#3 Charles Page upsets #1 Booker T Washington: Here's the stats

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

In case you've been living under a rock for the last 36 hours, the Sand Springs Sandites are headed to the State Championship for the first time in 49 years after a come-from-behind 30-23 win over the #1 Booker T Washington Hornets.


First-year quarterback Hunter Greathouse threw for 171 yards and 1 touchdown in his second largest output of the season, completing 7 of his 14 passes. Greathouse sits 88 of 164 for the season with 1603 yards, 16 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions.

Kasey Bales also attempted one pass that was broken up, but still sits at 2-4-0-77 for the season.


Five Sandites registered receptions in Friday's semi-final game.

Bales led with two catches for 79 yards and 1 touchdown, putting him at 21-359 for the season and 4 touchdowns. 

Lane Lettich pulled in a season-long pass for 49 yards. He sits at 12-231 and 2 touchdowns on the season.

Trace Fleischman caught two passes for 25 yards, putting him at 32-718 on the season with 6 touchdowns.

Jake Ward caught a season-long 13-yard pass bringing him to 5-47 this year.

Ty Fain caught a 5-yard pass putting him at 10-158 and 1 touchdown for the season.


Lane Lettich had his second-best night of the year, entering the game 69-yards short of a 1000-yard season rushing. He broke through that barrier on his first play of the night with a season-best 70 yard carry and went on carry 13 times for 128 yards and 1 touchdown. He'll be going into the Championship 207-1059 with 17 touchdowns.

Payton Scott was 6-39 bringing him just shy of 900 for the season. Scott will need a big night against Bixby if he hopes to break 1000 as he currently sits 112-861 with 8 touchdowns.

 Trace Fleischman picked up a single yard on a direct snap. He sits 19-112 with 1 touchdown.

Kasey Bales was hit hard immediately upon reception of a lateral pitch and stuck with a 10 yard loss for the night. Seasonally, he sits 5-12.

Hunter Greathouse was pushed to negative yardage for the season, suffering several sacks by the #2 defense in the state. Despite a few QB sneaks for 2 touchdowns, he ultimately ended up 9-(-13) against Booker T and is 62-(-9) on the season with 5 total touchdowns.


After quite a few kicker switch-ups at the beginning of the season, Kasey Bales has had the position completely on lock for the last several games. He was 3/4 on extra points and sank a 25 yard field goal, but missed a 32. He punted 3 times for an average of 26 yards and kicked off 6 times for an average of 40.

For the season, Bales is 33/38 on PATs and 3/4 on field goals with a long of 36. He averages 25 yards over his 28 punts with a long of 57. He's kicked off 32 times for an average of 39.9 with 1 touchback.

Kick Returns

Trace Fleischman returned four kickoffs for 57 yards. He's 13-341 on the season with a long of 57. 

Parker Taylor picked up 10 yards on a punt return and is 8-151 for the season with 1 touchdown and a long of 62.


For the third time this season, Cole Dixon registered 11 tackles for a team leading 89 total. 14 of those are tackles for loss totaling 52 yards and 2 are sacks for 10 yards.

Jacob Taber was not far behind with 8 tackles bringing his total to 76. 10 were for losses totaling 36 yards and 1 was a 1 yard sack.

  • Jaxon Starling had 6 tackles, 3 for loss of 9, 1 sack for 5 yards. (47 tackles, 21 for loss of 115, 9 sacks for 81).
  • Delvin Jordan had 6 tackles, 1 for loss of 4. (74 tackles, 15 for loss of 63, 7 sacks for 31).
  • Malachi Walton had 3 tackles, 1 for loss of 3. (24 tackles, 1 for loss of 3).
  • Cruz Desjarlais had 3 tackles. (32 tackles, 1 for loss of 3).
  • Parker Taylor had 3 tackles. (37 tackles).
  • Jason Cooper had 3 tackels. (31 tackles).
  • Gage Fain had 2 tackles. (28 tackles, 6 for loss of 13, 1 sack for 5).
  • Trace Fleischman had 2 tackles. (8 tackles).
  • Payton Scott had 1 tackle. 
  • Treyce Tolbert had 1 tackle. (23 tackles, 1 sack for loss of 6).
  • Josh Taber had 1 tackle. (4 tackles. 

Other Defense

Malachi Walton caught his first interception of the season, the only one of the night, on the final play of the game to seal the Sandites' ticket to the State Championship.

Jacob Taber scored his first pass breakup of the season.

Jacob Taber and Jaxon Starling both forced their first fumbles of the season. Delvin Jordan recovered one of them, his fourth recovery of the season. 

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