Oklahoma Wrestling: Final 2016-2017 6A Individual Rankings


  1. Riley Weir (Sand Springs sophomore) Previously #1
  2. Braden Fowler (Yukon senior) Previously #3
  3. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw freshman) Previously #2
  4. TJ Long (Union sophomore) Previously #2 in 113
  5. Garrett Steidley (Edmond Memorial freshman) Previously #4
  6. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow freshman) 
  7. Nate Becker (Edmond North freshman) Previously #8
  8. Austin Hall (Southmoore senior) Previously #9
  9. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore) Previously #10
  10. Dalton Raibourn (Edmond Santa Fe junior) Previously unranked
  11. Garrett Johnson (Jenks sophomore) Previously unranked
  12. Ahmad Alserfaei (Putnam City North sophomore) Previously unranked

Riley Weir won the East Regional, pinning Jackson Cockrell and TJ Long. Braden Fowler won the West Regional, defeating Gabe Johnson 1-0 and pinning Garrett Steidley. Johnson was the West Runner-Up and recorded an 18-3 tech fall against Nate Becker. Long cut from 113 and placed second at the East Regional, pinning Austin Hall and defeating Corwin Strachan 11-7. Steidley placed third in the West and majored Becker 9-1. Cockrell placed third in the East, defeating Hall 7-4 and Strachan 2-1. Becker placed fourth in the West and Strachan placed fourth in the East.


  1. Canon Randall (Westmoore senior) Previously #2 in 120
  2. Colt Newton (Choctaw sophomore) Previously #1
  3. Brandon Blose (Sapulpa senior) Previously #7 in 106
  4. Tanner Ward (Sand Springs senior) Previously #3
  5. Cameron Picklo (Mustang sophomore) Previously #6
  6. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville sophomore) 
  7. Karson Bellmard (Ponca City senior) Previously unranked
  8. Studd Morris (Yukon junior) Previously #5 in 106
  9. Will Pham (Deer Creek freshman) Previously #7 
  10. Yves Worou (Norman North senior) Previously #9
  11. Skyler Lancaster (Stillwater sophomore) Previously unranked
  12. Yamasi Redeagle (Edmond Santa Fe freshman) Previously unranked

Canon Randall swept the West Regional, pinning Yamasi Redeagle in 2:24, majoring Cameron Picklo 12-3, and defeating Colt Newton 7-4. Newton came in second, pinning Studd Morris in 3:27. Brandon Blose won the East Regional, defeating Karson Bellmard 9-3, Brayden Strachan 7-5, and Tanner Ward 11-8. Ward placed second, pinning Yves Worou in 3:19. Picklo placed third in the West, pinning Will Pham in 5:28 and defeating Morris 7-3. Strachan placed third in the East, defeating Bellmard 7-5 in sudden victory.


  1. Paxton Rosen (Edmond North senior) 
  2. Tyler Lawley (Broken Arrow senior) Previously #3
  3. Michael Ritchey (Sand Springs senior) Previously #4
  4. Joe Lupton (Mustang junior) Previously #8 in 113
  5. Laif Jones (Bartlesville sophomore) Previously #7
  6. Andy Schlaepfer (Choctaw junior) Previously unranked
  7. Noah Hanscom (Yukon) Previously #10 in 113
  8. Kyri Beasley (Muskogee junior) Previously unranked
  9. Chase Slatton (Jenks senior)
  10. Jacob Swenson (Ponca City junior) Previously #8
  11. Dominic Derr (Westmoore sophomore) Previously unranked
  12. David Philpott (Lawton senior) Previously unranked

Paxton Rosen won the West Regional, pinning Dominic Derr and majoring Joe Lupton 11-0. Tyler Lawley won the East Regional, majoring Jacob Swenson 19-6 and defeating Michael Ritchey 2-0 in a tie-breaker. Ritchey placed second and defeated Laif Jones 5-1. Lupton placed second in the West and defeated Andy Schlaepfer 7-2. Jones placed third in the East and defeated Chase Slatton 1-0 and Kyri Beasley 4-2 in sudden victory. Shlaepfer placed third in the West, defeating Noah Hanscom twice. Hanscom placed fourth in the West and Beasley took fourth in the East.


