CPHS Fishing: Hayden King and Collin Brady 10th in State Standings

The Oklahoma Bass Nation High School Fishing season kicked off Saturday on Lake Tenkiller. Two separate tournaments were held on Saturday and Sunday as the first two legs of a five tournament trail.

The OBN Trail is a privately organized series, not recognized by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association. Teams are responsible for providing their own boat, equipment, and entry fees, and are coached by an adult boat captain. Sand Springs teams turn to local business for sponsorships and donations.

The event had a slot limit preventing the fishers from keeping anything under sixteen inches, and most teams had difficulty bagging more than a single legal catch on either day.

Noble High School’s Jaxon Windsor and Brycen Soliday won the Saturday tournament with four fish totaling 9.5 pounds. No team managed the five-fish limit, and only two teams caught more than two fish in the stingy waters.

Seth Kearns and Cole Scott were the leading Sandites, catching a 3.05-pound fish for sixteenth place. Kyle and Kale Hilligoss caught a 2.27-pounder for 33rd place. Nathan Tavaglione and Daniel Grisham caught a 2.17-pound bass for 38th place, as did Hayden King and Collin Brady. Austin Smith and Joe Nelson caught a 2.09-pound bass for 43rd, closely followed by Mack Taylor and Reese David with a 2.08-pound catch.

Broken Arrow’s Cody Hays and Joey Sabella won the Sunday event with five fish totaling 13.93 pounds. No other team caught more than three fish.

King and Brady had a much-improved second day, finishing in seventh place with three fish totaling 6.54 pounds. They were the only Sand Springs team to land a catch, however.

The next OBN event won’t be until March 30th when the Sandites travel to another back-to-back tournament event on Lake Eufala.

Stilwell’s Raycen Meyer and Jacob Armstrong are in first place on the trail standings with 185 points.

Sandite Trail Standings
10th - King/Brady - 157 points
37th - Kearns/Scott - 95
57th - Hilligoss - 78
63rd - Tavaglione/Grisham - 73
69th - Smith/Nelson - 68
70th - Taylor/David - 67
T75th - Williams/McCarty - 20
T75th - Pennington/Miller - 20
T75th - Haley/DuVall - 20th