CPHS Baseball: Sandites edge Brentwood 10-9, Snodgrass hits home run

The Charles Page High School varsity baseball team (7-2) went 3-1 over Spring Break at the 27th Annual Tate Aggie Classic in Pensacola, Florida. The Sandites defeated Davidson Academy 2-0 and Nolensville 9-6 the first two days, but fell 3-2 to Navarre and staved off Brentwood for a 10-9 win on Thursday.

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The Sandites trailed 2-1 to start the seventh against Navarre (5-6). Jacob Snodgrass scored on a sacrifice hit from Brycen Peterman to tie it, but the Raiders rallied for the win with a walkoff RBI single from Cameron Terrian.

Malachi Burks scored the first run of the game on a third-inning single from Cale Savage, but Garon Finley tied it in the bottom of the inning and Branson Ackman put Navarre out front in the fifth. The Raiders outhit the Sandites 8-4 but left seven on base in the close win.

Seth Villines (1-0) got the start on the mound, throwing seven hits, one walk, and two strikeouts in four and a half innings. Peterman (0-1) only pitched one and a half innings and got the loss in his season debut. He threw one hit, one walk, and one strikeout.

Sand Springs took a 10-3 lead into the final inning against Brentwood (4-3) but gave up six runs and barely held on for the win. The Sandites went through four pitchers in the game. Ben Banker (3-0) got the start and the win on the mound, throwing four hits, five strikeouts, and three walks in four innings.

Brentwood gave up four walks and a single in the first inning. Kaegan Murray scored on a ground out from Cal Watkins and Savage walked in on loaded bases. Watkins and Savage scored on wild pitches in the third and Michael Miller scored on a sacrifice fly from Peterman for the 5-0 lead.

Banker gave up a lead-off home run in the fifth and loaded the bases with two walks and a single. John Miller (1-0) took over on the mound and gave up two runs on a single and a walk before striking out two to strand loaded bases.

Ryan Seabolt batted in Kiefer Massey in the fifth and the teams took turns stranding loaded bases.

Snodgrass hit the team’s first home run of the season, scoring Savage and Massey in the bottom of the sixth. The Sandites reloaded the diamond and Peterman scored their final run on an error.

Three pitchers made their season debut in the top in the top of the seventh. Jonah Banker threw two walks and a strikeout, then was replaced by Parker Shipman. Shipman walked three in a row and was replaced by Watkins. Watkins gave up a walk and two hits before Keaton Campbell sent a ground ball to first to bring the game to an end.

Savage went 5-of-10 at the plate during the tournament with five runs and one RBI. Snodgrass was 3-for-6 with two runs and five RBI, and Watkins was 7-for-14 with two runs and five RBI.

Sand Springs Baseball will return to action Monday, March 25th with a double header at Muskogee (4-3). The Roughers are 0-2 in district action, and the game will be the district debut for the Sandites. Sand Springs has won their last eleven meetings with Muskogee and have outscored the Roughers 116-10 during that time.

CPHS Season Stats

Batting Avg.
(Min. 10 AB)
.440 Savage
.429 Watkins
.350 Burks
.350 Snodgrass
.304 Copeland
.136 Ash
.125 Sartin
.100 Villines
.077 Peterman

Slugging Avg.
.571 Watkins
.550 Snodgrass
.520 Savage
.350 Burks
.348 Copeland
.200 Villines
.188 Sartin
.136 Ash
.077 Peterman

On-Base %
.720 Savage
.609 Burks
.607 Watkins
.524 Snodgrass
.458 Copeland
.409 Ash
.400 Villines
.375 Sartin
.267 Peterman

12 Watkins
11 Savage
7 Copeland
7 Snodgrass
7 Burks
3 Ash
3 Murray
3 Massey
3 Seabolt
2 Sartin
2 Berg
1 Peterman
1 Villines
1 Campbell

9 Savage
8 Watkins
7 Burks
6 Copeland
5 Snodgrass
3 Ash
3 Massey
2 Murray
2 Seabolt
2 Berg
1 Sartin
1 Peterman
1 Campbell

4 Watkins
2 Savage
1 Copeland
1 Snodgrass
1 Sartin
1 Villines
1 Seabolt

1 Murray

Home Runs
1 Snodgrass

3 Burks
2 Peterman
1 Snodgrass
1 Copeland

10 Savage
8 Burks
8 Watkins
7 Ash
5 Peterman
5 Murray
4 Snodgrass
4 Massey
3 Sartin
3 Villines
3 M. Miller
1 Seabolt
1 Campbell
1 J. Miller

12 Watkins
8 Savage
7 Snodgrass
4 Peterman
4 Seabolt
2 Burks
2 Murray
2 Massey
2 Sartin
2 J. Miller
1 Ash
1 Campbell
1 Copeland
1 B. Banker

Stolen Bases
6 Watkins
4 Burks
4 Savage
2 Peterman
2 Ash
2 Snodgrass
1 Massey
1 M. Miller

Double Plays
7 Savage
5 Watkins
4 Villines
2 Campbell
1 M. Miller

*Minimum 6 IP
1.83 Villines
2.27 Skaggs
2.34 J. Miller
2.57 B. Banker
3.50 Cassity

Win-Loss Record
3-0 B. Banker
1-0 Skaggs
1-0 Villines
1-0 J. Miller
1-1 Cassity
0-1 Peterman

1 M. Miller
1 Watkins

1.17 Villines
1.20 Cassity
1.22 Skaggs
1.53 B. Banker
2.01 J. Miller

Strike %
70.4 Skaggs
67.0 Villines
63.7 B. Banker
63.1 Cassity
61.8 J. Miller

16 B. Banker
12 Cassity
10 Skaggs
8 J. Miller
3 Villines
2 Peterman
1 J. Banker

Average Team Box Score

Batting: .294
Runs: 7
Hits: 7
Slugging: .369
BB: 4
HBP: 2
Strikeouts: 5
Stolen Bases: 2
Errors: 1
ERA: 3.32
WHIP: 1.56
K: 64%

Batting: .282
Runs: 3
Hits: 7
Slugging: .355
BB: 2
HBP: 1
Strikeouts: 6
Stolen Bases: 1
Errors: 2
ERA: 5.02
WHIP: 2.17
K: 59%