Sand Springs Citywide Garage Sale event set for September 21st

Sand Springs, OK - The City of Sand Springs announces plans for a Citywide Garage Sale, happening on Saturday, September 21st . The event is FREE and open to the public. To learn more about listing your Sand Springs area garage sale, or to research addresses you plan to visit simply go to the “big map” listing. The map can be found at:

The map is the creation of the City’s Public Works GIS Division, and allows users to add their Sand Springs (area) street address to the site via computer or cell phone. Once added, each garage sale destination appears on the map with an icon for shoppers to find. The map is active now and will remain available to users until after the event is complete.

“We not only want to offer this map product to our citizens to enjoy, but hope to alert nearby Oklahomans to visit our community”, stated Grant Gerondale, Community Development Director for the City. “Where else might you find dozens and dozens of super garage sales in one easy stop, using one map?”

The GIS map/software product was designed by staff at the Public Works Department office and has been used for several years. The City points out that some cell phone platforms may not interact with the GIS map product as well as others, and suggest using a traditional PC platform to print off and use the map on the big day if you are experiencing any problems.

“While you’re looking for that rare find on September 21st ,” Gerondale added, “we wish to remind visitors to enjoy the Sand Springs community. While you’re here, you can enjoy a local restaurant, visit one of our great splash pads or parks or maybe check out the open hike event at the Keystone Ancient Forest before you return home.”

For more information about the City of Sand Springs, please visit and follow the City’s social media on Face Book and Instagram for the latest updates.