The Maidens loaded the bases with singles in the top of the first and scored one on an error but stranded three. Felicity Horn went yard in the bottom of the inning to take the lead once and for all. Sabrina Usher hit a single and Makenna Skaggs hit a second homer for a 4-1 advantage.

Avery Tanner scored on an RBI single from Raegan Rector in the second inning, Usher hit a homer in the third, and the Sandites loaded the bases in the fourth. Aliyah Taff doubled in two, Rector hit a sacrifice fly, and Taff scored on an error to make it 10-1. Berryhill tried to stage a comeback in the fifth, scoring four runs on three hits and two walks.

The victory over the tournament hosts was even more dominant as the Sandites outhit the Haymakers 17-5 for the run-rule victory in only three innings.

Haskell scored two runs in the first inning on RBI doubles from Elise Bowman and Chassi Dowdy, but those would be their only points of the game. Luttrell hit a three-run homer to score Horn and Usher, then Rachael Jones hit a three-run homer to score Skaggs and Bechtold for a 6-2 lead.

Hawkins scored on a sacrifice hit from Horn in the second inning and Usher hit a two-run homer on the next pitch. Bechtold scored two on a single to make it 11-2. With two outs and loaded bases in the bottom of the third, Horn hit a two-run single and Usher brought in Rector to secure the victory.

The game against Bixby was the lowest-scoring performance of the season for the Sandites and their first game without a home run, but it was enough. Taff (3-0) pitched five hits and four walks in the win.

Neither team scored in the first inning but Madison Lee scored Skaggs on a single in the bottom of the second, Bechtold scored on a fielder’s choice, and Hawkins hit an RBI single to score Tanner for the 3-0 lead.

Alyssa Galliart got the Spartans on the board, scoring on a single from Ashlyn Seager in the top of the third. The Sandites responded with two more runs in the bottom of the inning. Horn scored on a fielder’s choice and Bechtold batted in Usher on a single.

Bixby scored their final run in the top of the fifth when Betsy Bales scored on a fielder’s choice, and Rector scored the Sandites’ final run on a fielder’s choice in the bottom of the fifth.

Luttrell (5-0) got the wins against Haskell and Berryhill. She threw seven hits and three walks against Berryhill and five hits and no walks against Haskell. She also pitched one inning of relief against Bixby, walking two with one strikeout.

Sandite softball will return to action Friday night at 6:45 p.m. when they play No. 15 Jenks (5-10) for the tournament title.

Batting Average
.667 Bechtold
.607 Horn
.607 Usher
.571 Luttrell
.529 Hawkins
.500 Tanner
.500 Rector
.481 Skaggs
.480 Jones
.417 Lee
.286 Taff

Slugging Average
1.68 Luttrell
1.36 Usher
1.08 Bechtold
1.07 Horn
.933 Rector
.920 Jones
.818 Tanner
.815 Skaggs
.529 Hawkins
.333 Taff

On Base %
.704 Bechtold
.667 Hawkins
.645 Usher
.633 Horn
.600 Luttrell
.542 Tanner
.533 Skaggs
.531 Rector
.500 Jones
.440 Lee
.375 Taff

17 Horn
16 Luttrell
13 Usher
10 Bechtold
10 Rector
10 Skaggs
9 Jones
9 Lee
9 Tanner
8 Hawkins
6 Taff
3 Burks

14 Luttrell
14 Usher
12 Tanner
11 Bechtold
10 Rector
9 Lee
8 Jones
6 Horn
4 Taff
3 Skaggs
1 Hawkins

17 Horn
17 Usher
16 Luttrell
16 Bechtold
15 Rector
13 Skaggs
12 Jones
11 Tanner
10 Lee
9 Hawkins
6 Taff

12 Bechtold
11 Horn
10 Usher
10 Rector
9 Hawkins
8 Skaggs
8 Lee
7 Jones
7 Tanner
5 Taff
5 Luttrell

3 Skaggs
2 Horn
2 Tanner
2 Jones
2 Lee
1 Bechtold
1 Luttrell
1 Rector
1 Taff

1 Horn
1 Tanner

Home Runs
10 Luttrell
7 Usher
4 Rector
3 Bechtold
3 Horn
3 Jones
2 Skaggs
1 Tanner

Grand Slams
1 Luttrell
1 Usher

6.25 Luttrell
7.44 Taff

W-L Record
5-0 Luttrell
3-0 Taff

2.43 Luttrell
2.50 Taff

54.0% Luttrell
50.8% Taff

10 Luttrell
3 Taff