Walden and Baughman take gold, Mackey snags silver at Moore track meet

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School Track and Field teams traveled to the 2017 Ken Hogan Invitational in Moore Thursday and had yet another solid performance with four gold, two silver, and three bronze medals. The boys placed seventh overall and the girls came in eighth.

The boys' relay teams continued to impress, taking seventh place in the 400 meter and third place in the 3200 runs. The 400 relay has historically been a weak point for the Sandites, but this team finished in 44.85 for the best time in the thirteen years that Sandite Pride has records for. The 3200 team finished in 8:27.66 for their best performance since the 2013 Regional Champion squad.

The girls participated in three relays, taking eleventh in the 800, eighth in the 1600, and third in the 3200 with times of 1:58.84, 4:46.25, and 10:24.84, respectively.

Oklahoma State University-signed senior Cheyenne Walden took first place in all three of her solo runs. She won her second gold medal in the 800 with a time of 2:22.65, seven seconds ahead of the runner-up. She won her ninth gold medal in the 1600 with a time of 5:18.95 and was nine seconds ahead of the runner-up. She won her twentieth-straight and twenty-fourth overall gold medal in the 3200 with a time of 11:04.26, more than a minute ahead of the runner-up. 

Tiqvah Soap also placed top-ten in both the 800 (7th) and 1600 (8th) with times of 2:35.91 and 5:58.40, respectively.

Aden Baughman won his third-straight 800 run with a time of 2:02.24, just barely edging out the runner-up by half a second. He also set a personal-record in the 1600 with a runner-up finish at 4:41.57 and was less than two seconds behind the winner. Ian Baustert took fifth in the 1600 with a time of 4:54.47.

Joel Mackey improved for the third-straight week in the 200 for a runner-up finish in 22.47, less than half a second behind the winner. Ben Nortey also PRed in the 200 for eleventh place with a time of 24.37.

Jacob Smith (6th) and Danny Murray (10th) both placed top-ten for the first time in their careers in the 3200. Smith finished in 10:50.99 and Murray set a PR at 11:14.76. Jaelyn Jackson placed ninth in the 400 with a time of 52.44 and Jacob Garbey placed tenth in the 800 with a time of 2:11.37.

Adrianna Tapp placed eighth in the 100 dash with a time of 13.53 and set a PR of 28.18 in the 200 for twelfth place. Madelyn Adams, Wanageeska Williams, and Leah Kaufman also set PRs in the 200. 

Kristopher Edwards placed sixth in shot put with a distance of 46'11.00".

Girls Champions

4x100 Relay: Midwest City 48.59
4x200 Relay: Moore 1:43.94
4x400 Relay: Moore 3:58.57
4x800 Relay: Weatherford 9:47.70
100 Hurdles: Rachel Hamel (Mustang) 15.25
300 Hurdles: Rachel Hamel (Mustang) 46.34
100 Dash: Quinsha Whatley (Wmoore) 13.06
200 Dash: Whitney Bridges (Smoore) 25.41
400 Dash: Quintaija Armstrong (Ardmore) 59.54
800 Run: Cheyenne Walden (CPHS) 2:22.65
1600 Run: Cheyenne Walden (CPHS) 5:18.95
3200 Run: Cheyenne Walden (CPHS) 11:04.26
High Jump: Tristen Robb (Wmoore) 4'10.00"
Long Jump: Lakayla Deshields (Smoore) 16'07.75"
Discus Throw: Hannah Bradford (Moore) 115'09.00"
Shot Put: Nikita Sampson (Chickasha) 37'06.00"
Pole Vault: Ashley Martinez (Wmoore) 9'00.00"

Team Scores:

  1. Southmoore 94.000
  2. Westmoore 86.333
  3. Moore 84.333
  4. Midwest City 73.000
  5. Weatherford 72.000
  6. Ardmore 70.000
  7. Mustang 52.000
  8. Sand Springs 48.000
  9. Edmond Santa Fe 38.333
  10. Chickasha 26.000