  1. Drew Wilson (Midwest City senior)
  2. Connor Holman (Choctaw junior) Previously #3 in 132
  3. Tanner Cole (Deer Creek senior) Previously #4 in 132
  4. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City sophomore) Previously #3
  5. Easton Hudson (Bixby senior) Previously #9 in 132
  6. Blake Sargent (Sand Springs junior) Previously #2
  7. Blake Gonzales (Broken Arrow sophomore Previously #4 
  8. Wyatt Johnson (Owasso senior) Previously #5
  9. Trent Higginbotham (Edmond North junior) Previously #7
  10. Darrius Stewart (Edmond Santa Fe) Previously unranked
  11. Branden Elrod (Jenks freshman) Previously unranked
  12. Wallace Tilley (Yukon) Previously unranked

Drew Wilson won the West Regional, pinning Trent Higginbotham and defeating Connor Holman 2-1. Holman placed Runner-Up, defeating Tanner Cole 9-8. Cole took third and teched Darrius Stewart, Wallace Tilley, and Trent Higginbotham. Spencer Schickram won the East Regional, majoring Blake Gonzales 8-0 and pinning Easton Hudson. Hudson came in second, defeating Blake Sargent 3-1 in sudden victory. Sargent took third, defeating Wyatt Johnson 4-3 and Gonzales 7-3. Gonzales took fourth in the East and Higginbotham placed fourth in the West.


  1. Daton Fix (Sand Springs senior) 
  2. Brandon Bright (Edmond North senior) Previously #6 in 126
  3. Sam Avant (Norman North senior) Previously #6
  4. Baylor Smith (Owasso junior) Previously #7 in 138
  5. Dylan Schickram (Ponca City junior)
  6. TaJuan Daniels (Broken Arrow senior) Previously #8
  7. Trey Edwards (Mustang senior) Previously unranked
  8. Josh Suter (Norman senior) Previously #5 in 138
  9. Marquez Edwards (Midwest City senior) Previously unranked
  10. John Ritchey (Stillwater junior) Previously unranked
  11. Brandon Johnson (Westmoore senior) Previously unranked
  12. Tyler Roberts (Edmond Santa Fe senior) Previously unranked

Daton Fix won his fourth East Regional, pinning John Ritchey and Baylor Smith and teching Sam Avant. Brandon Bright won the West, defeating Marquez Edwards 7-2 and Trey Edwards 4-2 in a tie-breaker. Avant placed second in the East, defeating TaJuan Daniels 5-0. Smith finished third, defeating John Ritchey 6-4 and Dylan Schickram twice. Edwards came in second in the West, defeating Josh Suter 8-5. Suter finished third and defeated Edwards 3-1. Edwards placed fourth.


  1. Jack Karstetter (Sand Springs senior) Previously #2
  2. Kruz Simons (Edmond North sophomore) Previously #4
  3. Tyler Dieringer (Stillwater senior) 
  4. Dawson Hunt (Ponca City senior) Previously #10
  5. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow freshman) Previously #8
  6. Cain Britton (Putnam City North) Previously unranked
  7. Jon Suter (Norman senior) Previously unranked
  8. Connor Simpson (Edmond Memorial junior) Previously unranked
  9. Jacob Blumenthal (Westmoore senior) Previously #10 in 132
  10. Keanu Quinn (Sapulpa senior) Previously unranked
  11. Parker Wright (Deer Creek sophomore) Previously unranked
  12. Austin Daniels (Jenks junior) Previously unranked

Jack Karstetter won his third East Regional Championship, majoring Dawson Hunt 11-3 and topping Tyler Dieringer 3-2 in an ultimate tie-breaker. Kruz Zimons won the West Regional, majoring Connor Simpson 11-2 and pinning Cain Britton in 2:59. Dieringer placed second in the East and Hunt took third, pinning Bryce Mattioda twice. Mattioda took fourth. Britton was the West Runner-Up, defeating Jon Suter 9-4. Suter took third and defeated Jacob Blumenthal 3-1 and Connor Simpson 5-2. Simpson placed fourth and defeated Blumenthal 5-4 and Wright 6-5. 


  1. Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon junior) Previously #1 in 138
  2. Kendon Lee (Stillwater senior) Previously #1
  3. Beau Bratcher (Sand Springs senior) Previously #2
  4. Seth Graves (Edmond Memorial senior) Previously #4 in 138
  5. Brandon Conrad (Owasso senior) Previously #6
  6. Brady Mattioda (Broken Arrow junior) Previously #2 in 152
  7. Zach Johnson (Westmoore sophomore) Previously #9 in 152
  8. Micah Lugafet (Deer Creek freshman) Previously #10
  9. Parker Miller (Norman junior) Previously unranked
  10. Shamar Duncan (Putnam City senior) Previously #7
  11. Tyler Reese (Enid junior) Previously unranked
  12. Kurt Brophy (Norman North sophomore) Previously unranked

Jaxen Gilmore won the West Regional, defeating Seth Graves 3-1 in sudden victory. Kendon Lee won the East, defeating Beau Bratcher 3-1 in sudden victory and Brandon Conrad 6-5. Bratcher placed second in the East, defeating Brady Mattioda 8-1. Graves took second in the West, defeating Zach Johnson 2-1. Conrad took third in the East and defeated Mattioda 10-8. Mattioda came in fourth in the East, Johnson took third in the West, and Micah Lugafet placed fourth in the West.


