Sandite Cross Country performs well at Broken Arrow, despite losing several runners to ACT

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

The Charles Page High School varsity cross country team was missing some key runners in the Broken Arrow meet this past Saturday, but that didn't stop them from finishing in the upper-tier of competitors with several solid performances. ACT testing left the Sandites without the top two girls and several of the top boys. 

"The course was 300 meters short," said Head Coach Chris Corbin, "which means all of those great times don't mean as much.  Tough course and true distance this weekend at Holland Hall against some top teams should show us where we are with both varsity squads."

High School Girls 5K (4700)

22:07.52 Tiqvah Soap 16th Place
22:55.48 Sara Abbet 23rd Place
23:19.93 Nia Byrd 30th Place
23:32.62 Elizabeth Watts 33rd Place
23:58.65 Stephanie Genn 41st Place
24:00.78 Julia Lewis 42nd Place
26:32.68 Kaitlyn Walden 71st Place

High School Boys 5K (4700)

17:01.40 Aden Baughman 6th Place
18:00.11 Jacob Garbey 26th Place
18:15.90 Nelson Yazzie 31st Place
18:22.99 Kaegan Murray 33rd Place
18:32.68 Pierson Balsters 36th Place
19:52.15 Jaelyn Jackson 64th Place
25:11.27 Luis Rodriguez 93rd Place

Junior Varsity Boys 5K (4700)

2nd Place Jaden Weiser
5th Place Cooper Lynch
6th Place Phillip Elleman
13th Place Danny Murray
53rd Place Alex Newport
68th Place Omar Rodriguez
74th Place Cody Pulscher
75th Place Russell McCaskey
81st Place Josh Ivy
87th Place Kyle Starkey

Junior High Girls 2500 (2200)

9:39.90 Kalea Fleming 2nd Place
10:36.46 Kaitlynn Converse 15th Place
11:24.31 Kaylee Hall 35th Place
12:57.77 Sidney Cross 65th Place
13:22.34 Jolie Currie 69th Place

Junior High Boys 3200 (2900)

10:59.62 Blaine Baldridge 55th Place
11:03.11 Carter Young 60th Place
11:04.05 KJ Clark 62nd Place
11:41.56 Caleb James 78th Place


Junior Tiqvah Soap led the varsity girls team in their first 5K of the season with a 16th place finish in 22:07.52. The girls finished in fifth place out of eleven teams. Cheyenne Walden, who places first at almost every event, and Alex Davis, who was top-ten at the first two events this year, were absent.

Sophomore State Qualifier Aden Baughman led the boys for the second time this season with a 17:01.40 time for a sixth place finish. The boys also took fifth place out of thirteen teams. They were missing Landin Green, who led the Sandites last week, and Ian Baustert who was fourth among the team.

The JV boys nearly took first place for the third week in a row and were only one point away from doing so. With a full roster, they likely would have taken first. Jaden Weiser took second among JV, followed by Cooper Lynch in fifth and Phillip Elleman in sixth. Broken Arrow had problems with their timing system during the event and JV boys times are unavailable.

JV girls also ran, but results are unavailable due to technical issues. 

The Junior High girls came in sixth place of ten teams and were only two points away from fifth place. Eighth-grade student Kalea Fleming led the girls for the third-straight week, finishing in second place with a 9:39.90 time in the 2200m.

The Junior High Boys only had four runners and couldn't place.

Bartlesville High School will also be at the Holland Hall meet and will bring three runners who placed top five in last year's girls State Championship. Jenks will bring two top-five boys runners from last year's State Championship.