Boys Basketball: Booker T. Washington wins 16th State Title, Phipps scores 42


The Class 6A No. 2 ranked Booker T. Washington High School boys’ basketball (26-2) claimed their first State Title since 2011 Saturday night at the Mabee Center, setting the new state record at sixteen total. They were previously tied with Millwood for most Oklahoma basketball titles.

The win also gave the Frontier Valley Conference the lead in top-classification State Titles at nineteen, surpassing the Green Country Conference.

The Hornets knocked off the defending State Champions, No. 16 Putnam City North (16-14), in their first season back in 6A. They won a 6A title in 1996, then dropped to the 5A level for their next six titles.

Trey Phipps scored 42 points, followed by Seth Hurd with 22 in the 82-70 victory. Phipps totaled 65 and Hurd had 59 over the course of the tournament.

The Hornets were a heavy favorite from the very beginning, coming off a pair of finals appearances in 5A. They had a mid-season twelve-game win streak and ended the season on a twelve-game streak as well.

Top-ranked Edmond Memorial had the longest win streak of the season at nineteen before being upset by Putnam North in the semifinals. The Panthers may have been the defending Champions, but they were a dark horse entering the post-season with a break-even record.

Edmond Memorial had the biggest win of the season at 87-17 over Capitol Hill. Midwest City had the highest-scoring game, 107-59 against Enid.

State Tournament Results
Booker T. Washington 82-70 Putnam North.
SF: Booker T. Washington 61-59 Southmoore.
SF: Putnam North 74-70 Edmond Memorial.
QF: Booker T. Washington 64-58 Putnam West.
QF: Southmoore 65-49 Putnam City.
QF: Edmond Memorial 61-50 Sapulpa.
QF: Putnam North 68-57 Midwest City.

6A Teams by win/loss record
Booker T. Washington (26-2)
Edmond Memorial (26-3)
Sapulpa (21-5)
Midwest City (20-7)
Edmond Santa Fe (20-7)
Putnam West (20-8)
Norman North (18-8)
Jenks (18-8)
Southmoore (20-9)
Stillwater (16-8)
Sand Springs (17-9)
Owasso (16-10)
Union (15-10)
Shawnee (14-10)
Deer Creek (15-11)
Putnam City (15-12)
Lawton (13-11)
Putnam City North (16-14)
Edmond North (12-12)
Norman (12-14)
Bartlesville (11-13)
Yukon (10-12)
U.S. Grant (10-13)
Ponca City (7-16)
Enid (7-16)
Broken Arrow (7-16)
Westmoore (6-17)
Moore (6-18)
Mustang (5-19)
Bixby (3-20)
Muskogee (2-19)
Choctaw (2-20)

Top Boys’ Offenses (Point Average)
75.3 Booker T. Washington
74.7 Sapulpa
74.1 Putnam City West
73.9 Midwest City
67.6 Putnam City North
66.2 Norman North
66.0 Putnam City
65.4 Edmond Memorial
63.2 Jenks
63.0 Union

Top Boys’ Defenses
47.7 Edmond Memorial
51.3 Bartlesville
52.3 Edmond Santa Fe
52.3 Shawnee
52.6 Jenks
54.2 Southmoore
54.3 U.S. Grant
54.5 Norman
54.6 Deer Creek
54.7 Norman North
54.7 Sand Springs

Highest Avg Margin of Victory
17.7 Edmond Memorial
14.5 Booker T. Washington
13.0 Midwest City
12.0 Sapulpa
11.6 Norman North
10.6 Jenks
9.8 Putnam West
8.7 Edmond Santa Fe
7.7 Southmoore
7.3 Shawnee

6A Conference Post-Season Records
14-9 Big Ten - 2 Regional Champs, 2 Area Consolation Champs, 2 Area Champs.
15-13 Frontier Valley - 4 Regional Champs, 2 Area Champs, State Champs.
14-18 Central Oklahoma - 2 Regional Champs, 2 Area Consolation Champs.
0-1 Suburban
0-1 All-City