State legislators Nollan and Ikley-Freeman receive awards from Sand Springs Board of Education

Two State legislators were recognized at Monday evening’s Sand Springs Board of Education meeting. Fifth-term House District 66 Representative Jadine Nollan (R) and first-term District 37 Senator Allison Ikley-Freeman (D) were awarded Pacesetter Awards for their work to promote public education bills this past session.

“You talk about somebody who is committed to the district, committed to the community, committed to the state, it’s Phil and Jadine,” said Deputy Clerk Mike Mullins.

“In the context of a legislative season, having someone willing to call and ask questions and find information about how things truly impact the people in her district, you can always count on her to respond in that way, and to answer text messages,” added Superintendent Sherry Durkee.

“You represent us in the most amazing way,” said Vice-President Whitney Wagers, of Ikley-Freeman. “You are there for us anytime we call or text.”

“She’s a champion for public education, but more importantly, she’s extremely child-centered,” read aaaa statement from Durkee. “Senator Ikley-Freeman takes the role seriously and studies each issue, keeping the opinions of her constituents in mind when deciding to vote on a particular issue.”

In other news:

The district is working with an Active Shooter Consultant and the Sand Springs Police Department to conduct training exercises this summer.

The district is almost finished conducting interviews for the coming school year, and currently there is only one position left to fill. The state has been facing a teacher shortage in recent years, and the district still has 11 emergency-certified teachers on staff.

“We need to remember to thank those folks that are willing to come in and work because it is not an easy job,” said Durkee. “We’d like to not have emergency certified teachers, but those people have saved our skin.”

The district recently received an A bond rating from Standard and Poor, reducing the interest rate on the recent $32,850,000 in bonds passed this March.

According to Durkee each teacher in the district will receive a minimum salary increase of $1,220 this coming year. “It’s likely we’ll spend the entire allocation of new money for fiscal year 2020 on teacher pay raises, which is a good thing.”

The Board accepted the resignations of Elementary paraprofessionals Sharon Robbins and Lorrie Bailey, and of Clyde Boyd Middle School social studies teacher Dylan Cahwee. Cahwee has reportedly accepted an Assistant Principal position at Owasso High School.

The Board approved agreements with Tulsa Technology Center, Tulsa Boys Home, Tulsa Community College, ImpactTulsa, Native American Coalition of Tulsa, Discover Education, Renaissance Learning, and other organizations to continue existing district programs. They also renewed lease agreements with Sand Springs Community Theater and Sand Springs Community Services, and a sublease agreement with Tulsa County Industrial Authority.

The district has been working to compile a database of information around the district’s HVAC systems, with notes on instillation and repair dates. Last year CBMS had a carbon monoxide scare that prompted the district to be more proactive in repairing and replacing the aging units.

The Board approved a small price increase for school meals. The district is currently below federally recommended prices and raised them to help offset the cost of raises for lunch-worker staff.

The Board approved the hiring of 11 new district employees:

  • Regan Burnett, Social Studies Teacher, Clyde Boyd Middle School.

  • Joshua Berry, Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Charles Page High School/Central Ninth Grade Center.

  • Kennedy Cabori, PreK Teacher, Early Childhood Education Center.

  • Jason Cole, Social Studies Teacher, Tulsa Boys Home.

  • Shannon Crutcher, Third Grade Teacher, Limestone Technology Academy.

  • Joseph Dane, Social Studies Teacher, Clyde Boyd Middle School.

  • Pamela Freeman, Literature Teacher, Clyde Boyd Middle School.

  • Dara Hudson, Special Education Teacher, Central Ninth Grade Center.

  • Kimberly Lee, Title 1 Reading Teacher, Clyde Boyd Middle School.

  • Robert Lee, First Grade Teacher, Garfield STEAM Academy.

  • Madison Orme, PreK Teacher, Early Childhood Education Center.

  • Dana Peacock, Intermediate Math, Clyde Boyd Middle School.

  • Hannah Sloan, First Grade Teacher, Limestone Technology Academy.

  • Blake Williford, US History Teacher/Assist. Varsity Football Coach Charles Page High School.

  • Lisa Wolf, Family/Consumer Science Teacher, Central Ninth Grade Center/Charles Page High School.

  • Lisa Lonsdale, Special Education Paraprofessional, Limestone Technology Academy.