Street Smart is solid but not quite smart enough


Street Smart (1987)
Rating: 3.5 of 5.
Directed by Jerry Schatzberg.
Written by David Freeman.
Starring Christopher Reeve, Morgan Freeman.
Budget: $6 million.
Box Office: $1.1 million.

Christopher Reeve portrays a journalist whose fabricated tale of “24 hours in the life of a pimp” lands him in hot water with the courts after it closely resembles the story of a real-life pimp on trial for murder. The story is a tad unrealistic, but intriguing nonetheless.

Reeve and Morgan Freeman form an uneasy alliance to try and cover both of their asses, but their relationship quickly deteriorates and Reeves must try to salvage his relationship, his career, and his freedom.

Both co-stars excel in their roles, as does Kathy Baker as one of Freeman’s girls who gets involved with Reeve. Freeman received an Oscar nomination for his smooth-talking, sometimes likable, sometimes violent performance. He never crosses the line into illogical or psychotic, but can definitely terrorize when necessary.

A soundtrack from Robert Irving III and Miles Davis and cinematography by Adam Holender keeps the viewer hooked throughout, though the pacing is flawed at times.

The ending feels a tad anticlimactic, but I’ll admit I can’t come up with any better conclusion. The story is entertaining, the dialogue and characters are believable, and Reeve has good rapport with Baker.