Lady Sandites

4x100 Relay: Did Not Participate
4x200 Relay: (11th) 1:58.84
4x400 Relay: (8th) 4:46.25
4x800 Relay: (3rd) 10:24.84
100 Hurdles: DNP
300 Hurdles: Elizabeth Watts (15th) 55.82
100 Dash:
Adrianna Tapp (8th) 13.53
Wanageeska Williams (26th) 15.00
200 Dash:
Adrianna Tapp (12th) 28.18
Madelynn Adams (26th) 29.90
Kaileeann Worthington (29th) 30.75
Wanageeska Williams (36th) 32.27
Leah Kaufman (38th) 34.94
Erindira Cuevas (39th) 36.70
400 Dash: 
Stephanie Genn (16th) 1:07.53
Rachel Kaufman (20th) 1:08.83
Jessica Gibson (27th) 1:18.27
800 Run: 
Cheyenne Walden (1st) 2:22.65
Tiqvah Soap (7th) 2:35.91
1600 Run:
Cheyenne Walden (1st) 5:18.95
Tiqvah Soap (8th) 5:58.40
3200 Run: 
Cheyenne Walden (1st) 11:04.26
Alexis Davis (8th) 13:02.35
High Jump: Elizabeth Watts (3rd) 4'06.00"
Long Jump: DNP
Discus Throw: Zoey Hughes (20th) 75'02.00"
Shot Put: DNP
Pole Vault: DNP

Boys Champions

4x100 Relay: Westmoore 42.29
4x200 Relay: Ed Santa Fe 1:28.31
4x400 Relay: Ed Santa Fe 3:23.10
4x800 Relay: Ed Santa Fe 8:23.54
110 Hurdles: Corey Smiley (ESF) 15.09
300 Hurdles: Corey Smiley (ESF) 40.13
100 Dash: Will Graham (Wmoore) 11.21
200 Dash: Wyatt Duvall (Wmoore) 22.07
400 Dash: Taquelin Harris (Smoore) 48.76
800 Run: Aden Baughman (CPHS) 2:02.24
1600 Run: Michael Gates (Weatherford) 4:39.77
3200 Run: Hunter Hart (Wmoore) 10:23.61
High Jump: Chris Banks (ESF) 6'00.00"
Long Jump: Will Graham (Wmoore) 22'05.00"
Discus Throw: Patrick Larrison (Moore) 190'09.00"
Shot Put: Patrick Larrison (Moore) 62'08.00"
Pole Vault: Greydon Reid (Mustang) 12'00.00"

Team Scores:

  1. Edmond Santa Fe 191.000
  2. Mustang 124.500
  3. Westmoore 99.000
  4. Southmoore 70.250
  5. Moore 55.000
  6. Weatherford 46.250
  7. Sand Springs 42.000
  8. Ardmore 22.000
  9. Westmoore JV 1.000


4x100 Relay: (7th) 44.85
4x200 Relay: Did Not Participate
4x400 Relay: DNP
4x800 Relay: (3rd) 8:27.66
110 Hurdles: Kyree Barnett Did Not Finish
300 Hurdles: 
Alex Newport (10th) 52.42
Josh Ivy (11th) 54.17
100 Dash: 
Kameron Carpenter (11th) 11.87
Payton Scott (16th) 12.05
200 Dash:
Joel Mackey (2nd) 22.47
Ben Nortey (11th) 24.37
400 Dash: 
Jaelyn Jackson (9th) 52.44
Kyle Keener (16th) 54.22
Austin McCaskey (21st) 57.32
800 Run: 
Aden Baughman (1st) 2:02.24
Jacob Garbey (10th) 2:11.37
1600 Run: 
Aden Baughman (2nd) 4:41.57
Ian Baustert (5th) 4:54.47
3200 Run: 
Jacob Smith (6th) 10:50.99
Danny Murray (10th) 11:14.76
High Jump: DNP
Long Jump: DNP
Discus Throw: DNP
Shot Put:
Kristopher Edwards (6th) 46'11.00"
Malonn Moyer (13th) 42'10.50"
Pole Vault: DNP