CPHS Basketball: Colt Savage named All-Conference First Team, Eric Savage Coach of the Year

Cale, Colt, and Eric Savage celebrate after qualifying for the Sandites' first State Tournament appearance in half a century. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

Cale, Colt, and Eric Savage celebrate after qualifying for the Sandites' first State Tournament appearance in half a century. (Photo: Morgan Miller).

The Charles Page High School boys' basketball team is still celebrating their most successful season in more than half a century. After making their first State Tournament appearance since 1963, the Sandites saw their leading scorer named to the Frontier Valley All-Conference First Team, and their Head Coach named the Conference Coach of the Year. 

Eric Savage, in his fifth season at the helm of the Sandite program, was named Frontier Valley Conference Coach of the Year after taking the boys to a 19-8 record. The three-time 5A State Champion coach came from Tulsa Memorial High School with a 305-93 record to take over a program that had gone 1-21 the year prior. Since then he has gone 65-62 overall and 6-9 in the playoffs. 

Savage's sidekick through the past four years was his eldest son, University of Central Oklahoma-committed senior Colt Savage, who was named to the All-Conference First Team. Sophomore standout Davon Richardson was also key to the Sandites' success, and was named to the All-Conference third Team.

The Sandites finished the season ranked tenth in Class 6A. They went undefeated at the Tulsa Memorial Invitational, placed third at the Duncan Holiday Classic, second at the Regional Tournament, and won the Area Consolation Championship 55-53 over No. 8 Owasso. They gave No. 2 Norman North a run for their money before falling 51-44 in the State Quarterfinals. The Sandites finished fourth in conference standings.

Top Ten Sandite Performances (Points)
44 Richardson 2/9 vs. Owasso
35 Savage 12/15 vs. Redemption
34 Savage 12/19 vs. Owasso
31 Savage 1/30 vs. Bixby
28 Savage 12/5 vs. Sapulpa
27 Savage 12/27 vs. U.S. Grant
25 Richardson 2/16 vs. Bishop Kelley
25 Savage 1/12 vs. Ponca City
25 Savage 2/2 vs. Sapulpa
25 Savage 2/13 vs. Jenks
25 Savage 2/24 vs. Jenks

Frontier Valley Conference Results
13-1 Broken Arrow (25-3)
12-2 Union (22-5)
11-3 Owasso (21-6)
9-5 Sand Springs (19-8)
6-8 Muskogee (9-15)
6-8 Sapulpa (14-10)
4-10 Bishop Kelley (13-14)
4-10 Bartlesville (9-17)
3-11 Jenks (8-16)
2-12 Bixby (7-17)

The Central Oklahoma Conference went 19-18 in the post-season and had the most first-round success of any conference. Norman North, Edmond Santa Fe, and Edmond Memorial won Regional Championships while Edmond North, Westmoore, Norman, Southmoore, and Deer Creek came in runner-up. Norman North and Edmond Santa Fe won Area titles and Edmond Memorial won Area Consolation. Norman North made it to the State semifinals and Santa Fe came in State Runner-Up.

The Big Ten went 11-9 in the posts-season. Putnam City West and Putnam City North won Regional Championships and Midwest City came in Runner-Up to place three in Area. All three lost their first-round Area games. The Putnam schools won the Consolation brackets and North went on to win the State Tournament 65-58 over Edmond Santa Fe.

Frontier Valley went 13-12 in the post-season with Regional Champions in Broken Arrow, Union, and Owasso. Sand Springs came in Runner-Up at Regionals and won the Area Consolation bracket 55-53 over Owasso. Broken Arrow and Union won Area titles and Broken Arrow advanced to the semifinals at State.

Shawnee, the only 6A team in the Suburban Conference, went 0-1 in their first season at the highest division. U.S. Grant and Capitol Hill went 0-2 as the only 6A teams in the All-City Conference.

Top Offenses (Avg. Points Scored)
74.2 Putnam City West
73.6 Midwest City
71.1 Putnam City North
69.4 Edmond Santa Fe
68.3 Broken Arrow
60.0 Norman North
67.8 Sapulpa
67.1 Capitol Hill
66.7 Owasso
66.3 Putnam City

Avg. Margin of Victory
18.0 Broken Arrow
15.7 Union
13.9 Putnam City West
12.9 Norman North
12.1 Owasso
11.5 Putnam City North
10.8 Midwest City
9.8 Edmond Santa Fe
7.0 Sand Springs
6.2 Putnam City

Top Defenses (Avg. Points Allowed)
50.2 Union
50.2 Broken Arrow
50.3 Edmond Memorial
51.1 Stillwater
54.3 Westmoore
54.5 Sand Springs
54.6 Owasso
55.1 Norman North
55.3 Mustang
55.9 Edmond North

Winningest Teams
25-3 Broken Arrow
25-3 Norman North
25-5 Putnam City North
22-5 Union
21-6 Owasso
22-7 Edmond Santa Fe
20-7 Putnam City West
19-8 Midwest City
19-8 Sand Springs
15-9 Norman