Lady Sandite Softball wins 3rd Annual Monster Ball 13-12 over Sandite Baseball

The Charles Page High School Softball team won the third annual Monster Ball Thursday night at the Sandite Softball Complex, defeating the Baseball team 13-12 in extra innings. The costumed slow-pitch game raised $1,353 for Sand Springs Special Olympics.

The baseball team played with a heavy handicap, starting with three balls and one strike. They had to bat with their non-dominant hand and couldn’t lead off while base running. Despite all this, they still gave the Lady Sandites a run for their money, and would have won if the game ended in seven innings as originally planned.

Seth Villines, dressed as a unicorn, hit a home run in the top of the first for the baseball lead, but a devilish Rachel Jones took the first softball lead in the bottom of the third with a 2RBI double off the center field wall. An alien Liz Luttrell and a Madison Lee Pooh Bear scored on the hit.

Ethan Sartin, dressed as Head Baseball Coach James Garrison, tied it up with an off-the-wall double in the top of the fourth. Cal Watkins, as a pink poodle, hit an RBI single for the 3-2 lead.

Kyler Copeland came as Sloth from the Goonies, but had to remove his mask to find the ball. Find it he did, drilling an RBI triple to make it 4-2. President Donald Trump scored in the top of the seventh. Ty Davis hit an in-the-park home run and Sophia Regalado scored in the bottom of the inning.

The baseball team had a 5-4 lead when the game was supposed to end, but the night was young and the coaches agreed to extend the show and go nine innings.

Morty Smith scored on a triple from a large chicken in the top of the eighth, but Luttrell hit a 2RBI double to tie it and came in on an error for the lead. Avery Tanner walked and Jones hit a home run to make it 9-6.

By the top of the ninth the Lady Sandites had sneaked more than twenty players on the field, but they couldn’t stop a two-run homer from Villines, or an RBI single from Trump to tie it at 9-9.

The game went to one pitch per plate appearance in the tenth inning. Villines hit an RBI single and Watkins hit a home run for the 12-9 lead. A cotton candy Jenson Arnold hit a 2RBI single, then Tanner and Luttrell were walked in on loaded bases for the win.

The series is now 2-1 in the softball team’s favor.