Cheyenne Walden wins fourth Conference Championship, all Sandites perform well

Photo: Virgil Noah

Photo: Virgil Noah

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Varsity Girls 5K (4900)

17:31 Cheyenne Walden 1st Place
19:43 Alexis Davis 7th Place
20:16 Tiqvah Soap 13th Place
22:09 Sara Abbett 33rd Place
22:36 Elizabeth Watts 40th Place
24:58 Chezney Kelley 60th Place

Varsity Boys 5K (4900)

17:22 Kaegan Murray 25th Place
17:36 Jacob Garbey 32th Place
17:53 Aden Baughman 37th Place
17:54 Nelson Yazzie 38th Place
18:41 Ian Baustert 51st Place

JV Girls 5K (4900)

23:59 Kaitlyn Walden 32nd Place
24:03 Stephanie Genn 35th Place
25:12 Madison Englestead 51st Place
25:36 Nia Byrd 58th Place
28:29 Kaileeann Worthington 92nd Place
28:29 Lily Reed 93rd Place
29:59 Erindira Cuevas 107th Place
30:48 Ayden Meade 112th Place
31:02 Hope Pollard 114th Place

JV Boys 5K (4900)

18:05 Phillip Elleman 11th Place
18:18 Jaelyn Jackson 17th Place
18:31 Jacob Smith 25th Place
19:17 Danny Murray 51st Place
20:18 Nathan McKnight 95th Place
20:46 Charlie Everett 113th Place
21:07 Alex Newport 129th Place
22:14 Cody Pulscher 143rd Place
23:24 Russell McCaskey 156th Place

JH Girls 3K (2900)

10:49 Kalea Fleming 3rd Place
12:57 Julia Reshetov 40th Place
14:46 Kenzie Burkes 86th Place
15:11 Sidney Cross 95th Place
15:34 Kaitlyn Converse 103rd Place
16:26 Evelin Marino 116th Place

JV Boys 3K (2900)

12:37 KJ Clark 88th Place
12:39 Blain Baldridge 90th Place
13:13 Caleb James 104th Place

The Charles Page High School Cross Country teams traveled to Muskogee last week for the Frontier Valley Conference 5K at Bacone College. The course was about 100 meters short, but several Sandites' times would have been impressive even on a full 5K.

The Varsity Girls team took fourth place out of ten teams with an average time of 20:27. Cheyenne Walden led the pack with one of the best times of her career. Her PR for a 5K is 17:35.02, set at last year's Regionals. At this course she finished in 17:31 and beat the runner-up by 0:26. Alexis Davis placed top ten for the third time this season with a 19:43 finish for seventh place. Tiqvah Soap finished in thirteenth place with a time of 20:16. Her 5K PR is 20:27, set during her freshman year at Jenks.

Varsity Boys had a rough week with two runners out and finished in eighth place out of ten teams with an average time of 17:54. Freshman Kaegan Murray led his team with a 25th place finish in 17:22, likely a personal record. His previous best was 17:56, set two meets ago in Fayetteville. It's unlikely that 100 meters would have bumped him back 34 seconds. Senior Jacob Garbey finished with one of the best times in his career for 32nd place in 17:36. 

The JV Girls took fifth of eighth teams with an average of 25:28, led by freshman Kaitlyn Walden in 32nd place with a 23:59 personal best, and Stephanie Genn in 35th place with a time of 24:03. 

The JV Boys placed fifth of nine teams with an average time of 18:54, led by junior Phillip Elleman in 11th place with a time of 18:05, a personal best, followed by Jaelyn Jackson in 17th with a personal best of 18:18. 

Clyde Boyd Middle School Eighth Grade student Kalea Fleming led the Junior High Girls team on the 3K (2900) course with a time of 10:49, trailing first place by 0:20. The girls finished eighth of nine teams with an average time of 13:52. 

The Junior High Boys only had three runners and were unable to place. KJ Clark finished in 88th place with a time of 12:37, followed closely by Blain Baldridge in 90th with a time of 12:39. 

The Varsity runners have only two more races left and will have to overcome some adversity at this weekend's Regional Championship. Jacob Garbey will be absent from the race, and several Sandites are nursing mild injuries. 

Sand Springs will run at Mohawk Park in Tulsa against Bartlesville, Bixby, Booker T. Washington, Broken Arrow, Choctaw, Deer Creek, Enid, Jenks, Muskogee, Owasso, Ponca City, Putnam City, Sapulpa, Stillwater, and Union. The Girls race will begin at 12:00 p.m. followed by the Boys at 12:45 p.m.