Oklahoma Wrestling: Week Nine High School 6A Individual Rankings

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief


  1. Garrett Steidley (Edmond Memorial Freshman)
  2. Riley Weir (Sand Springs Sophomore) Previously #3
  3. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw Freshman) Previously #4
  4. Braden Fowler (Yukon Senior) Previously #5
  5. Johnathan Warford (Sapulpa Junior) Previously #6
  6. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow Freshman) Previously #7
  7. Nate Becker (Edmond North Freshman) Previously #8
  8. Austin Hall (Southmoore Senior) Previously #9
  9. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville Sophomore) Previously #10
  10. Jacob Zimmer (North North Freshman) Previously unranked

Not much changed in 106, other than #2 TJ Long moving up to 113 for the Sapulpa Invitational. Riley Weir scored a 16-1 technical fall over Jackson Cockrell in a dual and took first at Sapulpa. Jackson Cockrell took third at Sapulpa and Johnathan Warford placed sixth. 


  1. Colt Newton (Choctaw Sophomore)
  2. TJ Long (Union Sophomore) Previously #2 in 106
  3. Tanner Ward (Sand Springs Senior)
  4. Andrew Police (Broken Arrow Freshman)
  5. Brandon Blose (Sapulpa Senior) 
  6. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville Sophomore) 
  7. Will Pham (Deer Creek Freshman) 
  8. Joe Lupton (Mustang Junior)
  9. Noah Hanscom (Yukon)
  10. Dominic Derr (Westmoore)

TJ Long moved up from 106 for a third place finish at Sapulpa and scored a pair of wins over Andrew Police. Tanner Ward took second at Sapulpa, but fell 11-10 to TJ Long in a dual. Police placed fourth at Sapulpa with a pin over Brandon Blose, who took sixth. #2 Caron Watson moved up to 120.


  1. Paxton Rosen (Edmond North Senior) 
  2. Canon Randall (Westmoore Senior)
  3. Tyler Lawley (Broken Arrow Senior)
  4. Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs Senior)
  5. Caron Watson (Union Junior) Previously #2 in 113
  6. Cameron Picklo (Mustang Sophomore) Previously #5
  7. Andy Schlaepfer (Choctaw Junior) Previously #6
  8. Blake Gonzalez (Broken Arrow) Previously #7
  9. Trent Higginbotham (Edmond North Junior) Previously #8
  10. Laif Jones (Bartlesville Sophomore) Previously #9

Michael Ritchey took second at Sapulpa with a 10-1 major decision over Caron Watson, who moved up from 113. He also topped Watson 5-0 in a dual and Blake Gonzalez 1-0 in a dual. Gonzalez took third at Sapulpa and defeated #10 Jacob Swenson 4-1. Swenson pinned Gonzalez earlier in the tournament before falling to him in the placement round and took fourth place, but was bumped out of the rankings by the addition of Caron Watson.


  1. Drew Wilson (Midwest City Senior) 
  2. Connor Holman (Choctaw Junior)
  3. Tanner Cole (Deer Creek Senior)
  4. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City Sophomore)
  5. Blake Sargent (Sand Springs Junior)
  6. Brandon Bright (Edmond North Senior)
  7. Wyatt Johnson (Owasso Senior)
  8. Alaisa Rubio (US Grant)
  9. Logan Herrell (Enid Sophomore) Previously #10
  10. DaQuan Carbajal (Moore Junior) Previously unranked

Not much changed at 126. Spencer Schickram took second at Sapulpa and defeated Blake Sargent 11-8. Sargent placed third. #9 Michael Harjo cut to 120 for Sapulpa and DaQuan Carbajal moved up into the rankings by virtue of a fifth place finish at Blanchard earlier this season.


