CPHS Basketball: Girls throttle Bixby 58-35, improve to 5-0 in conference play


From the final score, you wouldn’t think the No. 8 ranked Lady Sandites had a rough start to the night, but Charles Page High School girls played three quarters of excellent basketball for a 58-35 victory over No. 18 Bixby (6-4, 2-2) Friday night at the Ed Dubie Field House. The girls improved to a 7-2 record overall and are undefeated at 5-0 in conference play.

The Sandites trailed 6-5 late in the first quarter, but finished it 11-8 and improved in every subsequent period. By halftime they were up 27-15 and in the third period they held their foes to only four points, their best period of the season defensively. 

Destiny Johnson scored back to back threes for a 20-11 lead early in the second, then Reagan Padilla hit a three to push the advantage to double digits. Darrian Jordan and Holly Kersgieter scored back to back to take a 27-15 lead to the locker room. 

Kersgieter put back a three-point attempt from Isabella Regalado to kick off the second half, then Johnson scored on a steal. Kersgieter drained a three, sent an assist to Johnson, then Regalado scored a two to make it 38-15. Sydnee Shovanec broke up the fifteen point run, but the Sandites went on a six point run before Dariann Myles closed out the period at 44-19. 

The Spartans won the fourth against the Sand Springs backups. Kersgieter made a three-point play, Regalado hit two from the stripe, then Burris drained a three to make it 52-19 before Coach Tobey Nightingale pulled her starters. The Spartans went on an eleven point run to even things out. Daniella Solis made a three point play and Ashlee Bunch hit a three in the final minutes. 

The 23-point victory was the Sandites’ fourth-largest win of the season and it came with their highest shooting percentages of the season as well. Kersgieter, a Kansas-commit, led all scorers with 21 points and nine rebounds, followed by Johnson with thirteen points.

The Lady Sandites will return to action Saturday at home at 5:00 p.m. against No. 11 Ponca City (4-2). The Wildcats upset the top-ranked Sandites 74-62 in the season-opener.

CPHS 58 BHS 35
CPHS 11-8
2Q: CPHS 16-7
3Q: CPHS 17-4
4Q: BHS 16-14
Free Throws: CPHS 7-of-8, BHS 1-of-4.
Field Goals: CPHS 22-of-38, BHS 16-of-42.
Offensive Rebounds: BHS 9, CPHS 6.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 18, BHS 5.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 24, BHS 14.
Steals: CPHS 12, BHS 9.
Blocks: BHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 9, BHS 11.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
5-0 No. 8 Sand Springs
4-0 No. 9 Union
2-1 No. 12 Bartlesville
2-1 No. 15 Booker T. Washington
2-1 No. 19 Sapulpa
2-2 No. 18 Bixby
2-2 No. 20 Jenks
0-3 Broken Arrow
0-4 Muskogee
0-4 Owasso

(CPHS Stats)
Scoring: Kersgieter 21, Johnson 13, Jordan 8, Regalado 4, Padilla 3, Burris 3, Solis 3, Bunch 3.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 3, Jordan 2, Solis 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 6, Taber 6, Regalado 5, Padilla 1.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 9, Taber 6, Regalado 5, Jordan 2, Padilla 1, Solis 1.
Steals: Johnson 3, Kersgieter 3, Padilla 2, Taber 2, Burris 1, Shrum 1.
Assists: Johnson 2, Kersgieter 1.
Fouls: Taber 3, Burris 2, Jordan 2, Kersgieter 1, Regalado 1, Johnson 1.

Bixby Scoring: Myles 10, Page 8, Stout 6, Monarty 4, Schovanec 4, Bradley 3.