Sandite Baseball wins 2nd Annual Monster Ball 8-7 over Sandite Softball

Sand Springs Assistant Coach Scott Watkins hit a home run for the Baseball team in the second annual Monster Ball. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

Sand Springs Assistant Coach Scott Watkins hit a home run for the Baseball team in the second annual Monster Ball. (Photo: Scott Emigh).

The Charles Page High School baseball and softball teams came together Thursday evening at the Sandite Sports Complex for a friendly game of slow pitch to raise money for Sandite Special Olympics. The teams played in full costume, causing lots of errors and lots of entertainment.

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Officer Riley Rutledge got the first hit for the boys and took second on a ground out from the Hulk. Cal Watkins, professional skater, hit a single and a poop emoji hit a 2RBI triple for the lead. The poop scored on a banana single and the inning came to a close as Minnie Mouse put out Guy Fawkes at first.

Adrian Sarasua reached second on an error and made third on a ground out from Felicity Horn in the third inning. An error from the third base lumberjack gave the girls their first run of the evening and Coach Brooke Smart sneaked into the batting order for a game-tying homer over the centerfield fence. A throwing error from the short stop gave the Ladies the one-run lead.

The Sandites brought out the major leagues in former Minnesota Twin Scott Watkins for a home run, followed by yet another homer from a small baby. The softballers made an error on what should have been an easy tag on a slow T-Rex, allowing a sumo wrestler to take the 6-4 lead.

Madison "Bambi" Lee got the girls back on the scoreboard. Aliyah "Netflix" Taff had no chill, reaching first on a fielder's choice, but was left stranded as the girls trailed 6-5 to start the seventh.

After a seventh-inning stretch and Adams-Family performance from the middle school cheerleaders, the baseball team came out to try and further their lead. Godzilla hit a quick pop fly but Napoleon Dynamite got on base with a bunt single and was joined by a sumo wrestler soon after. Both were left stranded, however.

A chicken-suited Jensen Arnold caught a line drive from Rutledge to bring in the Lady Sandites in the bottom of the ninth for one last hurrah. Despite having 34 men on the field, the Sandites still gave up a single. A dropped catch on a hit from Coach Smart tied things up. With the bases loaded and Kimi Presnell at bat, the unicorn hit a line drive to James P. Sullivan on third to force extra innings.

The Hulk hit a two-run homer early in the tenth for the 8-6 lead and the girls got another try to save the game. Bambi hit a sacrifice to score Sarasua and the girls needed just one more run, but they came up short after a fly out from Jacie Taber.

The boys won the Golden Pumpkin for the first time, tying the series 1-1.