Pennington and Junior Mints dominate in Powder Puff Football

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Charles Page High School put on its annual Powder Puff football game Saturday night at Memorial Stadium, and the Class of 2017 handled both the Sophomores and Seniors easily, defeating the Sophomores 14-0 and the Seniors 35-7. The event is an annual fundraiser for Senior Celebration.

The Junior Mints, as they dubbed themselves, dominated both offensively and defensively from the very start, racking up five straight tackles for loss on the first Sophomore possession. A series of incompletions by Junior quarterback Sydney Pennington gave the Sophomores the turnover however, and the younger team picked up their first first down on a rush by Stacie Genn. Pennington is an Oklahoma State University softball-commit and the leading scorer on the basketball team with over 1,100 points.

The Sophomores quickly gave up the gain, however, and were pushed back to fourth and thirty. The Juniors got the turnover soon after at the Sophomores' 11 and Pennington went the distance for a touchdown rush with only 3:14 left in the game, then scored on another keeper with 0:45 left to put the game in the bag.


The Juniors struck quick against the Seniors in game two as Pennington completed a 75 yard touchdown pass early in the first half. The Seniors failed to convert on their first possession and Pennington was at it again, driving sixty yards in two passes. Mid-American Christian University softball-signee Stella Millican put up a big tackle to prevent a touchdown with 8:45 to go, but it didn't slow the Juniors down for long. Julia Lewis hauled in a pass from the thirteen to make it 14-0.  

The Seniors began to put together a successful drive, picking up an eight yard rush on the next posession then grabbed the first down plus ten. Keely Brock moved it another eight and the Seniors took a timeout with 4:37 to play. Tiawna Baker picked up the first down to keep the drive alive. Southwestern Oklahoma State University softball-signee Goose Salyers added a rush for five but they gave it right back up on a fumble. Pennington knocked down a pitch on the next play and the Seniors burned another timeout with 3:41 to play. 

Lewis picked off the fourth down pass before being brought down by Brock. Brock grabbed a 7 yard tackle for loss as the Seniors transitioned to defense. Salyers went head to head with Pennington to prevent a touchdown run with 2:10 to play and the Seniors used their final timeout.

Millican prevented a touchdown on the 1 yard line and the Juniors lost a yard on a fumble, but it didn't slow them down. A two yard pass from Pennington to Lewis with 0:50 left seemed to wrap up the half, but the Juniors weren't done yet. The Seniors gave up a quick turnover in the final minute and Pennington completed another 75 yard pass to Jessica Collins for the 28-0 advantage. 

Northeastern State University softball-signee Jessica Schuler finally got the seniors on the board with a 35 yard touchdown pass with 8:38 remaining. The game dragged on from there with no big plays, but the Juniors added one more touchdown to ice the cake with 12 seconds left.  

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