CPHS Basketball: Richardson's double-double leads Sandites past Muskogee 44-34


6'4" sophomore Davon Richardson recorded fourteen points and fifteen rebounds Friday night, pacing the Sandites to a 44-34 victory over the Muskogee High School Roughers (7-10). Class 6A No. 10 ranked Charles Page High School improved to 12-4 overall and 5-3 in the Frontier Valley Conference, while Muskogee dropped to 4-4 in conference. 

C.J. Parks started the game off on fire for the Roughers, scoring three baskets for a 6-0 lead before Richardson got the Sandites on the board with a free throw. Xavier Brown hit a three for Muskogee, Richardson and Kendrick Williams hit twos, then Brooks Haddock hit another three for a 12-5 Rougher lead.

Sand Springs took control of the game from there, ending the first period with five-straight. Kaunor Ashley started the second period with a two for the Roughers, but Cale Savage hit the first three for the Sandites then Colt Savage scored four and Richardson added two for a 19-14 advantage. The home team went back to their bread and butter with a layup from Parks, then Brian McVay scored two from the charity stripe and hit a layup to reclaim the lead before the half.

Cameron Clemons hit a three to start the third, but Richardson, Colt Savage, and Cole Durkee combined for eight to reclaim the lead. It didn’t last long, however, as McVay hit back-to-back jump shots to tie it at 27-27. Cale Savage had the final say, however, and Sand Springs started the final stanza up by two.

Richardson scored the first basket of the fourth period, Parks retaliated, then Haddock hit a deep three for the lead. Brown scored a free throw, Richardson made a three-point play, Colt Savage scored two, and the Sandites held the lead for the duration. Richardson scored two, Parks made one, Cale Savage scored two, then Matt Price scored a pair of free throws to make it 42-34 with 28 seconds left. Colt Savage had a buzzer beater to finish the game with twelve points.

The Sandites will return to action Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. with a conference home game against Bixby (7-10, 2-6). Muskogee will take on Jenks (5-12, 0-8) Tuesday.

CPHS 44 MHS 34

1Q MHS 12-10
2Q CPHS 9-8
3Q CPHS 10-7
4Q CPHS 15-7

Free Throws: MHS 4-of-6, CPHS 7-of-12.
Field Goals: CPHS 18-of-48, MHS 13-of-45.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 11, MHS 3.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 25, MHS 21.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 36, MHS 24.
Steals: CPHS 8, MHS 6.
Blocks: CPHS 1, MHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 7, MHS 14.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Richardson 14, Colt Savage 12, Cale Savage 9, Williams 4, Durkee 2, Price 2, Minney 1.
Offensive Rebounds: Richardson 7, Colt Savage 2, Durkee 2.
Defensive Rebounds: Richardson 8, Colt Savage 5, Durkee 4, Cale Savage 4, Williams 2, Price 1, Minney 1.
Total Rebounds: Richardson 15, Colt Savage 7, Durkee 6, Cale Savage 4, Williams 2, Price 1, Minney 1.
Steals: Colt Savage 3, Richardson 2, Durkee 1, Price 1, Fox 1.
Assists: Richardson 1, Cale Savage 1, Price 1.
Blocks: Colt Savage 1.
Fouls: Richardson 4, Price 2, Cale Savage 1.

(Muskogee Stats)
Scoring: Parks 11, McVay 8, Haddock 6, Brown 4, Clemmons 3, Ashley 2.
Fouls: McVay 4, Clemmons 3, Parks 2, Haddock 2, Brown 2, Ashley 1.