CPHS Volleyball: Sandites improve to 10-0 at home, Campfield scores 19 in 3-1 win over Muskogee


The Charles Page High School varsity volleyball team (10-7) continued their home winning streak Tuesday evening at the Ed Dubie Field House, topping Muskogee 3-1 in Frontier Valley Conference action. The Sandites are undefeated 10-0 on their home court this season and are 3-1 in league play.

Senior standout Cloe Campfield scored a team-high fifteen kills, followed by Devree Youngblood with nine. Raylynn Mong led the team in assists with eighteen, while Madison Burris had a team-high eleven digs and seventeen assists.

Muskogee struggled defensively in the first set but made only six errors, allowing them to compete closely with the home team till the final rallies. The match tied eight times and Muskogee led three times before falling behind on a service error at 12-11 and never recovering. They hung tight till 18-17, then Sand Springs went on a seven-rally streak with a pair of aces from Mong to secure the win.

The second game was a back-and-forth affair with Sand Springs coming back from a 4-1 deficit to a 5-4 lead. Three straight scores from Youngblood made it 11-8, then the Roughers went on a run with an ace from Chloe Lamont for the 13-12 advantage. Campfield tied it, Paige Irwin took back the lead, and the Roughers then went on a seven-straight win streak with four aces from Lexie Reynolds to put the set well out of reach for the home team. Jacelyn Smith broke the streak but Jenna Winters and Alexis Boyd knocked back kills for the win.

Sand Springs had little difficulty in round three with aces from Madison Blaylock, blocks from Vanessa Wyrick and Smith, kills from Gillian Wicker and Sophie Singleton, and plenty of time for the second string. They led by as much as 22-12 before Wicker secured the 25-18 win.

Muskogee took a 4-0 lead in the final game before the Sandites surged back to make it 6-5. It was back and forth from there and the game tied seven times with four lead changes, but Sand Springs never trailed after 8-7.

The Roughers had two stars in Irwin and Alex Boyd, who had fourteen and thirteen kills, respectively. Reynolds had a game-high five aces.

Sand Springs will travel to Enid (6-7) Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for a non-conference match, and Muskogee will compete at the Hulbert Tournament this Friday.

CPHS 3 MHS 1 (25-17, 15-25, 25-18, 25-23)
Kills: CPHS 47 MHS 41.
Blocks: CPHS 6, MHS 2.
Aces: MHS 14, CPHS 12.
Service Errors: CPHS 8, MHS 12.
Total Errors: MHS 25, CPHS 26.
Sand Springs Stats
Kills: Campfield 15, Youngblood 10, Harris 7, Burris 6, Smith 5, Mong 2, Wyrick 1, Singleton 1.
Assists: Mong 18, Burris 17, Blaylock 5, Youngblood 2, Campfield 1.
Assisted Blocks: Smith 4, Burris 3, Youngblood 2, Wyrick 2, Campfield 1.
Digs: Burris 11, Campfield 9, Youngblood 9, Blaylock 9, Mong 6, Harris 2, Smith 2.
Aces: Campfield 3, Mong 3, Youngblood 3, Blaylock 2, Burris 1.
Muskogee Stats
Kills: Irwin 14, Boyd 13, Reynolds 6, Williams 3, Winters 2, Wahl 2, Lamont 1.
Aces: Reynolds 5, Irwin 3, Schuler 2, Winters 2, Henry 1, Lamont 1.
Solo Blocks: Williams 1.
Assisted Blocks: Williams 1, Reynolds 1.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
3-0 Broken Arrow (13-1)
3-0 Jenks (7-2)
3-1 Sand Springs (10-7)
2-1 Owasso (6-4)
2-2 Union (5-10)
1-2 Bixby (1-10)
1-3 Sapulpa (5-5)
1-3 Muskogee (4-5)
1-3 Bartlesville (1-9)
1-3 Booker T. Washington (7-6)

Frontier Valley Conference Upcoming Matches
9.10 Booker T. Washington @ Muskogee.
9.10 Union @ Bartlesville.
9.10 Sapulpa @ Owasso.
9.10 Bixby @ Broken Arrow.
9.10 Sand Springs @ Jenks.