2X Sandite of the Week: Kasey Bales scores two touchdowns in Semi-Final loss

Photo: Morgan Miller

By: Sandite Pride Editorial Board

Charles Page High School senior Kasey Bales was selected as Sandite of the Week for his outstanding performance in the Sandites' 35-21 loss to No. 1 Bixby this past Friday.

The 5'10" 165 pound wide receiver hauled in seven receptions for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns in the semi-final playoff round, accounting for nearly 40% of total yardage for the Sandites. He also punted a career-high six times in the defensive battle, averaging 42 yards per punt, twice pinning the Spartans within their own 20. 

Bales picked up the first yards of the game with a four-yard reception on  shovel pass. He picked up five more on a screen not long after. On the Sandites' first scoring possession he brought in another five-yarder, then scored on a six-yard touchdown reception to cut the deficit to 14-7.

One turnover and 1:12 later he hauled in a 23-yard fourth-down pass to tie the game seconds before halftime. 

He picked up the first Sandite first-down of the second half on an eleven-yard pass, then received a thirteen-yarder to set up Payton Scott's four-yard touchdown run for the 21-21 tie. He didn't get another offensive play after that, but did register a nineteen-yard kick return in the final minute of the game, setting up the Sandites at the 34 for one final drive.

Bales finished the season just shy of the 1000 mark with 68 receptions for 946 yards and eleven touchdowns. He also had seven runs for 44 yards this season. His career mark is 106 receptions for 1593 yards and seventeen scores. He was previously recognized as Sandite of the Week in October after scoring twice in a 30-14 win over Yukon.

Sandite of the Week is a weekly recognition given to any one person with significant ties to the Sand Springs community who accomplishes remarkable achievements during the Sunday through Saturday week preceding the award. Prior achievements may be noted in the article, but do not bear direct influence on the selection committee which only considers prior week accomplishments. Candidates may be nominated by anyone by emailing SanditePrideNews@gmail.com. The award is not given to anyone in consecutive weeks, but any recipient may be nominated and awarded again in the future, so long as the weeks are not consecutive. Final selection is made by a majority vote of the Sandite Pride Editorial Board.

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