Pony Post Fails To Outlive Its Era


Pony Post (1940)
Rating: (One of Five Stars)
Director: Ray Taylor
Writer: Sherman L. Lowe.
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight, Nell O’Day.

Horse thieves and a two-minute quest for vengeance comprise a plot that is supposedly about the pony express. None of the film actually deals with the mail, however.

More of a western spoof than a true frontier drama. The fights are laughably choreographed, the effects are absurd, the villains are thinly written, there’s inconsistent sound mixing. Action sequences are noticeably sped up, the plot is a loosely jumbled mess, and the few lines that aren’t poorly written are often poorly delivered.

There are some humorous moments, particularly from Fuzzy Knight as Shorty, but there are even more utterly humorless stunts that the characters guffaw over. Overall this film utterly fails to outlive its era.