  1. Payton Scott (Sand Springs junior) 
  2. Ezequiel "Zeke" Rubio (Ponca City senior) Previously #6
  3. Robert "RJ" Walker (Midwest City senior) Previously #5
  4. Austin Loza (Enid senior) Previously unranked
  5. Baywiin Hollingshead (Yukon) Previously #3 in 145
  6. Jeff Speer (Choctaw junior) Previously #8
  7. Ryan Swanson (Westmoore junior) Previously #3 in 145
  8. Jacob Swafford (Edmond North Previously #7
  9. Richie Lee (Owasso freshman) Previously unranked
  10. Jerry "JT" Stambeck (Norman North sophomore) Previously unranked
  11. Aedan Cottle (Broken Arrow freshman) Previously unranked
  12. Calvin Smith (Moore senior) Previously unranked

Zeke Rubio topped Payton Scott 7-5 in sudden victory for the East Championship, but Scott still has three pins against Rubio this season, including a 35-second match at Dual State just a week prior. Scott took second and pinned Richie Lee in 0:56. RJ Walker won the West Championship and defeated Jeff Speer 3-1 and Baywiin Hollingshead 6-3. Austin Loza placed third in the East, defeating Richie Lee 9-4. Hollingshead took second in the West and majored Ryan Swanson 9-0. Speer took third in the West and defeated Swanson 2-1. Swanson finished fourth in the West and Lee took fourth in the East.


  1. Jaryn Curry (Choctaw junior) 
  2. Chase Vincent (Yukon senior)
  3. Caleb Wise (Broken Arrow junior)
  4. Joseph Messer (Norman North senior) Previously #5
  5. Connor Wilcoxen (Stillwater senior) Previously #4
  6. Cooper Meadows (Mustang senior) 
  7. Noah Almy (Sand Springs sophomore) Previously #9
  8. Nolan Miller (Owasso junior) Previously #7
  9. Grayson White (Ponca City junior) Previously unranked
  10. Williams Depona (Edmond Santa Fe junior) Previously unranked
  11. Ben Parkhurst (Edmond Memorial) Previously unranked
  12. Trey Painter (Westmoore senior) Previously unranked

Jaryn Curry won the West Regional, defeating Chase Vincent 7-5 and Cooper Meadows 14-1. Vincent took second and pinned Williams Depona. Caleb Wise won the East bracket and defeated Joseph Messer 7-3. Messer took second and defeated Connor Wilcoxen 10-3. Wilcoxen placed third and Noah Almy took fourth. Meadows placed third in the West and defeated Depona 9-1. Depona took fourth.


  1. Christian Bahl (Stillwater senior) Previously #3
  2. Zane Basma (Sand Springs senior) Previously #1
  3. Zane Coleman (Choctaw sophomore) Previously #2
  4. Gage McBride (Mustang senior) Previously #6
  5. Sam Hensley (Edmond Memorial junior) Previously #7
  6. Joe Speno (Edmond Santa Fe senior) Previously #8
  7. Waylon Heger (Yukon) Previously unranked
  8. Jake McCoy (Edmond North sophomore) Previously unranked
  9. Lane Newlin (Ponca City junior) Previously #10
  10. Darius "DJ" Boone (Union sophomore) Previously unranked
  11. Aaron Lytle (Sapulpa freshman) Previously unranked
  12. Jaylon Pitts (Jenks junior) Previously unranked

Christian Bahl won the East Regional, defeating Zane Basma 3-0. Basma took second and pinned DJ Boone. Zane Coleman won the West, pinning Joe Speno and Gage McBride. Sam Hensley took third in the West, defeating Speno 5-3. Speno placed fourth. Lane Newlin took third in the East and Boone placed fourth.


  1. Easton Rendleman (Choctaw junior) Previously #2
  2. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow sophomore) Previously #3
  3. Dakota Carnes (Sapulpa senior) Previously #6
  4. Justin "JD" Johnson (Owasso junior) Previously #4
  5. Jace Brownlee (Stillwater senior) Previously #1
  6. Shane Flandermeyer (Westmoore junior) Previously #5
  7. Noah Hooks (Edmond North junior)
  8. Jaylen Childs (Putnam City North) Previously #9
  9. Abram Arechiga (Ponca City sophomore) Previously unranked
  10. Raymond Haynes (Southmoore) Previously unranked
  11. George Horn (Yukon) Previously unranked
  12. Pierce Warn (Lawton senior) Previously unranked

Easton Rendleman won the West Regional, defeating Jaylon Childs 3-2 and Shane Flandermeyer 7-2. Gavin Potter won the East Regional, defeating JD Johnson 1-0 and Dakota Carnes 3-1 in sudden victory. Carnes placed second and defeated Jace Brownlee 3-1 in sudden victory. Johnson placed third and defeated Brownlee 6-4 in sudden victory. Brownlee finished fourth. Flandermeyer was the West Runner-Up and pinned Noah Hooks. Hooks took third and defeated Jaylen Childs 9-3. Childs placed fourth.