  1. Daton Fix (Sand Springs Senior)
  2. Easton Hudson (Bixby Senior) Previously #8
  3. Dylan Schickram (Ponca City Junior) Previously #2
  4. Drake Vannoy (Edmond North Freshman) Previously #3
  5. Sam Avant (Norman North Senior) Previously #4
  6. TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow Senior) Previously #5
  7. Jacob Blumenthal (Westmoore Senior) Previously #6
  8. Baylor Smith (Owasso Junior) Previously #7
  9. Trey Edwards (Mustang)
  10. Broc Bailey (Yukon Junior)

Daton Fix won the Sapulpa Invitational for the fourth straight year with two ranked wins. He teched TaJuan Daniels 22-7 in 5:14 and pinend Dylan Schickram in 2:32. Daniels placed second, Easton Hudson took third and Schickram placed fourth. Schickram pinned Hudson in 3:06 early in the tournament, but Hudson pinned Schickram in 1:40 in the placement match. 


  1. Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon Junior)
  2. Kruz Simons (Edmond North Sophomore)
  3. Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs Senior)
  4. Tyler Dieringer (Stillwater Senior)
  5. Seth Graves (Edmond Memorial Senior)
  6. Josh Suter (Norman Senior) 
  7. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow Freshman)
  8. Cody Mathis (Sand Springs Junior)
  9. Dawson Hunt (Ponca City Senior)
  10. Austin Daniels (Jenks)

138 was safe from upsets this week. Jack Karstetter had a good week, winning his third Sapulpa Invitational Championship with a 14-5 major decision over Bryce Mattioda and also defeated TaJuan Daniels 5-2 in a dual. Tyler Dieringer pinned Dawson Hunt in 5:39 in a dual. Mattioda took third at Sapulpa with a 5-0 victory over Hunt and Hunt settled for fourth place.


  1. Kendon Lee (Stillwater Senior) 
  2. Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs Senior)
  3. Ryan Swanson (Westmoore Junior)
  4. Brandon Conrad (Owasso Senior) 
  5. Baywiin Hollingshead (Yukon)
  6. Blake Muse (Choctaw Sophomore) 
  7. Noah Austin (Edmond North Senior)
  8. Shamar Duncan (Putnam City Senior) 
  9. Connor Simpson (Edmond Memorial Junior) Previously unranked
  10. Cameron Traylor (Union Junior) Previously unranked

Beau Bratcher came in second at Sapulpa and pinned Cameron Traylor and Bryce Mattioda in duals. #9 Jermain Harring and #10 Brady Mattioda both moved up to 152 for Sapulpa. Cameron Traylor took the #10 spot for a fourth place finish at Sapulpa, and Connor Simpson emerged at #9 by virtue of an 8-1 decision over Traylor at Perry.


  1. Payton Scott (Sand Springs Junior) 
  2. Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial Freshman)
  3. Robert "RJ" Walker (Midwest City Senior) 
  4. Connor Wilcoxen (Stillwater Senior)
  5. Jeff Speer (Choctaw Junior)
  6. Zach Johnson (Westmoore Sophomore)
  7. Ezequiel "Zeke" Rubio (Ponca City Senior) 
  8. Jermain Harring (Union) Previously #9 in 145
  9. Brady Mattioda (Broken Arrow Junior) Previously #10 in 145
  10. Jacob Swafford (Edmond North) Previously #8

Payton Scott sat out the Sapulpa Invitational. Zeke Rubio took third at Sapulpa, pinning Brady Mattioda in 5:18. Jermain Harring and Mattioda moved up from 145 but neither placed at Sapulpa. 


  1. Jaryn Curry (Choctaw Junior)
  2. Chase Vincent (Yukon Senior)
  3. Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow Junior) 
  4. Joseph Messer (Norman North Senior)
  5. Cooper Meadows (Mustang Senior)
  6. Nano Martinez (Edmond Santa Fe)
  7. Nolan Miller (Owasso Junior) 
  8. Noah Almy (Sand Springs Sophomore)
  9. Grayson White (Ponca City Junior)
  10. Warren Stanley (Jenks Sophomore) Previously unranked

Caleb Wise took first place at Sapulpa and majored Noah Almy 13-5. Almy took fourth place and defeated Grayson White 9-4. #10 Trey Odam moved up to 195 for Sapulpa and Warren Stanley filled the spot by virtue of a fourth place finish at Jenks earlier this season.


