CPHS Basketball: Lady Sandite Season Rewind


The Class 6A No. 6 ranked Charles Page High School girls’ basketball team (21-5) racked up three trophies this season, ending the year with their fourth-straight winning record and third-straight State Tournament appearance.

Sand Springs went on an eight-game win streak before falling 59-52 to No. 12 Norman (23-7) at Tulsa Memorial High School in the State Tournament Quarterfinals. Norman went on to win the Championship.

The Lady Sandites won the Frontier Valley Conference, their third-straight Regional Championship, and their third-straight Area Championship. They were undefeated in a loaded conference that featured two additional Regional Champions, and one additional Area Champion.

The Sandites endured only five losses, all to quality opponents. They lost to Ponca, but paid it back twice. They lost to Shawnee, who made it State. They lost to Choctaw, who fell one round short of State. And they lost to the two State finalists, Norman and Norman North.

In the second game of the season, the Sandites dominated Muskogee 109-39. It was the highest-scoring performance of any 6A team all season, and was one of only two 100-point games by a 6A team all season.

They beat fourteen ranked opponents, four top-ten opponents, and two top-five opponents. They beat their rivals from Sapulpa twice, they beat the defending Conference Champs from Bartlesville twice, and they beat the defending State Champs from Owasso twice.

University of Kansas-signed senior Holly Kersgieter led the team in scoring on seventeen occasions with nine double-doubles and a career-high performance of 38 points in a 75-62 overtime victory against Jenks. She led the team in numerous statistical categories with 19.2 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game with a 37.8% three-point percentage and 76.1% free throw percentage.

University of Tulsa-signee Destiny Johnson led the team in ten games with one double-double. She scored a season-best 29 points in back-to-back games against Sapulpa and Owasso. She averaged 16.6 points per game and led the team with 2.8 steals and the best overall field goal percentage at 48.3%.

Northeastern State University-signed senior Isabella Regalado never led the team, but had seven double-digit performances, including a double-double against Jenks and a season-best eighteen points against Broken Arrow.

Jacie Taber, a Missouri State Softball-signee, recorded one double-double and a career-best fifteen points against Bartlesville. She led the team in two-point percentage at 54.4%.

Several underclassmen had remarkable performances over the course of the season, showing their potential in the years to come when they no longer have to share the ball with a handful of Division One talents.

Madison Burris scored a career-high fourteen points against Moore, Reagan Padilla scored a career-high fourteen against Owasso, and Darrian Jordan scored a career-high sixteen against Ponca City. The team will return a total of ten players with varsity experience, including Mikah Hampton who was the only freshman to see action this season.

Head Coach Tobey Nightingale improved her career coaching record to 30-21 in her first season as a Sandite and second year leading a varsity program.

Charles Page High School Girls Team Stats

Average Box Score
CPHS 60 Opponent 48
1Q: CPHS 16-11.
2Q: CPHS 13-11.
3Q: CPHS 14-12.
4Q: CPHS 16-13.
(OT: CPHS 16-3).
Free Throws: CPHS 15-of-21, Opp 9-of-14.
2-pt Shooting: CPHS 16-of-33, Opp 12-of-28.
3-pt Shooting: CPHS 5-of-15, Opp 5-of-19.
Field Goals: CPHS 20-of-48, Opp 17-of-48.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 11, Opp 8.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 20, Opp 15.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 30, Opp 23.
Steals: CPHS 10, Opp 8.
Blocks: CPHS 2, Opp 2.
Fouls: CPHS 14, Opp 16.

Individual Stats

Points Per Game
19.2 Kersgieter
16.6 Johnson
7.2 Regalado
4.4 Burris
4.3 Taber
3.7 Padilla
3.4 Jordan
1.6 Harris
1.3 Hampton
1.3 Bunch
1.2 Cheney
0.8 Solis
0.4 Hughes
0.4 Shrum

Field Goal Percentage*
(Minimum 15 attempts, both ranges)
48.3% Johnson
46.5% Kersgieter
35.4% Burris
32.1% Regalado
30.6% Padilla

Three-Point Percentage*
(Minimum 15 attempts)
37.8% Kersgieter
32.9% Burris
28.6% Regalado
25.8% Padilla
23.7% Johnson

Two-Point Percentage*
(Minimum 15 attempts)
54.4% Taber
53.9% Johnson
50.8% Jordan
48.4% Kersgieter
40.0% Burris
36.8% Regalado
33.3% Padilla

Free-Throw Percentage*
(Minimum 15 attempts)
76.1% Kersgieter
75.9% Johnson
75.6% Padilla
72.0% Regalado
66.0% Taber
56.4% Jordan
52.9% Burris

Offensive Rebounds
3.5 Kersgieter
1.8 Regalado
1.6 Taber
1.2 Johnson
0.9 Jordan
0.9 Burris
0.8 Solis
0.5 Padilla
0.3 Hampton
0.3 Bunch
0.2 Shrum
0.2 Cheney
0.1 Harris
0.1 Hughes

Defensive Rebounds
5.7 Kersgieter
3.4 Regalado
3.1 Taber
2.5 Johnson
2.0 Padilla
1.9 Burris
1.0 Jordan
0.8 Cheney
0.8 Solis
0.3 Shrum
0.3 Hughes
0.2 Harris
0.2 Hampton
0.2 Brown
0.1 Bunch

Total Rebounds
9.2 Kersgieter
5.2 Regalado
4.6 Taber
3.7 Johnson
2.8 Burris
2.4 Padilla
2.0 Jordan
1.6 Solis
1.0 Cheney
0.5 Hampton
0.5 Shrum
0.4 Bunch
0.3 Harris
0.3 Hughes
0.2 Brown

1.4 Kersgieter
1.3 Johnson
0.7 Taber
0.7 Burris
0.4 Padilla
0.4 Regalado
0.2 Jordan
0.2 Hampton
0.2 Hughes
0.1 Shrum

2.8 Johnson
2.0 Kersgieter
1.5 Taber
1.2 Regalado
1.0 Burris
0.7 Padilla
0.6 Jordan
0.6 Solis
0.5 Cheney
0.3 Hampton
0.3 Shrum
0.3 Hughes
0.3 Bunch
0.1 Harris

0.5 Regalado
0.5 Burris
0.5 Johnson
0.4 Kersgieter
0.2 Taber
0.2 Padilla
0.1 Solis
0.1 Hughes
0.1 Hampton

2.8 Taber
2.6 Regalado
2.2 Johnson
1.9 Kersgieter
1.9 Burris
1.5 Padilla
1.4 Jordan
0.5 Cheney
0.3 Hampton
0.3 Shrum
0.2 Harris
0.2 Brown
0.1 Bunch
0.1 Solis