"Life Stinks" and so does this movie


Life Stinks (1991)
Rating: (1.5 of 5)
Director: Mel Brooks.
Writer: Mel Brooks, Ron Clark, Rudy De Luca, Steve Haberman.
Starring: Mel Brooks, Lesly Ann Warren, Jeffrey Tambor, Stuart Pankin, Howard Morris, Rudy De Luca.

No money, no credit cards, and no revealing his identity for thirty days. Con - he can’t afford food. Pro - he can’t afford a ticket to this movie.

Billionaire real estate developer Mel Brooks takes on a daring bet to try and win his rival’s half of a Los Angeles slum. After a month of living on the streets he predictably denounces his plans for a lavish development and embraces the homeless and destitute.

Lesley Ann Warren provides the only character with real depth, while Rudy De Luca brings the film’s best comedic relief. It has its moments of mild humor, but at no point will your stomach burn with laughter. It is, however, mostly clean humor. So if the crass style of modern comedians is a turnoff, it may be worth tuning in to.

Best quotes:

“What? My father left me $5 million, that’s nothing.”  

“I know they’re only moments, but that’s all life is…most of them are lousy, but once in a while you steal a good one.”