Regalado scores 18, four Lady Sandites double in 71-36 rout of No. 14 Bishop Kelley

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Correction: This article originally attributed Regalado with 20 and Pennington with 11. The correct totals are 18 and 13, respectively. 

The No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School varsity girls basketball team (2-0) traveled to 5A No. 14 Bishop Kelley (0-2) for a Frontier Valley Conference matchup Tuesday evening and nearly doubled their opponents for a final score of 71-36. Sophomore Isabella Regalado led in the scoring melee with 20 points, but three other Lady Sandites also doubled in the 35-point victory. 

1Q Sand Springs 17-6
2Q Sand Springs 12-8
3Q Sand Springs 20-17
4Q Sand Springs 22-5

Scoring: (Sand Springs) Regalado 18, Pennington 13, Johnson 12, McGee 10, Mutiri 7, Kersgieter 6, Grant 5. (Bishop K) Craig 9, Martin 7, Harrel 5, Wilson 5, Stecker 4, Washington 2, Easterling 2, Davie 1, Poleman 1.

Penalties: CPHS 23, Kelley 17.
Turnovers: CPHS 12, Kelley 8.
Free Throws: SS 9 of 22, Kelley 18 of 31.

(Sand Springs Only)
Offensive Rebounds: Regalado 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Mutiri 4, Taber 3, Johnson 3, Kersgieter 2, Regalado 2, Pennington 1.
Assists: Kersgieter 3, McGee 3, Regalado 2, Johnson 1.
Steals: Pennington 3, McGee 3, Regalado 2, Taber 2, Kersgieter 2, Johnson 2, Grant 2, Boaz 1. 
Blocks: Mutiri 1
Fouls: Taber 5, Kersgieter 5, Johnson 4, Pennington 3, Mutiri 2, McGee 2, Regalado 1, Grant 1.

The Lady Sandites were like a tsunami, building momentum as the game progressed, posting their highest numbers in the second half and outscoring the home team 22-5 in the fourth quarter. 

Bishop Kelley was competitive from the start, but the visitors played hard and aggressive, making off with eight steals for a 17-6 first period advantage. The teams were physical from the very beginning. Sophomore Holly Kersgieter picked off an early pass and sent it to Senior Kierra McGee, who was immediately blocked on a reverse and four girls went down in a scrum that the Comets came out of to tie it up 5-5.

Regalado snagged a steal on the next possession and launched it to Kersgieter for an undefended layup and the Sandites never look back. The Comets scored only one field goal in the second quarter, but the Sandites gave up six points on free throws in a penalty heavy period that ended 29-14.

The home team had their biggest output in the third quarter, scoring nearly half of their total offense. Sophomore Destiny Johnson scored all twelve of her points in the second half, including the first two Sandite field goals of the third quarter. Oklahoma State University softball signed senior Sydney Pennington got in on the action with back-to-back layups, one coming on a steal. Kelley's Micaela Martin followed it up with a pair of her own, and the two teams exchanged blows from there.

Kelley went on a six-point run to cut it to 46-31 shortly before the fourth, but a buzzer-beater three by McGee gave the Sandites momentum for the final period. 

Johnson started the final period with a pair of free throws and a pair of goals, one of which came on a steal and reverse from McGee. Martin interjected with a free throw as Kersgieter fouled out, but Pennington hit a two and Regalado added a three in retaliation. The Sandites lost another player when Jacie Taber fouled out, but it didn't slow them down a bit. Mutiri hit a two, followed by McGee, followed by back-to-back baskets from senior Amari Grant almost immediately after she joined the game. Mutiri sealed the game with a free throw to remain undefeated.

The Lady Sandites will return to Bishop Kelley this Thursday for a tournament. They will play 3A unranked Cascia Hall (0-1) at 1:30 p.m. Their next game will be played Friday at either 7:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. depending on if they win or lose.