  1. Christian Bahl (Stillwater Senior) 
  2. Zane Basma (Sand Springs Senior)
  3. Zane Coleman (Choctaw Sophomore) 
  4. Jace Brownlee (Stilwlater Senior)
  5. Payden Brown (Putnam City Senior)
  6. Sam Hensley (Edmond Memorial Junior)
  7. Gage McBride (Mustang Senior)
  8. Joe Speno (Edmond Santa Fe Senior)
  9. Kaleb Mertz (Owasso Junior)
  10. Lane Newlin (Ponca City)

Zane Basma won a 4-2 decision over Caleb Wise in a dual last week and took second at Sapulpa with a pin of Lane Newlin in 1:34. Newlin placed third. Jace Brownlee is still out from a football injury, but could still come back before the season is over.


  1. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow)
  2. Easton Rendleman (Choctaw Junior)
  3. Shane Flandermeyer (Westmoore Junior)
  4. Justin "JD" Johnson (Owasso Junior) 
  5. Dakota Carnes (Sapulpa Senior)
  6. Noah Hooks (Edmond North Junior)
  7. Declan O'Brien (Deer Creek)
  8. Jaylen Childs (Putnam North)
  9. Joe Curtis (Bixby Sophomore)
  10. Darius "DJ" Boone (Union) Previously unranked

Gavin Potter took first place at Sapulpa with a close 1-0 decision over Dakota Carnes, who took second. DJ Boone placed fifth at Sapulpa with 7-3 upset of #10 Max Guyer, who placed sixth. 


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow Sophomore)
  2. Blake Minnick (Edmond North Sophomore)
  3. Jesse Wetherington (Norman North)
  4. Rafe Johnson (Deer Creek Freshman)
  5. Gary Dockery (Choctaw Junior)
  6. Fisher Jones (Putnam City) Previously #7
  7. Arin Copas (Mustang Senior) Previously #8
  8. Colin Foster (Yukon) Previously #9
  9. Riley Corona (Westmoore Senior) Previously #10
  10. Luke Bratcher (Sand Springs Sophomore) Previously unranked

Zach Marcheselli took first place at Sapulpa. Jakob Ogden pinned #6 Bradyn Pressnall in 3:50 in a dual to knock the Wildcat out of the rankings, opening the door for Luke Bratcher to take the bottom slot. Bratcher defeated Ogden 8-2 in a dual and also has wins against Lane Newlin and DJ Boone.


  1. Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs Senior)
  2. Mason Lancaster (Putnam City Junior)
  3. Jon Martinez (Westmoore Senior)
  4. Cody Adams (Bixby Junior)
  5. Austin Fry (Ponca City Senior)
  6. Caulin Poole (Choctaw Junior) 
  7. Keland Bearpaw (Sapulpa Junior) 
  8. Yousef Aliya (Union Senior)
  9. Julian Flores (Broken Arrow Junior)
  10. Gage Fain (Sand Springs Junior) Previously #10 in 285

Delvin Jordan took first place at Sapulpa, pinning Cody Adams in 2:22, and defeating Austin Fry 5-1. Gage Fain cut from 285. Adams took second with a 5-0 decision over Keland Bearpaw and a pin of Gage Fain in 4:48. Fry took third, defeating Fain 4-3 and Bearpaw 1-0. Bearpaw placed fourth and Fain placed fifth.


  1. Brey Walker (Southmoore Junior)
  2. Gage Johnson (Norman North Senior)
  3. Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow Senior)
  4. Zach Austin (Choctaw Senior) 
  5. Elwood Tomlin (Union Senior)
  6. Ryan Tilbury (Midwest City Senior)
  7. Malik McGee (US Grant) 
  8. Trey Cossey (Mustang Senior)
  9. Zane Bailey (Edmond North)
  10. Brett Bridges (Ponca City) Previously unranked

Trenton Lieurance took first at Sapulpa, pinning Elwood Tomlin in 2:43, and scoring a 6-0 decision over Brett Bridges. Tomlin took second and Bridges placed third. #10 Gage Fain cut to 220.

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