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow sophomore) 
  2. Blake Minnick (Edmond North sophomore)
  3. Jalen Johnson (Owasso senior) Previously unranked
  4. Bradyn Pressnall (Ponca City senior) Previously unranked
  5. Garrett Jones (Putnam City senior) Previously unranked
  6. Frank Morales (Moore freshman) Previously unranked
  7. Gary Dockery (Choctaw junior) Previously #5
  8. Arin Copas (Mustang senior) Previously #7
  9. Riley Corona (Westmoore senior) 
  10. Aaron Veselak (Stillwater senior) Previously unranked
  11. Jesse Wetherington (Norman North) Previously #3
  12. Jordan Reel (Southmoore) Previously unranked

Zach Marcheselli won the East Regional with a 16-1 tech fall against Jalen Johnson. Blake Minnick won the West Regional, defeating Frank Morales 3-2, and Garrett Jones 5-3. Johnson placed second with a 3-2 defeat of Bradyn Pressnall. Presnnall took third and defeated Aaron Veselak in an ultimate tie breaker. Garrett Jones took second in the West and defeated Gary Dockery 11-8 and Riley Corona 4-2. Morales took third and defeated Dockery 6-3. Dockery placed fourth in the West and Jesse Wetherington placed fourth in the East. 


  1. Delvin Jordan (Sand Springs senior) 
  2. Skyler Haynes (Broken Arrow senior)
  3. Mason Lancaster (Putnam City junior)
  4. Caulin Poole (Choctaw junior) Previously #7
  5. Parsa Lessani (Edmond North senior) 
  6. Jonathan Martinez (Westmoore senior) Previously #4
  7. Cody Adams (Bixby senior) Previously #8
  8. Austin Fry (Ponca City senior) Previously #6
  9. Vy Cato (Putnam City North) Previously unranked
  10. Griff Stanley (Deer Creek junior) Previously unranked
  11. Micah Walker (Union freshman) Previously unranked
  12. Keland Bearpaw (Sapulpa junior) Previously unranked

Delvin Jordan won the East Regional, pinning Austin Fry and defeating Skyler Haynes 3-2 in a tie-breaker. Haynes took second and defeated Cody Adams 7-4. Mason Lancaster won the West Regional, pinning Parsa Lessani, and defeating Caulin Poole 4-2. Pool placed second and defeated Jon Martinez 1-0. Lessani took third and Martinez placed fourth. Adams took third in the East and defeated Fry 3-1. Fry placed fourth.


  1. Gage Johnson (Norman North senior) Previously #2
  2. Trenton Lieurance (Broken Arrow senior) Previously #3
  3. Ryan Tilbury (Midwest City senior) Previously #6
  4. Zach Austin (Choctaw senior) Previously #4
  5. Elwood Tomlin (Union senior) 
  6. Christian Arriola (Putnam City junior) Previously unranked
  7. Blake Russell (Mustang senior) Previously #8
  8. Oden Watson (Deer Creek senior) Previously unranked
  9. Dami Oyesana (Norman senior) Previously unranked
  10. Connor Haff (Owasso senior) Previously unranked
  11. Brett Bridges (Ponca City) Previously #9
  12. Sam Smith (Stillwater sophomore) Previously unranked

Gage Johnson won the East Regional, defeating Trenton Lieurance 4-2 in a tie-breaker. Lieurance finished second and defeated Elwood Tomlin 3-1. Ryan Tilbury won the West Regional and defeated Zach Austin 2-0 and Christian Arriola 2-1. Austin placed second in the Wets and pinned Dami Oyesana. Tomlin took third in the East and defeated Connor Haff 3-2. Arriola took third in the West and defeated Oden Watson 3-1. Haff placed fourth in the East and Watson placed fourth in the West.

Sandite Pride Tournament Rankings

  1. Sand Springs (98)
  2. Choctaw (70)
  3. Broken Arrow (61)
  4. Edmond North (44)
  5. Yukon (34)
  6. Stillwater (31)
  7. Midwest City (28)
  8. Norman North (25)
  9. Ponca City (22)
  10. Owasso (15)
  11. Westmoore (14)
  12. Sapulpa (14)
  13. Mustang (8)
  14. Deer Creek (7)
  15. Moore (7)
  16. Edmond Memorial (4)
  17. Enid (4)
  18. Union (4)