CPHS Basketball: Sandites fall 65-54 to Union, Minney scores 16


Sand Springs led at the half, but couldn’t keep up in the third and couldn’t gain any ground in the fourth. No. 12 Union (7-4, 5-1) brought a 65-54 end to No. 4 Charles Page High School’s undefeated conference record Tuesday evening at the UMAC. The Sandites dropped to 12-3 on the season, but still lead the conference at 6-1.

Union’s Larry King led all scorers with seventeen points, followed by the Sandites’ Josh Minney with sixteen and Davon Richardson with fifteen.

Richardson kicked things off with a two for the Sandites, Micah Lovett sank a three for Union, then Marlo Fox and Cole Durkee scored back to back. Quentin Harvey, Richardson, Josh Minney, and Nehemiah Boykins traded blows to make it 11-10. Cale Savage hit the first Sandite three-pointer for a 14-10 lead.

Sand Springs took a huge blow early on as Richardson drew three fouls midway through the first period. Minney dunked on a steal to make it 16-12, but Ira Richardson was fouled on a made two and Harvey rebounded the free throw to tie it. Minney came in clutch with a pair of free throws, but King tied it once again to end the half.

Savage scored a pair from the stripe to start the second period, DeSean Sanders responded with two, then Durkee made a three-point play for the lead. Union went on a six-point run with four with from Dexter Jones before Fox broke it up. Minney scored three on a steal to briefly reclaim the lead at 27-26, but King immediately took it back for the Redskins. Durkee put up two for Sand Springs, and the visitors took a one-point lead into the locker room.

Durkee and Minney put up points for the Sandites early in the second half, but a three from King tied it and Boykins gave his team the front. Union went on an eleven point run to make it 41-33 before Richardson broke up the streak. But the Redskins hopped right back to it with threes from Seth Chargois and Lovett and a dunk from RJ Forney.

By the end of the third the Redskins led 54-39 thanks to a shooting foul and a technical foul from Minney. Chargois drilled another three to start the fourth, then Richardson scored two and Cale Savage made a three to cut it to 57-44.

Richardson went on a five point run midway through the fourth but Chargois responded with four and the Redskins entered the final two minutes with a 63-51 lead. The Sandites trailed by as much as 65-51 before Minney rattled off three free throws to end the night.

The Sandites will look to kick off a new winning streak Friday when they host No. 17 Owasso (6-5, 2-3) at 8:00 p.m.

Union 65 CPHS 54
All 18-18
2Q: CPHS 11-10
3Q: Union 16-10
4Q: CPHS 15-11.
Free Throws: CPHS 12-of-19, Union 9-of-16.
Field Goals: Union 25-of-48, CPHS 20-of-51.
Offensive Rebounds: Union 9, CPHS 7.
Defensive Rebounds: Union 24, CPHS 22.
Total Rebounds: Union 33, CPHS 29.
Steals: Union 10, CPHS 5.
Blocks: Union 4, CPHS 4.
Fouls: CPHS 14, Union 17.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Minney 16, Richardson 15, Durkee 10, Cale Savage 8, Fox 5.
Offensive Rebounds: Minney 3, Richardson 2, Durkee 1, Hurd 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Richardson 5, Durkee 4, Fox 4, Hurd 4, Minney 3, Cale Savage 1, Quier 1.
Total Rebounds: Richardson 7, Minney 6, Durkee 5, Hurd 5, Fox 4, Cale Savage 1, Quier 1.
Steals: Minney 4, Cason Savage 1.
Assists: Fox 2, Richardson 1, Durkee 1, Cason Savage 1.
Blocks: Richardson 1, Minney 1, Fox 1, Durkee 1.
Fouls: Minney 4, Cale Savage 3, Richardson 3, Fox 2, Hurd 2.

(Union Scoring): King 17, Chargois 12, Harvey 11, Lovett 8, Boykins 7, Richardson 4, Jones 4, Sanders 2.