CPHS Basketball: Lady Sandites throttle Muskogee 109-39 in conference opener


The Dubie was lit Friday night in Sand Springs. After an upset loss in Tuesday’s season opener, the No. 1 ranked Charles Page High School girls’ basketball team (1-1,  1-0) made a statement in their first conference game with a seventy-point win against Frontier Valley foe the Muskogee Roughers (0-1) in their first home game at the Ed Dubie Field House.

The Lady Sandites played an aggressive full court press that came up with four-straight turnovers and a 10-0 lead before Muskogee ever left their side of the court.

All fifteen varsity players saw game time, twelve made their way into the score book and five scored in double digits in what could be a school record offensive output. Sandite Pride’s records are incomplete, but even the historically exceptional teams from the Dustin Morrow era only broke 80 points once. The triple digit beat down couldn’t have made for a more perfect first win for first-year head coach Tobey Nightingale.

University of Tulsa commit Destiny Johnson led all scorers with 21 points, closely followed by University of Kansas commit Holly Kersgieter with eighteen, sophomore standout Darrian Jordan with sixteen, and Northeastern State University commit Isabella Regalado with fifteen. Johnson had her first double-double of the season with ten steals.

D’Asia Brown scored the Roughers’ first points on a steal, but the home team rattled off nineteen straight with three three-pointers from Madison Burris before Davin Wilson broke the run. By the end of the first period the Sandites owned a 36-8 lead.

The second period was less explosive, but only slightly. The home team won it 21-8 for a 41-point halftime lead. A two pointer from Lonnesha Hill was the only thing breaking up a thirteen-point run from Sand Springs. The Roughers even got help from the refs when they were given two free throws on a made two-point basket.

The third period was Muskogee’s best with thirteen points and they scored nine of those in a row after a seven-point start from Regalado. Sand Springs scored 26 points in both the third and fourth quarters. Sophomore Bayleigh Cheney hit two free throws to end the game with the biggest lead of the night.

The Lady Sandites will return to action Tuesday with a conference road game against Broken Arrow (0-0) before looking for their third-straight Bishop Kelley Invitational title that weekend.

CPHS 109 MHS 39
CPHS 36-8
2Q: CPHS 21-8
3Q: CPHS 26-13
4Q: CPHS 26-10
Free Throws: CPHS 27-of-38, MHS 3-of-11.
Field Goals: CPHS 35-of-63, MHS 18-of-50.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 10, MHS 10.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 23, MHS 17.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 33, MHS 27.
Steals: CPHS 24, MHS 5.
Blocks: CPHS 9, MHS 3.
Fouls: CPHS 10, MHS 26.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Johnson 21, Kersgieter 18, Jordan 16, Regalado 15, Burris 11, Taber 7, Harris 6, Hampton 5, Padilla 4, Hughes 2, Cheney 2, Solis 2.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 4, Regalado 2, Solis 2, Taber 1, Jordan 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Solis 6, Regalado 5, Padilla 3, Kersgieter 3, Burris 3, Taber 2, Johnson 1.
Total Rebounds: Solis 8, Kersgieter 7, Regalado 7, Taber 3, Padilla 3, Burris 3, Jordan 1, Johnson 1.
Assists: Taber 2, Regalado 2, Hughes 2, Hampton 1, Burris 1, Padilla 1, Shrum 1.
Steals: Johnson 10, Padilla 3, Regalado 3, Jordan 2, Taber 2, Burris 1, Kersgieter 1, Solis 1, Cheney 1.
Blocks: Burris 3, Taber 2, Kersgieter 1, Regalado 1, Solis 1, Hughes 1.
Fouls: Shrum 2, Hampton 1, Taber 1, Burris 1, Padilla 1, Regalado 1, Cheney 1, Jordan 1, Harris 1.

(Muskogee Scoring)
Swain 10, Brown 6, Maxwell 6, Taylor Myers 5, Hill 5, #14 3, Wilson 2, Tea Myers 2.