CPHS Basketball: Sandites pummel Wichita 84-50, Durkee/Richardson score 15

Davon Richardson goes for a steal in a game against the Wichita Defenders. 

Davon Richardson goes for a steal in a game against the Wichita Defenders. 

The Class 6A No. 8 ranked Sand Springs Sandites (4-1) took on the Wichita Defenders (7-2) in the first round of the Tulsa Memorial Veterans Arena Invitational and dealt their out-of-state foes a brutal 84-50 loss.

Cole Durkee, who was coming off a twelve-point career night just last week, scored the first three field goals for Sand Springs. The Sandites jumped out to a 5-0 lead, Sam Schmidt hit a basket to get Wichita on the board, Colt Savage scored a free throw, then Jonah Wolters and Kaz Ammons scored to tie it up at 6-6. That was as close as the Defenders would get to leading.

Durkee hit his second three-point basket, Colt Savage scored his first field goal, then Matt Price made his way into the scorebook and the Sandites never looked back. David Brown scored for Wichita. Davon Richardson took a steal to the house then hooked it back to Sandite freshman Marlo Fox who drained a three. Ammons notched a free throw, but Sand Springs went on a nine-point run with baskets from Josh Minney, Cale Savage, and Kendrick Williams before Ammons put an end to the first quarter at 25-10.

Colt Savage started off the second quarter with a free throw, Durkee scored a two, Andrew Martin got Wichita on the board, then Durkee sank a three for a new career-high at thirteen points. Schmidt went off for the Defenders, scoring eight points to cut the deficit to 33-20, Gage Fisher sank his first varsity field goal attempt from three-point range, then David Brown and Wolters cut the deficit to 36-28 before the Sandite second-string got their feet under them. Minney scored his third layup of the night, followed by Williams and another three from Fisher to end the half 43-28.

Schmidt notched the first points of the second half but Sand Springs responded with baskets from Price, Richardson, and Colt Savage to make it 49-30. Wichita went on a six point run, Richardson went on a six point run, Wichita went went on a five point run, then Sand Springs finished the quarter with eight-straight for a 63-41 lead.

Justin Brown and Richardson exchanged two pointers to start the final stretch, then Price scored a pair of free throws and a three to make it 72-45. Schmidt scored his eighteenth and final point to lead all scorers, then the Sandites went on a twelve point run before David Brown sank a three to end the night.

Durkee and Richardson's fifteen points apiece were enough to lead Sand Springs, followed by Colt Savage with thirteen and Price with twelve. All twelve Sandites who came to the game got to play, and eleven of them made their way into the scorebook. Wolters had ten points to put two Defenders in the double digits. 

Sand Springs will return to action Friday at 5:30 p.m. against the Northwest Arkansas Hornets (9-9) while the Defenders will take on 5A No. 13 Collinsville (3-2) at 7:00 p.m. The invitational is played festival style with no bracket and two round-robin divisions. The Sandites will play Redemption Life World Academy (3-2) Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and will not meet the tournament hosts, 5A No. 1 Memorial (7-0). Sand Springs and Memorial have both gone undefeated for first place in their divisions the past two seasons. 

CPHS 84 Wichita 50

1Q CPHS 25-10
2Q All 18-18
3Q CPHS 20-13
4Q CPHS 21-9

Free Throws: CPHS 11-of-22, Wichita 4-of-11.
Field Goals: CPHS 30-of-58, Wichita 21-of-55.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 14, Wichita 9.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 24, Wichita 21.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 38, Wichita 30.
Steals: CPHS 10, Wichita 7.
Blocks: CPHS 2.
Fouls: CPHS 13, Wichita 18.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Durkee 15, Richardson 15, Colt Savage 13, Price 12, Minney 6, Fisher 6, Fox 5, Williams 4, Cale Savage 3, Boyles 3, Hughes 2. 
Offensive Rebounds: Richardson 3, Colt Savage 2, Minney 2, Boyles 2, Cale Savage 1, Durkee 1, Williams 1, Fisher 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 5, Durkee 5, Richardson 3, Williams 3, Price 2, Fox 2, Minney 1, Fisher 1, Quier 1, Boyles 1.
Total Rebounds: Colt Savage 7, Durkee 6, Richardson 6, Williams 4, Price 3, Minney 3, Boyles 3, Fox 2, Fisher 2, Quier 1, Cale Savage 1.
Steals: Minney 3, Price 2, Cale Savage 1, Richardson 1, Durkee 1, Quier 1, Boyles 1.
Assists: Colt Savage 2, Fox 2, Cale Savage 1, Price 1, Richardson 1, Williams 1, Minney 1.
Blocks: Minney 1, Boyles 1.
Fouls: Cale Savage 3, Richardson 3, Colt Savage 2, Minney 2, Price 1, Fox 1, Williams 1.

(Wichita Stats)
Scoring: Schmidt 18, Wolters 10, David Brown 9, Justin Brown 6, Ammons 5, Martin 2.
Fouls: Martin 4, David Brown 3, Josh Martin 3, Schmidt 2, Kip Ammons 2, Wolters 1, Justin Brown 1, Kaz Ammons 1, Mefford 1.