Border Brigands is brutally boring


Border Brigands (1935).
Rating: 1 of 5 stars.
Directed by Nick Grinde.
Written by Stuart Anthony.
Starring Buck Jones, Lona Andre, Fred Kohler, Frank Rice.

Painfully dull western tale of a Canadian Mountie who crosses the southern border to pursue his brother’s killer. Buck Jones takes vengeance on Captain Conyda’s gang by going undercover in their ranks and tricking them into crossing the border where his unit lies in wait.

This movie is filled to the brim with awkward characters and uncomfortable dialogue. Fred Kohler gives a bizarre performance as the self-appointed Captain with an obscure accent and an obsession with the third person. Lona Andre is uncomfortable in her role. Frank Rice comes off as dim witted and completely unnecessary to the plot.

Bad writing, bad acting, weird camera angles, no music. Nothing about this movie is enjoyable, save for a solid performance from Jones.